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         Angela Matthews grew up being told she was beautiful by everyone. She was given anything and everything she ever wanted, completely spoiled. Guys wanted to be with her and girls wanted to be her. When her parents died in a car crash when she was eighteen, she wanted to prove she could live alone and take care of herself. One day, while cleaning, she knocked a lit candle over, causing a large fire to erupt in the house. While trying to escape, Angela caught fire and received terrible third degree burns on the left side of her body.


         Thankfully, Angela survived. She had a tough few months in the beginning, trying to cope with her new body. It was hard to move at first, even speak. The first time she looked in a mirror, she cried and smashed it. She thought she was hideous.


         Upon her return home after months of rehab, she found things still in disarray and damaged from the fire. She didn’t seem to care. Her house was far enough away from anyone else to be seen. She stopped answering the door when visitors came because they all acted awkward around her. No boys were vying for her attention anymore. Girls seemed happier without boys looking for Angela’s attention.


         It was then that Angela believed she would never be loved. She became cold. Bitter. She locked her doors and didn’t let anyone come in. She was a recluse and a shut-in. People soon became frightened of her. She had inherited everything when her parents died, and it was a LOT between what they had and what had been inherited from her grandparents.


         Now, at twenty-five years old, Angela has yet to find love. She truly believes she will be a lonely old hag. One day, when an unsuspecting young man knocks on her door looking for shelter, things start to change. In the modern retelling of the Disney classic, Beauty and the Beast, she learns of inner beauty and is shown a world she never knew before.

Rated: pg-13
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Published: 07/20/2020 Updated: 12/10/2020
Story Notes:

PLEASE NOTE: This story was originally written in 2009, originally published on Mibba on July 27, 2009, finished on January 1, 2010. I have updated the story slightly to take place in 2015 as opposed to 2009. 


Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author.  The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise.  No copyright infringement is intended.



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Here it is! The first chapter of World I Never Knew! Like I said, I originally wrote this in 2009. I've changed the timeline and some wording that may have been... inappropriate? to anyone who may have been a burn victim in real life. It is a sensitive thing so let me know if you think I should change anything further down the line, I went from being a dumb 19-year-old originally writing this to a more educated 30-year-old now and realized some things were cringy so... please do not hesitate to call me out if you think something could be worded better!

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This chapter and the last two following it are HEAVILY EDITED from what they used to be. Let me know if you read them on Mibba back in the day to let me know how I did!

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