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Finding Hope – Chapter 13

          Very early the next morning, the Jonas family separated again, this time it was for Kevin, Danielle, and Emma to go back home to New Jersey, while the Jonas parents and Frankie stayed in Texas for another week or so, before heading back to LA. 

This time though, Kevin and Danielle were prepared to go on the plane, they brought buckets, bags, and towels with them.  They didn’t know that poor Emma was going to be so sick last time on the plane, and well this entire vacation, but this time they came prepared.

“Emma let’s go potty before we get on the plane, okay honey,” Dani said as she got down on her level.  Emma nodded her head as leaned her head into Dani.  “Mommy has to stand up first, before we can move.”

“Mommy, I’m sleepy,” Emma wined as she stuck her thumb in her mouth, once they were in the bathroom.

“Emma, can you go potty for me, and then we will get on the plane,” Dani said as she held the little girl on the potty.  Emma just nodded her head as she started having diarrhea yet again.

“I’m done Mommy,” Emma said a couple minutes later.

“Okay honey,” Dani said as she helped the little girl stand up, so she could wipe her bottom for her.  Once she wiped the little girls bottom, she helped her slip into a clean pull-up.

“Mommy, I sleepy,” Emma complained again.

“I know Emma Bug, Mommy has to go potty and then we will get going, okay,” Dani said as Emma nodded her head and stuck her thumb in her mouth again.

They were on the plane a couple minutes later, and little Emma was sound asleep as soon as they sat down.  “She’s sleeping,” Kevin said as he put stuff in the overhead bins.  He could see that her little eye lids were closed and that she was sleeping.

“Well at least we won’t have to worry about her puking or crying at the moment, she is so tired,” Dani said.  “She could barely stay awake when we were in the bathroom.”

“Poor thing,” Kevin said.  “I hope that this is only the flu and not something more serious.”

“Yea, me too,” Dani said.  “I think we should call and see if we can get her in either later on today or early tomorrow morning during our layover in Chicago.”

“We probably should, I mean we should be home by like 12:30 or 1:00, so we should be able to get her in for a late afternoon appointment if they have availability that is,” Kevin said as he looked down at little Emma who was curled into him sound asleep.

“How long do we have in Chicago?” Dani asked.  On the way to Texas, they had no stops, but on the way home they had one stop in Chicago.

“I think like an hour or something close to an hour,” Kevin said as he pulled out his phone and looked up the plane information on his phone.  “Oh good, right now it looks like we are getting into Gate B2, and we leave from Gate B1, so that is like right next to each other, we should have time to call in Chicago,” Kevin said.

“Gosh I don’t think that has ever happened before,” Dani laughed as she got Emma’s hair out of her face.  She looked through her bag, and found one of Emma’s hair clips, and put it in her hair.

They made it to Chicago about two hours later, little Emma slept the entire plane ride.  “Kev, can you get Emma please,” Dani said as she stood up and went to the overhead bin, where she grabbed out her and the family’s stuff.

“Yea,” Kevin said as he gently picked up the little sleeping girl, after he had put on his backpack.  He then grabbed her bucket, before checking the seats to make sure they had everything.  The small family of three then left the plane a couple minutes later.

“Daddy,” Emma said as she woke up, and looked around, “where are we?”

“We are in Chicago honey,” Kevin said as Emma woke up some more, and yawned.

“Daddy, are we home yet?” Emma asked her father.

“No, we have one more plane to go,” Kevin said as he looked at the departure board and found their flight and he was correct, the gate was B1.

“Emma, can you stand for Daddy,” Kevin said once they had found three chairs to sit at, one for each of them.

“Daddy, how much longer?” Emma asked as Kevin put her on the floor.

“Another plane ride, and then we are home,” Kevin said as Emma nodded her head a little again.

“Daddy, I don’t feel good,” Emma said as she coughed a little bit.  Kevin grabbed the bucket from the chair that it was sitting on and thrust it under her mouth, just in time for her to vomit once again.

“It’s okay honey, just get it all out,” Kevin said as he rubbed her back as she cried.  It was hard for Emma to understand why she was so sick and felt so miserable, as it was for any little kid.

“Are you done Em,” Kevin said the little girl who just nodded her head and then climbed up in the empty chair and fell asleep once again.

“Hey, did you get an appointment?” Kevin asked Dani.  She had gone to somewhere quieter and more private to talk, since the place where they were sitting was noisy.

“Yea, it’s at 3:30 today, they seemed very concerned about her throwing up so much, and not being able to keep food down for a week now.  Let’s hope that they know what is wrong with her,” Dani sighed.

“I am sure it is just the flu or some sort-of bug that is just in her body for longer than normal,” Kevin said.

“Let’s hope so,” Dani said.

“Well, she woke up for about two minutes, puked, and then fell back asleep,” Kevin said as he brushed the little girl’s hair out of her face.  The clip that Dani had put in her hair on the other plane ride, had since fell out.

“Well at least she is sleeping, let’s hope this next flight is like the other one and she stays sleeping,” Dani sighed.

“Yea, I hope she sleeps through it like she did the last one,” Kevin said.  As they were getting ready to board the plane Emma woke up.

“Daddy, where are we going?” Emma said as she looked up at her father who was carrying her.

“We are getting on a plane to go home,” Dani said, she was behind Kevin and Emma.

“Okay Mommy,” Emma sighed as she laid her head down on her father’s shoulder again.

“Emma, where do you want to sit this time?” Kevin asked the little girl when they were in their row of seats.  They had reserved the window seat for Emma, but since she freaked out on the first plane ride about the window seat, they would give her the choice.

“By Mommy,” Emma said.  There were two seats where they were standing.  “But where is Daddy going to sit then?”

“Daddy is going to sit right over here,” Kevin said as he went and sat down in his seat.

“Okay Emma, where do you want to sit though, do you want to sit by the window or no?” Dani said, they had to sit down soon, because the other passengers had to board soon.

“I want to sit here,” Emma said as she sat down in the aisle seat.

“Okay,” Dani said as she sat down in the window seat.  Emma immediately cuddled into her mother’s side and stuck her thumb in her mouth.

“Oh honey,” Dani said as she felt the little girls burning forehead, when she brushed the hair out of her daughter’s face.

“Mommy, my tummy is hurting,” Emma said as she sat straight up and coughed a little bit.  Dani quickly brought out the bucket that she had put under the seat and thrust it under her little chin for her to throw up.

“Oh Emma,” Dani rubbed the little girls back as she coughed and sputtered some more.

“Mommy, I don’t like feeling icky,” Emma cried as she leaned into Dani’s side.

“Mommy has to go take care of this, okay, Daddy is going to sit with you okay,” Dani said as Emma nodded her head, as tears were streaming down her face.

“Oh Em,” Dani sighed as she leaned down and gave the four-year-old a kiss on the forehead and then went to the little, tiny airplane bathroom and dumped the vomit down the toilet.

“Daddy,” Emma cried while Dani was in the bathroom.

“Shhh, Emma,” Kevin said as he rubbed the little girls back and let her lean into his side.  He felt her forehead, she had a fever again.

“Daddy, I want to feel betters,” Emma cried into him.

“I know you do honey,” Kevin said, as he smoothed out the hair from her face.

Unfortunately, the whole second airplane ride was exactly like the one last week, Emma threw up the entire way, and when she wasn’t throwing up, she was sobbing into either Dani or Kevin, whoever wasn’t emptying out a bucket.  Thankfully, the flight attendants were very nice and kept asking them if they needed anything, they brought them bags, and towels.

The small family of three only had about half an hour left on the plane.  Poor Emma had thrown up or cried for the entire two-hour flight so far.  “I have to poops,” Emma cried.

“Okay honey come on let’s go potty,” Dani said as Emma stood up and then started crying.

“What’s wrong honey?” Kevin said from across the aisle as he looked at his daughter who was crying. 

“My tummy hurts,” Emma cried as she ran into her father’s arms.

“Oh Emma,” Kevin said as he kissed her little warm forehead, and then sat her on his lap.  Emma immediately stuck her thumb in her mouth and sighed.

“Sir, you can’t be sitting with a child on your lap in this seat, I am sorry to say, but she will have to move,” a stewardess came by the row and looked at Kevin and Emma.

“Daddy, I gots to poops,” Emma cried out.  She wasn’t able to hold it much longer.

“Come on Emma, let’s go potty, you have to stand up for Daddy first though,” Kevin said as he put Emma on the ground in front of him.

“Mommy,” Emma cried out as she looked around for her.

“I’m right here Emma,” Dani said.

“Mommy, I poop again,” Emma said as she started having diarrhea in her pull-up again.  Emma just stood there in the isle and cried.

“Come on Emma let’s get to the potty,” Dani said as she led her into the very small airplane laboratory.  Dani pulled down the little girl’s pants and very dirty pull-up, and then helped her sit on the potty while she had even more diarrhea.

“Mommy, I want to feel better,” Emma cried as she tried to hug her mother.

“I know you do honey, you will get better, I promise, as soon as this plane lands, we are going to go to the doctor, they could get us in later this afternoon,” Dani said as she wiped away the little girl’s tears.

“Can you stay here for a second, Mommy has to go get you a new pull-up and some more pants, okay?” Dani asked the little girl as she nodded her head.  Dani came back in a few short minutes and got the little girl all cleaned up with wet wipes and helped her put on new pants.

“Mommy, are we going to be there soon?” Emma asked as she sniffled again.

“Yea, we have to get out of here and back to our seats, so we can land,” Dani said as Emma stood up and pulled up her pull-up and pants on her own.

“Good job honey now let’s wash hands and then we will go sit in our seats again,” Dani said.

“Okay Mommy,” Emma said as Dani opened the door, and they both left the laboratory.  Dani and Emma went and sat down in their seats, just as it came across the loudspeaker that they were going to be landing soon and that everyone had to have their seatbelts on.

Once they were landed, they rushed to get their luggage and get to the awaiting car for them.  The driver dropped them off at their house about an hour later, before heading to his next pick up, wherever that might be.

“Hi, we are here to see Dr. Hyman, for Emma Jonas,” Dani said at the check-in desk, as she was holding little Emma on her hip.

“Yea, if you want to go upstairs and then tell them you are here and check in with them, they will let her know that you are here,” the lady behind the desk said, as she typed something into her computer.

They small family of three took the elevator upstairs, after they checked in upstairs, they sat down in a couple of chairs.  “She is almost sleeping,” Dani said as she looked down at the little girl who was half asleep in her arms.

“Poor thing, she still has a fever,” Kevin said, as he reached over and felt Emma’s very hot head.

“Well at least we are here, when she is still sick,” Dani said.

“Yea,” Kevin said.

“Emma,” a nurse said as she came out from the backroom.  Dani stood up with little girl in her arms and followed the nurse back to the room.  Since Emma was sleeping, the nurse skipped the weighing part.

“So, what seems to be the problem today,” the nurse asked once they were in the room.

“Emma has not been able to keep anything down, and has had diarrhea, a really high fever, she has been really sleepy, as you can tell, and she has been complaining about her back hurting,” Dani said as she gave the nurse an update on this past week.

“When did this all start?” the nurse asked.

“We went to visit my family in Texas last Tuesday, and before we left that morning, she had diarrhea, which I didn’t think too much about, because she has had looser stools before.  Then we got on the plane and she started throwing up, again didn’t think too much about it, thought it was just air sickness.  She was feeling better after the plane ride and was starting to act like her normal self again.  When we got to my parents’ house though, she threw up again, and then the diarrhea started up again,” Kevin said.  “It wasn’t until the next day that she developed the fever.  I don’t really remember when her back started hurting, but I think it was that day, do you remember Dan?”

“No, I think it was Thanksgiving Day that it started hurting, at least that is the first time I remember hearing about it,” Dani said.  “She has also been coughing a lot too, and not like a little 4-year-old coughs, like a grown man’s really deep coughs too.”

“And when did the coughing start?” the nurse asked.

“On Tuesday, too,” Dani said.

“Okay, if you could put this on her, the doctor should be in shortly,” the nurse said as she left the room.

“Emma, you need to wake up,” Dani said as she gently woke her daughter up.

“Mommy, I want to sleep,” Emma said as she tried to cuddle in with Dani again.

“No, it’s time to wake up, I know you don’t feel well do you honey, you can go back to sleep in a while okay,” Dani said, as Emma reluctantly woke up and yawned.

“Hi,” Dr. Hyman said as she came in the room a couple minutes later.  Emma was already in the gown, and on the table.

“So, Emma seems to be sick, correct,” Dr. Hyman said as she came over and took a look at Emma.

“Yea, she hasn’t been feeling well for the past week or so, just a really upset stomach, along with a fever, and the runs,” Kevin said.

“A week is an awful long time to be sick, isn’t its Emma,” Dr. Hyman said as Emma nodded tiredly at her.

“Yea, she just hasn’t been herself, or feeling well at all this past week,” Dani said.

“Any other symptoms that she has had?” Dr. Hyman asked.

“No, just these symptoms and a really weird cough, and her back is really hurting,” Kevin said.

“Well let me take a look, but I am thinking from her symptoms that it is really only the stomach flu,” Dr. Hyman said, as she came over and listened to her lungs, and heart.

“Yep, I would say that she just has the stomach flu, along with just a really bad cough,” Dr. Hyman said after listening to Emma’s lungs, and heart.

“Okay, what can we do for her then?” Kevin asked.

“Let her rest, and there really isn’t anything I can give you or do for you, I hope she gets better in a couple more days,” Dr. Hyman said.

“Okay, thank you,” Dani said as she started gathering her papers and notes up.

The family of three left shortly thereafter without any solutions for poor little Emma, who was just so sick.  “Daddy, are we going home?” Emma said in her little voice.

“Yes, we are going home honey,” Kevin said, as he strapped her into her car seat, and gave Emma her favorite stuffed animal.

“Well, that didn’t go the way that I thought it would,” Kevin said once he got in the car.

“Yea, me neither, I just hope that nothing too serious is wrong with her, I thought that she could have been nicer and at least given her something, not just rest for a couple more days,” Dani said.

“Yea, me too,” Kevin said, as he looked in the child rearview mirror to find that Emma had fallen asleep again.

“What should we do for dinner?” Dani asked.

“Uh, I don’t care, anything you want?” Kevin said.  “Emma probably won’t want to eat anything, so I am fine with anything.”

“Okay, I am thinking something easy, I really don’t feel like cooking and making a mess tonight, so how about we order in Chinese or something easy like that,” Dani said.

“That works for me, or I could go pick up something for the two of us,” Kevin said.

“Okay, either one works for me,” Dani said.  “I just don’t feel like cooking, and especially with Emma.”

“Yea, why don’t I drop you both off at home, and then you tell me what you want, and I will go out and get dinner for us, how does that sound?” Kevin said.

“That sounds great,” Dani said.

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