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Finding Hope – Chapter 7

          It had been almost a week since Sir came to the door.  Today, Emma had her first doctor’s appointment.  They were actually heading to the doctor’s office right now.  “Daddy, why are we here?” Emma asked when they pulled into the parking lot.

          “We are here because you have your first doctor’s appointment today,” Kevin said as he pulled into a parking spot.

          “What is the doctor?” Emma asked, “Is it like the doggie doctor?”

          “Yea, it’s like the doggie doctor,” Kevin said.  That is what they had called the vet when they had to take Riley and Maci to the emergency vet last week.  Emma reached out for her Dad who picked her up.  Once they got upstairs and were in the waiting room, Kevin put Emma down.  She looked around at all of the toys and then ran back to Dani who was now sitting on one of the chairs reading a magazine waiting to be called.

          “Mommy,” Emma called as she ran towards her and jumped on her lap, she stuck her thumb in her mouth and cuddled into Dani.

          “Hi Emma,” Dani said as she put down her magazine and looked down at Emma who had stuck her thumb in her mouth.  They called them back a couple minutes later.

          “Okay Emma, I need you to stand on here for me,” the nurse said as Emma stood on the scale and waited for the nurse to be done weighing her.  “Okay, it looks like we have 19 pounds,” the nurse said as she wrote it down on her chart.  “Now I need you to stand really tall for me,” she said as Emma stood really tall for her by the wall, which had a tape measure on it.  “We have 32 and 1/8 inch,” she said as Emma ran to her Dad.

          “Daddy,” Emma said as she ran towards him.  Kevin picked her up and they followed the nurse to the examination room.

          “Okay, so why are we here today,” the nurse asked as soon as the door was shut.

          “We found little Emma in our basement about two weeks ago, she had been abused.  We decided to adopt her and give her a much better home,” Dani said as she looked over at Kevin and Emma.

          “So, it is for a first visit,” the nurse said, “at least that is what it says in the file.”

          “Yes, that is what it is for,” Dani said as the nurse put a blood pressure cuff around Emma’s arm.  She pressed a button and it started squeezing her arm.  While that was happening, she took out a thermometer and put it in her mouth.

          “Her temperature is 98.4 and her blood pressure is 105/88,” the nurse said as she typed her information into the computer, logged off, put away the blood pressure cuff and thermometer, “the doctor will be right in,” she said as she left the room.

          “What was her temp again?” Dani asked.  She had gotten everything else written down, except for her temperature.

          “98.4, I think,” Kevin said.

          “Hi, I am Dr. Hyman,” she said as she came into the room.  “Emma, can we get you to sit up here on the table for me, I have to listen to your heart,” the doctor said, she tried to make it sound fun.  Emma however buried her face in her father’s chest.

          “Emma, the doctor needs you up on the table,” Kevin whispered in her hair as he stood up and set her on the table.  Once the doctor tapped her knees and listened to her heart and lungs, she sat down with Kevin and Dani.

          “So, as I realized in her chart, Emma is underweighting and is short for her age, she weighs in at 19 pounds which is really underweight for a four-year-old, and she is a little over 32 inches, which is also really short for her age.  I am not as worried about her being short, but her being underweight I am concerned about, and she is way underweight for her height.  All kids grow in different ways, some are shorter; some are taller.  There is no really typical height for a kid.  So, I wouldn’t worry about her being taller, but I would worry about her weight,” the doctor said.

          “She hardly eats anything and when she does eat, she eats fruit, mainly apples,” Kevin said.

          “Well apples have a lot of good fiber, but they are low in calories, does she drink milk?” the doctor asked.

          “Yea she loves milk,” Dani said.

          “What percent of milk does she drink?” the doctor asked.

          “She drinks 2 percent milk,” Dani said as Emma snuggled into her some more.

          “There isn’t that much difference in calories between whole and 2 percent milk, the only difference in whole milk is the fat content, I typically wouldn’t recommend this for her age, but I think it will be a good start, I would give her whole milk for a while.  I want to see you back in six weeks again to do another weight and height check on her,” the doctor said as she left the room after shaking Kevin and Dani’s hands.

The next day was the day that Kevin, Dani, and Emma were filming for Rachel Ray Show.  As soon as Rachel had found out that Dani was pregnant, she had been asking them to be on the show.

          They were making the two-hour trip to the city today to be on the show.  “Emma are you ready to be on TV?” Kevin asked when they were pulling into the back-parking lot of the Rachel Ray Show.  Emma didn’t say anything.  She had been quieter than her normal perky self that day.

          They were doing a segment with Riley and Maci too, and how-to best train and prepare their dogs for when the baby was born.  They even had Rachel’s dog trainer, Justin, there to help them out.

Kevin grabbed the dog’s leashes and hooked them to their collars before picking Emma up out of her car seat.  “Come on Emma,” Kevin said as he picked her up out of her car seat.  Emma just rested her head on Kevin’s shoulder.  They had tried to get her to sleep on the way to New York, but she didn’t want too so she was a little on the tired side.

Once they were inside the studio, it was a whirlwind of busyness.  There were people going in every which way helping both Kevin and Dani to makeup and dressed.  Kevin and Dani had been through this before, but little Emma had never been through this before.

“Emma, Mommy and Daddy have to go be on the show, okay,” Dani said as she came over and gave her a quick hug and kiss.  Later on, in the show, Emma was going to be joining them and Rachel to be introduced to the world.  As soon as Rachel had found out about Emma, she wanted to hear the whole story, so Kevin and Dani had agreed to have Emma on the show along with the dogs.

“Mommy,” Emma cried as soon as Dani left the room.  She didn’t know what was going on, she just wanted her Mom.

 “Come on Emma, let’s watch them on the big TV,” Justin, Rachel’s dog trainer said as he turned on the big TV to have Dani’s face pop up on the screen.  He had agreed to watch her while Kevin and Dani were on the talk show.

Emma would get upset every time the camera wasn’t on Dani.  “Mommy,” Emma would cry, she had snot dripping down her face.  Justin had tried to wipe her nose for her, but she wasn’t having it.

“Mommy,” Emma screamed when they went into the first commercial break.  During this short commercial break, Kevin and Dani stayed out and talked quietly with Rachel.  It was the next commercial break that they were going to bring out Emma and the dogs.

“Emma, come on let’s play with Riley and Maci,” Justin said.  He was trying to keep her occupied while Kevin and Dani were out of the room.  Emma didn’t move, she just stood there and cried until Kevin and Dani came into the room.

 “Mommy,” Emma cried as she ran into her legs sobbing as soon as Kevin and Dani came into the room.

“Oh Emma, what’s wrong?” Dani said as she picked up the four-year-old.  Emma laid her head on her shoulder and calmed down right away.

“She has been crying out for you from the second you were gone, she was only happy when she saw you, Dani, on TV,” Justin said as he came over to the now happy family of three.

“Sorry,” Kevin said as he looked over at Emma.  They hadn’t really prepared her for what was going to be happening.  They didn’t even explain what was going to happen other than that she was going to be on TV and had to be good.  She was probably also tired since she hadn’t slept at all on the way to the studio.

“Emma, we are going to be on TV now,” Dani said as she rubbed the little girls back.

“Mommy on TV too,” Emma said as she looked up at Dani.

“Yes, Mommy is going to be on TV too,” Dani said as she looked down at the little girl in her arms.

“Emma, do you have to go potty before we go on TV,” Dani asked the little girl who nodded her head.  Dani and Emma disappeared into the dressing room bathroom.  Dani sat her on the toilet and held on to her while she went.  Emma, of course, started moving around and the toilet was automatic, so it flushed on her.

“Mommy,” Emma cried as she reached out for Dani who got her off of the toilet right away, wiped her and pulled up her underwear.

“Emma, Mommy is going to go potty, go out with Daddy,” Dani said.

“Daddy,” Emma ran into his legs crying when Dani let her out of the bathroom after she had helped Emma wash her hands.

“Emma, what is wrong?” Kevin asked having no idea what went on inside the bathroom.

“Daddy, the potty almost sucked me in,” Emma cried into her father’s chest.

“Oh Emma,” Kevin said as he rubbed her back.  Emma stuck her thumb in her mouth and quieted down quickly.  “Daddy, it scary,” Emma said.

“Emma are you ready to be on TV,” Kevin asked the little girl that he was still thrilled to call his daughter.  Emma just nodded her head.

It was soon enough that they were called back to the set for the rest of the show.  “Emma, can you walk out there,” Kevin said as he sat her down.  He had to go find a hyper-energetic Maci who had jumped out of his arms and ran away on the short walk to the set.

“Emma how are you today,” Rachel asked the little girl who was hiding behind Dani’s leg.

“Good,” Emma said quietly but didn’t come out of her hiding spot.  She was acting very shy right now.

“Emma, I heard you like to color, do you want to come over here and color me a picture that we can put on the fridge,” Rachel said as she pointed to the fridge.

“Mommy too,” Emma said quietly.  She didn’t know what was going on, all she knew was that she was supposed to be good.

“Yea your Mommy can come too,” Rachel said as Emma and Dani went over to the little kids table that Rachel had set up for her to color a picture on.

While Emma was drawing her picture, Kevin and Dani were over talking with Justin, the dog trainer about how to train Riley and Maci about how to act with a baby and such.  Some of the tips Justin gave was having Riley and Maci on leashes for the first couple of days that the new baby was in the house.  That way if they get out of control, they can easily grab them.  “Okay now we are going to set them down and go for a walk with them,” Justin said.

“Emma, do you want to ride in the stroller,” Rachel asked Emma who was standing behind her with her picture of her, Riley and Maci done and, in her hands, watching.  Emma nodded and ran over to her Dad who gave Maci’s leash to Dani and picked up Emma and put her in the stroller.

Emma slept soundly on the way home.  She was so tired and now it was almost too late for her nap, but it was also too long of a ride to try to keep her awake for, so they let her sleep.

It had been about two weeks since the small Jonas family had been on Rachel Ray.  Today, Kevin, Dani, and Emma were heading to New York City to go to a TV set.  “Emma, we are going to go play on a TV set?” Kevin told the little girl.

  The Jonas Brothers were going on tour in about a month and today was the live tour announcement.  They were using an actual TV news set and were making it be like a news telecast.  They even had a newscaster from a local New York news station coming to be on the tour announcement.

“Emma, do you have to go potty before we get in the car?” Kevin asked his little girl who was accompanying him and Dani to the TV set today.

“Daddy, I poop before we get into the cars,” Emma said as she ran towards the bathroom.  Kevin followed after her, put the potty seat on the toilet, pulled down her pants, and sat her on the potty.

“Emma yell when you are done?” Kevin said as he left the bathroom, leaving the door open just a little bit so he could hear her when she was done.

“Daddy, the poops come out fast,” Emma said, as he heard some plops still making their way into the toilet, when her Dad came back and checked on her in a couple of minutes.

“Okay, Emma are you done?” Kevin asked her as he came in a couple minutes later with a pull up.  Emma was potty trained whenever she was awake, but when she was sleeping, she still had accidents, even if it was just a nap.

“Yea, the poops are all outs of me now,” Emma said as Kevin helped her stand up.  He wiped her with some toilet paper first, he then grabbed a warm washcloth wiped her bottom again just to make sure her bottom was clean.  He then helped her step into a pull up and pulled up her pants.

“Daddy, where are we going?” Emma asked when Kevin was putting her in the car a couple minutes later.

“We are going to see Glammy, Grandpapa, Uncle Joe, Uncle Nick, and Uncle Frankie,” Kevin said to his little girl.

“What are we going to do with them?” Emma asked.  She always had to know what they were going to do and where they were going to go.

“You and Mommy are going to stay with Grandpapa, Glammy, and Uncle Frankie while Daddy, Uncle Joe and Uncle Nick do a live chat,” Kevin said.

“Like what you, Mommy, and me did,” Emma said excited.

“Yea exactly like that, except it will be only Daddy, Uncle Joe and Uncle Nick,” Kevin said.

“Daddy, I’m sleepy,” Emma said as Kevin was getting ready to shut the car door.  It was getting near her naptime.

“You can go to sleep, Emma Bear,” Kevin said as he closed the car door.

“Dani, we have to get going,” Kevin went in the house looking for Dani who he found in the kitchen getting snacks for Emma for when Kevin and his brothers were doing the live chat.

“I know, I am just getting a couple of snacks for Emma and I am ready,” Dani said.  Dani had already packed up an activity bag for Emma that included two new coloring books and some new crayons, a couple of books and a little wind-up frog that hopped just to keep her entertained for a while.

“Does Emma have a pull-up on?” Dani asked.  They hadn’t brought a pull up with them when they went to New York for Rachel Ray and well Emma fell asleep on the way home she ended up having an accident.

“Yes, she has a pull up on and is already asleep,” Kevin said as him and Dani went and got in the car.  The drive to the TV studio was uneventful.  Emma slept the whole way.  It gave Kevin and Dani some time to talk about the new baby.

“Here, I’ll get Emma out of the car, you go on in,” Kevin said as they pulled into a parking space.  Emma was still sleeping soundly.  Kevin and Dani had opted out of having a driver for this trip because since Sir had come to the door, Emma was still a little fearful of strangers.  They also didn’t want her to freak out and have the day be ruined.

 “Come on Emma Bear,” Kevin said as he unstrapped her out of her car seat and picked her up into his arms.  She was still sound asleep. 

When they got into the studio, the first thing Kevin did was make a beeline for his dressing room.  He found Dani and a couch in his dressing room.  Kevin laid the little girl on the couch, and put the blanket that Dani was holding out to him over the little girl.

“I am going to head out there, I think we are having a meeting to find out tour dates,” Kevin whispered to his wife as he left Emma and Dani in his dressing room.

Emma woke up about a half an hour after Kevin left to go to the meeting to find out tour dates.  Emma had slept for over two hours, which meant that she wouldn’t be cranky or grumpy tonight.

“Hi Emma Bug,” Dani said using the nickname she gave her on the first day they had her.

“Hi Mommy,” Emma said as she came over and snuggled into her.  Emma liked her snuggle time after a nap with her parents.

“Emma, should we read some books,” Dani said as she reached over for the bag that had books in it, knowing that was one of Emma’s favorite things to do.

“Yea,” Emma said as she snuggled into Dani under the blanket that was now covering both Emma and Dani’s legs.

The live chat started about two and a half hours later.  Dani and Emma were sitting in the control room watching the live chat from the TV’s.  Emma had found her new coloring books and was coloring in them by the door.

“Hi Uncle Nick,” Dani heard on the TV screen a couple minutes later.  “Can I sit on you?”

“Emma aren’t you supposed to be with your Mommy,” Nick asked the little girl who had now managed to climb onto his lap.

“Mommy was boring, so I came to find you,” Emma said.

“Oh, did you Emma,” Nick said as she giggled a little bit.

 “Where is the computer screen?” Emma asked confused.  There were people here with cameras on their shoulders but no computer screen.  This wasn’t like Mommy, Daddy, and her live chat a couple of weeks ago.

“There are cameras, no computer screens,” Nick said to her as she looked confused but went along with it.

“Hi Daddy,” Emma said as she waved at Kevin.

“Hi, Uncle Jimmy,” Emma said as she waved at Joe and giggled, she found it funny that they were calling him Jimmy instead of Joe.

“What’s your name?” Emma asked the guy sitting next to her and Nick.  She hadn’t seen him or known him.

“Em, this is Frank, he is here to help us with this broadcast.”

“Oh,” was all Emma said, she then opened her coloring book and started coloring a picture.

Meanwhile Dani was in the control room looking for Emma, she had disappeared and apparently took her bag and coloring book with her, when she heard a little giggle from behind her.  Dani spun around and saw her sitting in Nick’s lap on the TV screen coloring in one of her coloring books.

“Hey, can I be the next one to call and tell them the city they are going to be in,” Dani asked Paul.  She wanted to know why her daughter was sitting on Nick’s lap.

“Sure,” Paul said, you will be next.

“Hi Emma,” Dani said a couple minutes later into the phone.

“Hi Mommy,” Emma squealed.

“Are you having fun?” Dani asked her.

“Yea, I am coloring Uncle Nick the picture of the fishy in my coloring book,” Emma said.

“Well Emma can you tell Uncle Nick this?” Dani asked her.

“Yes Mommy,” Emma said.

“Can you tell him that they are going to Wisconsin,” Dani said.

“Yes Mommy, I will tell him,” Emma said.

“Okay, you be good for Uncle Nick and let me talk to him for a minute,” Dani said, hoping that her brother-in-law would be okay with having her on his lap for the rest of the chat.

“I will Mommy,” Emma said as she handed the phone to her Uncle.

“Hi Nick, do you want me to come gets Emma?” Dani asked her brother-in-law.

“No, she is fine,” Nick said.

“Thank you, Nick,” Dani said, “and Emma knows where you are going next.”

“I love you Mommy,” Emma yelled into the phone as Nick hung up the phone.

“Okay now that long conversation is done, Emma where are we going next?”

“I don’t remember, it was a very long name,” Emma said as she tried to think but couldn’t come up with anything.

“Emma was its Wisconsin?” Nick said knowing that was the place they were going next.

“Yea that was it,” Emma said as they showed the map again and then went on to the other concerts.

“Uncle Nick, when are we going to be done?” Emma asked him after she presented him with her picture of the fish that she had colored orange to be a goldfish and the bubbles were blue.

“Emma, do you want to go find Mommy,” Nick asked her as she nodded her head and climbed off of his lap.

“Here Nick, I’ll take her,” Joe said as he came over and took her hand and took her to where Dani was.

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