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Author's Chapter Notes:

Gosh, I wrote this part of the story so long ago!  Like early 2014 probably!

Finding Hope – Chapter 2

          It was later that night and Emma had crashed on the couch snuggled up in between Kevin and Dani.  Emma was so tired and looked like an angel sleeping there in between them.

          “What should we do?” Kevin asked as he looked down at the little girl that touched his heart, he didn’t think he could ever get rid of her.  She was so sweet and precious.  It is unbelievable how sweet she actually is.

          “I don’t know, I mean I don’t want to call the police and report her missing, but I think we have to.” Dani was having the same feelings about Emma that Kevin was, she didn’t want to give her up either.

          Kevin was already thinking that they could adopt her.  From what Dani told him he knew they would be able to give her a much better home.  She was scared to death of getting in trouble.  At first, she didn’t want to eat at the table for dinner.  It took some coaxing, but she finally sat at the table with them, but when she did, she hardly ate anything and only ate after they had started eating.

          “I think we should call the police and have them come and take a look at her, who knows we might even be able to adopt her, if the circumstances are right,” Dani thought out loud.

          Kevin pulled out his phone and called the non-emergency police number and told them the situation.  “Hi, my wife and I found a little girl in our basement tonight, and thought that we should report it,” Kevin said into the phone, praying that they didn’t have to give her up.

          “Okay Sir, we will come in about an hour,” the police chief said after he took Kevin’s address and information and then hung up the phone.

          “They will be here in an hour,” Kevin sighed.  He really did not want to do this.  He just wanted to adopt and keep her.  He was hoping the police would just let them keep her.

          “Emma, wake up,” Kevin said as he smoothed her greasy hair out of her face, so she could somewhat see.

          “Yea,” Emma said as she stretched and woke up some more.  This is when she realized that she had to go potty, but she didn’t want to ask so she just sort-of sat there wiggling, but she couldn’t hold it for very long because soon she went potty all over the couch and floor.

          “Please don’t hit me, please don’t hit me, please don’t hit me,” Emma keeps on repeating when she had realized what she had done.

          “Emma, what’s wrong?” Dani said as she looked over at her from where she and Kevin were talking.

“I went poops not on the potty but don’t hit me please, I didn’t mean too, please don’t hit me,” Emma cried.

“Emma, shhh, it is okay accidents happen, shhh, let’s get you to the potty though,” Dani said soothingly.  “Come on Emma,” Dani said as she held her hand out to her and led her upstairs to Kevin and Dani’s master bathroom.  She was going to give Emma a bath and it seemed just as easy to do it in the bathtub.

“Emma do you have to go potty anymore?” Dani asked the little girl who was following her, when she nodded Dani pulled down her underwear and sat her on the toilet and again held her while she pooped. 

They didn’t have a potty chair or anything like that.  Dani had thrown out all of her clothes except for her underwear the last time she went to the bathroom.  She now didn’t have any underwear either, she would just have to go commando tonight. 

“Come on, Emma, let’s get you all clean,” Dani said as she lifted Emma into the bathtub for her bath after she was done going potty.  She had found a plastic cup that she gave Emma to play with while she cleaned her up and she talked to her too.

“Emma, what is your favorite color?” was the first question that Dani asked Emma who looked at her confused, and said, “what’s color, are you going to hurt me with it?”

“Oh Emma, I didn’t mean it like that,” Dani said shocked that Emma would not know what her favorite color was or what a color even was.

Emma then went back to playing with her plastic cup that Dani had given her to play with.  When Dani was scrubbing Emma’s back, Emma started crying.  “Emma did I hurt you, I am so sorry baby,” Dani said as she looked at the little girl who was crying.

“What’s wrong Emma,” Dani asked the little girl who was now gasping for air because she was crying so hard.  This made Dani get really scared that she hurt her or something because she wouldn’t answer.  Dani looked at Emma’s back to find multiple lashes on her back.  She looked like she had been hit with a rope or a belt.

“Emma, did I hurt you, Mommy is so sorry,” Dani said but then realized what she said, she didn’t want Emma to get the wrong idea, but she was really worried and nervous.

Emma was still sobbing when Dani had rinsed Emma off and was lifting her out of the tub and wrapped her in a big fluffy white towel.  Emma just cried and cried while Dani was drying her off.

At one point while Dani was drying off Emma, she was afraid she might actually make herself sick.  Emma finally stopped crying and let Dani dress her in another big comfy shirt of Kevin’s.

Dani didn’t know how to explain to Emma that the police were going to come check her out without scaring her even more.  “Emma, there are some people that are going to come visit us in a while.”

“Ares they goings to hurts me,” Emma asked in fear.  She was afraid that some of Sir’s friends were going to come and beat her.  Sir used to always say that there were people who were going to visit and then they would always come and hurt her.

“No honey,” Dani said as she took Emma’s hand and walked out of the bathroom with her and lifted her up onto her and Kevin’s bed.  “The police are nice people; they won’t hurt you.”

“Okay, are you sure, because whenever Sir had people over, they always gave me owies and then they would laugh at me when I started to cry’s,” Emma said nervously.

“Oh Emma, I am so sorry that all of that has happened to you,” Dani said.  No child should have to go through any of that.  It made Dani sick to think that someone could do this to a child or anyone.

“Come on let’s go downstairs and see what Daddy is doing,” Dani said but then regretted it even more then when she had said it earlier before Emma was crying and she didn’t think she actually heard her but now she was sure that she had heard her.

“Can you be my Daddy?” Emma asked Kevin, “you give me food and are nice to me.  Sir is mean to me and hits me with his belts and sometimes he gets a rope and hits me with that.”

Both Kevin and Dani looked at each other, they were shocked at what was coming out of this little girl’s mouth.  Dani was the only one who had seen the lashes and bruises that covered her tiny body.

The doorbell rang and Emma jumped onto Kevin’s lap.  She was still scared even though Dani had told her that no one bad was coming only nice people were coming, but she wasn’t sure if she could trust them yet or not.  Kevin went and answered the door while holding Emma who was shaking and scared.

When Emma saw the police, she hid her face in Kevin’s shirt and just shook.  She was so scared.  “Come inside,” Kevin said, he could feel Emma shaking underneath of him. 

“Shhh, it is okay,” Kevin whispered into her ear as he led the police to their living room where they sat down on the couch.

The police asked where they found Emma, what Emma was like when they found her, and all sorts of other questions.  When they found out that Emma had been abused, they asked to see the wounds.

“Emma, they want to see your owies,” Kevin told the little girl who was scared to death.  “Do you think you can show them?”

Emma just shook her head into Kevin’s shirt and started to cry.  Kevin rubbed her back while he stood up and went into the kitchen, he could tell that she was scared to death of the police and that made him feel awful.

“Emma, we have to show the nice people in there your owies,” Kevin said after Emma had calmed down and was no longer crying.  Emma finally agreed to show them her owies, but she still wasn’t too sure if she could trust this family or not yet.

Kevin sat Emma down and took off the shirt that she was wearing very carefully and slowly.  Kevin hadn’t seen Emma without a shirt or anything on, so he was shocked and felt awful.  They then walked into the living room, where the police and Dani were sitting.  When the police saw all of the bruises and scars, they were shocked to see the scars.

After Kevin had put Emma’s shirt back on, the police started questioning Emma.  “Emma where did you come from,” the nice police lady asked her.

“An old, dirty van, Sir yelled at me and said lots of naughty words,” Emma said as she climbed into Kevin’s lap and snuggled into him.

“Did he ever hurt you,” the policeman asked.  He scared Emma a little bit, he was scary looking.

“Yea he hit me.  I don’t want to go back there,” Emma said as she started crying again.

“Emma, do you like Kevin and Dani,” the police asked Emma.  They wanted to know if she liked them.

“Yea, they are nice, they give me food, and don’t sit on me when I am going potty,” Emma said.  Kevin knew that they were helping this little girl out, but he didn’t know that this supposed Sir sat on her when she was going to the bathroom.  That is just sick.

          “How would you like to live with Kevin and Dani,” the policewoman asked Emma who snuggled into Kevin and nodded.

          “Would you guys like to adopt her,” the police asked Kevin and Dani.  Kevin and Dani looked at each other and both said yes at the same time.  Emma squealed when she heard both yeses from them.

          “Okay, you won’t be able to adopt her yet, but if you pass the state visit then you will be able to adopt her,” the police said as they handed a business card to Dani.

          “Call this number on Monday and ask to talk to Claire Organic and she will set up a time to have someone come out next week, she will explain the process more but you both need to be here when the state comes,” the policewoman said.  They walked them out and then turned to Emma who was now smiling, the first smile they had seen out of her.

          All of them went to bed happy that night, Emma snuggled up in the middle of Kevin and Dani.  However, around 2:00 a.m., Emma woke up and started crying.  Both Kevin and Dani sat up at the same time and hugged Emma, “honey what is wrong,” Dani said.

          “Scary dream,” Emma said.  “Sir was hitting me with his rope and he then tied me to a chair while he kicked me in the head and then I went to sleep and didn’t wake up for a longs time.”

          Kevin looked at Dani, they were both shocked at what was coming out of Emma’s mouth.  “Emma did this happen to you?” Kevin said as he turned on the bedside light.

          “Mommy it scary, he hurted me,” Emma clutched onto Dani and started shaking.  “Emma honey, are you cold?” Dani asked as she pulled the blankets up over her and Emma some more.

          “Shhh, try to get some sleep,” Dani said as she rocked her.  Emma was soon sound asleep on Dani.  Dani moved her onto the bed and then she got up and motioned for Kevin to get up too.  “Baby is hungry, and I want to talk to you,” Dani said as she walked downstairs into the kitchen with Kevin following.

          “I don’t know about keeping Emma,” Dani said to Kevin while she was raiding the fridge for a snack.  “I just don’t know about how it is going to work out.  I guess I am scared and don’t know what to do about her.”

          “Dani, we have to keep her,” Kevin said, “if we don’t keep her, she is going to go back to the man who is going to hurt her even more or kill her.  Don’t you love her, you were the one that mentioned telling the police even though you didn’t want to give her up and that we might be able to adopt her.”

          “Of course, I love her and want to keep her but what she just said up there is what scared me, what if I’m not ready to have a kid, what if I can’t handle a kid with all of these problems, what if, I don’t even know,” Dani said as she started crying.

          “Oh Dani,” Kevin said as he went and hugged her.  “It is going to take some work, but I know you are going to be a perfect Mommy to Emma and the baby.”

          “But what if I am not,” Dani said, “what if I mess up or do something to hurt Emma.”

          “You won’t and if you do, I know that little girl loves us to pieces already, I am sure she will forgive you,” Kevin said, “Now let’s go back upstairs and get some sleep.  What you did up there with her when she was crying is what she needs,” Kevin said as they snuck into the room and crawled into bed with Emma and fell asleep.

          Emma woke up around 5:45 a.m. again.  This time she had to go potty, but she didn’t want to go alone.  So, she decided to wake up Kevin, “Daddy, I have to poops,” Emma said as she gently shook him.

          Kevin woke up to Emma shaking him, “Emma what do you want,” Kevin said as he tickled her.  Emma giggled as she said, “I go poops.”

          Her Daddy stood up and then picked her up out of bed and took her to the bathroom where he sat her on the toilet and held onto her as she grunted, “it hurt Daddy,” Emma said through her tears.  Her poops had never felt this way before, she had to go but they hurt when they came out.

          “Owies,” Emma yelled as one poop came out and landed in the toilet.  She was back to grunting after that some more. 

“Emma, shhh,” Kevin said as he rubbed her back.  Maybe that would help her calm down.

“Daddy, it hurts,” Emma cried as she reached out for Kevin.  “Are you done honey,” Kevin asked her.  Emma nodded as another poop plopped into the toilet.  “Oh honey, let’s wait a couple more minutes,” Kevin said as he held on to her.  He felt really bad for her, she was in obvious pain and just wanted to be done.

          She grunted for a couple more minutes and when the last one was out, she just cried.  “Daddy, it hurted,” Emma cried as she reached out for him.  Kevin had her stand up and wiped her with toilet paper, then he got a washcloth out of the cupboard in the bathroom and wiped her face and her nose before he wiped her bottom.

          “Daddy, my tummies hurted,” Emma cried after Kevin was done getting her cleaned up.  She just wanted to cuddle and feel better.

          “Emma does your tummy still hurt,” Kevin said as he kneeled down and put his hand on her chest.  Emma just nodded as she cried some more.  “Emma do you feel like you have to throw up?” Kevin asked the little girl or just shook her head no.

          “Okay let’s go back to sleep and cuddle,” Kevin said as he picked up the little girl with tears still dripping down her cheeks and went out into the bedroom, he first laid Emma on the bed and then he crawled into bed and snuggled up with her before they both fell into a deep sleep.

          Kevin and Dani both woke up before little Emma did.  After waking up twice last night, they both let her sleep and went to make breakfast for the little family of three.  They made pancakes, bacon, and sausage.

          “Come on Emma, let’s wake up,” Dani said as she combed her hands through Emma’s hair.  Emma woke up, stretched, and said, “Good morning Mommy.”

          “Good morning my little Emma Bug, now let’s go downstairs and get some breakfast before Daddy eats it all,” Dani said as she got off of the bed and headed towards the door to find that Emma was still sitting on the bed.

          “Emma come on, do you want Daddy to eat all of your breakfast for you,” Dani said as she tried to get her out of bed.

          “No,” Emma said as she started crying and curled up in a little ball.  Dani came over, sat on the bed, and rubbed her back while she cried.  Emma crawled over and sat on Dani’s lap.  “Come on I’ll carry you,” Dani said as she picked Emma up and took her downstairs.

          “Hey guys, Kevin said, but then he noticed that she was crying.

“Is she okay,” Kevin mouthed to Dani.

          “I don’t know she has been crying since I told her that we were going to go downstairs for breakfast before Daddy eats it all,” Dani said out loud as she looked down at Emma who had tears dripping down her cheeks.

          “Emma honey does your tummy still hurt,” Kevin asked the little girl who just shook her head and continued to cry.  Her tummy hurt this morning, but it wasn’t hurting now.

          “Shhh,” Kevin said as he took her out of Dani’s arms and hugged her.  Emma grasped onto Kevin and just sobbed into his shirt making it wet with her tears.

          “Shhh,” Kevin said as he walked around the kitchen singing something soft to her.  She finally stopped crying and fell asleep on Kevin’s shoulder.

          As Kevin and Dani ate their breakfast, they talked about what they were going to do today, “I want to get her some stuff,” Dani said as she got up to get a pen and paper to make a list.  Dani made a long list of everything they needed which included clothes, a potty chair, and a car seat.

          Emma woke up while they were talking about the plans for the day.  “Emma honey, do you want to eat something and then we are going to go shopping,” Kevin said to the little girl in his lap who was very interested in Kevin’s plate of food.

          “What do you want,” Kevin said as he grabbed Emma’s plate and started filling it up with stuff that she said she wanted.  While Dani cut up Emma’s food they talked about where they were going to go to get all of this stuff they needed and made a plan.

          “Okay so we need to go to the shoe store, go shopping for clothes, and get you a car seat, how does that sound Emma,” Dani said to the little girl who was now eating her food. 

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