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Nick POV


Lucy and Josh were in the front row and it was such a buzz to see her watch us perform, we made eye contact so many times and I could see her and her non-boyfriend Josh were having a ball. I'd already half decided that tonight I was going to make a move when we got to the club. A couple of drinks for Dutch courage and I was going to try and tell her how I felt about her and maybe who I was too.


When they came backstage after the show she threw her arms around me and hugged me. It was completely unexpected but felt great. 'You were amazing' she said. Her touch was sending shockwaves around my body, I didn't realise quite how much I'd wanted it until that moment. Oh boy.


'Who's ready to get messy?' Shouted Joe, signalling to the door to leave for the club. We all jumped into the cars that were waiting and Lucy sat next to me, with Josh on the other side. Her hand brushed my leg repeatedly as she was talking and I wanted so much to reach out and grab it.


I guided her through the VIP line with my hand on the small of her back and she smiled at me, I was starting to think she was as in to me as I was her. But even after a few drinks I still felt nervous,  I was enjoying her company so much and I didn't want to spoil it. I excused myself to go to the bathroom leaving her at the table laughing with the others.


'So have you told her yet?' Asked Joe, grabbing me on my way back to her.


'Of course I have and she's totally fine with it, honestly' I hated lying to my brothers but I'd do anything to get them off my case and get back to Lucy so this was just a little white lie. I promised myself I'd tell her tomorrow. 


I slid back onto the sofa beside Lucy and got even closer to her than before, causing her to look at me, like really look at me. She bit her lip nervously and smiled. I smiled back at her. I knew for sure now that she felt the electricity between us too. As my confidence built, I placed my hand on her knee and she smiled. She didn't move it away, she simply lay her hand on top of mine and continued talking to the group. Every now and then I’d catch her eye and she’d smile. 


As we were about to leave the club I knew time was running out, so I seized the opportunity, leant in and kissed her. I'd been waiting for this moment for a long time, since she was only my Lula, and now she was my Lucy. Her lips were soft and warm and they were against mine and then her tongue found mine. I put my arms around her waist and held her and she did the same in response. 


'Come on Nick, the cars waiting' shouted Joe. 


This moment could not be over already, what if I never got this chance again. What if she sobered up in the morning and decided it was a mistake. There were too many what if’s to leave it to chance.


'Come back to the hotel with me' I said, half asking her and half begging her. She looked at me awkwardly. 


'Nick I don't do one night things, I'm really sorry if I've mislead you' 


'No, that's not what I meant. I just don't want this night to end and I want to spend it with you' I explained sounding like something out of a bad chick flick. 


'Nick come on or we're going without you' shouted Joe again impatiently.


I looked at her, took her hand in mine and pulled her gently. 


'come with me, please' I begged her, with my best puppy dog eyes.


'Will you just go with the man' ordered Josh.


'Okay, okay, how can I say no to you' she conceded, kissing me on the cheek. It felt so good. I put my arm around her and took her to the car where Joe and Kevin were waiting and their eyes nearly popped out their head when they saw she was coming back with us. 


'We're just going to have a few more drinks' I explained, holding her hand in mine. 


We got the driver to take us to the back of the hotel and snuck in so no photographers could catch us. Lucy and I went straight up to my room and I poured us a drink. I couldn't take my eyes off her, she was over by the window looking out across the city as the sun was starting to rise. I walked over and joined her, handing her the drink. 


'Thanks' she said 'it looks beautiful out there, doesn't it? I love the city when it’s quiet’


'It’s nowhere near as beautiful as you are' I told her, making her blush. 


We sat down on the sofa and talked for a while but she started to yawn. 


'Why don't you sleep here for a bit, you look really tired' 


'As long as it's not weird then yes please, I'd be asleep in the back of the taxi before I got home' she replied yawning again. 


I took her through to my bedroom and handed her some shorts and t shirt to wear. She changed in the bathroom and I lay in bed waiting for her. 


She came out and looked bashful but none the less she got in beside me and lay facing me, just looking at me and smiling.


'Can I kiss you again?' I asked her. 


She nodded and we kissed again and again and again. As turned on as I was and I think she was, the kiss stayed as just a kiss and we both fell asleep in each other's arms. It felt as amazing as I’d imagined it would. 


At 10am the phone in the room woke us up, it was Kevin asking if we wanted to go for breakfast. Lucy said no though, she wanted to go home and change. I felt really disappointed, I wanted to spend every minute that I had left in London with her but I did understand at the same time. She did however agree to meet me for dinner later that evening.


'Give me your number in case there's an issue' she said 


'Sure it's, its...' It hit me, she would already have me saved as jez so I couldn't give her it. 'I mean I would but it sometimes doesn't get incoming calls, so I'll give you Kevin's number, ok?'


'Sure' she said.


I stood at the door and we shared our first sober kids. I watched as she walked to the lift, giving her one final wave. She was amazing. I was in trouble. I was in deep.


Lucy PoV 


I blushed when I got in the lift as it was only me and Joe and I could imagine what he was thinking when he saw me doing the walk of shame.


'Looks like you and Nick had a good night' he said with a knowing smile. 


I wanted to tell him that we hadn't had sex like I assumed he was thinking but instead I just said 'yes thanks'. I was too busy up on cloud 9 to find better words. 


'I still can't believe it, Kevin and I tried to set him up with girls all the time and failed, then he joins an internet chat room and finds you. It's crazy. I'm just glad he came clean and told you he was jez last night though. Kev and I told him to come clean but he just wouldn’t' he said as the lift doors opened on the ground floor.


I felt sick. Nick was jez all this time? I'd told jez everything and Nick couldn't even tell me it was him when he knew who I was? I felt devastated. Last night was the first time in a long time I'd felt something for a man and now I felt betrayed. How could he have done that to me?


'Actually Joe, he didn't tell me. You just did. So thanks for that' I said feeling like I was about to cry. I ran outside and jumped in the taxi that was waiting for me.


Josh was almost behind the door waiting for me when I got in.


'Tell me everything! was it wonderful? Did you see him naked?' He said excitedly. 


'Nick Jonas is an asshole and I don't want to talk about it' I said 


'Woah did he hurt you?' Asked Josh getting protective.


'Not physically. But I did find out who jez is'






'Whaaaat did he tell you that?' 


'No, that's what worse, Joe did. Nick doesn't know that I know. He's asked me to go out for dinner tonight but he can bugger off' 


'So let me get this right Lucy, you fell for jez who turns out to be Nick Jonas who you also have feelings for and now you're going to act upon this new information by standing him up when basically he's your dream man?' 


'Piss off'


'What did I say?' He looked confused 


'You made sense' I admitted.  


'So why don't you go and meet him tonight as planned and give him the chance to explain? What's the worst that could happen?' 


'Indeed' i replied.

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