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Finding Hope – Chapter 14

          Kevin, Dani, and Emma had a very nice relaxing night, minus a few times that poor Emma had thrown up.  Kevin and Dani were getting ready for bed, Dani had just checked on Emma, who was sleeping soundly, before going to hers and Kevin’s bedroom to get ready for bed.  Dani was changing her clothes when she heard crying coming from the baby monitor that they had gotten for Emma’s bedroom, earlier this year.

          “Mommy’s coming,” Dani said after she had heard crying coming from the baby monitor.  Dani walked out of her and Kevin’s master suite and down the hallway to Emma’s bedroom.  When Dani got to Emma’s bedroom, she turned on the lights to see the poor little girl sitting in a puddle of vomit.

          “Oh Emma,” Dani said as she rushed over to her with a bucket in her hands.  Before Dani could get over to Emma, the little girl had vomited again.

          “Oh honey, let’s get you cleaned up,” Dani said as she helped her out of bed.  As soon as Emma stood up, she puked again, this time all over herself, Dani’s legs, and the carpet.

          “Mommy, it hurts,” Emma screamed out in pain, as she continued gagging, nothing more was in her stomach though, so she just continued to gag and dry heave.

          “Emma, what hurts?” Dani asked her after the little girl seemed to stop dry heaving.

“Everything,” Emma screamed out in pain.

          “Oh honey,” Dani said as she felt Emma’s forehead, to find that she was burning up, again.  Emma just continued to scream out in pain.

          “What is going on in here?” Kevin asked as he came into his daughter’s bedroom, already dressed in pajamas.

          “I don’t know she threw up all over her bed, and then I got her out of bed, and the next thing I know she was screaming in pain and dry heaving, she has nothing left in her stomach,” Dani said.

          “Emma, shhh, it’s okay Emma,” Kevin said as he got down on his knees and gave her a hug.


          “Daddy, I don’t like being sick,” Emma said as tears streamed down her cheeks.

          “I know you don’t come on let’s get you in the bath and then back into bed, how does that sound?” Kevin asked his daughter who nodded her head.

          “Emma, do you want Mommy or Daddy to help you in the bath?” Dani asked her daughter.

          “Mommy,” Emma said with tears streaming down her face.

          “Okay, I will get all of this cleaned up, and the sheets changed okay,” Kevin said.

          “Come on sweetie, let’s go get in the bath,” Dani said, as Emma nodded her head and went with her Mom into the bathroom.  Dani was helping Emma get undressed when she started coughing and gagging once again.  Dani grabbed a bucket and got it under her mouth, just in time for her to start throwing up again.

          “Mommy, everything hurts,” Emma cried out after she was done throwing up.

          “I know honey, come on let’s get you all cleaned up,” Dani consoled her crying daughter.  It was the only thing she could do at the moment to keep her calm and to stay calm herself.  Poor Emma had taken a turn for the worse tonight.  Dani couldn’t believe that the doctor hadn’t seen any of this when they saw him this afternoon.

          “Mommy, it hurts,” Emma cried out, she was now sweating, probably from the high fever that she had been running this past week or so.

          “I know it does honey, do you think we can get you in the bath to get all cleaned up,” Dani asked the little girl, who nodded her head, as she helped her get undressed and in the bathtub.

          Dani had just gotten done shampooing Emma’s hair when she started coughing again, big deep coughs like she had been doing this past week or so.  The coughs stopped as soon as they had started, just like every other time this past week.  Dani took a deep breath and continued washing Emma up.

          “Do you need any help in here, I got her sheets changed,” Kevin said as he came into the bathroom.

          “Uh, yea if you don’t mind getting her dried off while I go get her new pajamas.  I think we need to take her in, she has taken a turn for the worse again, this is the worst I have seen her,” Dani said, as she left the room to go fetch her new pajamas.

“Daddy,” Emma cried out when she saw him with a big fluffy towel ready to dry her off.

          “Daddy, I have to go potty,” Emma said.

          “Thank you for telling us honey,” Kevin said as he lifted her on to the toilet, as Emma peed.

          “Emma Bear are you done,” Kevin asked.

          “No, I poop too,” Emma said as she started having diarrhea again.

          “Emma, do you want Mommy and Daddy to stay in here with you?” Kevin asked his daughter, who was sitting on the toilet.  Emma started coughing and gagging right then, before starting to puke.

          “Emma,” Dani shrieked, as she rushed to get a bucket under Emma’s mouth.  Poor Emma was throwing up all over the bathroom.

          “Owie,” Emma screamed out in pain as she grabbed at her little tummy after she was done throwing up.

          “Emma, it’s okay, shhh,” Dani said, as she tried to get her daughter calmed down.

          “Mommy, it hurts,” Emma screamed as tears were dripping down her face.

          “What hurts honey?” Dani asked, her daughter, hoping not to get the same answer that Emma had given her about half an hour ago or so.

          “Everything,” Emma screamed out in pain.  Of course, they got the same answer.

          “Emma is your tummy hurting,” Dani said, as she got down in front of her vomit covered daughter and looked at her stomach.  Emma’s poor stomach was now swollen.

          “Kev come look at this, her tummy is swollen,” Dani said, as Kevin got down in front of the toilet to look at her stomach too.

          “Emma does this hurt,” Kevin said, as he gently touched her stomach.

          “Yea, my tummy is hurting a lot,” Emma said as tears started streaming down her face.

          “What do you think we should do, I mean do you think we should go in, or can this wait until the morning?” Dani asked concerned, as she looked at poor Emma’s swollen stomach.

          “I don’t know, she has been throwing up for a week now, I really don’t think this is the stomach flu, if it was, I think we would all be sick, by now,” Kevin said.

          “True, but do you think we can wait until morning, I am just surprised that Dr. Hyman didn’t really see this as an issue,” Dani said.

          “Yea, I think she can wait until the morning, if her symptoms don’t get worse or something changes, I think we are fine, but first thing in the morning, we should call again,” Kevin said.

          “Okay, come on Emma, let’s get you in another quick bath, and then you can go back to bed, how does that sound,” Dani said, as Emma nodded.

          About ten minutes later, Emma was in back in her own bed sleeping soundly.  “She is so sick.  I just hope she isn’t up for the whole night, like she was when we were in Texas,” Dani said after she and Kevin had got Emma into bed.  Emma practically fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow, she was just so exhausted. 

          “Well do you want her to sleep in our room tonight, that way if she does get sick, she is near one or both of us,” Kevin said.

          “I don’t want to move her now, she just fell asleep, if she wakes up, we will move her in with us,” Dani said.

          “Come on let’s go get some sleep then before she wakes up again,” Kevin said, it now being close to midnight.

          “Yea, I am exhausted, I just hope that we aren’t up with her all night,” Dani said.

          “Yea, me neither,” Kevin said as both him and Dani crawled into bed.  Both Kevin and Dani, got about three more hours of sleep, before they heard gagging coming from the monitor.

          “I got her,” Kevin said as he got up out of the bed and rushed down to Emma’s bedroom to find her actually throwing up in the bucket that Dani had sat next to her on the bed.

          “Daddy, I threws ups in the buckets,” Emma said proudly.

          “Yea, I see that honey, good job,” Kevin said.

          “Yea, I felt the throw ups coming up from my tummys, and I grabbed the buckets and threws ups into it,” Emma said.

          “Good job honey,” Kevin said.  “Now, are you done, or do you need the bucket again?”

          “More throws ups want to come out Daddy,” Emma said.

          “Okay honey uses the bucket,” Kevin gently reminded his daughter.

          “It’s okay honey,” Kevin said as Emma continued coughing and gagging until her nearly empty stomach was actually empty.

          “Daddy, I don’t like being sick,” Emma cried out, tears streaming down her face, after she was done throwing up

          “I don’t think anyone likes being sick Emma.  Now, Emma, do you want to come sleep in with Mommy and Daddy or do you want to stay here?” Kevin asked his four-year-old daughter.

          “Mommy and Daddy,” Emma said as tears came down her cheeks.

          “Do you want to walk, or do you want Daddy to carry you,” Kevin asked the little girl who put her arms out for her father to pick her up.

          “Come on Emma,” Kevin said as he uncovered her and then lifted her up into his arms.  “Now, before we go into bed with Mommy, do you have to go potty?”

          “No, I sleepy,” Emma said, as she yawned.

          “Okay honey let’s go get you in bed,” Kevin said as he walked back to his and Dani’s room.

          “Is she okay,” Dani mouthed to Kevin when they came back into the room.

          “Yea, when I got to her room, she was throwing up in the bucket,” Kevin said, as he laid his sleeping daughter next to his wife in bed.

          “Gosh, she is burning up again, we can’t seem to get this fever to break,” Dani said.

          “I know, and it seems like it spikes after she throws up, but then again, maybe that is just when we are feeling her forehead,” Kevin said.

          “No, the other day when we were in Texas, I went and felt her forehead when she was sleeping in between throwing up, and it didn’t feel as hot as this does,” Dani said, as she got out of bed.

          “Where are you going?” Kevin asked his almost 7-month pregnant wife.

          “I am going to get a thermometer to check her temperature,” Dani said, as she walked out of their room.

          “Dani, she just fell asleep,” Kevin said as he got up and followed her.

          “I know, that is why I am using this one,” Dani said as she walked downstairs to find the thermometer that they had used on her earlier.  Dani grabbed the thermometer and headed back upstairs to their master bedroom.

“Mommy, I’m sorry, my tummy was hurting and then I threws ups,” Emma said as she was now sitting in another puddle of vomit.  Kevin and Dani had cleaned up countless puddles of vomit this past week.  It seemed like every time Emma puked, unless they got it in a bucket, Kevin or Dani would be cleaning up a puddle of vomit.

          “Oh honey, it’s okay,” Dani said.

          “I know Daddy didn’t exactly give you a bucket, did he?  Should we get you cleaned up?” Kevin asked the little girl.

          “Mommy, can I have some water,” Emma cried out after she was done throwing up.

          “Sure honey, I will go get it for you,” Kevin said as he walked out of the master bedroom and down to the kitchen to get her a small glass of water.

          When Kevin got back up to their master bedroom, Dani already had Emma in the bathroom and was stripping the sheets.  “Dan, I can do this, go be with Emma,” Kevin said.

          “Well, she is sitting on the potty, so I figured I would get a start on this,” Dani said, as she carried all of the vomit covered sheets and started walking to the door.

          “Dan, where are you going?  It is 3 am, can’t this wait until the morning?” Kevin said.

          “I was going to go put this in the wash,” Dani said.

          “Dani, go take care of Emma, I will take care of the wash, and putting the sheets and blankets on the bed,” Kevin said.

          “Okay,” Dani yawned, as she went into the master suite to get little Emma in the bathtub.

          By the time Dani had gotten Emma out of the bathtub and dried off and in clean pajamas, Kevin had changed the sheets on the bed, went all the way downstairs to put the blankets and sheets in the wash, and was upstairs again.

          “Daddy,” Emma said as she ran into his arms.

          “Come on Emma, let’s get into bed,” Kevin said, as he picked her up and put her into bed with him and Dani.  Emma didn’t move around too much in her sleep, plus she was so tiny that both her parents could easily fit in the bed with her.

          “Daddy, can I have my water now?” the little girl asked.

          “Sure, take slow small sips honey,” Kevin said, as he handed her the glass of water.  Emma didn’t listen to her father though; she took big, long gulps and had the glass of water down in about five seconds or less.  A couple seconds later though, poor Emma was heaving and gagging again.

“Emma,” Kevin said as he grabbed the bucket that he had sat on the bedside table and thrust it under her mouth for her to start vomiting the water that she had just guzzled down.

          After Emma was done throwing up, she collapsed onto the bed exhausted and pretty much fell asleep right away.

          “I am going to dump this out, and then get back into bed,” Kevin yawned.

          “Okay, I still want to take her temperature, so I am going to do that, and then get into bed also,” Dani said, as she grabbed the thermometer.

          “What is her temp?” Kevin said as he came back into the bedroom with an empty clean bucket in his hands.

          “It was 102.5,” Dani said quietly, as she felt the little girl’s head.  “She is so sick.”

          “Well, I think we need to take her somewhere tomorrow if we can’t get this fever to break or get her to keep something down, she has been so sick for over a week now, she can’t even keep water down,” Kevin said.

          “I know,” Dani said, as she yawned.

          “Let’s try to get some sleep, before she is up again,” Kevin said.

          It wasn’t more than an hour later, and poor Emma was awake again.  “Mommy, my tummy is hurting,” Emma said, as she started crying.  The little girl was sitting on the bed sweating.

          “Here Emma, use the bucket,” Dani said as she sat up and placed a bucket in Emma’s lap.

          “Mommy,” Emma screamed out as she started coughing and gagging, before starting to throw up.

          “Emma, what’s going on?” Kevin said as he reached over and turned on the bedside lamp to see Emma throwing up.

          “Oh honey, it’s okay, shhh take some deep breaths,” Dani said, as she pulled Emma’s hair back out of her face, just so they wouldn’t have to give her another bath.

          “Mommy my tummy really hurts,” Emma said as she grabbed at her little tummy.

          “Emma, what does it feel like?” Kevin asked, as he was already taking out his phone to go onto WebMD.

          “It just hurts,” Emma screamed out in pain, as she all of a sudden started sweating a lot.

          “Oh Emma,” Dani said, as she could see the sweat all of a sudden dripping off of her cheeks and forehead.  It was almost like she had just played outside for hours on end and came in sweating.

          “This says here that she could have cancer or an intestinal obstruction,” Kevin said.

          “Kevin don’t look at that stuff, it’s always wrong, she probably just has a little flu bug or something like that, you never know what kids pick up from preschool,” Dani said.  Emma had started preschool last month, and she absolutely loved it.

          “Dani, I don’t think this is a little flu bug, she has been puking and has had diarrhea for a week now, along with a fever.  I think it’s probably something more, that’s all I’m saying,” Kevin said.

          “Well, we will take her to the doctor in the morning again if she isn’t better, for now though, let’s try to get her to sleep again,” Dani said.

          “Okay,” Kevin said, as he looked down at Emma, who was laying down on her side with her thumb stuck in her mouth while she was hugging her favorite stuffed animal, a teddy bear, named Teddy.

          “Shhh, come on let’s go to sleep,” Dani said, as she rubbed Emma’s little back.

          “Mommy, I am goings to throws ups agains,” Emma said, as she sat up and put her little hand over her mouth.

          “Here you are Emma,” Kevin said as he grabbed the bucket that was on his nightstand and got it under her mouth, milliseconds before she started throwing up.

          “Oh Emma,” Dani said after her little girl was done throwing up.

          “I sleepy,” Emma said, as she laid down on her side again and stuck her thumb in her mouth and dozed off to sleep.

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