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Lucy PoV


My friend Anna came over excitedly. 

'I swear I just saw Nick Jonas here' 


Josh laughed 'in this pub? Are you having a laugh, Lucy's the biggest celeb we have here' he said ruffling my already messy hair.


'Seriously, I swear he was watching Lucy' she insisted 


'Actually it is possible, he's recording in the studio near here and I've spoken to him a few times' I said, not wanting them to know I'd seen him everyday at work and shared some great conversations with him.


'What are we talking about?' Asked Mike, who'd just arrived, throwing his arm around Anna.


'Apparently Nick Jonas was here watching Lucy sing' laughed Josh, sarcastically. 


'Oh talking of whom, he was in work this morning and asked me to give you this' Mike said taking an envelope out of his pocket and handing it to me. 


Everyone looked at me as I blushed. I was very confused but really touched when I opened it to see the tickets and his note. He was really sweet but I wasn't sure about going, VIP treatment. Not mention backstage passes weren't really my thing, but they were adamant I had to go. 


'You never know he might be head over heels for you and you can get married and live happy ever after in his LA mansion' Anna said laughing.


'Careful now Anna, she only has eyes for her secret online lover that she's never seen or actually spoken to in real life' Josh was making fun of me yet again. I wish I'd never told him about Jez but he was my flat mate and knew nearly everything about me. 


'He is not my online lover, he's just a friend who I can talk to about everything' I corrected him. 


'That makes you light up like a Christmas tree every time he messages you!' Laughed Anna.


'Sorry, what?' I replied, I hadn't heard him because I a message from Jez had come through as he'd spoken. 


'Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I rest my case- look at her!' Josh continued. 


'Shut up' i said punching him on the arm and he pulled me in for a hug. 


'Maybe concentrate on your job for a bit rather than trying to wind me up' I said pointing at the queue of people waiting to get served. 


I took my phone out and read Jez's message again



'Just realised its karaoke night. Knock em dead- I'm sure you will x'



'Thank you, I've already sang once but a few more shots and they'll need to surgically remove the mike from my hand. You were quiet today, I missed you x'


I sang a few more songs, had a few more drinks and then headed home early-ish, I had work in the morning and I was opening which meant I had to be there for 7am to catch the morning rush hour. 


I dragged myself to work and started to set up for the day. I found myself half watching the door for Nick coming in. Every time a customer came in I got my hopes up and I didn't even know why. I was joined at 8am by Sally in time for the morning rush but 9am it was calming down. The door opened again and I stood behind the register. It was Nicks brothers; Joe and Kevin. 


'Hi, we heard the coffee is good here so we wanted to come and see for ourselves' said Joe smiling sweetly.


'Yeah your brother is a bit of a regular now, is he not with you today?' I asked looking back towards the door hopefully.


'He's running late' said Kevin. 


'Oh. That's not like him, anyway what can I get for you both?' I smiled. 


The brothers ordered their drinks to sit in and spent all the time it took for me to make them talking to me, they sure liked to ask a lot of questions. I told them it was nice to meet them and gave them their drinks and moved on to the next customer. Not even 5 minutes later Nick walked in. 


'Good morning, the usual?' I greeted him with a smile.


'Yes please, and how are you today?' He asked leaning over the counter to watch me make his drink.


'Good thanks, I was out last night so my voice is a bit hoarse' I joked. 


'Relatable' he smiled. 


'I'll bet! I take it you're here to meet your brothers, they're just over there. It was nice to meet them finally too' I said pointing to where they were sat. I saw Joe look up and catch Nicks eye. His expression changed and I saw an odd look shared between him and them. 


'Yeah, yeah I am here to meet dumb and dumber over there' he replied ever so slightly unconvincingly.


'I got the tickets from Mike by the way, thanks very much, it was a nice surprise' 


'Can you make it, I'd really like it if you could, I mean if you're free' he stuttered. 


'I'm sure I can pop in for 5 minutes or something' I joked


'Oh right' he replied looking disappointed. 


'I'm only joking, of course I'm coming and I'm bringing my friend Josh with me' I smiled.


'Seriously? You love to wind me up, don't you' he smiled


There was a queue building up so I handed him his drink and said I'd next see him on Friday at the show because I was off work for lectures the next morning. Even as I served the other customers I kept an eye on their table, wishing I could hear what they were saying as they looked really animated but it was just too noisy. I gave them a wave as they left. 


'He's totally in to you' whispered Sally, making me shake my head. 


'Next please' I called ignoring her.


Except I was quite into him and I didn't know how it made me feel. Why would be be interested in me and why did it make me feel like I was betraying Jez.

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