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Was he kidding? Prick...... I stood from the table and followed him out into his office.

"Have a seat, Laurie......" he said, softly.

"Yes," I answered.

"Your attitude intrigues me...." he said.

"Intrigues you or annoys you?" I asked.

"Intrigues me... you're not phased by my power... or my influence...." he said.

"You mean I'm not afraid of you? My being afraid of men days are behind me." I hissed.

"Wonderful....... I'd like to take you to dinner.. just the two of us....." he said, smiling, unbuttoning his shirt cuffs.

"I don't think so...thank you though," I said politely getting up.

"Laurie.... I'm not asking you.... I'm telling you..." he smirked.

"I thought I said I make my own choices." Maybe I was stupid...I knew he had the power to hurt me...kill me...but I didn't care. I have given up my choices and independence for men before only to end up with a broken heart, and it changed me...hardened me..I will not be used again.

"Alright... I can take a hint......." he said, gesturing for me to leave. I left his office walking passed the dinner table...removing my cell phone to call a taxi to take me to the hotel. I was in the guest room getting my stuff together when Jen came in seething.

"Jen...this is your world not MINE!!! I will not let a god damn man dictate to me what I can and cannot do. You may enjoy that,...but not me. He is one self-centered egotistical son of a bitch!!! I will be at the hotel if you care to see me while I'm here.!!" I spat back at her grabbing my bags to wait outside for the taxi.



I saw Laurie waiting outside and Jen just looked depressed, saddened. She was crying... but even with tears rolling down her cheeks she looked stunning.

"Jen...what's the matter my beautiful girl? what happened?" I asked.

"Laurie.. she's leaving..... Nick asked her out.... she told him no.. I'm scared... what if he..." she whimpered, before burying her face in my shirt, crying.

"Look....you warned her, but I really don't think even as ruthless as Nicholas is, he would have someone killed because they turned him down for dinner." At least I hoped not...sometimes he could be a real hothead.

"JOSEPH!!! MY OFFICE!!!!!!"Nicholas bellowed through the house. I quickly gave Jen a kiss and hurried to Nick's office.

"Yes Nicholas," I asked.

"Sit...." he growled. I sat down and he looked at me, placing his ankle on his knee, leaning back in his chair, and touching his fingertips together. "I have a business proposition for you.." he said.

"OK," I said. this sounds ominous, I thought to myself. "I'm listening."

"I want to go dinner with Laurie.. she's being stubborn..... I want you to convince her....." he said.

"Nick...why do you even bother? shes a handful." I whined. He just licked his lips and said.

"Yes I know." Ewwww dude...I thought

"Here's the deal Joseph.. I have another mission for Jennifer.. you get this date and I'll excuse her from it...." he said.

"That is not fair Nicholas," I said. I was getting mad.

"Life's not fair my dear brother, life is not fair," he said smugly. sometimes I hated him.

"What's the mission?" I asked.

"I need her to go back to Tony.. infiltrate.. undercover... tell him she's turned her back on us..... that we refuse to protect her..." he said.

"No!!! with all due respect Nicholas I really do not like you using my wife for undercover work. Wives were never supposed to be a part of this."

"Then I suggest you get to work..." he said. I let out a large sigh as I walked slowly back to our bedroom.

"Joey what's wrong?" Jen asked.

"Nick is bound and determined to get Laurie...... he's blackmailing me," I said, gripping her tightly to my chest.

"Blackmailing you? How???" she asked frantically.

"Either get him the date or sending you into undercover...." I said, stroking her hair.

"I'll go Joey...I'll do it for the family," she said.

"No way in hell!!!! I will get that bitch to somehow go out with him if it kills me." I spat.

"Joey.. I'm a strong woman... please..... let me do this... to prove to you how strong I am.." she said.

"NOI forbid it Jennifer," I said getting dressed.

"Forbid it...... Alright. I'm sorry....." she said, softly, trying to rub my back.

"I am going over to see your cousin right now and lay it on the line...Why is she like this anyway???" I asked. I wanted some background first.

"I don't know.... She's been hurt... a lot.... she has no trust Joey...." she said, softly.

"Abused? raped? anything I can use as an excuse for her attitude toward nick?" I asked. I was grasping now, but I was hell-bent on Jen not putting her life in danger. This was MY job.

"Abused.... controlled.. beaten......" she said, softly, trying to stroke my hair.

"Calm down, baby, please.. you're frightening me.. and go in there with anger and roughness isn't going to help..." she added, softly.

"I am just going to explain to Nicholas that this is why what she's like....although I think I'll just use the honest approach with her. Tell her your life is in danger if she doesn't." I said.

"Than she will definitely do it...I know that...but that date...Joseph it will be a complete disaster. one of them will end up dead and I'm not 100 percent sure it will be my cousin!!!"

"Anything to keep YOU! safe...." I said, kissing her lips.

"Let me come with you to talk to her," she asked.

"Jennifer..... I can't...." he started, then stopped and sighed, "I guess......."

"Maybe I can get through to her...." she suggested.

"Alright alright... You are such a pistol..." I whispered, smiling, kissing her lips. We headed on over to the hotel to try and convince this hard head..to go along with this plan. Jen knocked don her door and Laurie answered, rolling her eyes.

"Laurie.. listen to me. I need your help..." Jen said, softly. She motioned for us to come into the room.

"What is the problem?" she asked.

"I need you to go out with Nick," I said, holding Jen to my chest.

"What??? No!! No way am I going out with that arrogant bastard." she spat with contempt in her voice.

'Please... Laurie if you don't... Nick is sending me undercover... this is life or death here..' Jen begged.

"Why?? Why would he do that???" she spat....."That's just blackmail!!!"

"I know... but Nick does everything he can to get his way.. one dinner... please...." Jen begged.

"Do I have to be nice??" she asked sarcastically.

"Well, that wasn't in our agreement... so I guess not...." I said.

"Jen....you are my only family since grandma died...I always looked out for you......I guess I still am....I'll do it...FOR YOU!" she emphasized looking at Jen.

"Okay.. thank you!!!" Jen said, hugging her tightly.

"Tomorrow night.. 8 PM I'll send him over.. thank you for this... Jen means everything to me..." I said, nodding.

"me too," she said giving me a look that I couldn't quite decipher.

"Could you at least find out when and where so I know how to dress?" she threw in.

"I'll get the details..." Jen said, softly.

"Thanks." when we left she slammed the door behind us and I heard a muffled frustrated yell on the other side of the door followed by a 'That fucking arrogant asshole!!' what I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall on that date!!!

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