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Finding Hope - Chapter 1

“Kevin,” a five-month pregnant Danielle Jonas yelled, she was in the kitchen making dinner for her and Kevin.  Her family had moved out of the house a couple of weeks ago, it was nice having them here while Kevin was on tour, but she almost felt confined while they were here.  She loved her family, but she is glad to have some peace and quiet.  It gets very noisy when the Deleasa’s are here.

“Yea honey,” Kevin said as he came over and kissed her.  Dani giggled when Kevin leaned down and kissed her stomach after kissing her.  “What do you need?”

“Can you run downstairs and grab a potato and an onion for me, they are supposed to go in this dish,” Dani said as she was getting ready to press the garlic.

It had been a normal morning routine for a couple of months, or at least when he could fit it in.  When he got home from the gym, he was so tired and hungry and all he wanted to do was eat and take a shower. 

However, Dani had different plans for him that morning.  When he came home Dani had put all of his underwear and socks on the table, and well Kevin thought “oh she must be doing laundry.”  Dani had been getting angry at him the past couple of days for no reason and Kevin didn’t know what to think.

“Kevin, can you just put your laundry away,” Dani yelled at him that morning.  He remembered saying he was hungry, and he would do it later, but Dani demanded that he do it right then.  He reluctantly agreed to do it, so upstairs he went, and he opened his sock and underwear drawer to put all of his clothes away.  “What’s this in here,” he said as he was standing looking at the drawer that usually held his underwear and socks, although it was filled with diapers and a bib that said “I love you Daddy,” along with a note that said, “Daddy, can’t wait to meet you in 9 months, Love Baby Jonas.”  He was shocked to say the least and dropped all of his clothes.  “What, you-your pregnant,” he said as he started crying.  He was so overjoyed and so happy.

They had told Dani’s family about a month into the pregnancy.  It had been so hard for Kevin to keep it from his brothers, but they didn’t want to just blurt out the news over the phone.  So, a week later they had told his family when both families went to the Bahamas.

Both families had been so happy when they told them that they were expecting a baby.  The first ultrasound was amazing for both Kevin and Dani, just hearing the little heartbeat for the first time was music to both of their ears.

Dani had some severe morning sickness during the first trimester, she wasn’t able to keep anything down and was constantly running to the bathroom.  She had found that a basic herbal tea and some saltine crackers were the best thing to soothe her stomach.  It unfortunately did not always work, but it worked more times than none.

“Kevin, can you run downstairs and get a potato please, before this is ruined,” Dani said.  She had been very determined to get this meal done right and exactly on time.  She was making a Roasted Herb Chicken and Potato dish that she had found online somewhere.  The picture looked good, so she decided to try it.

“Can you also let the dogs outside before they decide to” it was too late they had already peed on the rug right next to the door.  At least Riley and Maci were at least going to the door half of the time now when they had to go outside.

Kevin and Dani had gotten Riley right after they got married, she had been a late Christmas present for Dani.  Riley wasn’t ready to be adopted on Christmas but about a month later they had adopted her.  She is Dani’s baby.  Whenever something goes wrong, she always runs to Dani first.

About a year and a half later Dani came home from the mall saying that we had to go look at this sweet adorable puppy that was for sale.  So, we went back to the mall and picked up our little Maltese, named Maci.  She was only eight weeks old when they got her and was so precious and tiny, she was the runt of the litter.  She and Kevin watch TV in the mornings, she loves to cuddle with him.

They had troubles training both of the dogs, especially potty training them both.  They had a dog trainer come into their house, actually during the first season of their reality TV show, to help with some training techniques for their dogs.

Kevin had enough of the dogs having accidents in the house one morning.  Maci somehow got behind one of their stand-up decorations in their bedroom and decided to take a dump as Kevin had so nicely called it.

It was after Kevin had flushed Maci’s poop down the toilet that he wanted the black light that some of their friends had given them when they got their first dog, Riley.  It was after he shined the black light on the carpet that Kevin realized that the carpet that he walked on with bare feet had pee all over it.

Kevin hired a dog trainer to come in and train the dogs.  Some of the techniques had worked.  One of the strategies was to keep them locked out of places they didn’t need to go in the house, like spare bedrooms, etc.  It worked for the most part and trained them well enough, but they still had problems when they wanted to go outside.  At least they knew when they had to go out, but they sometimes didn’t make it, or they would stand by the door and do nothing to get anyone’s attention.

“Kevin, go downstairs please and get the stuff I need and then you can come up here and clean up this mess,” Dani said to him.  When he was walking to get the potatoes, he saw something out of the corner of his eye.  He did a double take for a moment, but then realized that there was indeed a little girl who was soaked from the rain outside shivering in their basement.

“Hi, I’m Kevin,” Kevin said gently, trying not to scare the little girl who looked no older than four, a million questions were going through his head, like how did she get in here, where did she come from, and who she was?

“I’m Emma” the little girl said shivering.  She was so cold and just wanted to stay warm and thought that this man would yell at her.  “I just wanted to stay warm,” Emma said quietly.

“Well Miss Emma, how did you get in here?” Kevin asked nicely.  He and his brothers were always nice to their fans.  When they were really big and living out in LA, a couple of fans had found their house and snuck in, when his brothers were there alone.  They didn’t kick them out nor call the police, they just led them out the door after a couple of pictures and autographs.

“The door, I was cold,” Emma shivered.  Kevin looked at the little girl who was shivering and way underweight and decided right then that he would take care of her the best he could like she was his own daughter.

“Kevin, what is taking you so long,” Dani yelled down the stairs, he was only supposed to go get a potato and an onion and that was it.  The noise of Dani calling downstairs made little Emma jump and cower back in the corner.

“Come on Emma, let’s go upstairs,” Kevin said as he reached out for her to take his hand.  This man was nice enough, so Emma went up to him and instead of taking his hand, she put her arms up as a cue that she wanted him to carry her.

Kevin picked her up and she laid her head on his shoulder.  She had been running for who knows how long, and her little legs were tired from running.

When Kevin got upstairs, he saw Dani standing there with a very perturbed face.  “Kevin, what is going on?” Dani said when she saw the child that Kevin was carrying.

“Oh, this is Emma,” Kevin said as she started squiggling in his arms, so Kevin let her down, she however stayed close to Kevin and just looked around.

“Where did you come from Emma?” Dani asked as she leaned down to speak to her.  She couldn’t get down on her knees because she was pregnant and didn’t really want to fall over.

“A dirty loud van,” Emma said.  This made Kevin and Dani both exchange a look, she had clothes on that were torn, dirty, had blood on them, and were wet. 

“How did you get here?” Dani asked Emma.

“I got out of the van,” was all Emma said before she turned quiet again and continued to look around at the big house.

“I don’t think I introduced myself, I’m Dani,” Dani said as she leaned down and looked at the little girl who was covered in mud and blood.

“Come on let’s get you changed and in some warm clothes honey,” Dani said as she took her hand and led her to the bathroom.

“Now do you have to go potty,” Dani asked the little girl when they got to the bathroom, before she helped take off all of her clothes.  The little girl shook her head and let Dani help take off her clothes.  Dani was shocked to see bruises lining the little girl’s body.

When Dani saw the bruises, she wasn’t sure what to do.  She wasn’t sure if she should call the police or not.  She decided to ask her though, “Emma honey, what happened?” she asked in a way that hopefully wouldn’t scare her.

“Sir beat me,” was all Emma said.  Just the statement that came out of little Emma’s mouth made Dani scared.  Some of the bruises looked brand new, like they were from today or even a couple of hours ago.

“Come on let’s get you in some comfy clothes, can you stay here while I go get you some nice comfy clothes?” Dani sad as the little girl nodded.

Dani wanted to talk to Kevin also about what they should do.  She made a stop in the kitchen to get Kevin before going upstairs to their bedroom.

“Kevin, Emma has bruises all over her body,” Dani said, as she went to Kevin’s closet and pulled out a big old sweatshirt, “can she wear this?”

“Did she say how she got them?” Kevin asked as he nodded indicating that Dani could use the sweatshirt for Emma.

“She said that a person named, Sir, beat her.  I’m assuming she lived with him.  Some look new and others look old, I don’t know where this old van is,” Dani said frazzled.

“Calm down baby, we will figure it all out,” Kevin said as he came up and hugged her.

Meanwhile Emma was standing in the bathroom freezing cold and all wet still form being outside.  She had to go potty now, but she knew she would get in trouble for going without permission.  So, she held it and when the door opened again to reveal Dani with a nice big comfy shirt she got scared and started peeing.  She then looked up at Dani knowing that she would yell at her and beat her up, like Sir did.  However, that didn’t happen.

Dani went into the bathroom to find Emma standing there in that same position looking very cold and chilly.  The door opening must have scared her because Dani looked down at her and noticed that she was peeing on the floor.  “Oh honey, it is okay, shhh,” Dani said when the little girl started crying.

“I didn’t want to get in trouble, but I am already in big trouble, I am sorry,” Emma cried.

“Now why would you get in trouble?” Dani wondered.

“I went pee-pee all over.  I’m not allowed to use the potty and when I do, Sir sits on me while I am on the potty,” Emma whispered.

Dani was again shocked to hear what was coming out of this little girl’s mouth.  No one should not be allowed to use the bathroom that is just cruel.

“Do you have to go potty anymore Emma?” Dani didn’t want her to have another accident or not know where the potty was, so she wanted to make sure.

Emma nodded but then just stood there and cried.  She had to go potty but didn’t want to be sat on while she was going.  “Come on Emma,” Dani said as she lifted her up onto the toilet and held her while she pooped.

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