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Laurie had moved to NYC and started working at this bank.... I was worried about her.. The D'Magio's were planning a bank heist. My brothers and I each had a bank to troll.... I had Laurie's Joe had the one nearest to them, and Kevin the farthest out of town. I don't know why I chose this one.. it was all too familiar.. I didn't trust them...... So I went into Laurie's bank to see Jen talking to her , and the bank mostly empty, just a couple people. I went over to Jen.

"You shouldn't be here...." I whispered to her.

"Whats going on I'm just waiting for Laurie to go to lunch...Nick." Jen explained.

"D'magio's are planning a heist today... I can't have you girls-" I started, but was cut off with gunfire.

"EVERYBODY DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" a voice shouted, Jen and I cowered down in front of the teller, and I heard Laurie screaming.

"SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Open it! Give me everything you have!" the voice said. Mario... I'd recognize it anywhere. I felt someone grab me and toss me aside with Jen.

"Well well... we got Jonas'........ this just got interesting......." that man said.

"Oh my god... Anthony..." Laurie said.

'Mi Bella.... oh sweetheart, no worries.. you are no in danger...... you're information has been very helpful..." he said.

 I whispered to Jen."She's a fucking spy????"

"Nick I don’t think she knew." she whispered back.

"You two shut the fuck up!!!" Mario bellowed.

"Please Anthony...she's my cousin please don’t hurt her...." I heard Laurie beg.

"COUSIN?!?!?!? You are related to a Jonas! You never told me this bella....." Anthony said.

"I didn’t even know you were oh my god!!!!" I think Laurie just put two and two together....this was not going to end well.

"you're tony... the one who almost raped her.. oh my god! I slept with you! I fell in love with you Anthony..." she sobbed.

"Your bitch is whiney Tony! Shut her up!" Mario said. Tony backhanded her across the face. I went to make a move and Jen held me down reminding me that it could be bad for everyone if I didn’t calm down. Laurie was silent loading the bags, doing as she was told.

"You can consider us officially over," she spat, throwing the bag at him. Mario seemed to stop dead in his tracks, before grabbing Laurie by the hair and dragging her around to kneel in front of us. He placed the gun to the back of her head and smirked at me.

"You care for her... don't you Jonas?" he asked. I nodded, tears in my eyes.

"It seems you and I have been here before... have we not?" he smirked.

"What do you want me to do?" I asked.

"nothing... just watch as I take another love from your life... Countdown for me Jonas....." he spat. Mario counted instead. 3...2...1....a shot rang out............ Mario fell to his knees, and Laurie passed out from the shock, and standing behind Mario was Jen a gun pointed, her hands shaking, before the gun fell to her feet. I  picked Laurie up bridal style and kept Jen close to my side as we got in the car. I laid Laurie down between us.

"Jennifer are you OK?" I asked. looking her in the eye. She just nodded, her face blank. I heard sirens. I sped out of there, getting back to the house before they even had a chance to get close enough. I took Laurie upstairs and Jen... she didn't move... She was frozen in the passenger's seat.

I came back down and picked her up out of the car as well.

"KEVIN!!!!" I yelled. "Where is Joseph???"

"On his way back.." Kevin said, rushing over to help us.

"Did you fill him in?" I asked.

"No not yet..." he said.

"Get our doctor on call over her NOW!! I have two women in severe shock." I yelled, as Joe came barreling in the house.

"WHERE IS MY WIFE????" he shouted.

"Joe! Joe! In here!" I called from his room. Jen was still staring blankly. She had taken a life........ something you can never come back from.... I watched the love my brother had for his wife and wondered if I would ever feel that again. He took her in his arms.

"Baby...listen to me...baby its me...its joey....you're OK...you are going to be OK..." He cooed just holding her and rocking her. She still wasn't moving... just staring off into space, blinking, her hands gradually finding his shirt.

"Joe.. she was like a damn ninja..... one second she was beside me and the next behind him... I didn't even see her move...... Did you give her a gun?" I asked.

"No...no....too fucking dangerous...I don’t know where she got it... Shit Nick did you take it from the crime scene?" I just looked at him. did I get where I am from being stupid?

"Do I look that fucking stupid to you Joseph...of course I took the gun."

"Cameras?" he asked.

“Mario and tony shot them out... no one for witnesses, they were all shoved behind the counters..... relax Joseph..... she's covered...." I said.

 "She saved the day. she saved me herself and Laurie. The doctor is on his way to check her out. I'm going to check on Laurie. By the way.Tony got away. Keep her close to home till we get the son of a bitch." I told Joe. He nodded and held Jen tight to his chest. I went into Laurie's room, the one from before, the blue one, and seen her sitting up, ready to get out of bed.

"No no....stay there...I have a doctor on the way." I said. "I don't need a doctor. " I reached out to touch the bruise on her face and she flinched. she looked absolutely terrified of me.

"I'm sorry..... I just.. let him check you out and you can leave...." I said, softly, trying not to cry. her face.. reminded me so much of my Lorelei.... And today was too close for comfort.....

"You're not going to kill me? " she cried.

"Kill you?" I asked.

"I swear I didn’t know. I had no idea who he was!!!!!"

"Oh god... Laurie.... no... you are a victim..... I plan on protecting you from him....." I said.

"Is Jennifer OK? Nick is she OK???"

"She's fine... she's the one who shot Mario...... she's shaken up.. in shock.... I never wanted the women in this family to ever have to take a life..... I feel like I've failed her...." I said.

"No Nick...I don't think so...Jen wouldn’t have tried anything if she didn’t think she could handle it. Its all my fault I'm so sorry." she just put her head in her hands and sobbed.

"No, Laurie.. he used you... he is no mobster when he uses his Moll without her knowledge......." I said, slowly and hesitantly reaching out for her. I was scared to touch her... afraid I was gonna freak her out.

"I told you I always fall for the wrong man!" she chuckled through her tears.

"I guess you did say that, didn't you..." I chuckled, softly and very slowly pulling her into a hug.

"Nick I'm sorry for the things I thought about you. I guess I understand now what you were trying to explain to me."

I knew it had to pain her to admit that, so I just said "thank you." very quietly.

"Try and get some rest... I'll you some space.. let the doctor check you out..... I'd prefer you stay here and protected.. but I won't tell you what to do..." I said, softly.

"I think I will....if you don't mind...I'd like to stay close to Jen."

"That is fine, you may stay in this room, if you need anything, let someone know...." I said, standing. I went to leave, before pausing in the door, "I'm glad you're okay...... I was terrified for you today....." Then I left her room going back to my office to cry.



Chapter End Notes:

Sorry its been so long! between school and my haunted house job on weekends, I am CRAZY busy!

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