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The 4 of us, me, Joe, Kevin and Dani were sitting around in the family room watching a movie and just hanging out, when Nick came in rather early mumbling.

"That woman is incorrigible, bitchy...rude..........." I leaned over and whispered to Joe.

"I take it that it didn’t go well."

"No, it didn't......" Nick shouted, before his office door slammed. The four of us knew not to be around when Nick was pissed. we all got up to go upstairs. I got a text.

"Brother in law is still an asshole!!!!"

"Sorry...: “I sent back. I didn't know what else to say. we weren’t fast enough dammit! I was in the kitchen getting me and Joe a snack, when Nick came in.

"I really do not know how you two are related. You are so sweet, and gentle and kind and she is just GGGAAAAHHHHH!!!" he yelled.

"She's stubborn......" I whispered, softly.

"Stubborn???? there are a lot more adjectives I could use besides stubborn." he said.

"Nick...I hope I do not come across as disrespectful...but there are reasons." I said softly.

"That’s what she said."

"Did she explain?"

"No." he answered.

"She's had many abusive boyfriends... one that raped her in her own relationship... another who seemed perfect, got to her wedding day and he ran off with the maid of honor.. NOT ME! Besides... she met someone yesterday.. I don't think it would have mattered if you were perfect.. she's already smitten..." I said.

"I see." he said. grabbing a water and heading back to his office. "Nick...I... I’m sorry I brought her here at all."

"it's alright... interested in me or not.. she is still family...... She just reminded me of my Lorelei...." he said, softly.

"I'm sorry." I whispered. Everyone knew not to ever bring up that name. I headed off to the bedroom with me and Joe’s snacks.

 "Joey.. you never did tell me about her... just that we weren't allowed to say her name... can you tell me?" I whispered, once we got settled on the bed.

"You know I can't... Nick would have my head..." he said, softly.

"Well he just told me that Laurie reminded him of her. The date was disastrous. I knew it would be. Then when I said I was sorry I brought her here at all, he said she just reminded him ...of her." I explained as to why I even brought it up in the first place.

"I know.... I know.." he sighed, then pulled me in close and whispered, "Lorelei was his Moll... when he first became Don..... he was very much in love.. protected her at all costs... Mario D'Magio took her hostage in the middle of a bank robbery, not knowing she belonged to Nick... he kept his Moll very much protected... Nick was unarmed.. and watched as Mario executed her...... no remorse, nothing...... she died in Nick's arms, bleeding.... whispering she loved him.. He was going to propose to her that evening...... They were together almost a year..."

"Oh my God Joe...that’s horrible...why does Laur remind him of her??"

"I don’t know." Joe shrugged, feeding me some of his ice cream.

"Well does she look like her?" I asked.

"Jennifer.. enough please.. I've already said too much... now quiet...." he whispered.

"Well she met a guy anyway, that she likes so I wouldn’t worry about anything too much." I said. Joe took the bowl out of my hands and kissed me....

"Ohhh your lips are sweet....." he cooed.

"Joey....Haven't you had enough of me today?" I giggled. Shower.... morning sex..... then an afternoon delight.. he was on fire today and here he was asking for round four....

"Enough of you babe?? There is no such thing..." he whispered into my lips, pulling down my thong.  I smiled against his lips and ran my fingers into his hair.

"joey....." I whispered.

'shhh, no talking..." he whispered back, sliding in two fingers. soon working in a third bending and twisting in just the right way. He popped a nipple in my mouth as he finger fucked me. I couldn’t help but moan.

"Oh joey... god.. you're such a god...... Mmm, baby, come up here...... rock this headboard like you mean it,' I growled. He chuckled with a husky sexy tone, took hold of the headboard and slammed his hardness in me. In and out hard and deep with a rhythmic motion. I was bringing my hips up to meet his thrusts.

'Mmm, yes shit...." I screamed. I was moaning loudly and scratching his back. Fuck I could never get enough or close enough to this man.

"Imma have you screaming my name Jeny..." he grunted as he picked up the pace and depth. I felt the burning coming from my loins.

I was thrusting up and crying out incoherent mumbo jumbo, before Orgasm ripped through me, "JOSEEEEEPPPHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Yes, baby yes baby,.... oh fuck!!!!!!!!" he yelled as he buried his face in my neck. I could feel him pulsating as the warm liquid just filled me up...

"Mmmm, joey...." I panted as he collapsed down on top of me.

"God, you're beautiful....." he whispered.

I giggled, "Like our children will be if you don't start wearing condoms...."

"Would that be so bad? to have little Joey's running around???" he asked.

"With this lifestyle.. you really wanna raise children when you're a hit man Joe?" I whispered.

 "Darlin....you knew what I was when you married me...it’s not like I have many more career choices here....I'm probably going to be a hit man for the rest of my life...so you need to decide if you want kids or not. I do, but if you choose no... well I understand why, and I will abide by it."  he said.

"Joe.... Of course, I want children.. I just worry for their lives... the moment you start pro creating is the moment someone would come after them......" I said, quietly.

"I realize that babe...that’s why we have protection...guards...It's a choice you seriously are going to have to think about Jen." I nodded and let him move off of me.. my dream.. my want to me a wife and a mother...... may all come crashing down... I feel in love with Joe so fast, his lifestyle didn't even give me a second thought.. I didn't care.... but now.... It just sucked at this point.. I wasn't sure at all if I want children..... I had a lot of thinking to do....



Dinner... with a gorgeous man... I was beyond excited........ I put on that same beautiful black dress from the night before, but I made more of an effort to look smoking hot...... I was meeting Anthony down in the lobby.  I stepped off the elevator and spotted him in his suit immediately.

"Ah, Mi bella!!!" he exclaimed, handing me a red rose.

"Thank you."

"You are very welcome, my dear." he said offering me his arm as we climbed into his Mercedes.

"I thought we could uh.. Baila... um.. dance... dinner...." he said, holding my hand as he drove.

"That sounds wonderful." I answered, loving the feel of his hand on mine. The restaurant was beautiful...on the water...very romantic.

"Wine mi bella?" he asked, snapping his fingers to have a waiter come over. I nodded softly.

"Red wine... before 1950..." he told him. The waiter disappeared, and Anthony stood and offered me his hand.

"Dance with me, please?" he asked. God that Italian accent was hot....... so sexy I about wanted to jump him right there. We danced slowly. His arms felt so nice around me. I could tell his chest was muscular just from being up against it. I really was not a good dancer, but he led well. When the dance was over we went back to our seats to start our meal.

"So how long have you lived in NY?" I asked him.

"I lived in Italy will I was 18...... been here almost 10 years.." he said.

 "I'm thinking of moving back here myself." I said. sipping the wine.

"I think it would be wonderful... My mother only seen you for 5 seconds and she adores you....." he said, smiling. God that smile.....

I laughed...."That will change if she gets to know me!" I joked.

"I just have to find a job." I said, "I do have an interview at one of the banks tomorrow.

"A bank... interesting..' he said, studying me softly.

"Well I have experience in banking and finance. I want to come back to the city, so I set up some job interviews this week. What is it that you do Anthony?"

"I'm in family business..." he said.

"What kind of business? Oh, the wine business you told me about?" I asked.

"Yes.... exactly," he said, softly, his eyes just smiling at me. God those baby blues.

"That must be very interesting. Tell me more about yourself please." I think I just wanted to hear him talk more.

"I'm a fond collector of many things...... wines..... watches... shoes... and I used to collect women... I had several as a kid arriving in NYC. The Italian attracted many beautiful women..." he said.

"I can definitely understand that!" I agreed.

"You can?" he smiled, his eyes smoldering as the waitress took our dinner plates.

"Oh yes...it so romantic...very sexy." I said.

"Check!" he called out. He just smiled at me, his fingers playing with my hair. Oh god.....

"You come back to my place yes?" he asked.

"Oh yes." I said without even thinking. After dinner he led me out to his Mercedes and drove us back to his place. When we entered his apartment, I was kind of in awe at how different it was... his bed up a flight of stairs... and only his bed....


"Your place. It’s so different...so beautiful." I said.

"Thank you...." he said, tossing his coat aside, his keys on the counter, before taking my hand and leading me toward the stairs.

"You and I go...... up there?" he questioned. God that accent....

"Yes." I whispered. We were standing. He took me in his arms and cupped my face with his hands...when he brought his lips to mine I felt like my lips were on fire. I had to have more. He kissed me gently, softly, before leading me up those stairs to lay me down on that bed, climbing over me. His hands were soft, gentle.... all over me. His lips following suit. That rumor about Italians knowing what to do with their mouth and hands... all true. He was so quick, so gentle I hadn't even realized he was stripping me till his lips found my nipples, devouring it.

 "Oh yesss...." I moaned.

"Beautiful..." he groaned sucking my other nipple while gently running his fingers over my folds. I could feel his excitement rubbing against me. I pulled his shirt over his head and smirked. Chest hair... he was a man through and through... and usually not sexy, but on this man... gorgeous...He fought with his belt and tossed that and his pants aside.

"Wait... wait...." he said, pulling away, then reaching under his mattress for a tiny square package.

“We need this....." he chuckled, applying it.

"Yes, we do.." I said softly. He lined himself up with my entrance and pushed in slowly and hard. God it felt so fucking good.

“OOOhhh yess Anthony so good...." I moaned. He was sputtering Italian.. and lots of it, as he thrusted in and out of me. It was electric.... pulsating. he had fluid movements, lips and tongue all over my chest and neck, moaning in Italian even more as he progressed... slow and soft, almost 15 minutes of mind-blowing pleasure... pausing every time my orgasm lingered on the edge. He was teasing me like mad and I was losing it.

"Please harder!" I yelled.. He thrusted harder. One of my hands clinging to his bicep, the other in his hair as he rode me harder, faster and deeper.

"Oh bella, we finish together yes?" he breathed, picking up more speed.

 "Oh yesss..." I moaned as I felt myself pulsate and latch on to him. his eyes rolling in the back of his head, grunting.  I felt him twitch as he released into the condom, placing kisses up and down my neck.

"Mi Bella... mui Bellissima........ Cosi Bueno ..." he panted. I just giggled as we kissed and held each other..

"You stay for night. no?" he whispered.

"I would love to."

"Good... I want to do that again..." he chuckled, kissing my lips.

"You were just amazing Anthony...."

"I do my best...." he responded.



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