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Lucy POV


I totally put myself out there by giving jez my number, it was not something I would have usually done but I couldn't stop thinking about him. I'd really enjoyed having worked with jez, he had a way with words that most men don't have. His lyrics were the most beautiful words that would make me want to cry,  then the next message would be a rude joke that made me laugh. I just wished I could actually know him properly. I'd spent all day waiting for a response to my message, I was like a cat on a hot tin roof at work- every sound my phone made I jumped. He'd really made me sweat it waiting for his reply.


I wondered what his real name might be, I know it was meant to be anonymous but I decided his name must be Jeremy, jez is short for that isn't it? All his profile said was 27, USA and creative mind. It wasn't much to go on but I imagined him to be geeky looking, definitely used to have braces, tall and skinny. I know, zero stereotypes were harmed in the making of this mental image, but I like him. 


He is one of few people who can challenge me mentally which is a complete must but the guys I meet here in England would rather talk sports or go drinking with their friends. A guy with a smart mind is so much hotter, and a smart guy with a good body is even better I thought to myself. My thoughts tailed off as I was rudely interrupted.


'Lucy, are you ready to go yet?' Shouted my flat mate Josh. 


'Yes I am, I was just saying goodnight to...' I started


'Jez yes I know now let's go, the karaoke isn't going to sing itself is it?'


Tonight was Wednesday and that meant karaoke night in the local pub where Josh works. Karaoke was one of my favourite ways to wind down. I do write some of my own songs and I also play the guitar a little but nothing beats belting out 1980's power ballads to a room full of people. The pub's clientele was a mixture of students and old men but I seriously love it and it's a good excuse for a drink with my friends too. 


I sent one last text and threw my phone in my bag. 


'Goodnight Jez, enjoy dinner with your brother. I'm away to sing my heart out at karaoke. I'll try not to smash too many glasses with my high notes. But no promises on not smashing the contents of the bar! X'


The pub was packed with all the regulars tonight, and our friends were there too. Josh went right behind the bar and hung his jacket up and got to serving us a round of drinks. I could tell it was going to be a good night.



Nick POV


Dinner with Taylor, Kevin and Dani was like a form of torture. The only bonus being the alcohol that flowed. Taylor was definitively not for me at all. Don't get me wrong, she didn't do anything wrong, it just didn't feel right. Then to make it worse, when Dani and Kevin left the room at one point she all but jumped on me, trying to kiss me. That's so not my thing. Don't get me wrong I like strong women but she was full on throwing herself at me. 


The relief when Kevin came back in was immense, I made my excuses and left shortly thereafter. They couldn't say I didn't try with her because I did. 


When the cab dropped me back to my Jersey apartment it was just before 10. It was shameful. Here I was alone yet again. After a few more drinks I decided to message Lula. It would be about 3am in the morning where she was but she'd get it when she woke up. 



'Hope your night turned out better than mine. My brother was trying to set me up with a woman and she just wasn't right for me. Who knew it was so hard to find someone special?'


I put the phone down and poured another drink but a tone told me I had a message back. 



'Tell me about it. I'm a hopeless romantic, yet totally hopeless at finding romance in the first place. I think the future for my love life is just cats, cats and more cats haha' 



'Why are you still awake, is it not 3am where you are?' 



'Yeah but my flat mate brought everyone back to ours for a party so now I'm still ridiculously drunk and I can't sleep and I've got work in 5 hours. Think of me!'


Think of you? I've done nothing but think of you. I picked up my guitar and started to play music to the lyrics we'd been working on. They were fantastic, if it didn't mean she'd find out jez was me. I'd record and release them tomorrow, that's how good they are.



'And there was me thinking you were going to keep me company when you text. I hope you're not sleeping on me'



'I'd never be that brave! What do you want to talk about?'



'Well since were both rubbish at love, why don't you tell me about your ex's?'



'I've dated a lot and I have had a few girlfriends but nobody that really, what about you?



'Last year I was seeing a really nice guy or so I thought but it turned out he was just using me for sex, which is flattering because it means I'm obviously good in bed but not great for the heart as you can imagine. Apart from him though most men I meet just want to hook up and disappear the next day and that's just not who I am. So that's why I now own a vibrator'



'Well there's one confession I wasn't expecting to hear tonight' 



'I'm so embarrassed I can't believe I just told you that, I'm sorry, too many shots' 



'Don't be, remember I'm always on the other end of the phone for you and hey it might not be a vibrator buy my right hand wrist is definitely more muscular than the left, if you get what I'm saying' 



'Thank you just for being you Jez. It's weird part of me really wishes I could meet you and know you in real life but I can't talk to anyone else in the world like I can talk to you right now. I think you're my online soulmate x'



'I think you might just be mine too x'

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