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Author's Chapter Notes:

This story was much shorter than I thought lol


The scene that greeted me was chaos, a clamoring crowd that was nothing but a sea of faces.

"You sure about this?" I muttered to Nick.

Nick gave my shoulders a reassuring squeeze, "Don't worry, you'll be fine."

With security flanking us as Nick and I walked into the store amid the screams and squeals of the fans, which I was used to it was just being on the other end of it, but I found overwhelming. We were directed to a small corner of the store there was a stool and an acoustic guitar on the stand and I was reminded about what Nick had said about the new song.

As soon as we were set up and they led the crowd in I got a good look. I was relieved to see a lot of the girls were wearing Jonas T-shirts so I at least picked up some of the Jonas fan base through my music, but it helped that Nick was singing background vocals on the CD, and they would buy it just to hear his voice.

"Your fans are here." I murmured quietly.

"They're here for you too," Nick said quietly, "it's not just about me today."

I did everything I possibly could before the crowd of one hundred and fifty that had gathered in the store today. I performed, "Inside Your Skin" and "Only an Ocean Away" as well as a couple of covers. Then it was Nick's turn he sat on one of the stools and pulled his guitar across his knees. Very softly he began to strum.


How do you do it girl

when we're supposed to be working

how do you do it girl, the things you do?

How do you do it, I got sensation coming through

wish you would slow down

Cause you got me going insane


He winked at me and I blushed. I knew exactly what he was talking about the situation in the recording studio a week ago.


Slow down little girl

you wouldn't know

slow down, I'm not ready to go

slow down you got me going crazy

my body is screaming ready to explode,

slow down girl slow down

Cause now it's not my time...


The song reminded me of "State of Emergency" it was saying the same thing, the temptation is there but I'm saying no. The fans wouldn't know what that song was about, but I knew all too well. I looked over at Nick and smiled and again he winked.

The rest of the month went relatively quickly Nick was making plans to release that song "Slow Down" on iTunes and I was in the process of consulting Hollywood Records, via Jonas Records about possible tour dates to come later that summer, or early spring.

So it came to the end of another day sometime in early February when the rest of the country was still in deep freeze it was a relatively balmy 75° in LA. Nick and I were going for a walk, just walking saying nothing in particular admiring the sunset that was going down. I was going home soon, at least temporarily, I wasn't needed back in LA for at least another two months, but I knew as sure as the rest of the fans knew (maybe a little more) that Nick would always be there. As he always sang "I'm gonna stay" and no matter what happened I knew he would.


Chapter End Notes:

Slow Down lyrics by me

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