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Sitting in my seat that I had won over the radio, I grumbled under my breath. Being in these kind of situations was always awkward, and it's really what I'm best at. Except for being superstitious. I'm pretty sure that's in my blood. Or maybe I'm just cursed...


I could almost laugh at the two younger teens sitting awkwardly beside me. It was no one's fault that I was the one who was chosen to accompany them on their date. I was the one who got the tickets after all. I felt bad really, but not bad enough to leave. I won these seats, and I'd be damned if my little brother and his girlfriend were going to keep me from enjoying my time.


There was an empty seat between my brother and I, and I nearly gasped in relief when I saw my best friend, Merisa, find her way back to the seat next to me from the bathroom. That trip of hers had been far too long, but once glancing at my wristwatch I sighed, realizing she had been gone for only 7 minutes. Of course.


I widened my eyes at her, as she made her way closer, and took her seat in between my brother, Lucas, and I. "Thank God." I mumbled, only loud enough for her to hear. No one would be able to hear me if I had said it normally anyway because of the roar of the crowd around us, as everyone took their seats. "Did you do it on purpose?"


She scrunched up her nose at me, as she turned to look at me. "What?"


I rolled my eyes, knowing she hadn't done anything. It was just my life.


"7 minutes." I groaned. "You were gone for 7 minutes."


She laughed. "Sometimes I have nightmares about this kind of stuff. You're life is way too creepy to be called normal."


I huffed and slouched in my seat. "It's not my fault! I try to stop it."


She nodded, and patted my head with a small smile. "I know." She turned back towards the large field in front of us. "I can't believe you scored these seats."


I rolled my eyes. "I was lucky caller number 7. Surprise, surprise." I grumbled, still slouched in my seat.


She glanced over to her other side for a moment, before turning back towards me. "And your brother is so cute with his girlfriend."


A small smile broke onto my lips, as I glanced at the two. They were so sweet. I wish I was 15 again. Things were so much easier back then. Shaking my head out of the trance I had succumbed into, I faced forward once again. "Soo...did you talk to your uncle?"


Merisa let out a groan of her own. "Yes."


I widened my eyes a bit, and looked at her. "You did? What did he say?"


She clasped her hands in front of her, and looked at me apologetically. "I'm sorry, Pacey. I tried, really I did, he's just...not looking for any company."


I sighed and nodded. "Did you ask 7 times?"


She rolled her eyes with a smile. "Yes, and I even asked once more for good measure."


I shrugged. "It's okay, I guess. I don't have any real experience with photography anyway. It would have been cool to travel with him, though."


"Yeah." She sighed.


I sipped a bit of my pepsi, and set it back down in the cup holder by the armrest on my right. The guy sitting next to me didn't seem to mind too much that I was taking that armrest between us, but I hadn't even seen his face turn in my direction in the whole half hour I'd been sitting here.


He had a Dodgers cap on his head, a white v-neck t-shirt, and some navy blue cargo shorts. He looked comfortable sitting there chatting with his buddy seated next to him, and even with his comfortable clothing, I could tell he was probably quite wealthy. He was sitting in the best section.


Aside from the obvious, I couldn't tell how old he was. I was usually pretty good at guessing these things, but the only thing I could get was the tense back muscles that I saw through his t-shirt, along with his wavy dark brown hair sticking out from underneath his cap. I would've guessed that he was somewhere near my age, but I couldn't be quite sure. I was 23, but those defined muscles I was seeing could've indicated he was at least 26.


Shaking my head, and turning back to Merisa, I blew out an aggravated sigh. "What the hell kind of good job can I get with 9 years of babysitting experience, and a few years of waitressing experience?"


She shrugged at me, smiling apologetically once again. "Maybe taking a year off was a bad idea?" she suggested.


I nodded, being realistic. "Yeah, maybe." I sighed, but shook my head. "Nah. I still think it's a good idea. I mean...I'm finished school, and I'm looking for a real job. Let me sort it through this summer with a not-so-real job, right?"


She shrugged in response, take a sip of her own drink. "Whatever, Pacey. I just hope this one year off doesn't turn into -"


"Seven," I interrupted her with an eyeroll, "yes, I know. But don't even worry about it," I shrugged and waved her off, "I'm not going to let it turn into seven."


She looked at me skeptically, then shrugged. "Alright, Pacey, as long as you know what you're doing."


I nodded in confirmation, adding in a smile. "Now all I have to do is find a freaking job for this little adventure to begin." I grumbled lowly, but giggled afterwards.




 I sat up, and leaned forward to look over at Zoe, my little brother's girlfriend, who had addressed me from her seat 3 seats to my left. "Yeah, Zoe?"


She glanced up at a man and his wife who were standing above her with a slightly confused expression on both of their faces. Her eyes trained back to me slowly. She was a quiet girl, and seeing it first hand almost made me laugh. Zoe got flustered easily, and I could see that the couple standing over her were causing her to get nervous.


"They said that I'm in their seat." She told me, blushing slightly.


I looked up to the couple. "Is she? I'm sorry." I pulled out my ticket and looked at the seat number quickly, noticing the mistake. "Oh! I see. It's my fault I'm supposed to be in seat...seventy-seven." I rolled my eyes at the seat number, and Merisa let out a giggle.


I looked down to the seat I was previously seated in, and noticed the mistake. All four of us stood ready to slide down a seat, but the unidentifiable man beside me was actually the one at fault. He was still turned slightly facing his friend seated next to him, but his friend wasn't even paying him any attention, as he had an iPhone held up to his ear.


"Excuse me?" I asked. When he didn't respond, I brought my hand up to nudge his shoulder. He turned around quickly with wide eyes, but stood up to my height, and let out a small smile. "Sorry, it's just...you're in my seat."


His smile faded, and he pulled out his ticket to look at it. "Oh." He mumbled, turning back to his friend, who was still talking on his phone. "Dude, you're in my seat!"


"Joe, shh I'm on the phone."


I watched as the guy stood there looking at his friend incredulously. I laughed a bit as he continued staring at his friend, who had turned back to his phone conversation, ignoring "Joe" as he had called him.


I stepped up, touching Joe on the shoulder, urging him to move aside. He obliged, and allowed me to slide past him so that I could step closer to his friend. I smiled at him over my shoulder, and he shot me a small hesitant smile back.


"Umm...hey, I know it's rude to interrupt your phone call and all, but anyone who's calling you when there a five minutes to game time can't be too important." I told him, watching as he glanced up to me with the phone still held to his ear. His mouth was slightly unhinged, and he mumbled something into the phone before putting it down, and standing up. I smiled at the slight red tinge that graced his neck and cheeks.


"Poned." Came Joe's voice over my left shoulder, as he spoke to his friend.


I looked over my shoulder at him, and shot him another smile. He stepped back quickly, probably nervous about how close my face had been.


His friend smiled sheepishly at me, and then slid into the seat next to him. I let Joe slide past me to take his seat, then the rest of us sat down in our respective seats.


"Thanks." I smiled cheerily at him, leaning forward over Joe's seat a bit.


"Yeah - uh - no problem. I'm sorry." He mumbled out, refusing to look up at me.


I snickered along with Joe until Merisa nudged me, and I looked back to her. She smiled mischievously at me with an added wink, nodding her head in the direction of Joe. I rolled my eyes. With my luck, this guy already had seven girlfriends. It's happened before...


 I was about to open my mouth to tell Merisa to stop being so obvious with her winks and smiles, but stopped when I felt a hand on my right wrist. I turned around to look at the hand, then looked up to Joe's face.


He smiled. "Sorry, I know it's rude to eavesdrop, but I heard that you were looking for a job?"


I tilted my head. "Yeah...are you saying you know someone who's hiring?"


He nodded. "Yeah. It's not the best job by any means, and I'm not sure you'd actually like it, but it seems to me that you want to travel?" He asked, and then continued when I nodded in confirmation, "Well, there would be lots of travelling, and you have the experience."


I furrowed my eyebrows. "What? A waitress on the road, or something?" I giggled at the thought.


He chuckled, but shook his head. "No. Actually, my parents have kind of put me in charge of finding someone to look after my little brother."


I tapped my chin with my finger. "Interesting. Where would I be travelling with your little brother?"


"Around." He shrugged, "It's not just him, it's my whole family really, we just need someone to hang out with him and stuff when we have meetings. He gets bored pretty easily. He's not a little kid anymore, but we can't let him go off on his own, you know?"


I bit my lip. "I'd give you my resume, but I don't actually carry it around." I looked out onto the field, watching a woman walk to the pitcher's mound, preparing herself to sing the national anthem. "As much as I'd love to get into details, the game is about to start."


He nodded in understanding. "True. I'd hate you to think I'm rude, because I'm sure I'd start cheering in the middle of the conversation if we tried that."


I laughed. "Alright. Should we meet for coffee or something?"


"Yeah!" he said excitedly. Both of us ignored the low chuckles coming from his friend beside him. "That's perfect. Here give me your phone, I'll add my number."


I took out my phone and handed it to him. "Shouldn't it be you who should call me for a meeting place? I mean...since you're the employer and all..."


He smiled brightly, finishing adding his number. "Yeah, I know. But now you have my number so you can call me whenever you want to." He snuck in a wink, and I raised my eyebrows.


"Don't tell me this is all a joke, and all you wanted was a date." I groaned.


"No, no! I'm serious!" he laughed. "The job is practically yours."


I narrowed my eyes suspiciously at him, but only saw sincerity in his eyes, so I sighed, and blew my bangs out of my face. "Alright," I said, grabbing his phone and quickly typing my own number in, "but call me tomorrow or something, and we'll set something up, okay?"


He nodded. "Of course..." he trailed off.


"Pacey." I filled in for him. "Short for Pacen."


He nodded smiling. "Pacey." He muttered. "I'll call you."


"Good." I smiled. "Now be quiet, the game is starting."


Chapter End Notes:

Hey guys!

I was bored this weekend, so I decided to start posting this story lol

It's only 5 chapters, but there's a lot that's going on!

This is just the very beginning of Pacey and Joe's journey! The next chapter skips ahead 4 years! Hope you'll come back to see what happens!

Let me know what you think of her quirky, weird life revolving around the number 7!



PS - I apologize in advance for errors. It was very quickly edited.

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