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Author's Chapter Notes:

First of all, I am so sorry that I never posted in March.  I had computer issues, but I am finally back up and running again. I will post twice in April though to make up for the lack of March posting! :-)

This is the last of my stories, so after this we will see which ones get posted. 

Hidden Secrets – Chapter 2

            Denise Jonas was the last person at Nellie’s Southern Kitchen on this cold wintery night.  All her employees had left, and all she had to do was lock up.  As soon as she got home, her plan was to take off these annoying painful high heels of hers and have a glass of wine before heading off to bed.  It was sometimes hard and tiring to own and run a restaurant.  Her husband had left for home over an hour ago already.  Denise and her husband didn’t live very far away from the restaurant.  They had bought a nice house in the city over from the restaurant a couple of years ago.

            Denise was just locking up the restaurant, when out of the corner of her eye, she saw what looked like someone lying next to the front of the door, shivering from being out in the cold snow.  “Hi, can I help you,” Denise asked as she went up to the person in the snow.

            “Oh no, I am fine,” Hallie said.

            “What are you doing out here in this cold, can I take you anywhere?” Denise asked.  She would be willing to take this young girl somewhere warm if needed.

            “No, I am just waiting for my shift to start in the morning,” Hallie said quietly.

            “Oh, you are the new waitress,” Denise said as Hallie nodded.

            “I am sorry, I will move and not be in the way of your restaurant,” Hallie said quietly.

            “Do you have any place to stay tonight?” Denise asked the girl.

            “Uh no, but that is fine, I will go find somewhere else, I am sorry,” Hallie said.

            Denise couldn’t believe what was about to come out of her mouth next, but she would feel awful if something happened to this young girl and she didn’t at least offer this as an option to this young girl.  “Well do you want to stay with me and my husband tonight?”

            “Uh you really don’t have to do that, I am fine out here,” Hallie said quietly as she started shivering from being so cold.

            “You are freezing cold, if you don’t want to stay with us, at least let me take you somewhere warm,” Denise said.

            “Okay, I will come stay with you tonight,” Hallie said quietly.  She was cold.  Plus, the woman who owned the restaurant was nice.

            “Come on let’s get you warm,” Denise said as Hallie quietly got up and followed her to the nice car that she owned.

            Hallie was freezing cold from being out in the snow for so long today.  She wasn’t sure what she was supposed to do when the nice lady unlocked the car door.  Should she run, or should she get in?

            “Are you getting in honey?” Denise asked the young girl, who was staring at her car, almost as if she had never seen one before.

            “Oh, uh yea, sorry Mam,” Hallie said as she got in the car, and held onto her backpack for dear life.

            “I don’t know if I introduced myself, I am pretty sure you met my husband and our manager.  I am Denise Jonas,” Denise said as she got her seatbelt on.

            “Hi, I am Hallie,” Hallie said quietly.

“Hallie, what do you like to do?” Denise asked the young girl.

            “Uh nothing really,” Hallie said.  Hallie had never been asked this question, so she didn’t know how to answer it.

            “Well Hallie how old are you?” Denise asked.  Denise was just thinking of questions to ask her.  Plus, to Denise, she didn’t really look older than 12 if that.

“I am 12, but I will be 13 in a couple of months,” Hallie said quietly.  Hallie then regretted saying anything at all, she was so afraid of getting in trouble.  Denise was nice though, so she thought it was okay to say how old she was to her.

“Wow, are you looking forward to being 13,” Denise asked, confused why there was a girl who was 12, who was in her car and where did she come from?

“Yea, I am looking forward to it, I guess,” Hallie said quietly.  So far Denise hadn’t heard her say anything above a whisper.

“Well Hallie where do you live?” Denise asked.

“Uh I am from Wisconsin,” Hallie said a little louder than she had been talking.  This nice woman was being super nice to her.

“Are you visiting with your family or friends honey?” Denise asked the young girl.

“No, I am not, I came here alone,” Hallie said quietly, as she looked down, afraid she was going to be yelled at or hit.

“Well how about this, I take you back to mine and my husband’s house for a warm meal and a warm bed to sleep in tonight.  We will then figure out more tomorrow, does that work for you Hallie?” Denise asked the teenager who looked completely dazed.

Hallie soon felt the dreaded feeling of having to poop again.  “Please not now, please not now,” Hallie kept on repeating quietly to herself as she tried her hardest to squeeze her butt cheeks together.

“You okay honey,” Denise asked the young girl, who looked completely out of it.

“Uh yea,” Hallie said.

            “You are sure, can I do anything to help you?” Denise asked.

            “Uh no, I am fine,” Hallie said as she really tried hard to squeeze her butt cheeks together, but it failed this time, and she started pooping. 

            “You sure you are okay honey,” Denise asked once again, since Hallie didn’t really seem to be responding to her, and she looked really out of it.

“I am so sorry, I will clean it up, I am so sorry,” Hallie said as tears started streaming down her face out of embarrassment.

“Hey, don’t worry about it,” Denise said, still not exactly sure what the young girl said she was going to clean up and why she had suddenly started crying.

            “Sorry, it’s all my fault,” Hallie sobbed out.

            “Hallie honey, what is all your fault?” Denise asked, still not exactly sure why she had started crying.

            “I am sorry, but I um need the bathroom, sorry,” Hallie said, as she wiped her eyes, and tried to get her crying under control.

            “Well, we are almost to my house, and you can go in and use the restroom right away,” Denise said.

            “Thank you,” Hallie said as she sniffled.

            “Go in the house, through the mudroom, kitchen, and then go right, and it is the first door there, you sure you are okay honey,” Denise said.

            “Yea, I will be fine, thanks so much,” Hallie said as she unbuckled her seat belt and got out of the car in a hurry.

            “I will get the car cleaned up, don’t worry honey,” Denise said as Hallie got out of the car.

            “Thank you so much,” Hallie said, as she walked in the house and found the bathroom.  When she got to the bathroom, she pulled down her poop filled pants and underwear, before sitting on the toilet to finish pooping.

            Meanwhile, Denise was cleaning up the car.  Denise had figured out what she meant by saying she really had to go to the bathroom right after she had said it, she had already started going to the bathroom.  At least the young girl was wearing pants, so all she had to do was sanitize the front seat with some wipes and spray some natural homemade lemon air freshener in the car.

            “Paul,” Denise said as she came into the house.  She wanted to tell Paul about Hallie and that she would be staying with them tonight.

            “Yea honey,” Paul said as he came out of the living room already in his blue stiped pajamas.

            “Um, so you know the girl that came in today and applied for a job, and you gave it to her,” Denise said.

            “Yea, I believe her name was something with a M,” Paul said, not remembering her exact name, but he was almost positive her name started with a M.

            “Yes Hallie,” Denise said.

            “Yea, that’s right, sweet girl, a little shy, but I thought that she could use the job to gain courage of talking to people,” Paul said.  It was usually his wife’s final decision on hiring, not his.

            “Yea, that is fine, she is really sweet and shy, and, she is here,” Denise said as she took a deep breath.

            “Wait, what do you mean by she is here,” Paul questioned his wife.  “No Den, please don’t tell me that you brought her home, she isn’t a lost kitten or puppy.”

            “Well, she was shivering in the snow, laying under her backpack, near the front door of the restaurant, I am assuming to get some heat, so I offered that she could stay with us tonight,” Denise said.

            “Okay, but why was she outside shivering in the snow, does she know how cold it is out there,” Paul said, as he looked outside at the beautiful, but cold snow falling on this Saturday night in January.

            “Paul, she told me that she is 12 years old, and she came here from Wisconsin on her own, that is as far as we got, before we got home,” Denise said.

            “Well, where is she now?” Paul asked, thinking he was going to see Hallie come through the garage door, or something.

            “She is in the restroom, she really had to go,” Denise said.

            “Okay, she can stay here for tonight and tomorrow we will discuss what to do more,” Paul said.

            “Thanks,” Denise said.

            Meanwhile in the bathroom, poor Hallie was trying not to scream out in pain.  Hallie was still going to the bathroom and was in major pain.  She had never had this much pain while pooping before.  Hallie winced in pain as more poops came out of her bottom and slipped into the toilet.  When she was done, she grabbed some toilet paper and gently wiped her always very sore bottom.  Hallie then washed her hands and left the bathroom, she turned the way that she had come and found the nice woman that she was staying with in the kitchen with the man that she gave her application too at the restaurant, who she assumed was her husband.

            “We will talk more about it in the morning, right now I am exhausted and have to go to bed,” Paul said, as he yawned.

            “Okay, good night, I will be up there in a while, I am going to make Hallie something to eat, and then I will be up there, okay,” Denise said as she gave her husband a kiss.

            “Night love you,” Paul said.

            “Love you too,” Denise said, as Paul left the kitchen to head upstairs.

            “Hi honey,” Denise said.  “Would you like something to eat?”

            “Uh, I don’t know, I have a lot of allergies,” Hallie said quietly.

            “Well, what are you allergic too?” Denise asked.

            “I am allergic to both peanuts and tree nuts, soy, pineapple, and blueberries, so I don’t know if I can eat anything,” Hallie said quietly.

            “I am sure we can figure something out for you to eat.  What do you like to eat, I can make it for you?” Denise said.  She was trying to be nice to this girl.

            “I’m really fine,” Hallie said quietly, as her stomach started making noises.

            “Well, I think that means that you are hungry, will you eat a grilled cheese if I make you one?” Denise asked, as she as she looked in the fridge and saw that she had some cheese and butter, and she had some bread on the counter.

            “Uh sure,” Hallie said quietly.  She really wanted to get cleaned up, but she didn’t want to ask if she could get cleaned up somewhere.  Yes, her parents wouldn’t let her take a shower or bath ever, so she smelled quite a bit.  However, Hallie would at least brush her teeth, and wash both her face and bottom every day, especially since she started having these weird poops that came out of nowhere a couple of years ago.

            “Do you want to go get cleaned up, while I make you a grilled cheese sandwich, you can take a shower if you want.  You don’t have too, but if you would like to, I can show you where you can take one,” Denise said, trying to hint that she needed a shower.

            “Okay, thank you,” Hallie said quietly as her stomach started growling again.

            “Here, I will show you where you can go to get cleaned up,” Denise said, as she led Hallie upstairs to a bathroom, that had a shower in it.  “I will get you some spare clothes of my sons that you can put on for tonight.”

            “Thank you,” Hallie said quietly, as Denise turned around and went into one of the many rooms and came out with a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt.

            “Here you are, they might be a little big.  I think there is shampoo, conditioner, and soap in here,” Denise said as she opened the shower curtain to find all three of those things sitting on the shelf in the corner of the shower.

            “Thank you, I really appreciate it,” Hallie said.

            “Well, you’re welcome,” Denise said, “I will go get that grilled cheese ready for you, okay.”

            “Thank you very much,” Hallie said, as Denise left the bathroom and Hallie closed the door.

            Once the door was closed, Hallie quickly undressed before hoping into the shower.  Hallie hadn’t been allowed to shower in years, but she thought she remembered how to shower.  Thankfully, Hallie did remember how to shower.  She made sure to wash her hair extra good, but she didn’t use up all of the shampoo that the nice lady had put in the shower, she didn’t want to be greedy and take it all.

            Once Hallie was out of the shower, she grabbed a towel and dried off quickly.  Hallie was just glad that she had remembered how to shower after four and a half years of not being allowed to shower.  At least she could use the toilet, but showering was not allowed.  Her parents would stand outside of the bathroom door, while she was in the bathroom to make sure they didn’t hear any running water come from the shower.

            Hallie was however allowed to brush her teeth daily and wash her hands and face with a washcloth.  When she started having the random episodes of diarrhea a couple of years ago, Hallie also started washing her bottom once a day with the same washcloth, because her bottom was so sore and tender.

            After Hallie was out of the shower and dried off, she dressed into the sweatpants and sweatshirt that Denise had given her to wear.  She then picked up her towels and went back to the kitchen with them where the nice lady was making her dinner.  Denise was mixing something white in a bowl.

            “Hi Hallie, I hope it’s okay that I decided to make some pimento cheese, I hope you can have this,” Denise said.

            “I am sure I can have this, as long as it doesn’t have soy or nuts in it, I should be fine,” Hallie said quietly.

            “Good, none of this has soy or nuts in it,” Denise said.  “I also made you up a quick fruit salad but made sure not to put pineapple or blueberries in it.”

            “Thank you so much, I am really fine with nothing, I am used to it anyways,” Hallie mumbled.

            “What was that honey,” Denise said.

            “Oh nothing, I am fine though,” Hallie said.

            “Here I will take these, and you sit down and start eating, what do you want to drink?” Denise asked the young girl.

            “Anything is fine with me,” Hallie said quietly.

            “I have water, juice, milk, I can make you some tea, uh, yea I think that is it,” Denise said.

            “Water is fine,” Hallie said quietly.

            “Okay,” Denise said as she went to the fridge and got some water out for Hallie.

            “You can go ahead and eat if you want,” Denise said, as she got Hallie’s water glass and sat down at the table.

            “Oh, oh, okay,” Hallie said, as she picked up the grilled cheese and took a bite.

            “So, Hallie, you said you were 12 years old, is that right?” Denise said, as she sat down across from Hallie.

            “Yea,” Hallie said, as she continued eating her sandwich.

            “So, you said you were from Wisconsin, right?” Denise asked.

            “Yea,” Hallie said quietly, as she ate her sandwich quietly.  “I probably shouldn’t even be here, but I couldn’t take the abuse anymore, I am sorry.”

Denise was shocked at what had just come out of this young girls’ mouth.  “You never have to be sorry about anything honey,” Denise said.

“Thanks,” Hallie said quietly, as she continued eating her sandwich.

“You know you can talk to me about anything you want, okay,” Denise said, as Hallie nodded her head slightly.

“So, what do you like to do?” Denise asked after a couple minutes of silence.

“I really like to draw and read, but that is about all I can do without my parents finding out.  If my parents found out they would be so mad,” Hallie said.

“You have a cat?!” Hallie exclaimed a couple of minutes later when she a cat roaming around the table that she was sitting at.

“Yea, that is my son’s cat, his name is Pikachu,” Denise said.

“Can I hold him?  I love dogs and cats,” Hallie asked.

“Of course,” Denise said as she leaned down to pick him up, after Hallie didn’t make any moves to lean down and pick him up.

“Hi,” Hallie said, as Denise handed him to her.  Pikachu immediately started purring in her arms and cuddled into her.  Hallie petted the cat quietly, as she yawned.

“Are you done honey?” Denise said.  She could tell that Hallie was tired.  Who wouldn’t be tired from running all the way from Wisconsin?

“Yea, sorry,” Hallie yawned, as she continued petting Pikachu.

“There is nothing to be sorry about honey,” Denise said, as she picked up Hallie’s dishes and took them over to the counter.

“Thanks for making me food, it was very good,” Hallie said quietly.

“You’re welcome, here I will show you to the room that you can stay in for as long as you need too,” Denise said.

“Thanks,” Hallie said as she stood up, still carrying Pikachu, and followed Denise upstairs and down a long hallway to a door.

“Here is your room.  Sorry the bed is so lumpy, the mattress is being replaced next week,” Denise said, as Hallie looked around like she had seen the biggest room ever, like it was at a castle.

“Can I sleep in the bed, or will I get in trouble,” Hallie asked quietly.  Hallie used to have a bed, but not anymore.

“Of course, you can honey, where else would you sleep?” Denise said, thinking that was the oddest question ever.

“Thank you,” Hallie said quietly.

“Of course, I am right down the hall if you need anything, good night Hallie, I will see you in the morning,” Denise said as she left the bedroom.

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