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Finding Hope – Chapter 9

          Kevin, Dani, and Emma had arrived in Texas the day before for the Thanksgiving weakened.  Tomorrow was Thanksgiving.  Today Joe was arriving for the weekend.  It was still a little rocky amongst the brothers.  They really hadn’t seen or spoken to each other since the day that they announced the break-up on Good Morning America.  Kevin was hoping that he could at least talk to Joe somewhat this weekend.  Nick was flying in early tomorrow morning and leaving right after dinner.   It was just as well, Kevin thought, because he was the one that broke up the band.

          Emma was still very sick; she was not getting much better.  She had woken up three times in the middle of the night to throw up.

          “How are you feeling this morning Emma?” Denise said when Kevin and Emma came downstairs.  Dani was still sleeping upstairs.

          “Icky,” Emma coughed as she snuggled into her Dad who was carrying her.

          “Poor thing,” Denise said as she came over and felt Emma’s head to find it warm.

          “I think she has a fever,” Denise said as Kevin felt her forehead.

          “She is feeling a little warm,” Kevin agreed.

          “Let me go find a thermometer to take her temperature,” Denise said as she disappeared before anyone could say anything to her.

“Emma do you feel hot?” Kevin asked his daughter who nodded her head and leaned it on her Dad’s shoulder.

“Emma, does your tummy still hurt?” Kevin asked Emma as she nodded her head.

“Here, I found one that works,” Denise said as she came in carrying a thermometer.  She had looked at three different ones and two of them didn’t want to work for her.

“Emma, do you want Glammy or Daddy to take your temperature,” Denise said as Emma looked at her grandmother.

“Daddy,” Emma said quietly as she snuggled into him.  Denise gave the thermometer to Kevin who took her temperature.

“Oh Emma, you have a fever, 101.2” Kevin said as he felt her forehead.  “Poor thing,” he added as he kissed her forehead.

“Daddy, my tummy is,” Emma started saying, but didn’t have enough time to finish before she puked all over the floor, herself, and her Dad.

“Oh Emma, let’s go take a bath, and then we will come downstairs and cuddle,” Kevin said as he carried his puke covered daughter upstairs where he got a bath running.

“Mommy,” Emma yelled when they walked through the bedroom to get to the bathroom.

“Emma, Mommy is sleeping, let’s not wake her up,” Kevin scolded his daughter who just nodded.

“Emma do you have to go potty,” Kevin asked his daughter who nodded her head.  Kevin sat Emma down on the ground and put Emma’s potty seat on the toilet.  He then pulled down her pants and pullup and then lifted Emma onto her potty.

“Daddy, I poop too,” Emma said as she started having a bout of diarrhea.

“It is okay honey,” Kevin said as he rubbed her back.

“Daddy, I’m cold,” Emma shivered as she sat on the toilet.

“Emma, Daddy is going to go get changed and then he will be back to get you in the bath, okay,” Kevin said as Emma nodded her head as she had more diarrhea.

“Are you done?” Kevin asked when he came back a while later in new clothes.  He still had to shower, so he was going to shower after he gave Emma her bath.  Emma just nodded her head as she reached up for her Dad.

“Just a minute Em,” Kevin said as he turned off the water and put some bubbles in the water to make it more fun for Emma.

“Okay Emma let’s stand up,” Kevin said as he helped his daughter stand up and get off the toilet.  He grabbed some toilet paper and wiped her.

“Come on honey, let’s get in the tub,” Kevin said as he lifted her into the tub.

“Daddy, I don’t like being sick,” Emma said as Kevin was washing her hair.   He had no clue how, but she got vomit in her hair too.

“I know you don’t like being sick honey, I don’t think anyone does,” Kevin said as Emma started coughing again.  Kevin rubbed Emma’s back as she coughed.

“Okay are we done,” Kevin asked his daughter a couple minutes later, she nodded her head as she reached up for Kevin who picked her up and set her down by the tub.  He grabbed a towel and wrapped her in it.

“Okay Emma, here are your pajamas,” Kevin said as he helped her step into her pull-up.

“Daddy shirt,” Emma said as she started crying.  She didn’t understand why it wasn’t there, and it was tomorrow already.

“Oh honey, it will be here today, I promise,” Kevin said as Emma continued to cry.

“Daddy, I’m going to throw up,” Emma said as Kevin picked her up and sat her in front of the toilet, just in time for her to throw up.

“Shhh, it’s okay,” Kevin said as he rubbed his daughters back while she continued to throw up in the toilet.

“Come on let’s get you in your pajamas,” Kevin said after she was done throwing up.

“Daddy, I’m cold,” Emma cried.

“I know that is why we are going to get you in your pajamas,” Kevin said as he helped her get into her pants and shirt.

Emma, Daddy has to take a shower, do you want to go cuddle with Mommy or do you want to go downstairs with Glammy?” Kevin asked his daughter.

“Cuddle with Mommy,” Emma said as Kevin led her out to the still dark room where Dani was sleeping on the bed.  He lifted her up onto the bed where she cuddled up with Dani immediately and closed her eyes.

By the time Kevin got out of the shower, Dani and Emma were already downstairs.

“Daddy, Glammy made me some applesauces for breakfasts,” Emma said excitedly as she hopped off of her stool and ran over to him about halfway to him, she made a dead stop.  “I’m going to throw up,” Emma said as she covered her mouth with her little hand.  Kevin grabbed the nearest garbage can and thrust it under her mouth for her to throw up all of the applesauce that she had just ate for breakfast, plus more.

“Oh Emma,” Kevin said as Emma continued to throw up.

“Daddy,” Emma cried after she was done throwing up and ran into his arms.

“Come here Emma,” Kevin said as he picked up his little girl.  She immediately stuck her thumb in her mouth and closed her eyes.  She went limp and started breathing deep a couple minutes later.  Kevin went and laid her on the couch in the living room and covered her up with a blanket.  He gave her a kiss on the forehead before leaving quietly and heading back to the kitchen for breakfast.

“She is sleeping,” Kevin said as he sat down next to his Dad at the island.

“It’s tough having sick kids isn’t it?” Paul said as Kevin looked exhausted.

“Yea, she woke up three times last night to puke, this is her fourth or fifth time this morning, I think,” Kevin said.  He couldn’t even remember, it just seemed like every time he turned around, she was puking.

It was later on that afternoon when Joe arrived at the Jonas Compound as the brothers called it.  “Hi,” Joe said when he saw Kevin sitting in the living room.  Kevin was watching TV on a low volume while Emma was cuddled into him sound asleep, covered in multiple blankets and a bucket next to her.

“What happened here?” Joe asked when he saw the blankets and the bucket.

“Em is sick, we think it might be the flu, but we aren’t sure, she has been basically puking non-stop or sleeping all afternoon,” Kevin said as Emma moved a little bit.  Kevin immediately reached for the bucket that was sitting by Emma’s head in case she would need it.  Emma however stayed sleeping and did not wake up.

“Thank goodness she didn’t wake up, we have already had to throw away one bucket just this afternoon, because we couldn’t get it too stop smelling,” Kevin said exhausted.  He was exhausted and just wanted to stretch his legs.

“When did this start?” Joe asked looking over at his poor sleeping niece who wasn’t feeling the best right now.

“Yesterday on the plane, she puked countless times last night and then woke up three times to puke in the middle of the night.  We did actually get one in the toilet this morning, it was after her bath this morning, but other than that we haven’t been able to get her to the bathroom,” Kevin said.

“Poor thing,” Joe said as he looked at his niece.

“Here, why don’t you take a break, I’ll sit with her for a while,” Joe said.

“Thanks,” Kevin said.  He didn’t need to be told twice; he was ready for a break.  He had been sitting in the same position for the past three and a half hours while Emma slept peacefully.  This position was also starting to make his legs fall asleep.

Joe sat down on the couch and immediately pulled Emma into his lap, while Kevin went to the bathroom and checked in on his pregnant wife and the rest of his family who was all talking in the kitchen.

A couple minutes after Joe sat down with Emma, she woke up and shot straight up in his lap.

“Emma, are you okay?” Joe asked as he reached for the bucket as Emma put her little hand over her mouth.  Joe barely had time to get the bucket under her mouth before she started puking.

“Shhh, get it all out,” Joe said as he rubbed her little back and tried not to lose his cookies too.  In a matter of seconds though, Kevin and Dani were in the room with them, along with both of his parents.

“Come here Emma,” Kevin said as he picked the crying little girl out of Joe’s lap after she was done throwing up a couple minutes later.

“Daddy shirt,” Emma cried into Kevin’s shoulder as the doorbell rang through the house.  Little Emma jumped in Kevin’s arms as the doorbell went off again.

“Come on Emma, I think I know what is at the door,” Kevin said as Emma picked her head up from Kevin’s shoulder a little and then laid it back down.

“I know you don’t feel good, do you?” Kevin said as Emma cuddled into his shoulder and shivered.

“I think we have a package for an Emma Jonas here,” Paul said as he came into the living room where Emma was snuggled into Kevin’s shoulder.

“Emma, look you have a package,” Dani said as she took the package from Paul.

“Daddy shirt,” Emma said as she sniffled a little bit.

“I think so, should we open it?” Dani said as she sat down on the couch and opened the package to reveal one of Kevin’s shirts in the package with a card and a pink beanie baby hippo.

“Emma, look at what Ziti and Uncle B got you,” Dani said as Kevin sat down by Dani and put Emma in between him and Dani.

“Daddy shirt?” Emma questioned as she started tearing up again.

“Daddy shirt is in here but look at the nice card and the little hippo that is in here for you,” Dani said.  “The card says, ‘Get Well Soon,’ and then inside it says ‘Emma, we hope that this little hippo will make you feel better soon.  Love Ziti and Uncle B.’”

          “Emma look,” Kevin said as he grabbed the pink hippo and gave it to Emma who hugged it for a moment with tears still running down her face.

          “Daddy, I poop in my pullup,” Emma said as she wiped her tears. 

          “It’s okay Emma, come on let’s go get you cleaned up honey,” Kevin said as he stood up and then looked at the little girl who was cuddled into Dani’s side at the moment.

          “Mommy too,” Emma said as she sniffled a little.

          “Yea Mommy can come too if you want her too,” Kevin said as he looked at his wife who nodded her head.

          “Okay Em, if you want Mommy to come then you have to stand up,” Dani said as Emma stood up.  As soon as she stood up, she started acting like she was going to throw up again.  Kevin thrust the now empty bucket, thanks to his parents, under her mouth just in time for her to puke whatever was left in her little stomach, which happened to be a lot, into the bucket.

          “Shhh, it’s okay Emma,” Dani said as she rubbed the little girls back while she continued to vomit.

          “Mommy,” Emma cried out when she was done throwing up for like the hundredth time that day.

          “Shhh Emma Bug,” Dani said as Emma ran into her sobbing.

          “Come on, we will go get you cleaned up and then you can put on Daddy shirt,” Kevin said.

          “Daddy shirt,” Emma said as she sniffled a little bit and wiped her eyes.

          “Yea, come on Emma,” Kevin said as he picked her up.  They went upstairs to the bedroom that they were staying in.

          “Okay Emma, do you have to go potty before we clean you up?” Kevin asked as Emma nodded her head a little bit.  Kevin sat her on the ground, took down her pants, removed the pull up that was full of poop and sat her on the potty.  She started having diarrhea right then.

          “Oh honey,” Kevin said as he rubbed her little back as she started crying again.

          “Come on Emma, let’s get you in the bath and then you can put on Daddy shirt,” Dani said as she had filled up the bath with warm soapy water.
          “Mommy,” Emma cried as she ran her now naked body into Dani’s side as to get a hug from her.

          “Oh honey,” Dani said as she rubbed the crying little girls back as she tried to calm her down.  She obviously wasn’t feeling good and just wanted her Mommy.

          “Come on its time for bath and then Daddy shirt,” Dani said.  She had poop all over her bottom, so they weren’t really going to wash her hair or anything, at least not this time.  They were just going to get her bottom all cleaned up.  “Stay standing for Mommy, okay,” Dani said as she rinsed her bottom first and then grabbed a washcloth and put soap on her bottom using the washcloth.  She then rinsed it off.

          “Here, go to Daddy, he has a towel all ready for you,” Dani said as she lifted Emma out of the tub, and she ran over to her Dad.

          “Daddy,” Emma said as she ran into his legs.

          “Hey there Emma.  Here why don’t we dry you off and then we can cuddle, okay,” Kevin said.  He could tell that his little girl was getting tired again and just wanted to snuggle with him or Dani.  Kevin got the little girl dried off pretty quickly.

          “Emma, we have to put on pants and then Daddy shirt,” Kevin said when Emma started crying.  She was tired and ready for yet another nap today.

          “Daddy shirt,” Emma said as Kevin tried to help her put on pants first.

          “Come on pants and then Daddy shirt, look, I have a clean pull up and your pants right here,” Kevin said.

          “Daddy, I go pee-pees,” Emma said as she did a little dance.

          “Come on Em,” Kevin said as he picked her up and sat her on the toilet and held on to her while she peed.

          “Are you done Emma?” Kevin said as she nodded her head.

          “Okay,” Kevin said as he helped his little girl stand up and wiped her bottom.  He then helped her step into her pull-up and put on her pants.

          “Daddy shirt,” Emma cried as she looked around for it.

          “It is right here Emma,” Kevin said as he helped her slip into the overly big shirt.

          “Daddy cuddle,” Emma asked as she started crying.

          “Come here Emma,” Kevin said as he picked her up and walked out of the bathroom and sat down on the couch in the bedroom.  Emma immediately snuggled into him, stuck her thumb in her mouth, and closed her eyes.

          “Is she sleeping?” Dani asked a couple minutes later when she came out of the bathroom.  Kevin just nodded.

          “Poor thing,” Dani said as she came over and sat down by her husband and daughter.

          “Yea, she fell asleep as soon as we sat down,” Kevin said as he looked down at his daughter who was cuddled into him.

          “Poor thing, she has a fever,” Dani said as she felt her little hot head.

          “At least she is sleeping now,” Kevin said as he grabbed a blanket and put it over little Emma, she was now shivering in her sleep.

          “Yea come on let’s leave her sleep and go downstairs,” Dani said as Kevin laid Emma on the couch next to him and then helped his pregnant wife stand up.

          “She is sleeping,” Kevin said to his parents, Frankie, and Joe when they got downstairs.

          “I feel awful that she is so sick,” Joe said.  “I just hope that none of us get it.”

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