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3 years later:

    I rolled over in bed just in time to hear my Iphone ringing on the nightstand next to me. Rolling back over, I grabbed it. Seeing Hunter's face on the screen, I quickly pushed 'answer' and said,

    "Hunt? What is it? Couldn't it have waited another 30 minutes?"

    "Oh, did I wake you up again? Sorry. But no, it couldn't wait. Ryles, mom and I are moving to Nashville!"

    At that, I shot up in bed, "What? You are?"

    "But, the reason I called is because I want you to come with us."

    "Really? You do?"

    "Yes, of course I want my best friend with me."

    "Well, I want to. But I'll have to talk to my mom about it."

    Thinking back, I realized this was inevitable. I knew how much he has always loved music and how much he has dreamed of performing for a huge crowd. After talking it over with my parents, they too realized that being there with my best friend while his dreams came true was a dream of mine. So, they agreed that since I was about to turn 18 in 2 days and as long as at least one of Hunter's parents was going with us, it would be fine for me to go along.

    As soon as I had gotten my parents' permission to go, I skipped back up the stairs to my bedroom where I packed up my things. As I was packing my clothes into my largest suitcase, I grabbed my phone, picked Hunter out of my contacts and hit 'call'. I held the phone to my ear with my shoulder as I continued to go through my closet while I waited for him to answer.

    "Hey, Ry! So? What did your parents say?"

    I paused, just to make him wonder before finally saying, "I'm packing now. They said yes, Hunt!"

    "That's great! So, we're driving out first. My parents will join us in a couple of days."

    "Great! I'll be ready in about an hour. I'll meet you at your car."

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