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Nicks POV

I was looking forward to Lucy coming to the hotel after she finished work. We'd been texting all day in between her customers and my media interviews and planned a quiet night in. This time I’d asked in advance and she was going to stay over with me. Since the BBC interview my social media was off the hook asking 'who is she?' I wasn't ready to share her with the world yet though, for now she was all mine.


When she got to the hotel, she had jumped in the shower straight away. She said she couldn't take the smell of coffee on her hair much longer. It was so tempting to burst in on her in the shower. Knowing that she was naked a mere 6 feet away from me was killing me. I imagined the water running down her body. All Joe's chat all day about Lucy and I getting physical had clearly triggered something in me but I knew she wanted to take it slow. I also knew that it would be worth the wait


'You look a bit red in the face' she chuckled as she stepped out the bathroom to join me where I was sat on the sofa. I'd pulled a pillow on my lap hoping she wouldn't notice what the thought of her naked was doing to me, but she made it worse when she came and lay with her head on the pillow. I immediately saw that her white pyjama top was ever so slightly see through because it was damp and she had no bra on. What was she trying to do to me? Whatever it was, it was well and truly working.


'Nick, after tonight, what happens? I really don't want this to end' She asked breaking my sexual thoughts and bringing us back to reality with a bump. 


'There's no way that this is the end, this is just the beginning for us Lucy, I promise. I honestly hate that this is all falling into place just as I'm leaving, I wish I could take you with me so much' I told her truthfully.


'If this was in a couple of months time after my exams I'd take you up on that. In fact I'd be packed by now and half way to the airport' she replied, not a hint of humour in her eyes.


'Seriously?' I replied, surprised.


'Was that too much? I guess I can be a bit full on sometimes' she suddenly looked self conscious and uncomfortable.


'Lucy I don't think you get the fact I was being serious too' I reassured her. 'If I could be your Prince Charming and sweep you off your feet right now then I would but you didn't survive all those double politics lectures to skip your final exams, did you?’


'Well no, I guess you’re right. So why don't we see how things go and you can come back after my graduation in June and ask me again if you still feel the same way?' She suggested, I could tell she still wasn't fully convinced I was being serious but I guess the proof would be in the pudding! 


'Deal' i replied kissing her on the head and looking up at the tv again, again trying to ignore what was happening under the pillow. After a moments silence, she spoke.


'Nick, can you just kiss me properly again please. I think I'd like to get naked with you right now. If that's ok with you, that is?' she said sitting up, taking me completely and pleasantly by surprise. 



Lucy POV


I don't know where it came from but I just told Nick I wanted to get naked with him and now was kissing me and we were peeling each other's clothes off of me as I manoeuvred him off the sofa and towards the huge bed.


'Are you sure?' He asked looking at me. He was stood there just in his boxers and I was just in my pj shorts. Was he for real? I'd never wanted anything more.


'Never been more sure' I replied, as we took our final items off.  We stood for a moment taking each other's bodies in. Nick was now standing completely naked in front of me and his body was even better than I'd imagined, and I could tell he clearly liked what he saw in front of him. I reached out and touched his face and kissed him again. 


It was like he couldn't take it anymore and he picked me up and lay me on the bed, my legs instinctively wrapping around him and pulling him with me. Our kisses were becoming more intense and so much more forceful. I felt so ready for this, I trusted him completely. He put on a condom that he must have had hidden nearby and I knew it was definitely about to happen. I took a deep breath, giddy with the anticipation. I felt his hand go down between my legs and guide himself inside me. It felt so good sliding in slowly that first time that I groaned. 


'You like that?' He asked looking as flushed as I felt. 


'Uh huh' Was all I could reply as his hips began to thrust. We both had our eyes open looking at each other. He looked so serious but I could tell he was loving it too. 


'On your back, I want to go on top' I whispered in his ear, and he turned doing exactly what I told him. I could tell this was a favourite of his by his facial expression as his hands roamed his body. There was so much we knew about each other, yet so much still to learn, and this was a fantastic place to start from my point of view. 


We both got louder as we got closer, his hips reaching up and thrusting so he could get as deep inside me as possible and soon I could hold back no more. Nick Jonas officially gave me the best orgasm of my life and as I continued to ride my way through it he came too. 


Afterwards we lay next to each other holding on to each other as if our lives depended on it., wrapped up in the crisp white cotton bed sheets, trying to catch our breath. That was certainly one hell of a first time. 


'So does that mean we're official now?' He asked smiling at me.


'I'd be offended if we weren't' I replied kissing him again. 'I guess I'll just need to get rid of my vibrator now' I giggled.


'I dunno it could be fun' he laughed. 


'I love you Nick'


'And I love you too Lucy, I always have'


'By the way, did you hear my radio interview today?' He asked.


'Erm no, but I'll get it on catch up tomorrow if that’s ok?' I replied feeling kind of awkward, I should really have tuned in earlier but work was crazy.


'You should do, I think you'll like it' he replied with a smirk that intrigued me.


We spent the rest of the night in bed watching movies, just enjoying each other's company and lots and lots of kissing . 


I was so happy but the next morning reality bit as I watched him leaving for the airport, taking my heart with him. No sooner had I waved him off through tears, a text arrived 


Jez: (I still hadn't changed his contact, probably never would)

'Don't worry Lula, your Prince will be back for you soon. That's a promise. Love you x'


I got home to Josh, flopped on to the sofa next to him and buried my head into his muscular chest. He pulled me in for a hug and my tears started to fall. 


'So, do I dare ask?' He said eventually.


'These are happy tears I guess. He told me he loves me and I love him but he's gone and I miss him so much already' I explained.


'Just remember how long you guys got by on just texting, it won't be forever, and this time you know he'll be back to hold you in his arms for real' he reassured me, stroking my hair.


'I know, I'm just sorry that Joe turned you down for Sophie. We so should be double dating' I smiled, grateful to have such an amazing support.


At bedtime I plugged my earphones in and listened to their BBC interview, the way he spoke about me in front of all those listeners brought tears to my eyes again. He was talking to Grimmy about how he’d found that special someone-


'If I didn't believe in love at first sight before, well I do now. You'll be seeing me in London a lot more from now on' he said and it was almost as if he was talking to me through his interview. I knew Nick was the real deal. 


From the moment Nick left, we spoke morning, noon and night either by text, FaceTime or call. It was hard not to be with him but not quite as bad as I'd have imagined. Their tour was going well and I loved seeing the countries he was in even though it was just through the camera on his iPhone. Nick was also exceptionally romantic in that he sent me a postcard from everywhere they stopped just to let me know he loved me. I bought the cutest scrapbook and kept every single one.


In my life, my final exams were squeezing the life out of me but the end of uni was now in sight. I had also been promoted to assistant manager in the coffee shop. Not exactly rock n roll but I was getting paid more to do the same stuff as before. It just wasn't the same without the excitement of knowing Nick wouldn't be there every morning. 


The day finally came and my exam results were published. I had to check twice, and of course Nick was the first person I text. I couldn’t call because he was in a tv studio.



My degree is officially finished!!!! I got a first!!!! I might apply for a job as the Prime Minister, I couldn't do much worse than Boris Johnston xx



Or Trump? You could always run for POTUS! Do you think I'd make a good FLOTUS??

Congratulations, I knew you could do it. Time to celebrate!! I love you xx


I went out that night with all my friends and boy did we celebrate. I was on the opening shift at work the next day but I threw caution to the wind. 


I got home at 3am and tried to call Nick to tell him all my drunken thoughts about him but his phone was off. Looking back the poor guy had a lucky escape, I was seriously drunk!

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