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Finding Hope – Chapter 15

            The next morning, little Emma was not feeling much better, but she hadn’t puked since the middle of last night.  She had thrown up only one more time, but she did sleep on and off throughout the rest of the night.  Poor Emma kept on sweating and complaining that her back and tummy were hurting.  Both Kevin and Dani were up with Emma pretty much the rest of the night.  They were going to see how the day goes and take her into the doctors if needed.

            “Emma, we need to get fluids in you, do you want something to drink honey?” Dani asked the little girl.  Every time this past week whenever they gave Emma something to drink, she puked in a couple of minutes, but since Emma hadn’t thrown up since early this morning, Dani decided they could try something with her.

            “Yea,” Emma said quietly.

            “I will go get it,” Kevin said.

            “Kev, Gatorade,” Dani said, as Kevin nodded and left the living room to go into the kitchen and get her a small glass of Gatorade.

            While Kevin was gone, getting the Gatorade for Emma, the baby started kicking.  “Emma, do you want to feel the baby kick,” Dani asked Emma, who was laying on Dani’s lap.

            “Yea,” Emma crocked out, as she sat up.  Dani took Emma’s little hand and put it on her stomach right where their baby was kicking.

            “It tickles,” Emma said as she smiled and laughed a little bit.

            Kevin came in right then, to find Emma smiling and laughing.  “What’s going on in here?” Kevin asked as he sat down on the couch next to his wife and daughter.

            “The baby is tickling me,” Emma laughed.  Both Kevin and Dani were happy to see a smile on Emma’s face and to hear her laugh.  This past week, Emma had been sick, she didn’t want to do much of anything.

            “The baby is tickling you?” Kevin asked, as he smiled and reached over to touch his wife’s protruding stomach.  He was glad that Emma was smiling and laughing at the moment at least.

            “Yea, you like Daddy, don’t you?” Dani said.

            “The baby likes me too, right Mommy?” Emma asked in her sweet little voice.

            “Yes, you little sister loves you very much, just like your Daddy and I do,” Dani said.

            “Emma, what do you think we should name the baby?” Kevin asked his daughter.  Kevin and Dani had talked about some names, but they haven’t actually decided on any yet.  One of the top names they had on their list was Alena and a couple of other names.  Kevin really liked Madison, but Dani said that they couldn’t name the baby after a city, so that was out.

“Hannah, Madison, Isabella, or Jazmine,” Emma said confidently.

            “Wow, that’s quite the list Emma,” Kevin said.

            “Why those names Emma?” Dani asked.

            “Because those are my sister’s names,” Emma said.

            “You have sisters Emma,” Kevin asked as he turned and looked at her.  He was bewildered that Emma had sisters, and that she hadn’t told them of this.

            “Yea,” Emma said.

            “Emma, where are your sisters?” Dani asked, almost afraid to ask.

            “Oh, they are in the loud dirty van,” Emma said.

            “What do you mean they are in the old dirty van,” Kevin asked panicked.

            “That is where they live, I got outs, but they didn’ts,” Emma said.

            “Emma, why didn’t you tell us anything about this before,” Dani asked.

            “Because no one asked, and I ams nots supposeds to tells anyones about my sisters, becauses I coulds gets into troubles, with Sir,” Emma said.

            “Emma, do you know where they are?” Kevin asked.

            “Yes, I already told you, in the loud dirty van,” Emma said.

            “Wow,” Dani said.

            “Emma, do you remember when that person came to the door a couple of months ago?” Kevin asked Emma.

            “Oh, you mean Master.  He is Sir’s friend, and he is sometimes scarier than Sir,” Emma said.

            “Emma honey, you have to tell us these things,” Dani said.

            “No one asked, and I didn’t want to get into troubles with anyones,” Emma said as she started crying.

            “Oh honey,” Kevin said as he rubbed her back.

            “Can I talk to you for a second,” Kevin said to his wife, who still looked as shocked as him, their daughter just told them that she had four little sisters.

            “Uh yea, Emma, Mommy has to go talk with Daddy, you stay here and drink this really slow, okay,” Dani said.

            “Mommy, can I watch TV?” little Emma crocked out.

            “Sure,” Dani said, as she grabbed the remote and turned it on to Disney Channel.

            “What do we do, I mean, we have to find these four girls, if there are even four little girls out there,” Kevin said as him and Dani went into the kitchen to talk, as he blinked back tears, just thinking about how awful shape Emma was in when she came to live with them a couple of months ago.

            “I know, I don’t know what to do, I mean it could take months or even years to find them, that is if we do ever find them,” Dani said, as tears streamed down her cheeks.

            “Oh Dani,” Kevin said, as he hugged his wife.

            “Kevin, what if we can’t find them, or what if we find them too late,” Dani sobbed into her husband’s chest.

            “It’s okay, I am going to call the police right now, and see if they can track down the big white van that has these girls,” Kevin said, as he pulled out his cell phone and stepped out of the room.

            “Is Daddy going to find my little sisters?” Emma asked, as Dani came over to where a very pale shivering Emma was sitting on the couch.

“Here, let’s drink some of this special red drink,” Dani said as she took the glass of Gatorade and handed it to Emma.  Emma took one little sip of the red Gatorade.  Dani didn’t exactly know how to answer Emma’s question about Kevin finding her little sisters.

            “How’s that Emma?” Dani asked as she let the little girl snuggle into her.  Emma shrugged her shoulders and shivered.  Dani pulled the blanket up over Emma and her, so that way little Emma wouldn’t be so cold.

            “Mommy,” Emma said as she coughed a little bit, and threw red up all over the blanket, Dani, the couch, and the floor.

            “Oh Emma, it’s okay honey,” Dani soothed.

            “Mommy everything hurts,” Emma said after she was done throwing up.

            “Oh honey, I know you don’t feel good, do you?” Dani said, as she felt the little girls burning head again.

            “No, I don’t,” Emma said as she shivered.

            “Here come on let’s go get you cleaned up,” Dani said, as she went to move Emma off of her lap.

“Mommy, why is the room spinning?” Emma slurred out, right before she passed out on Dani’s lap.

            “Kevin,” Dani shrieked, as Emma passed out on her lap and started rolling off of her lap.  Dani grabbed her baby girl and held her tight as Kevin ran into the room.

            “Oh gosh, what happened?” Kevin said as he rushed over to Dani and Emma.  Emma had thrown up the Gatorade and what appeared to be blood.

            “She threw up all over and then passed out,” Dani said as she tried to keep a hold of Emma, so she didn’t roll off of her lap.

            “Yea, it appears to be blood or something,” Kevin said.

            “We need to get her to the hospital now,” Dani said.

            “Do you want me to call 911?” Kevin asked.

            “No, it will be quicker if we drive her,” Dani said, as Kevin took Emma off of her lap and ran towards the garage with her in his arms.

            “Kev, wait for me, I will ride in the back with her and hold her, I don’t want her in the car seat,” Dani said as she waddled behind them.

            Once loaded in the car, the small family of three rushed to the hospital.  Dani was holding Emma in her lap, while Kevin drove to the hospital fast, but still safe.  It typically took them about twenty minutes to get to the Children’s Hospital, but since they were in such a rush, they got there in just under ten minutes.  Kevin pulled into the Emergency Room Parking Lot, got out of the car, opened the back door, pulled out Emma, and ran into the Emergency Room.  Thankfully, Dani was there, because Kevin didn’t even close the doors or lock the car, before running into the Emergency Room with Emma in his arms. 

            By the time Dani got into the Emergency Room, Kevin had already checked in Emma, and they were being rushed to a triage room in the corner of the large room.

            “Emma please wake up for Mommy,” Dani said as she stood next to the gurney that the doctors had brought over for Kevin to set her on.  It was then that their little girl started having a seizure.

            “Okay, we really need to look at her, you can stay here with her, but we do need to get in here and look at her,” the nice doctor said.

            “Oh Emma,” Dani yelled, as the doctors and nurses started crowding in around the gurney that Emma was laying on.

            “I need them out of the room,” one of the doctors yelled, as Kevin tried to drag his wife out of the triage room and into the hallway.

            “Kev, she is so sick,” Dani sobbed as she hid her face in his shoulder.

            “I know,” Kevin said with tears streaming down his face.

“Hi, are you Emma’s parents?” a nice young doctor said as she came out of the room where they were working on Emma what felt like an hour later, where in reality it was probably only five to ten minutes later.

            “What is wrong with my baby?  Is she okay?” Dani asked right away.

            “We are working on her, she is awake right now, but she did throw up blood two more times,” the nice doctor said.

            “Oh Emma,” Dani said as she rested her hand on her pregnant belly.  It wasn’t more than an hour prior that they were at home talking about the baby and Emma’s sisters, and then Emma threw up blood and passed out.  Yes, they knew that she was sick, but they didn’t realize that she was this sick.

            “What is going on, how long has she been sick for?” the doctor asked.

            “Well last week we went down to Texas to visit my family for Thanksgiving, and she threw up the whole plane ride down there, we just thought it was airsickness, so we didn’t think too much of it.  We just helped her get through it and then when we landed, she seemed to be feeling better.  So, we went off to my parent’s house, and when as soon as we got there, she threw up.  Then it was basically nonstop since then,” Kevin said.

            “She has also been complaining about her back hurting, I would say that started a couple days after she started throwing up, we just thought it was the flu, but when she threw up blood and passed out, we obviously freaked out and brought her in,” Dani said.

            “You guys did the right thing with brining her in, she is pretty sick.  I see in her records that you took her to her doctor yesterday, right?” the doctor asked.

            “Yes, she said that it was the flu and to go home and rest,” Dani said.

            “Well, this is definitely not the flu, we would like to run some tests on her to see what is going on?” the doctor said.

            “Yes, that is fine, run as many tests as you need too.  Can we go see her before you run the tests?” Kevin asked.

            “Oh yea of course you can go back and see her,” the doctor said.  “Just be quiet.

            “Thank you so much,” Dani said, as they quietly walked into Emma’s emergency room.

            “Mommy,” Emma said from her spot on the bed.

            “Hi Emma, how are you feeling?” Dani asked.

            “Yucky, my tummy is owies,” Emma said, as she reached out for Dani.

            “Oh sweetie,” Dani said as she came and sat on the side of the bed.

            “Hi Emma Bear, how are you feeling?” Kevin said as he sat down on the other side of the bed.

            “Daddy, where am I?” Emma asked her little sweet voice.

            “Oh honey, you are at the hospital, you got really sick and went to sleep for a while, so Daddy and Mommy brought you to the hospital,” Kevin said.

            “Oh okay, what is this?” Emma said as she looked at her IV with tears streaming down her face.

            “It is there to help you feel better honey, it’s okay,” Dani said, as Emma nodded and sniffled a little bit.

            “Tummy,” Emma said as she grabbed her little tummy.

            “Here honey,” Kevin said as he grabbed the pink basin at the end of her bed and sat it by her in case she needed to throw up.

            “Mommy,” Emma said as she coughed a little bit.

            “Emma, here,” Dani said as grabbed the bucket and held it under her mouth for her to throw up again, this time it was most definitely bright red blood.

            “Shhh, Emma,” Kevin said as he rubbed her back while she was throwing up.

“Oh gosh Emma,” Dani freaked out, as her daughter was throwing up bright red blood.

            “Mommy, the room is spinning again,” Emma slurred out, before passing out once again.

            “Help, my daughter just threw up bright red blood and then passed out,” Kevin said as he ran out into the emergency room hallway.  Soon Emma’s tiny emergency room was once again filled with doctors and nurses.

            “Emma, baby, Mommy is right here,” Dani said through tears as she tried to hold onto Emma’s little hand as she was being pushed out of the way.

            “I am sorry Mam, but I need you to leave,” a doctor nicely said to Dani.

            “I can’t leave my baby girl in here,” Dani sobbed.

            “Come on Dan, we have to let the doctor do his work,” Kevin said as he directed her out into the hallway.

            “Kev, what is going to happen to her, this was exactly what she did at home,” Dani said through her tears.

            “I know Dani,” Kevin said as he hugged her.

            They waited out in the hallway by the door for what seemed like an hour, when it was probably only ten to fifteen minutes, before a doctor and nurse came out.

            “Hi,” Kevin said.

            “Hi, are you Emma’s parents?” a doctor that they had never seen before said to them.

            “Yes, we are,” Kevin said, as he held Dani’s hand as they embraced for the news.

            “We aren’t sure what is going on with her, we were able to get her to wake up, but she is very disoriented and out of it.  We do want to keep her here for observation and do an MRI.  You can go in and see her, but we are actually going to be transferring her upstairs to the PICU in a few minutes,” the doctor said.

            “The PICU?  What is that?” Dani asked.

            “Oh sorry, the PICU is the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, once again, we aren’t sure what is going on with her, so we want to keep her in there at least overnight,” the nice doctor said.  “Once we know what is going on, we will talk about transferring her to another unit.”

            “Okay,” Dani said, as she swallowed.

            “You guys can go in and be with her, we should be taking her shortly,” the doctor said, as Kevin and Dani went in the tiny emergency room that had a bed that little Emma was laying in.

            “Oh Emma, Mommy is right here,” Dani said through her tears, as she held on to her little hand.

            “Daddy is here too Emma Bear,” Kevin said as he touched her leg which was covered up by a thin blanket.

            “How did this happen?  This morning, she was just sick, and now this, less then twelve hours later,” Dani said as she wiped her eyes.

            “I don’t know babe, I wish I did, but I don’t know,” Kevin said.

            “Daddy,” little Emma moaned from her bed.

            “Yes, Daddy is right here honey,” Kevin said as he sat down on the bed and grabbed a hold of her hand.

            “Mommy is here too sweetie,” Dani said as she grabbed a hold of her other hand.

            After they heard Daddy come from sweet little Emma, she was out again, so they didn’t really hear anything else from her, just some moaning and groaning every once and a while, but no words.

            “We are ready to transfer her upstairs,” a transferring nurse who had just come into the room had said.

            “Okay,” Dani said as she stood up and made sure that they had everything that they needed.  They hadn’t even gotten the bag out of the car yet.  They were both just worried about Emma right now.

            Once they were upstairs and in another tiny room, a doctor came into the room to check on Emma and to introduce himself.  “Hi, I am Dr. Miller,” the doctor said when he came into the room.

            “Hi, do you know what is wrong with her, she said Daddy down in the Emergency Room, but then she hasn’t said anything else, just some moaning and groaning every once in a while, but no actual words that we could understand,” Dani frantically said.

            “I have reviewed her files, it looks like you brought her in, because she had vomited some blood this morning and then fainted.  It looks like she has also been sick for like a week or so too,” Dr. Miller said.

            “Yea, she has also been complaining about her back hurting a lot too,” Kevin said.

            “Yea, I see that in here too, I am not really sure what is going on, and why she would have passed out and why she hasn’t come to for like half an hour or so.  We are going to run some tests on her.  We want to do an MRI to see what is going on and we will also do lab work.  It also looks like they haven’t done any lab work.  I will have someone come in and get her ready for both of those tests,” Dr. Miller said.

            “Thanks,” Dani said.

            “We should call family and let them know what is going on, plus Riley and Maci will have to go out soon,” Kevin said, as he stretched.

            “Yea, we should,” Dani yawned.  This pregnancy was making her exhausted and then on top of all of this apparently Emma has little sisters too and they didn’t really know what was going on with them.

            “I am going to go call them and get a snack, you want me to bring anything back for you,” Kevin said, as he got up from his chair and leaned down and gave Emma a kiss on her head and then turned and gave his pregnant wife a kiss on her head.

            “Call and check with the police to see if they have any more information on Emma’s sisters and please don’t tell anyone yet,” Dani said.

            “Okay,” Kevin said before he left Emma’s PICU room.

            As soon as Kevin got out of the PICU he leaned up against a wall and started sobbing.  This was all too much for him.  Once he pulled himself together, he took his phone out of his pocket and called his parents first.  He needed to talk with his Mom, they were still in Texas with Frankie.  He would get to the Deleasa’s in a while.  He knew that Riley and Maci needed to get out, but he just needed to hear his Mom’s voice right now.  “Hi Mom,” Kevin said when she answered the phone.

            Denise was outside hanging out by the pool watching Frankie swim in the pool and play with his father.  The young boy had tried to get her to come in the pool multiple times, but she had refused every time.  So, when her phone rang, she picked it up.  As soon as she heard Kevin’s voice, she knew that something was wrong.  “Kevin, what’s wrong?” Denise asked panicked as soon as he said, ‘hi mom.’

            “It’s Emma, she is in the hospital, she is really sick Mom,” Kevin said, as he started to cry once again.

            “Oh no, what is wrong,” Denise said worried.

            “We took her to the doctor yesterday and he said that it was probably just a bad flu and he sent us home with instructions to let her rest and if she wasn’t any better in three days to bring her back in.  Well Dani and I decided on the way home that if she wasn’t any better by this afternoon, we were going to bring her in.  Well, this morning she took a turn for the worse,” Kevin said as he sniffled.

            “What do you mean took a turn for the worse honey,” Denise said through tears.  By this time Paul was out of the pool and over by her, realizing that something must be really wrong when he saw his wife crying on the phone. 

            “She threw up blood and then passed out at home, so we rushed her to the hospital.  They don’t know what is wrong with her Mom,” Kevin said, as he started sobbing.

            “What hospital are you guys at?” Denise said, as she put the phone on speaker so her husband could hear what was going on.

            “Mom she is in the PICU, she woke up, threw up more blood and then passed out when she got here again, and she hasn’t woken up yet.  They aren’t sure what is going on, they are going to be running tests on her, but Mom she is so tiny in the hospital bed, and she has so many tubes and everything coming out of her,” Kevin said.

            “We will be there, tell her that we love her, and we will see you guys soon, I am going to book us the first flight out,” Paul said.

            “Thank you, Dad,” Kevin said as he sniffled a little bit.

            “You are welcome, now go take care of your little girl,” Paul said.

            “I will, love you guys,” Kevin said through his silent tears.

            “We love you too, bye,” Denise said, as they hung up.

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