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Waking up the next morning I rolled over to see an empty bed, it was always like that. Liv would stay with me until I fell asleep then she would go into her own room. I lifted the blanket off me and got out of bed. Today would be better than yesterday. It was always like that, I would have such a rough night and then the next day I would be feeling better. If I had a bad night but isn’t as bad as it could be then the bad days can go on for at least a week at a time. Today was a good day, I was smiling. A real smile.

After I had taken a shower, I had quite a bit of dried blood to clean off my leg. I made pancakes for Liv, it was my way of thanking her for the night before. I left them on the table with a glass of orange juice, she would be up in a few minutes. I went back into my room and looked for a pair of baggy sweats and a vest top to slip on before looking for my shoes. I had a aerobics and zumba class to teach today. Every Saturday morning at 10am I had an hour session down at the university halls. I tied up my hair and put my ipod into my bag and headed back out of my room.
As usual Liv was sitting already scoffing down her breakfast, I grabbed a bottle of water and leaned against the counter while I waited for her to talk.

“Good day?” she asked without even looking at me, she loves her pancakes.

“Yupp it’s a good day” I smiled nodding and she looked up at me with a massive smile on her face.

“How much of a good day?” she asked raising her eyebrow and I titled my head.

“I think today I might actually feel the tiniest bit pretty” I mumbled causing Liv to squeal and pull me into a hug before she sat back down to eat.
“I love these days! Can you come out with the gang tonight?” she asked excited and I bit my lip.

“maybe not that good” I said then looked at the clock. “anyway I got to go! I’ll see you in an hour” I said hugging her before rushing out of the door. The university was only a few blocks away so I decided to just walk.

UA (University of Arizona) is the school I go to, however I only take one class, Creative Writing. I loved it. Writing was probably one of the ways that I could stop myself from hurting. Whenever I felt the urge to self-harm and it is one of my strong days I will sit on the laptop for hours with my ipod and just write. I don’t know why I chose Arizona to come to, I’m originally from Las Vegas, Nevada. I know right, who moves from Sin City? Me. It isn’t what you see in television and movies, I mean sure the main strip is exactly like that but the other parts of the city aren’t that much fun. Once I got into the hall everyone was already there and ready to start, I hurriedly set up my ipod dock and everything else up.

“okay lets go!” I exclaimed.


“fee!” Liv came running towards me, laptop in hand. “So remember last night you got that cute anon message. You got another one, yeah I was on your tumblr. But it’s from the same one and it’s a dude!” she squealed and jumped onto the couch and I followed shaking my head.

“Will you chill out, it’s only some random person trying to make me feel better” I shrugged but couldn’t help the small smile that appeared.
“You so want to know what it says! I can see that little smirk!” she laughed and handed me my laptop before standing up. “Okay, I’m going to get ready. Are you sure you don’t want to come? I think we are all staying at Frankie’s tonight” she said standing up but I shook my head.

“I’m sure. Go have fun” I encouraged. Sure it was only nearing mid-day but this group liked to start early. They actually don’t start drinking until like 5pm, I think they are going bowling today. Who knows.

I kicked off my shoes and pushed everything from the couch so I could lay on it and get comfy, resting my laptop on my stomach. I laughed when I noticed that the screen was still on my messages, I hadn’t replied to the one last night but since it was the same person I guess I could just reply to both in this one.

You didn’t reply last night, I’m not sure if its because I creeped you out I mean I would be pretty scared if some guy randomly messged me or some other reason, im hoping its not the first one. But how are you today beautiful (don’t argue)? You doing good? I’ve got some down time right now so we can talk if you need someone. J.

I read over the message a couple of times before replying, I wasn’t sure if I was kinda freaked out that some randomer was finding time to make me feel better or if I was happy that someone took time out their day to make me feel better. He did sound like a pretty busy dude.

Yeah I kind of lost it last night after your message, sorry about not replying. I’m not scared I’m grateful, really. I’m doing good today thanks, and I’m gonna argue anyway. I’m not beautiful. How are you? J? hmm Jamie? John? Jamima? What’s your name? you know mine.

I decided to quickly change into my pyjamas and get some food, a salad of course before jumping back onto the couch. There was still no message so I just browsed through my dashboard. I smiled seeing some pictures and videos from Joe Jonas’ concert the night before, yeah I was a fan. I couldn’t go to any of his shows, he didn’t come to Arizona so I was a little upset about that. I wasn’t one of those crazy obsessed fans but yeah I would have liked to go to his show. When I refreshed the page I smiled when I saw the little red box up the top with the number 1 in it.

I didn’t mean to upset you, and I’m glad you don’t find me creepy I’m actually a cool dude. You really are beautiful. Argument finished! I’m good, a little exhausted though, it’s been a busy few weeks. I would like to say my name is something awesome like Jamima, that would be so much fun. And Pheonix huh? As in Arizona?

He didn’t give me his name. I laughed at his excitement about the name Jamima. Cute.

You didn’t upset me, and oh modest are we? What’s got you so exhausted? And yeah like Arizona, don’t ask why in my name the e is before the o, it makes no sense to me but it’s pronounced the same way. Pretty strange I live in Tucson Arizona so I get asked if I was named after the city all the time. Nice dodging the question, what’s your name creeper?

“okay fee, I’m heading out. Are you sure you don’t want to come?” Liv asked standing in front of the couch.

“Olivia. Go!” I laughed and she glared at me.

“No need for the full name Pheonix!” exclaimed causing me to laugh. “Love you lady” she said giving me a hug before skipping -literally- out of the door. I wonder about that girl sometimes.
Looking back at my laptop I smiled, another message.

I’m very modest actually! And you know playing music and stuff like that. I was born in Casa Grande, Arizona! Dude! Why move from Sin City? That is like the most fun place ever, well I guess you’re under 21 huh? I am not a creeper. You can call me DJ Airhorn ;)

We had basically messaged each other back and forth for another few hours before “Dj Airhorn” -yes he actually made me call him that- had to get back to work, apparently he had to meet with a lot of people. Strange. Turns out he is twenty-two and lives in Los Angeles, how lucky. He said he would message me whenever he could, he said he would be getting less busy as the weeks went on so we could talk more. Is it bad that I’m excited?

I browsed through tumblr for a while then decided I should probably work on some of my homework I had for class on Monday. Yeah I know, what idiot does homework on a Saturday instead of going out with her friends. This idiot here. Sometimes the group Liv and I hang around with can just get too much for me. Except Frankie. I love that boy, he is such a cutie and is like my brother. I love him, he’s awesome.

I couldn’t help the smile that was still present on my face. If this is what happened when I spoke to random people on the internet then maybe I should do it some more. Or maybe I should just stick to the same random anon, he seems legit. And has such a fun personality. I mean Dj Airhorn? Really? Who would even come up with that name?
Chapter End Notes:
so this chapter isn't good at all, i don't expect you to say it is. This story will probably take a few chapters to actually get into.

i want to thank you guys so much! the response on the first chapter really surprised me and the fact y'all were so nice and yeah it really helped me

so let me know what you think?
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