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Finding Hope – Chapter 12

          Joe had left for home earlier on that Sunday.  Paul, Denise, Kevin, Dani Frankie, and Emma were all sitting outside around the fire pit.  Emma was squished in between Frankie and Paul sleeping soundly, using Frankie’s chest as a pillow while the family talked about stuff.

          “I think we are going to take Emma to the doctor when we get home, on Wednesday.  She doesn’t seem to be getting better, in fact she seems to be getting worse,” Kevin said.

          “Good idea,” Paul said, “just to make sure that nothing is wrong with her, I am sure that nothing is wrong with her, and it is just a bug of some sort.”

          “Yea, maybe if she has stopped throwing up and is feeling better, maybe we won’t take her in,” Dani said.

          “Yea, but I would still call the doctor to let them know that she had been sick for 6 days, just so they know,” Denise said.

          “Was she sick before the plane ride on Tuesday?” Paul asked.

          “She had diarrhea that morning, but that was all, and she was complaining about her stomach hurting,” Kevin said.

          “Wait, when did she have the diarrhea?” Dani asked.  She didn’t have any when I took her to the bathroom before the plane or on the plane,” Dani said.

          “She had some when she woke up, and she was complaining about her tummy hurting.  I asked her if she was going to throw up, and she said no, I just wasn’t prepared for a whole week of puke.  I was hoping that it was just air sickness,” Kevin said.

          “Yea, me too, she was feeling better once we got off the plane for a while there,” Dani said.

          “Yes, she even told me she was feeling better, and now we are back to this,” Kevin said.

          “There is no point in arguing over it now, I would suggest that when you get home on Tuesday, just call the doctor,” Denise said.

          “Good idea, thanks Mom,” Kevin said.  He was really hoping that by the time Tuesday came, Emma would be back to her normal bouncy-shy self.

          “Okay, I think it is time to get both of them to bed,” Kevin said a couple minutes later as he looked over at Frankie and Emma who were both sound asleep.

“Let me take a picture first, Paul move the bucket, and get out of the picture,” Denise said as she snapped a picture on her phone of Frankie and Emma sound asleep.  Emma was laying her head on Frankie’s chest, and Frankie was laying very awkwardly on the outdoor sofa.  Denise posted the picture to her Instagram, with the caption.

“Long Thanksgiving Weekend has these two exhausted”

          “Okay, you can move Emma now,” Denise said as Kevin came over and carefully picked up his four-year-old daughter and took her inside.

          “Dani, can you grab a bucket, I don’t think we have one upstairs,” Kevin said quietly to Dani who nodded and went into the laundry room and grabbed a bucket.  Denise had shown them where the buckets were kept and told them they could get them anytime they needed one.

          Kevin got Emma upstairs and laid her down on the bed and got her changed into a clean pair of pajamas very carefully and quietly.  He also slipped on a clean pullup.

          “Why is she in there and not on the couch?” Dani said, meaning the bed that Kevin and Dani had been sharing these past couple of nights.  Emma had slept on the pull-out couch in their room for the past couple of nights.

          “Well, I figured it was easier, and the fact that she always seems to end up in here, why not start her out in here,” Kevin said as he covered her up.

          “Okay,” Dani sighed as she went into the bathroom to get herself ready for the night.  Her and Kevin were going to head back downstairs, Dani just wanted to get on her pajamas before going downstairs again.

          “Dani, what do you want me to do?” Kevin asked as he followed his wife into the bathroom.

          “Do you want her to puke all over the bed also?” Dani whispered yelled since Emma was sleeping in the room next to them.

          “No, but she won’t,” Kevin said as he shut the bathroom door, so little Emma wouldn’t wake up.

          “How do you know that?” Dani said.  “She has been puking every hour and a half to two hours for the past week.”

          “I know, but she won’t because we will have a bucket right next to her, in case she throws up,” Kevin said.

          “Okay,” Dani sighed, “but I am not cleaning up the bed when she decides to puke all over it.”

          “Mommy,” Emma called out as she started crying.  She didn’t feel good and just wanted her Mommy to give her a back rub and make her feel better.

          “Mommy’s coming honey,” Dani said as she left the bathroom to go into the bedroom to find Emma sitting up in the bed crying.

          “Mommy,” Emma cried as soon as she saw her.

          “Oh honey, what’s wrong?” Dani said as she sat down on the edge of the bed.  Emma came hurdling into her sobbing.

          “My back,” Emma sobbed as she leaned against her mom’s chest and sobbed.

          “Oh, Emma Bug,” Dani said as she rubbed the little girls back.  She looked at Kevin with a worried expression who had now emerged from the bathroom, in his pajamas.

          “Oh Emma, what’s wrong?” Kevin said as he sat down by his wife and daughter on the bed.  He made sure to grab the bucket just in case it was needed.

          “Daddy, my back hurts,” Emma cried into Dani’s chest, right before she started coughing.

          “Emma, here,” Kevin said as he handed the bucket to Dani, who just barely got it under her mouth, before she started vomiting.

          “Oh Em, shhh,” Dani said as she rubbed the little girls back as she retched and gagged multiple times before she was done throwing up.

          “Hey, can I help with anything,” Denise said as she knocked on the door frame of the bedroom that her son, daughter-in-law and

granddaughter was in.

          “Uh sure if you want to help,” Kevin said as he looked at Dani who looked cold.  She just nodded.

          “Hey is the fire still going?” Kevin asked.  Dani had been shivering ever since she came upstairs to change into her pajamas.

          “Yea, your Dad is still down there, he said that he would be in shortly though, I just came up here to see if I could help with anything,” Denise said.

          “Dani, go down by the fire, and I’ll be down there in a couple of minutes,” Kevin said as Dani nodded before giving Emma a kiss good night and then leaving the room.

          “Hey, why don’t you go down there also, I will get her to bed,” Denise said.  She absolutely loved taking care of Emma and cuddling with her.

          “You are sure,” Kevin asked his mom as Denise nodded.

          “Yea, I think I can get her to bed,” Denise said.

          “Okay, Glammy is going to finish getting you ready for bed,” Kevin said.

          “Okay Daddy,” Emma said as she stuck her thumb in her mouth and started sucking on it.

          “Good night Emma be good for Glammy okay,” Kevin said as he gave his four-year-old daughter a kiss on the forehead before heading downstairs to be with his wife and father.

          “Okay Emma, do we have to go potty before bed,” Denise asked the four-year-old girl who nodded her head, and hopped off the bed and ran into the bathroom.

          “Okay Emma,” Denise said as she helped her onto the potty seat.  “Call Glammy when you are done okay, I will be right out here,” Denise added as Emma nodded her head.

          “Glammy,” Emma called out about ten seconds later.

          “Yea honey, are you done?” Denise asked as she went into the bathroom to see Emma throwing up all over the bathroom.

          “Oh Emma,” Denise said as she ran over to where Emma was sitting on the toilet throwing up all over the place.  Denise grabbed the bucket that was on the counter and thrust it under her little mouth, so no more would get on the floor.  Emma was now starting to get really upset.

“Shhh, it’s okay, Emma, just get it all up,” Denise said as she rubbed the little girls back as she held the bucket under the little girl’s mouth.

After Emma was done throwing up, she just sat there and cried.  Her little tummy had been hurting so much in the past couple of days, and she didn’t know why it was hurting.  Her head and back hurt too, she was just miserable, and didn’t know what we’re going on with her little body.

“Shhh,” Denise soothed as she thought about what to do next.  She decided that the poor girl most likely needed a bath.

“Brrr,” Emma shivered as she sat there on the toilet.

“Emma, we are going to get you in the bathtub, okay,” Denise said as Emma continued to cry.

“Cold,” Emma shivered as she sat there covered in her own vomit. 

“I know you are cold, Glammy is going to get the water warm okay, before you get in, okay,” Denise said as Emma nodded her little head.

Meanwhile downstairs, Paul and Danielle were in front of the inside fireplace.  Shortly after Dani had come downstairs, Paul and she had moved inside, it was getting a little chilly outside and the temperatures had dipped into the lower 50’s in the past half an hour or so.

“Gosh, you are down here quick, is she sleeping?” Dani asked her husband as she reached for a blanket and cuddled up underneath of it.

“No, Mom said that she would put her to bed for us and give us a break,” Kevin said as he came and sat down by his wife

“Well, that was nice of her,” Dani said as she cuddled into her husband’s side.

“Yea, one less thing for me to do, I just hope she feels better soon,” Kevin sighed.

“I hope she is better too; I was hoping it was only a little bug and she would be back too normal by Thanksgiving, I know your Mom wanted to take her to the zoo this weekend,” Paul said.  “With her being so sick and everything that unfortunately didn’t happen.”

“I am sorry that she was so sick this weekend, I hope you guys don’t get whatever she has,” Dani said.

“Maybe that is the reason why Mom wanted to put her to bed,” Kevin sighed.

“So how is the house coming?” Paul asked his son and daughter-in-law.  Kevin and Dani were moving to a new house in Boonton, a couple miles away from Denville in the early part of next year, hopefully in January, before Dani was due.

“It’s going good, it’s getting there, I hope it’s done by early January, and that we are living in the house in mid to late January at the very latest,” Kevin said.

“Wow, that isn’t too much longer until January,” Paul said.

“If she decides to make her appearance early, we will have stuff set up at our house, so we will be set,” Kevin said.

“Do you have a name picked out yet?” Paul asked.

“No, we are still tossing names around, so no we don’t have a name picked out,” Dani said.

“No, I have one picked out, Dani is the one that doesn’t, she doesn’t like the name that I have picked out,” Kevin laughed.

“Well, I don’t want to name her after a city,” Dani said.

“Whatever,” Kevin said as he rolled his eyes.

“You guys will come to a decision, all parents do, I remember we had challenges naming all of you boys,” Paul said.

“Even me,” Kevin said.

“Yes, even you, Mom didn’t want you to be named after me at first, but then she finally caved and let me name you after me,” Paul said.

“What did she want to name me?” Kevin asked his father.

“I think Henry or George, or some really odd, strange name like that, but I put an end to those names very quickly,” Paul said.

“Dani what do you think about having a husband named Henry or George?” Kevin asked his wife.

“I don’t think I would like that,” Dani laughed.

 “Do you have any offers on the house?” Paul asked the couple.

“No, not yet I mean we just put it up in the middle of October, so I wouldn’t think we would get any for a while,” Kevin said.

“You will get an offer eventually, I can’t believe that you guys are building your first house together,” Paul said.

“Yea, me neither,” Kevin said.

“We have to decide on all of the paint for the house next week, and with a sick kid, this isn’t going to be easy,” Kevin groaned.  “All of this house stuff is like overwhelming.”

“Every time we moved, your Mom would get like this, especially when you boys were younger, because there was always so much to do, but you will get there eventually,” Paul said.

“Thanks,” Kevin said as Dani nodded.

Upstairs, Denise was just getting Emma out of the bathtub.  “Okay Emma, what do you say we go get some more pajamas on,” Denise said as Emma nodded and ran out of the bathroom and over to her suitcase that had some clean pajamas in there.

“I want to wear these Glammy,” Emma said as she turned around with a pair of Princess Pajamas in her hands.

“Come on, let’s get you in a new pull-up and some clean pajamas and then off to bed,” Denise said as she helped Emma get dressed in her pajamas.

“Good night Glammy,” Emma said as she laid on her bed all covered up.  She was already half asleep.

“Good night Emma,” Denise said as she gave her a kiss on the forehead.

“She is sound asleep,” Denise said as she came into the living room a couple minutes later, where her husband, son, and daughter-in-law were all talking.

“Did she go down easy for you,” Dani asked her mother-in-law.

“Yea, she did get sick again, while she was going to the bathroom, but after that and another bath, she was sound asleep,” Denise said.

“Why didn’t you come down and get one of us, we could have gotten her in the bath and in bed, so you didn’t have too,” Kevin said.

“I wanted to give you both a break, and you guys needed it,” Denise said.

“Well thank you very much,” Dani said.

“Oh, yea I cleaned your bathroom for you too,” Denise said as she sat down next to her husband.

“Thank you, Mom,” Kevin said.  “So, she is sleeping again?”

“Yea, she was pretty tired after getting sick and a bath,” Denise said.

“She should sleep for a couple of hours at least then,” Dani said.

“Yea, so how is the baby planning coming?  We haven’t really had that much time to talk about this,” Denise asked Kevin and Dani.

 “We haven’t even moved yet, but I have a theme in mind, and I am using my wedding dress to make a basinet for her,” Dani said.

“It is going to be tan and not really feminine, so that way it can be used if we have a little boy in the future,” Dani said.

“I am sure that the basinet will be beautiful,” Denise said.  “Do you have any names picked out yet for her?”

“We were just talking about this, but no we don’t have any names picked out yet, we are still tossing names around,” Dani said.

“Yea Mom, I heard that you wanted to name me Henry or George,” Kevin smirked.

“Well, that was an idea of mine, but then your father finally convinced me to name you after him, I wasn’t too keen on the whole situation at first, but then I thought why not,” Denise laughed.

Chapter End Notes:

Henry is my fishy's name now.  It wasn't when I wrote this. I didn't even realize this until I was reading it while I posted it.  Hehe!

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