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Nick POV


I thought back to her revelation the night before and looked back over our conversation and I realised that she felt as comfortable talking to me as I did her. The band was going great and I just wished I could share that part of my life with her. Part of me thought that I could, but would she even believe me? I mean come on, who meets an internationally famous guy on a creative writing course, except she actually had.


Talking to her had given me so much inspiration to write and she also kept me thinking. Our manager Phil was so delighted with the new songs I took to him and my brothers that he decided we were almost ready to record them and start the new album. He just needed to find a studio for us to record in, amongst all the chaos that our reunion was causing.


'Jeez Nick, these words are pretty deep, she must be really special. Tell us, who is she' Phil laughed after I played my most recent song to him. 


'Oh we know already, she's secretly a 75 year old male who hides behind a computer screen' Joe said, winding me up on purpose. 


Phil looked at me and grimaced.


'Well Nick, whoever he or she is, keep talking to them, they clearly bring out the best in you but I'm curious, beautiful women throw themselves at you all the time. Why online dating?' Asked Phil.


'She likes me for me, not my looks or my name. She doesn't even know who I am. Anyway we're not online dating, we're friends and we just text each other sometimes' I replied. 


'All the time' Kevin corrected me.


'Not all the time' I contested by I was given away as my phone vibrated and I opened the message immediately, hoping it was her.


'See what we mean?' Shrugged Kevin. 


'Actually it's mom so shut up, she's asking if we can all make dinner when we're back' I said looking between them.


'Yes! Moms cooking!' Said Joe pumping his fist in the air. 


I was so grateful to her right now for changing the focus of the conversation.


'So shall we go and sign some autographs now?' Asked Kevin, walking over and waving over the balcony of our hotel room causing the girls below to go wild. The fans in Montreal were always crazy, they'd chased us through the airport that morning and since we'd checked into the hotel they'd been downstairs screaming like mad. Joe and I joined him on the balcony and waved too.


'Niiiiiick' 'Jooooooe' 'Keviiiiiin' came the cries. I couldn't help but smile at the fans enthusiasm.


'Look Nick. That's what real life women look like' Joe joked again.


'Come on then, our adoring public awaits' I smiled, completely ignoring him. 


We signed autographs and took pictures with the fans that were waiting for almost an hour and then it was time to head to the arena for an awards show we were performing at. Phil had set up a number of performances before the tour began so we could find our feet on stage together again. Being on stage always made me feel alive in a way that not many things could. 


After the show I was pumped, we had a couple of drinks but Kevin soon left to go up to his room to FaceTime Dani. Then Joe and Sophie disappeared to theirs hand in hand. I felt so alone, even though the girls outside were still screaming my name. Fame was lonely. I text Lula in the hope that she was awake.



'I've had a crazy day today and just wanted to talk to you but I know it's late where you are so not sure if you'll be awake after your late night last night x'


I sat with my phone in my hand waiting for the three little dots to appear telling me that she was replying, but they didn't come. I knew she was asleep. I sighed and ordered another drink.


A while later a beautiful French Canadian woman appeared. 


'Drinking alone?' She asked nodding to the whiskey in my hand.


I had a fuck it moment. 


'I won't be if you join me' I smiled at her as she sat down and I signalled for the waitress. 


'What would you like to drink?' I asked her


'Same as you is fine' she blushed.


'We'll take the bottle and another glass please' I smiled. 


The girl who'd joined me told me her name was  Audrey but everyone called her Aude. She really was a natural beauty and very much my type on paper. She seemed fiesty and confident and I liked it, we drank for a few more hours and the conversation flowed easily. I found myself relaxing in her company which I took to be a good sign. We were flirting and I even considered asking her for dinner the next night. Then I caught the time on my watch. We were up early the next morning.


'I'm really sorry Aude, I need to go to bed now, I've got an early start' I explained standing up. 


'Why don't I come to your room with you then? I wouldn't want you to be lonely in bed' she said with a wink. 


I froze. Before Lucy I might have considered her offer. (What? I lost that purity ring years ago). This time however was different. She was beautiful but she was throwing herself at me and it was a total turnoff. 


'I'm sorry Aude, I appreciate that offer but I'm going to have to say no this time' I said trying to let her down as gently as possible. 


She looked shocked that I'd turn her down. 


'Well I'll write down my number if you change your mind' she said. 


'I won't. Goodnight' I said walking out of the bar. 


As soon as I got into my room I punched the huge feather pillow on my bed. How could a stranger make me feel this way? What was Lula doing to me.

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