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Narrator's POV:

    Sarah was in Ryleigh's hospital room checking on her, reading her chart on the hospital's Ipad, when she heard shoes running toward her direction. She looked up at the door as she saw Hunter appear. He looked like he'd been running from the parking lot all the way up to the room. Finally, she snapped out of her trance, to hear,

    "Is she ok? What happened?"

    "For the moment she's fine. She's comfortable and sleeping right now, but I'm afraid she's losing the baby. I assume it's yours?"

    "Yeah, it is, but she's losing it?"

    "Her, she's losing her. It was a baby girl."

    "You mean we were going to have another daughter?"

    "Yes, you were. Even if both of you lose the baby, Ryleigh should be just fine."

    Hunter moved a chair over to the bed and sat down right next to where his wife appeared to be sleeping peacefully.


Ryleigh's POV:

    My eyes fluttered open. I blinked a few times until I could see clearly. Once I recognized who was sitting beside my bed, I stammered out,

    "Hunter? Where am I?"

    "Ryles? You're awake! You're in the hospital. Apparently you came in yourself, and a nurse called me to come."

    "We lost the baby, didn't we?" 

    "Not officially yet, but the nurse told me that she likely won't survive."

    "Wait, 'she'? Emmy would have had a baby sister?"

    "Yeah, she would have."

    Just then, the nurse with a name tag that said 'Sarah' came in to talk to us. She started by saying,

    "Let me start by telling you that you are healthy, Ryleigh. We are going to schedule a surgery. Unfortunately, while you are healthy, your baby is not. It's only a matter of time before you lose her."

    "Will this change anything?"

    "Not really. As soon as you've recovered, you'll be able to go back to everything you were doing before."

    "Everything? I know the obvious, like raising my daughter and being with my family. What about music and touring?"

    "You should be fine to continue with your life the way it was before you were pregnant. There's only one possible problem that I saw on the ultrasound."

    "What? Sarah, what's wrong?"

    "Nothing's wrong yet. And I won't know for sure until the surgery, but there is a small chance that you won't be able to get pregnant again."

    "How much of a chance?" I stammered out as I fought back tears.

    "Like I said, I won't know for sure until that surgery. I've seen an equal number of women who've lost babies and had more children after. And those who haven't. But then there are those who were predicted to be unable to conceive again, and yet they were pregnant again within the next few years and even months. No matter what happens for you both, there's always a chance of a miracle as long as you believe that it can happen."

    3 hours later, my eyes fluttered open again. This time, again I saw Hunter sitting beside my bed holding my hand.

    "Is it done? We've lost her?"

    He lifted his head. I could tell he was trying to hide the tears that had been running down   his cheeks. He didn't look like he would be able to say anything, so, I continued,

    "Hunter, it's going to be ok. I think. I don't know, I'm just grasping at straws. But I have to believe it will be fine."

    "Yeah, I know. We will be fine. Together, just us and Emmy."

    "Together, I like the sound of that. It just scares me that they said we might not be able to have another baby now."

    "At least we have Emmy. And like the nurse said, it's not impossible that we could have more kids."

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