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When we arrived back home, I went to Nicholas' office. I knocked three times and waited.

"Enter." he said. I went in.

"Sit." Nick gestured.

"Any updates for me Jennifer??"  he asked.

"Laurie wants to know where so she can dress appropriately..." I said.

"So she's agreed....I knew she would." he said smugly more to himself than me.

"So where...." I said.

"Colliani's I’ll pick her up at eight.. I'll send her a dress..." he said, before shooing me out.

 "Ummm why don’t you let me take her shopping for one instead." I suggested knowing she would HATE the idea of him telling her what to wear.

"Fine.. but no expense.. anything she wants.... Now get out... and your mission is canceled..." he said.

"There never was one was there?" I asked.

“oh there was...." he said.

"I'll be sending Danielle instead...hopefully she won't fuck it up...ashamed to see my eldest brother widowed." The way he said that so coldly just sent a chill up my spine.  I just nodded fearfully and rushed from the room in to Joe.

"Joey.. you have to let me go... he's sending Danielle.. she's so meek.. she can't handle this.. I can.. please.. please don't let him send her.... she'll be killed..." I whimpered, latching onto him.

"NO!!! That is Kevin’s problem....I just got you out of this.....No fucking way!!!!!" he hissed.

"Joseph...... she's my friend....." I cried.

"AND YOU ARE MY WIFE DAMMIT!!!!!! I SAID NO!!!!" he yelled.  I flinched and I just backed off and nodded, wiping away my tears. I went over to the dresser to get something to wear to bed.

"I'm sorry Jen....I will not put you in harms way if I cant help it. I love you." he said holding me from behind.

"I know... I just.. I'm so sick of people seeing us Molls as weak........ especially you..." I whispered.

"Is that what you think Jen? I have NEVER seen you as weak. You are one of the strongest people I know. Just to live this lifestyle takes alot. But I love you and I will do anything to keep you safe....alive." he said kissing my neck, down to my throat.

"Joseph," I panted, softly, my hand reaching behind me running my fingers into his hair.  He crashed his lips on mine.

Pulling away briefly to say "I don’t know what I would do if I ever lost you." he put his lips on mine again, slipping his tongue in my mouth. I pressed closer to him wrapping my legs around his waist. His hands went to my thighs, holding me up before pressing my back against my dresser. I let out a moan at the force and he bit softly at my neck, before bringing me over to the bed. He threw me down and ripped his shirt off his body in a hulk type removal. I moaned softly, and bit my lower lip, watching him undress. I flun g my shirt to the floor and was trying to get an naked as I could as fast as I could. Watching him so anxious had me wanting this so fucking bad I could barely breathe. In less than a minute we were both naked. He lay on top of my gently massaging my breasts and sucking on my nipple. I grabbed his hair and pushed him closer to me...

"OOH god joey...."

"Mmm baby, I wish you understood how much I love you.. how I could never live without you here by my side..." he whispered, moving his lips slowly downward.

"mmmmm" was all I said. It was hard for me to concentrate on his words when his lips were all over me...kissing my abdomen....my hips...thighs...I was in heaven. His tongue was incredible, flicking over my folds, before pressing it into me, swirling it around and then smiling up at me.

When he looked up at me it was his eyes that always got me......When he stuck his tongue back in he licked my clit flicking it back and forth like a pro....I felt myself about to come when he abruptly stopped.

"Joe.. what... why? oh god.. please.." I begged, whining and trying to push his head back down.  He came back up and teased my pussy with the tip of his now extremely hard cock.

"Oh shit... Joe.. please... please please... I've been such a good girl.. obeying.. please......" I whimpered, my back arching and I was already fisting the sheets.

"Yeah...you have my good girl....you want me? huh? tell me how bad....." he moaned.

"I want you so much.. so much I'll  pass out with out you.. please. Joe.. take your wife..... take me..." I begged. Without warning Joe just slammed into me making me yell out his name. His muscles were flexing. God this man was so fucking sexy....I could come in seconds... I thrusted with him, screaming.. feeling myself tighten as I clawed at his back.

'Fuck.. you tease im about to fucking blow," I moaned, grabbing his ass in my hands. He bit my neck lightly as he pumped in and out of me harder and faster and deeper....I felt him tighten and throb inside of me... Everything was so explosive... my screaming his moans and within a few minutes we exploded together, me screaming yes and Joseph over and over again, him grunting and growling, as my nails dug into his biceps.

"Oh baby you are so fucking good....." he growled as he took me in his arms before pulling out of me.

"Mmm, I’m only good because you made me this way......" I whispered, kissing his lips. It was true... I had never been with anyone.... till I met Joe.. we fell in love so fast.... we were married a month after we met and he's the ONLY man I've EVER been with... Here we are a year and a half later and still so in love I can't stand it..... He held me tight in his arms and kissed my head.

"I would do anything to keep you safe...you know that right?" he asked.

"I do....." I whispered, kissing his chest, before looking back up into his eyes and kissing his lips.

"Man girl....I would give anything to hear what goes on on that date tomorrow night!!!" he chuckled. I playfully hit his chest.....

"Trust me Joey....it's not gonna be pretty." I said. I kissed him again before snuggling in his arms and going to sleep.




The next day I was angry and pissed off.... walking down the market place streets. I had a few hours before I had to go get ready for my date.. I frankly just need fresh air. I went to reach for a fresh apple from a market cart, only to be met with another hand. I pulled back and blushed. "Sorry miss.... didn't mean to get your fingers.." a think Italian voice said. I looked up to be met with one of the most beautiful men I've ever seen in my life.......


"That is umm...quite alright." I said...fishing for more words to say...I looked up and met his gorgeous eyes.

"Name's Anthony..." he said, smiling, offering his hand.

"Laurie...it's very nice to meet you." I said with my sweetest smile.

"Well, Laurie.. I happen to know the BEST place in town for pizza.. you hungry?" he asked, smiling the most beautiful smile. I looked at my watch...I had time....

"Sure...I would really really like that." I said.

"I see you looking at your watch, is there somewhere you have to be?"

"Not for a few hours."

"Splendid...shall we?" he asked.

"We shall.." I smiled, happily taking his arm and following him down to this little tiny pizzeria... very mom and pop's.. seemed to be family owned.

"They have the best thin crust here... crust so good you could eat it by itself," he promoted.

"Smells delicious..." I said. Not being able to pry my eyes from his.

"It should..... my family owns this place," he smiled. He put his hand up.

"Mamma! due cani! pepperoni" he called out.

"Wow...impressive.." I said. His mom came over and hugged him and pinched my cheeks. she brought us a bottle of wine, which he proceeded to pour for us.

"Salute' he said clinking our glasses.

"mmm this is good." I said.

"Our family makes it back in the old country." he said with a gleam in his eye.

"I would love to see Italy someday... it's always been a dream of mine...." I said, softly.

He smiled, brushing my dark hair behind my ear, "Tu sei splendida ..... I capelli come seta, occhi come stelle ...." I had no idea what he said, but I sighed. God that's sexy as hell.

 "Mmmhmm...." I moaned like I understood. when he said in his sexy accent.

"You have no idea what I just said do you...mi bella?"

"no." I whispered.

"Well, good.... I like having secrets," he chuckled.

 "Tell me....." I giggled...

"No...you tell me bella...when can I see you again?" I gave him my phone number. The pizza came and it was as delicious as he said it was.

"You have a little bit of sauce right there......" he said, running his thumb along the corner of the bottom of my lip, brought it to his mouth and sucked. while looking directly in my eyes. Oh my god...take me now!!!

"You alright bella?" he said, softly, chuckling to himself.

"Oh.... umm uh huh...." I said, just swooning over him. I looked at my watch again and as much as I did not want to leave...I had to.

"You are busy tonight....do you think I could take you to dinner, tomorrow night?"

"Yes yes definitely...I would like that..umm..Anthony," He walked me out, hailed me a cab and paid for it in advance. he kissed my hand and than a quick kiss on my lips.

"I'll see you tomorrow Bella."

"Thank you." I said. I was floating on cloud 9 back at the hotel, the only thing that could ruin this mood was my impending so called date with the arrogant asshole!!!  After getting back Jen was pacing outside my room. "Where have you been?! We were supposed to buy a dress!!!! I ended up choosing for you.. come on..." she said. She apparently didn't want an actual answer to where I've been......

"Uh huh...." I moaned. I got in the shower singing....when I came out Jen looked at me like I had 3 heads.

"What is with you??" she asked.

"Nothing.. why are you asking...." I said, confused.

"You.. floating on cloud nine.. are you looking forward to this date?" she asked.

"I met this incredible man today........Oh my God!!!! he was the most gorgeous, sexy, romantic......Oh God Jen...I have a dinner date with him tomorrow night." I was babbling.

"Dinner date!!! Oh my gosh... that's great... but what if you end up falling for my arrogant brother in law?!" she chuckled.

"Jennifer you know as well as I do that THAT will never happen!!!!"

"I dunno Nicholas is pretty darn charming.." she chuckled.

"And arrogant.....dangerous...controlling...shall I continue??????" I asked.

"Yes he may be, but only to those who is harming his family.. he may seem like a hard ass... but he's a good man.." she said.

"Whatever....lets just get this over with." I said.. turning around to face Jen. "Well??"

"You are so beautiful.." she cooed.

"Well...I wouldn’t go that far...I wonder if I can get this cleaned in the morning and wear it again tomorrow night? hmmm." I thought out loud. Jen just rolled her eyes.

"How much time do I have left??" I asked. Then there was a knock on the door.

"None.." Jen giggled. I took a deep breath and let it out slowly, before I opened the door. I had to admit...well...to myself only...that Nick did look really nice in his tux.

"Hello.. sorry we had to end up going out like this.... I can be a stubborn man...." he said, offering me his arm.

"Apparently." I said, reluctantly taking his arm as he helped me into the limo.

"You look beautiful by the way."

"Thank you." I said,.

"You're welcome..." he said, opening the door for me. I climbed in and he was right behind me.

"I am aware of why you took this date... I'm sure Jen spoke to you of our agreement..." he said.

"Yes I am well aware. " I said.

"What is the point?" I asked point blank, "I'm not going to agree again, are you going to keep blackmailing her??"

"No... just a chance to show you a different side of me.. from there it shall be your decision...." he said, somewhat annoyed.

"Fair enough." I said. We finally got to the restaurant and he guided me in keeping his fingertips attached to the small of my back. Th maitre'd bringing us straight to "Nick's " table. he ordered us some wine.

 "So how are you enjoying New York?" he asked, politely.

"I love New York. I actually used to live here. It's nice to be back." I said.

"Oh, we've been here most of our lives... except for Kevin.. he was born here... but raised till he was 2 in Italy...... He speaks some Italian...." he said.

"Really?" I said taking a sip of wine, "I have always wanted to see Italy...its a dream of mine."

"It's a beautiful country... bellissima..... mui bella like you..." he said.

"Thank you." I said. I could feel myself blushing, not knowing if it was the company...the compliments or the wine.

"Am I allowed to ask you questions??" OK I was a born smart ass.

"Sure.... ask away.." he said, propping his ankle on his knee and leaning back, awaiting my questions.

"Don't you ever get tired of...well....doing what you do??" I asked.

"Some days.. but I am not in a place where I can get away from it..." he said, sipping his wine.

"Aren’t your brothers older than you? why you?" I asked.

"I asked my father that same question on his death bed... Kevin was already married when Father passed... making him ineligible in our family.. they want a strong single man to be in charge.. if he chooses to marry after then that is his choice.. Joe was next in line.. he refused it... so therefore it fell onto me...." he said.

"What if you had refused?" I asked.

"I didn't have that choice... it's like in euchre.... you stick the dealer.. I was last in line.... I was the only one left..." he said. He said that in a way that kind of made me feel sad for him.

"I'm sorry." I said, picking at my salad. "How come you never married?" I wanted to add oh because you're obnoxious that right...but somehow I didn't think that would go over well.

"I've been told I was too clingy... When I love. I love hard...." he said.

"Hmm." I said.

"What? how are you when you love?"

"Simple. I don't." I said abruptly.

"Why not?" he asked, politely.

"Long stories.....you asked the other night what made me so bitter remember?"

"Yes.. I apologize for that...... You were correct, it was none of our business.." he said, apologetically.

"Well thanks for that. Relationships...that’s the answer. I really believe I was meant to be alone...and oddly..I'm OK with that." I said with a smile trying to be convincing.

"Well, no one... and I mean no one.... especially someone as beautiful as you should be alone..." he said.

 "Thank you...." I said.

"But I'm warning you right now...I am bad news...I don't know how to have a healthy relationship. I attract all loser, abusive scum bags...so I've given up looking." I said looking down at my meal.

"Well according to you I'm a loser scum bag..... and you don't even know me at all..." he chuckled.

"I rest my case.....I know the type. that’s all I need to know." I said.

"Ya know its sad that you are so young and so beautiful but so cynical." he said with a look I couldn't decipher.

"Cynical?" I spat.

"Sorry, stubborn... abrasive.... shall I continue?" he smirked.

 "Go right ahead...I am all those things...believe me there are reasons." I said.

"So talk to me.. tell me why," he said, gently. The waitress dropped doff fresh bread and homemade butter and he thanked her in Italian, before turning and waiting patiently for my answer.

"You really want a rundown on my relationship history Nick? Lets just suffice it to say I'm not your type....not anymore."

"And what do you think my type is?" he asked.

 "Quiet....controllable...compliant.....agreeable...submissive....shall I continue?"

“sure, since you're all wrong.... but go ahead.. continue..." he chuckled.

"Oh am I? I've seen the way Joe has Jen under his thumb...telling her what to do all the time..I've been that person and I cannot and will not do it again." I said strongly.

"Jen does as she wishes... she complies because of her love for Joe...... not because he forces her.... It is that there you do not understand......" he said.

"What don’t I understand Nick? tell me...that you say jump and your woman is supposed to ask how high?"

"No....that Jen does everything as she wishes, but is compliant and respectful to her husband because of her love for him..... That sometimes when you love someone you have to trust them enough that when they tell you to be quiet in certain situations or how to behave it's only to protect you and your life... this family is still a family, no matter what our business is... but our business is still dangerous and there are rules put in place to protect our families....... And you were right... this dinner was a mistake....." he said, pulling money out and standing up to leave.

"You are an ass." I said under my breath, as I threw down my napkin and hailed a taxi, back to the hotel.



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