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Finding Hope – Chapter 6

          It had been a couple days since Emma had met both families.  Kevin and Dani found out that Emma did not like eggs and wasn’t really a big fan of ham.  Besides not liking anything sweet, she now did not like eggs or ham.  She loved pizza and fruit.  Apples were her big thing right now.  She always wanted apples.

          “Daddy, can I have apple?” Emma asked that afternoon before the live chat announcing the sex of the baby.

          “What do you say?” Kevin said, they had been trying to get her to use her manners more and more every day.  She liked to demand things.

          “Please Daddy,” Emma said with a smile.

          “Yea, but then you have to go color with Riley and Maci, like we talked about last night, until we call you okay?”

          “Yes Daddy,” Emma said as Kevin gave her a bowl filled with an apple that he just sliced up for her to eat.

          Emma, can Mommy and Daddy talk to you?” Dani said the night before the live chat.  Once Emma was in her favorite spot, squished in between both of her parents, Kevin started talking.

          “Emma, Daddy is famous,” Kevin started out saying.  Emma just looked completely confused.

          “What that mean?” Emma said as she looked up at her dad.  Kevin looked at Dani, this was turning out to be a lot harder than they thought it was going to be.

          “It means that I have fans all over the world who know who I am,” Kevin said as she still looked utterly confused.

          “So that knows who you are,” Emma asked as she pointed at the ceiling fan in the living room.

          “No Emma,” Kevin laughed at his four-year-old daughter, “I have people all around the world that know who I am, that is what fans are,” Kevin said as Emma still looked a little confused.
          “I know who you are Daddy,” Emma said.

          “Do people know who Mommy is too,” Emma asked looking at Dani.

          “Yes, many people know who I am,” Dani said as she looked down at the little girl squished in between them.  “I think what Daddy is trying to tell you is that we are going to have a live chat tomorrow night to tell them about you and your baby sister,” Dani said.

          Emma was coloring with Riley and Maci while Kevin and Dani started the chat out.  “Hi everyone, how are you tonight?  So, before we announce what the sex of the baby is, we have something to tell you,” Kevin said.

          “A couple of weeks ago, we found a little girl in our basement,” Dani said as she looked over at Kevin to finish, she didn’t really know what else to say.

          “As Dani was saying, we found a little girl in our basement a couple of weeks ago.  She was underweighting and had been abused when we found her, so we decided to adopt her into our family, her name is Emma,” Kevin said as he called for his daughter.

          “Hi Daddy, I drew a picture,” Emma said as she climbed on her father’s lap along with her light brown bear.

          “Do you want to show everyone your pretty picture?” Kevin asked her.

          “Yea, it’s a picture of Mommy, Daddy, me, Riley and Maci,” Emma said as she showed everyone.

          “Emma why is everyone else purple, but Mommy is orange,” Dani asked her daughter.

          “Riley ate my purple crayon, because Teddy fell over, so I had to help him sit up again, so I put down my purple crayon and then Riley came over and ate it.”

          “Oh,” was all that Dani said.  They would have a talk later with Emma about leaving her crayons out, especially if Riley did eat a crayon.  They would have to look up what to do or they would probably just call the vet.

          “Daddy, can we tell them that I am going to be a big sister yet,” Emma wined as she snuggled into him.

          “Let’s ask if they have any questions for you first though,” Kevin said as Emma nodded.

          “Emma, they want to know what your favorite color is?” that was the only one that Kevin found to be easy enough/appropriate to ask his daughter.  Most of them were just wanting to know what the baby was.

          “My favorite color is purple, like my purple dress,” Emma said as she got so excited.

          “Daddy, I am hungry,” Emma said as she squiggled on his lap.

          “I know you are baby; we will get dinner after we are done talking with the fans,” Kevin whispered into her hair so only she heard it.

          “Emma what do you say we tell them about you being a big sister,” Kevin asked her.  He could tell that she was going to get cranky soon.

          “Yea,” Emma said as both Kevin and Dani opened the box of balloons that were sitting behind them.  When the balloons came out of the box Emma jumped in her father’s lap.

          “We are having a girl,” Kevin and Dani said in unison when the pink balloons came out of the box.  A couple minutes later they said their good-byes and signed off.  They put up the ultrasound picture for the fans to see that they were having a girl.

          “Daddy, I am hungry,” Emma wined.

          “Emma before we eat, Mommy and Daddy want to talk to you okay,” Dani said as Emma looked at her parents.

          “Emma, why didn’t you come tell me or Daddy that Riley ate the purple crayon?” Dani asked her.

          “Because Daddy said that I couldn’t make any noise until he called me, and I didn’t want to get in trouble,” Emma said.

          “Emma that is true, but if something like that ever happens again you have to come get Mommy or Daddy right away,” Kevin said.

          “Okay,” Emma said.

          “Now where were you coloring when Riley came and ate your crayon?” Dani said as Emma hopped off of Kevin’s lap and ran over to where she was coloring in the living room.

          When they got in the living room, they found no crayons in Emma’s crayon bin and the crayon wrappers all over the living room but no actual crayons anywhere.  “See Daddy, Riley ate all of my crayons,” Emma said as both Riley and Maci came in licking their lips and looking for more to eat.

          “I think it was a little more than just Riley who ate them, I think Maci helped her too,” Dani said as she went over to Riley and Maci.  “Kevin calls the emergency vet and tell them that we are bringing over both Riley and Maci.  Tell them that they ate crayons, I am going to go get them and Emma loaded up in the car,” Dani said as she went to turn on the car and get Riley, Maci and Emma in the car.

          “Mommy where are we going?” Emma asked as Dani opened the car door and she climbed into the car and into her car seat.  She didn’t quite get how to do her seat belt yet, so Dani had to help her.

          “We are going to the doggie doctor,” Dani said, “we need to make sure that Riley and Maci are okay after eating all of those crayons of yours.”

          “Oh, I hope they are okay,” Emma said, but then added, “what is a doctor?”  She knew what a doggie was, but she had no clue what a doctor was.

          It then dawned on Dani that they had been so busy with everything going on these past couple of weeks that they hadn’t taken Emma to the doctor to get all checked out and to make sure she was fine.  “A doctor helps someone feel better,” Dani said as Kevin came out.

          “The emergency vet said that we should bring them over if we think they ate that many crayons,” Kevin said as he got in the car and backed out of the garage.

          They were at the animal hospital soon.  By the time they got to the animal hospital Riley and Maci weren’t their energetic self.  Both girls were very sleepy and tired.

          “Come on Emma,” Kevin said as he opened the door and got her unbuckled while Dani went inside with the two dogs.

          She didn’t want to walk she wanted to be picked up.  “DADDY PICK ME UP,” Emma yelled.  “NO, DADDY PICK ME UP,” Emma continued to yell from her place on the ground.

          “Emma, do you need corner time,” Kevin asked her.

          “NOOOOOO Daddy pick me up,” Emma screamed as Kevin came over, and tried to pick her up.  She was screaming way too much to be in the animal hospital right now.  “NOOOOOO Daddy, let me go, I don’t want corner time,” Emma screamed when Kevin was trying to get her in the car.  She was now having a full-on temper tantrum, she was yelling and kicking and screaming making it impossible for Kevin to pick her up and put her in the car.

          Kevin finally got Emma in the car, and got the door closed.  He then got in the car, with her.  He didn’t want to leave her in there alone.  He texted Dani telling her where they were and what was going on.

          After five minutes of non-stop screaming, Emma calmed down.  Kevin looked back at Emma who still had tears running down her face, but she was quiet for now.

          “Emma, why did you scream and yell like that?  You know better than that, I didn’t even know you wanted to be picked up, if you would have asked, I would have picked you up,” Kevin said as he turned around in the front seat to look at his daughter who still had tears running down her cheeks.  All she did was shrug her shoulders and look up at him.

          “Sorry Daddy,” Emma said quietly.

          “It is okay honey, should we go find Mommy?” Kevin asked as he got out of the car and opened the car door.  He quickly picked Emma up out of her car seat and carried her inside where they found Dani right away in the waiting room.

          “Hi guys, I was just getting ready to text you with an update,” Dani said as she looked up at Kevin and Emma who was laying her head on Kevin’s shoulder and had her thumb in her mouth.  A sign that she was still upset.

          “Why was she so upset?” Dani asked.  They had never seen Emma throw a fit or get mad and scream in the three weeks they had her.

          “She wanted to be picked up, but she didn’t ask,” Kevin said as he looked at his daughter.

          “Mommy,” Emma said as she reached out for Dani.  Dani stood up and took her on her lap.  “Are the doggies going to be okay?” Emma asked as she laid her head on Dani’s chest.

          “I think the doggies will be okay,” Dani said as she laid a hand on Emma’s forehead.  She was acting very clingy right now, clingier than her usual self.  “Emma are you feeling okay?” Dani asked her as Emma just laid her head back on her chest.  She didn’t feel warm or anything.

          “So, what is going on?  What did they say?” Kevin asked as he sat down by Dani and Emma.

          “They did an X-Ray on both of them and they both had a large substance in their stomachs, probably the crayon wax that they ate.  So, they are inducing vomiting on them right now,” Dani said.  “I think we now need to make some rules for when she is coloring to make sure this doesn’t happen again,” Dani was just finishing saying as they got called into an examination room to discuss what happened.

          “Emma do you want to walk or have Daddy carry you?” Dani asked Emma. 

          “Daddy,” Emma said quietly as Kevin came and picked her up.  Emma snuggled into Kevin’s chest very quickly.

          “This is my husband Kevin, and my daughter Emma,” Dani said when she saw the vet tech that she recognized.

          “Hi, I am Megan,” she said as she shook Kevin’s hand.

          “Your dogs are fine, we had to induce vomiting on them as I was telling your wife earlier,” Megan said looking at Kevin and now a sleeping Emma.  She was very tired and hungry.  “So, because of this, your dogs need to be on a canned food diet for a couple of days to settle their stomachs and get them back to normal.”

          “What does that mean?” Dani asked.

          “That means that they won’t be able to have treats or regular dog food.  It is actually a prescription dog food that I will be giving you, it has extra nutrients and vitamins in it to keep them healthy for these next couple of days,” Megan said.

          “How long do they have to be on this diet,” Kevin asked.

          “Nothing to eat or drink tonight, and then two to three days on this diet.  We typically have you feed them three times a day, for the first day and then reduce it to two times after that,” Megan said.  “You will get the exact feeding instructions and the food upfront though.  Do you have any other questions for me?”

          “No, I think that is it,” Dani said.

          “Okay, let me go get your dogs for you,” Megan said as she left the room and came back with the two dogs who both looked exhausted from the whole experience.

          Kevin took Emma and the dogs to the car while Dani paid the vet bill.  “Daddy, are we going to eat soon?” Emma asked as Kevin was strapping her in.  He got both dogs and Emma in the car before Dani came out with the dog food.

          “Yea we are going to go eat right now,” Kevin said as Emma nodded her head and closed her eyes.

          The next afternoon, Dani was running errands, while Kevin and Emma were at home cuddling on the couch, when the doorbell rang.  Emma jumped; she was not like most kids.  She was scared to death of the doorbell.  Kevin picked her up wondering who could be at the door, Dani’s family would just come in through the garage and they weren’t expecting anyone, or he didn’t think so anyways.

          When Kevin answered the door, he saw a big mean-looking scruffy man on the other side.  “Uh hi, what do you need?” Kevin asked the man.

          “Hi Emma,” the man creepily said.  This made Emma scream and hold her father around the neck very tightly.

          “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy,” Emma kept on repeating through silent tears.  She was scared to death of that man, who happened to be known to her as Sir.  She was scared that he was going to come take her away from them.

          “Shhh,” Kevin said as he rubbed her back while still looking at the man, who he assumed was Sir.  He was also trying to figure out a way that he could call the police while holding onto Emma and keeping an eye on him.

          “Give me the girl,” the man said.

          “No,” Kevin said as the man came and tried to grab Emma’s left leg, which only made Emma grab onto Kevin tighter.  She was so scared that Sir was going to take her away.

          “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy,” Emma kept on repeating.  She was so scared.

          “Please leave you are scaring my daughter,” Kevin said firmly as he started at the man.

          “Oh, who says she is your daughter, she is actually mine, aren’t you little brat,” the man said.

          “Daddy no don’t let him take me,” Emma cried as she grabbed onto Kevin’s neck even tighter than she had previously been.

          “Shhh, I won’t let him take you, Emma,” Kevin whispered again into her hair.  He had to think quickly and get her out of here, preferably both of them, but definitely her.

          “Well, you are obviously scaring my daughter, so you need to leave now please,” Kevin said sternly.  When that didn’t work, Kevin had to come up with another idea and quickly.  However, it didn’t take long for the man to leave the house and get in the truck.

The man got in his car and left the house a couple minutes later, but not before saying, “I will be back for you brat,” to Emma who visibly flinched in Kevin’s arms.

Kevin took out his phone and called the police and told them the license plate, the way he was heading and the model of the truck he was driving.  They told them that they would keep him updated.

          “Daddy, I pee-pee,” Emma said as she started wiggling in his arms.  “Real’s bad,” Emma said as Kevin set her on the floor as she ran to the bathroom.  There he helped her pull down her pants.  He then lifted her on the toilet and held onto her.  She peed almost immediately.

          “Emma Bear, do you have to go poops,” Kevin asked his daughter.  They had been trying to get her to go ever since Saturday.  She typically went once if not twice a day.  She hadn’t gone since Saturday and they were worried that she was constipated.

          “No Daddy,” Emma shook her head as Kevin helped stand her up and wipe her with toilet paper.

          “Emma, you know you are eventually going to have to poops,” Kevin said as Emma just looked at him.

          “I don’t have to poops though,” Emma said as she stuck her thumb in her mouth again and indicated she wanted to be picked up.  Emma was still shaken up from it, she still had tears coming down her face.

          “Come on Emma, let’s go take a nap,” Kevin said as he picked her up again.  She snuggled into him and stuck her thumb in her mouth as Kevin took her up to his and Dani’s bedroom.  He laid her on the bed and then covered her up with a blanket.  She was out in no time.

Kevin took this time to text Dani and tell her that she needed to come home as soon as she was able too.  She said that she would be home in a half an hour.  Kevin stayed in the room with her until his phone started blasting its ringtone.  He then quietly took it right outside of the bedroom door before answering it.

“Hello, is this Kevin Jonas?  This is Gary from the Denville Police Station,” the person on the other line said.

“Yes, this is he,” Kevin said as he looked down at his feet, it was a habit he had when he was on the phone.  The fans went nuts for it, but he didn’t really care.

“I just wanted to let you know that we have Trevor Grande in custody now, and he is no longer a threat to you or your daughter, he is going to be going to jail,” Gary said.

“Thank you so much,” Kevin said as they both said their goodbyes and hung up.  Kevin checked on Emma who was sound asleep sucking her thumb and hugging her Teddy Bear.  He then headed downstairs to watch some TV until Dani came home.

“Hi Dani,” Kevin said when she came home a while later with her hands full of food.

“Where is Emma?” Dani asked, thinking she was going to see the little girl run into her legs any second now.

“She is sleeping upstairs, Sir came to the door,” Kevin said as he helped Dani unload the groceries.

“What,” Dani said as she looked at Kevin in shock.  “Why didn’t you call me to come home, where is he now.”

“He was arrested, he is in jail,” Kevin said.

“Wait, how,” Dani said.

“He came to the house and scared Emma, and I somehow got him to leave.  When he left, I called 911 and they called about a half an hour later saying they found him and he is in custody,” Kevin said.

“Custody,” Dani shrieked, as she looked at him.  “What if they let him go,” Dani said.

“He is going to jail, he apparently cooperated with the police and told them everything,” Kevin said as he helped Dani unload the last bag of groceries.

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