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Finding Hope – Chapter 4

          The next morning came early for the small Jonas family.  Riley and Maci who slept at the end of the bed woke up extra early and started kissing Kevin to get up.

          “Riley, Maci, go back to bed,” Kevin groaned.  They didn’t have to be up for anything this morning.  The only thing they had to be up for was Dani’s family was coming over after church was done which was probably going to be around noon.  Riley and Maci wanted to play and not go to sleep, so Kevin got up with them and took them outside.  Once they were done with their business, he went back upstairs and found Emma sitting up crying quietly.

          “Emma, what’s wrong?” Kevin said as he scooped her up in his arms.  Kevin took her downstairs; he didn’t want her to wake up Dani.

          “Now tell Daddy, what’s wrong?” Kevin asked his little princess once they were downstairs in the living room sitting on the couch.

          “Scary,” was all Emma said as she cowered into Kevin some more.

          “What was scary, princess,” Kevin said as he rubbed her back.

          “Sir, he kicked me in the head, and I didn’t wake up,” Emma said scared.

          Kevin was shocked about what was coming out of her mouth, “oh Emma,” Kevin said as he rubbed her back and let her cry into him.  It was the only thing he could do at the moment.  If he ever saw this “Sir,” he would hurt him to the point where he would have internal bleeding and hopefully die.

          “Come on let’s get some breakfast,” Kevin said after she had stopped crying.  “Okay,” Emma said as she and Kevin went into the kitchen and got her a bowl of cereal.

          “After you are done with that, you need a bath, you didn’t have one yesterday,” Kevin said to little Emma as he gave her a bowl of cereal to which she ate in no time.

 “Whoa, slow down honey, I don’t want you getting sick,” Kevin said to the little girl who was done in no time.  This was the fastest Kevin had seen Emma eat.

When Emma was done, she waited for Kevin to take her bowl and then they both went upstairs to a guest room.  Kevin sat Emma on the bed and then left to go get her clothes and potty seat.

“Emma, do you have to go potty?” Kevin asked his little girl as he took down her pants and removed her pull-up.  Emma just nodded her head and Kevin sat her on the potty.  When he came back, he gave Emma a bath and put her in clean clothes.

“Mommy,” Emma called out as she saw her heading downstairs, she was ready for the day too.  The only one not ready for the day in the Jonas family was Kevin.

“Come on let’s let Daddy get ready for the day and we will go downstairs and watch TV?  How does that sound Emma Bug,” Dani said as she took her from Kevin who was holding her?

Emma reached out for Dani who took her out of Kevin’s arms and walked downstairs with her.  She set her on the couch in front of the TV.  She then went over to the TV channel guide and looked for a kid friendly channel, which just happened to be Disney Channel.  She turned it on, and the first season of JONAS was playing reruns.

“Daddy?” Emma said confused as she started to cry.  Dani quickly shut the TV off and came over and sat by her on the couch and gave her a hug while she rubbed her back.

“Em, what’s wrong?” Dani asked her, all she did was cower into Dani even more.  She just continued to cry, “Daddy scary,” Emma said.

“Oh honey,” Dani said as she rubbed her back.  Kevin came down right then, “hey guys,” Kevin said.  He was dressed in dark jeans and a blue dress shirt.  He then noticed that Emma was crying, “Em what’s wrong?”

“Daddy,” Emma said as she turned around and clutched on to him, “Daddy scary sometimes though,” Emma said as she laid her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes.

          “Emma what do you mean I am scary?” Kevin said.  He had never scared her, or he thought he hadn’t.

          “On the TV,” Emma said as she pointed to the TV, “you disappeared and screamed a lot with other people,” Emma said describing the scene where Kevin, Joe, and Stella, are screaming into the camera on the Haunted House Jonas episode.

          “Halloween Jonas,” Dani mouthed to Kevin who nodded his head, he now understood why she was scared.

          “Emma, you know what that wasn’t real, that was just pretend,” Kevin said as he stood up with her in his arms and rubbed her back.

          “Okay, Daddy,” Emma said as she swallowed.

          “Emma can Mommy and Daddy talk to you for a minute,” Dani said.  Kevin and Dani had talked last night about how to tell her about Dani’s family and the most important one telling Dani’s family about Emma.  They finally had a plan in set, they were both going to tell Emma about Dani’s family.  After that, Kevin was going to take Emma upstairs and keep her occupied while Dani told her family about Emma.

          “So, Emma we have some people coming over in about 20 minutes,” Dani said as Emma looked up at Dani and said, “people over here.”

          “Yes, people are coming, they are your Grandparents, Aunts, and Uncles,” Dani said to Emma.

          “Are they going to yell at me,” Emma said as she played with the hem of her pink dress.

          “No, they are nice people they aren’t going to yell at you, okay,” Dani said to Emma.

          “Now do you have any more questions?” Dani asked her after she had asked her about ten questions from are, they nice to do they like the color pink.

          Emma nodded and then said, “What do I call them?”

          “Well,” Dani said as she looked at the time and noticed that they were going to be here any minute, it had taken a little bit longer to explain everything to Emma, especially with all of her little questions.  “Daddy will explain that to you upstairs okay Emma,” Dani said as she shooed both her husband and daughter upstairs.

          The doorbell rang as soon as Kevin had closed the door.  “Hi guys come on in,” Dani said as she answered the door.

          “Where’s Kevin?” Angela asked.

          “He’s upstairs,” was all Dani said.  She didn’t want to give too much away yet.

          “Sit down in the living room, I have to talk to you guys about something,” Dani told her family before following them all into the living room.

          Dani thought that it would be the best to start at the beginning of the story and just blurt it out rather than make “small talk” before she said her news.  “On Friday night, Kevin went downstairs to get me something, and he found a little girl in our basement,” Dani said bracing for everyone’s reaction.

          “A little girl,” Angela screeched.  “Like an actual human being.”

          “Yes,” Dani said.  “Her name is Emma, and she is four years old,” Dani said, and then quietly muttered, “She is upstairs.”

          Bucky who had been quiet throughout this whole thing, finally said, “Well are we going to meet her?”

          Dani looked up at her father, “you want to meet her,” Dani said as her dad nodded his head.

          “Okay, let me go get her and Kevin,” Dani said as she stood up and went upstairs leaving her family downstairs.

          “Wow,” Katie said.  “That was a shocker.”  Everyone muttered a response to her.

          When Dani got upstairs, Kevin and Emma were sitting on the bed talking, Emma was cuddled into Kevin.  “Hey guys,” Dani said when she came in the bedroom door.

          “Mommy,” Emma yelled.  She was so excited to see her.

          “Emma Bug, we have people that want to meet you,” Dani said as she picked Emma up.

          “Mommy are the people’s going to be means like Sir was to me,” Emma said.  Dani looked at Kevin who said, “she has been worried about that all morning, haven’t you Emma?”  Emma just nodded her head and stuck her thumb in her mouth.

          “Emma,” Dani said as she sat down with her on the bed, “these people are nice, they aren’t mean like Sir is, okay?”  Emma just nodded her head.  “Are you ready to go downstairs and meet them?” Dani said as Emma nodded her head.

          “Come on let’s go downstairs and meet everyone then,” Emma said as they went downstairs and into the living room where Dani’s family was.  “Guys this is Emma,” Dani said as she held the little girl.

          “Hi Emma, I am your Nonna,” Angela said as Emma buried her face into Dani’s shirt and started crying.

          “Oh Emma,” Dani said as she rubbed her back to get her calmed down, “it’s okay.”

          After a couple of minutes Emma stopped crying.  Next was Bucky, “Hi Emma I am your Poppy,” he said, he got a giggle out of Emma.  She thought that it was funny that he was called Poppy.

          “Hi Emma, I am your Ziti Dina,” Dina said as she came up to her.  Emma laughed and said Ziti in her tiny voice.

          “Hi Emma, I am your cool uncle, Uncle B,” Brian said next.

          “Hi Emma, I am your Zio,” Mikey said as he came up to her.  She giggled when she heard Zio.

          “Hi Emma, I am your Zia Katie,” Katie said as she came up to her and said hi.  Emma, who was still a little shy, hid her head in her Mom’s shoulder.

          “Come on let’s eat lunch,” Angela said as they all sat down at the table in the kitchen.  Emma wouldn’t leave Dani’s lap no matter how hard they had tried to get her to sit in her own chair, she refused.

          Lunch went smoothly, until Emma started getting grumpy, and threw a noodle that she didn’t want across the table.  “Emma do you need some corner time?” Kevin asked her, she shook her head but then threw another noodle across the table.

          Kevin stood up, picked her up out of Dani’s lap and put her in one of the living room corners.  They decided last night that this would be her corner for corner time.  “You need to stay there for four minutes, Emma,” Kevin said as Emma looked up at him with tears dripping down her cheeks already.

          Kevin left her sit there and went back to eating her lunch.  “You did a good job with her Kevin,” Angela said when he sat down.

          “Thanks, when Frankie was that age my parents did that same thing with him,” Kevin said.

          “Do your parents know about her yet?” Bucky asked as he took a bite of his pasta.

          “No, I am going to call them tonight and see if they can all come out sometime this week to meet her.  I don’t really want to tell them over the phone if possible,” Kevin said.

          “If you will excuse me, I have to go get my daughter out of the corner now,” Kevin said as Katie started laughing.

          “Why are you laughing, Katie,” Kevin said as he turned around and saw her laughing.

          “Because it sounded like you put her in the corner,” Katie said.

          “Well, I did,” Kevin said as he turned and left the room to go get Emma.   When he got in the living room, he saw Emma hiding under the table in the corner while Riley and Maci barked at her.

          “Emma, what are you doing under there?” Kevin said as he came over and tried to coax Emma out of under the table.  It was when Kevin got down on his hands and knees to get her out of under the table that he saw that she was crying.  “Emma, what’s wrong?” Kevin said as he picked up Riley and Maci and moved them over so he could see what was wrong with Emma.

          “Daddy,” Emma said as she came hurdling out into his arms, she was crying.  She eventually stuck her thumb in her mouth and calmed down.

          “Emma, you can’t throw noodles across the table, okay,” Kevin said as he sat down on the couch with her in his lap.  Emma just nodded, “okay Daddy, I am sorry.”

          “It’s okay, now let’s go back and finish lunch,” Kevin said as he stood up and walked back into the kitchen with her in her arms.  “Daddy, I sit by self,” Emma said as Kevin sat down with her on his lap.

          “Okay Emma,” Kevin said as he sat her on the chair between him and Dani, and then slid her plate over to be more in front of her.

          Once they were done with lunch, Angela brought out dessert, Ice Cream Bars, she had gotten plenty for the whole family and extras, and there was enough for Emma to have one too.  “Here Emma,” Angela said as she gave her an ice cream bar.  Emma looked at it for the longest time before taking a bite of it, when she did no one expected her face though.  Tears started dripping down her face and she started crying.

          “Daddy,” Emma cried out.  She didn’t like her ice cream one bit; it was too sweet and really cold.

          “Shhh,” Kevin said as he grabbed her and placed her on his lap.  She cuddled into him and started sucking her thumb, it was too cold.  “I don’t like it,” Emma said when Katie tried to give it to her again.

          “Oh Emma,” Kevin said as he rubbed her back, “shhh,” he said as Emma closed her eyes and fell into a deep sleep.  Kevin stood up with her in his arms, “I am going to go put her upstairs,” Kevin said.  It was apparent that the four-year-old still needed daily naps.

          “Here Kevin, we’ll take her,” Katie said as Dina stood up and reached out for her.  Kevin gave her to Dina, “which one is her bedroom,” Dina asked.  She figured that she had her own bedroom.

          “She has been sharing a room with us these past couple of days, so you can put her in our room.  We are going to get her room set up in the next couple of weeks and she will for sure have a new room once we move to the new house,” Kevin said.

          “Okay, thanks, we will be right back down,” Katie said as she followed Dina and Emma upstairs.  They put her down for her nap and then went back downstairs.

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