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“Looks like you two bonded last night,” I chuckled as I made my way into the kitchen.

Brody was sitting on the kitchen table, scooping cereal into his mouth while Miss Kitten sat on his lap, keeping a close eye on the spoon going from the bowl to his mouth and back. “You know cats,” he snorted, fishing out the last of his cereal, “once you got food you’re their best friends but when the foods gone…” he held up his arm to show me the three red scratches across his forearm.

“Oh come on.” Rolling my eyes, I opened the fridge and pulled out the orange juice as well as the milk. 

“No seriously, Belle, this kid’s a menace.”

“She’s a harmless little kitten. Look how cute she is.” After grabbing a bowl and a glass out of the cupboard I joined him at the table. “I’m sure she was just playing. You know how much she loves to play.” I poured some milk into my empty bowl and then filled it up with cereal.

“You know you’re doing that wrong, right?” Brody said, staring at me as I mixed the cereal with the milk. I took a bite and stared up at him in confusion. “The cereal’s supposed to go before the milk.”

“Nu-uh. Milk first then cereal.”

“What the hell are two bickering about so early in the morning? Jesus fucking Christ.” Brody and I both turned our heads to see Carrie slowly making her way over to us. She looked like a mess, which wasn’t really that surprising considering the state she was in when we went home last night. Her normally perfectly groomed hair was sticking up on all sides of her face, she looked like she hadn’t slept in days and she had her shirt on inside out. 

Miss Kitten, upon hearing the sound of her mommy, jumped off Brody’s lap and circled around Carrie’s bare legs for attention. “Ugh, shoo. I’m not in the mood,” she said, giving her a small kick. Confused, the kitten looked up at her and blew at her while she raised her back. “Oh baby,” Carrie cooed, bending down, “I’m sorry. Mommy’s a little… hung over.” 

“A little?” I snorted, grabbing an empty glass and filling it up with some orange juice.

“Yeah, babe, you were bad last night. Do you not remember the part where you threw up all over my shoes and then passed out halfway to the bed?” Brody laughed. “And when I tried to carry you into the bed, you kept protesting even though you were unconscious.”

“I did not,” she answered, sounding offended. She walked past us, holding Miss Kitten in her arms, and grabbed some Advil out of the cupboard. 

“Yeah you did. And,” Brody starting, turning to me, “you kept going on and on about some hot guy this girl right here fucked on the dance floor.” 

“Oh my God.” Feeling my cheeks turn as red as tomatoes, I covered my face with my hands. 

“That is not the Belle that I know,” he laughed. “I’m offended you didn’t tell me.”

“Like you would’ve told me if you had shagged some random chick at a club.” 

“Guys please, keep it down, gosh.” Carrie sank down in the chair beside her boyfriend and laid her head down on the table. “I’m never drinking again. Belle, write that down. I swear to God. No more fucking alcohol for me.”

“You better feel better soon because you promised to go shopping with me today, remember? And I’m not going by myself. I need your advice on office wear.”

“I’m a bartender, Belle,” she groaned, lifting up her head. “What the fuck do I know about suitable clothes for an office job?”

“Hung over Carrie is such buzzkill,” Brody laughed with a roll of his eyes.

“You’re supposed to be supportive baby!” she whined as she punched her boyfriend’s arm.

“You know I love you, Care. But you gotta admit, you’re not exactly Miss Sunshine this morning.”

“I hate you both.” She got up from the chair and stomped her way over to the fridge, pulling out a bottle of water. “I’m going back to bed.”

“Oh come on, baby.”

Carrie held up her hand as she walked away, letting us know she wanted us to shut up until she was back in her room. And as soon as the door was closed, I burst out laughing. “Oh that’s Classic Carrie.” I reached for the bottle of milk and stood up to fill Miss Kitten’s bowl with it. Almost immediately she ran over to me and started licking it out of the bowl while I was still filing it up. “Slow down there, champ.”

“But really though, did you really take someone on the dance floor?” 

“Oh my god.”

“What? Belle, you’ve spent the last three–”

“Yeah. I spent the last three years of my life in a boring relationship with a boring sex life. But I had some wild times in college.”

“Belle, you dated Wayne all through college,” he laughed, grabbing his empty bowl and cup to put them in the dishwasher. “I’m not gonna judge, I mean, sure you probably experimented but you gotta be honest here, Belle, I don’t think anyone would’ve ever expected you to do something like that. I mean, public sex with a stranger? That’s wild, Ryan.”

“It just… it just happened. I don’t know. But it was insane, okay.” Smiling, I flashed back to the night before. I’d already spent almost the entire night thinking about; dreaming about it.  “I figured I’ve spent enough time being a good little girl. And besides, I’m never gonna see the guy again so what gives?”

“I think I’m liking this wild side of yours.” Smiling, he patted me on the shoulder. “Listen, I gotta go into work today so you’re gonna have to survive Carrie on your own. I’ll bring some take-out back for tonight.”

“You staying over tonight?” I asked as he walked out of the kitchen, grabbing his keys, sunglasses and baseball cap off the coffee table.

“Yeah. I got that family brunch tomorrow and Carrie’s coming with, so she thought it’d be easier if I just stayed over and we leave together,” he explained. “You don’t mind do you?”

“As long as you keep bringing back delicious dinner from that little bistro you wait at, it’s cool with me.” Laughing, I brought my empty glass and bowl to the sink and rinsed them before placing them in the dishwasher. Brody laughed as well and gave me a quick wave before heading out of the apartment. 

I grabbed the box with Miss Kitten’s food out of the cupboard and filled her food bowl with it. She looked up at me, milk dripping off her chin. “You’re adorable, you know that?” I chuckled, petting her briefly. “Well, enjoy your breakfast, cutie.” After putting her food back and the milk en OJ back in the fridge, I headed into my room to get some clean clothes. I picked out a pair of destroyed boyfriend jeans and a simply white silk tank top. 

As soon as I had gathered everything, including a set of matching black lace underwear, I made my way into the bathroom to take a shower. I turned on the faucet while I stripped out of my black shorts and red tank top I slept in. Kicking off my flip-flops, I stepped under the stream and enjoyed the feel of the lukewarm water beating down on my skin.

I soaped up my hair first, letting it sit for a while before rinsing it out. I continued to lather up my entire body with my coconut-scented shower gel. When I reached my thighs, I sucked in a breath as images from the night before flashed before my eyes. A rush of electricity shot through my body, making me tingle in places I didn’t want to. 

Were one-night stands supposed to haunt you like this?

I tried to finish my shower without thinking about it, but my mind betrayed me. I couldn’t help but imagine my hands as his, his body pressed up against mine, his hot breath in my neck. Biting down on my bottom lip, I closed my eyes and let a small moan escape my lips as I replayed the night in my head again. The desire burned deep within me. 

Placing one hand  flat against the wall, I ran my free hand down my body, stopping briefly at my breast to pinch my nipple before moving further down. Moaning, I slipped my hand between my thighs into the wetness that I knew wasn’t caused by the water of the shower. “Fuck Angel, you’re so wet,” I heard his voice in my head while I continued to run my finger across my folds. 

Shivers ran down my spine. The contrast between my cold skin and the hot water beating against it turned me on more than I ever thought it would. All that combined with last night’s memory was almost too much to handle. “Oh my God,” I breathed, slipping another finger between my lips. 

His face danced before my eyes, mysterious and sexy, dimly lit by the multi-colored flashing lights of the club. “You want me to make you cum?” I pumped my finger in deeper and faster, adding another until I had almost my whole fist in there. I couldn’t believe what I was doing. I’d never gone this far before but it felt too good to stop. “Don’t hold back, Angel.” 

Turning around, I pressed my shoulders against the wall and angled myself so the water was running right down on my most intimate part. I moaned at the new sensation, bucking my hips forward. “Fucking shit,” I groaned, bringing my free hand up to squeeze my breast. 

And then I came. Hard and fast. 

My body shook violently and I pulled my hand out. Before I would go sinking down to the floor, I pressed both my hands hard against the shower door in front of me for support. The plastic shook with the impact of my full body weight slamming against it. I rode out my orgasm against the stream of water, circling my hips against the stream. “Oh fuck,” I breathed once I’d regained my strength. 

I ran my hand through my wet hair and then quickly finished my shower. “Belle?” I heard Carrie’s voice after there was a knock on the door. “Belle, are you almost done?” she asked as she knocked again.

“Yeah I just, I just need to change. Give me like five minutes.” I quickly dried off my body and slipped into my underwear, not caring that I wasn’t fully dry yet. After pulling the tank top over my head, I wrapped the towel around my hair and pulled my jeans over my legs. Once I was dressed I put on my flip-flops and grabbed my pajamas. “All yours,” I said as I opened the door and smiled at my best friend.

“Finally,” she groaned as she pushed past me and closed the door behind her.

Chuckling, I walked back into my bedroom to continue getting ready. I pulled the towel out of my hair and plugged in my blow-dryer. I could hear Carrie turn on the shower, which meant that she probably already felt better than she did about twenty minutes ago. 

By the time I’d finished blow-drying my hair, she was already sitting on the couch with Miss Kitten in her lap. She’d put on a white strapless maxi dress and her wet, blonde hair was pulled together in a messy braid. “I see you’re feeling better,” I said as I joined her on the couch. “You still up for shopping today?”

“A power nap and a shower can work miracles sometimes,” she laughed, kissing her kitten on the head. “And I promised you. You know I always keep my promises.”

“Yeah you do.” Smiling, I wrapped my arm around her shoulders and pulled her into me for a hug.

“Whoa easy, Belle. I still feel a little queasy.”




Four hours and six full shopping bags later, Carrie and I crashed down at a table on the terrace of a small café in the city. I had about ten different outfits in those bags as well as a few new pairs of shoes. I was a couple hundred dollars poorer, but it was all worth it. I was gonna own that job, one dress at a time.

I pushed my sunglasses up to the top of my head while Carrie stared at the menu trying to decide on what to get. “So,” she started as she slid the menu over to me and sank back in her chair. She pulled off her sunglasses, slipping them into the collar of her dress. “Belle got fucked last night.”

Just as she said that, a cute waiter walked over to us to get our order. He probably wasn’t older than seventeen. “What can I get you?” he asked, his gaze lingering on me a little longer, letting me know he’d heard what Carrie had said. Gosh, did she live to embarrass me?

“Sex on the beach,” Carrie said with a wicked smile, giving him an obvious once-over. When the waiter looked down at her, she bit down on her lip and winked at him. Blushing, he quickly looked away and waited for me to tell him what I wanted.

“And I’ll have a glass of white wine.” I smiled up at him sweetly. He quickly scribbled down the order and hurried back inside to get our drinks.

“Oh my God,” Carrie laughed.

“That was so inappropriate.” I laughed along with her, slipping my sunglasses in my bag. I combed my fingers through my hair before pulling it up in a ponytail. “He was like, what, barely seventeen?”

“Ah, who cares,” Carrie said, shrugging it off. “With a face like that the kid probably gets more pussy than some kids in college. Did you see him, Belle? I mean, damn.”

“You have a boyfriend,” I pointed out with a small chuckle. “And you’re five years older. It’s all kinds of inappropriate. The poor kid’s probably too embarrassed to come out with our drinks now.”

“Okay whatever. Tell me about last night.” She sat up straight in her chair again and stared at me expectantly, wanting me to retell the story about how I had sex in a club.

“Care, I told you last night.”

“I was drunk off my ass, girl. I don’t remember shit. Now tell me again.” 

The cute waiter stepped out with our drinks and set them down in front of us. “No no no girl, I got this,” Carrie said as I reached for my wallet. She quickly pulled hers out and handed the waiter some money, letting him know he could keep the change. He nodded politely and left. “Now spill, biatch.”

Sighing, I told her everything again. Carrie couldn’t help but thrown in the occasional “damn” or “you go girl”. When I was done, she stared at me, half of her cocktail already finished. “And you loved it so much you tried to relive it this morning didn’t you?” She bobbed her eyebrows up and down as she stuck the straw back in her mouth.

“You, you heard that?” I asked wide-eyed. Oh my God.

“Relax, Belle. We all have needs. Hell, if I’d have been fucked like that, I’d have done exactly the same.” Winking, she let go of the straw. “But seriously like, you didn’t get a name?”

“I didn’t want any names. I just, it was exciting to not know, you know? And it felt like I could just be anyone I wanted to be.”

“I never thought you had it in you, Belle.”

“Why does everyone keep saying that?”

“Because it’s true and you know it,” she answered. “Listen, I love you, you know that. But you gotta admit it, you can come off a little prudish. And Wayne didn’t exactly help you. I mean, he was a great guy but he was a little boring.”

Sighing, I took a sip of my wine. “Yeah. But what can I say, I was head over heels.”

“He was your first boyfriend, Belle, I get it. But now that you got rid of him, you can be who you really are.” I looked at her slightly confused. “A sex goddess.”

“Oh my God, Carrie! Just because I did one wild thing?”

“That’s how Brody and I started, now look where we are.” She leaned back in her chair, smiling knowingly at me.

It was no secret Carrie and Brody had a crazy sex life. They’d probably tried every single position already. They’ve had sex in places I would never even think of having sex. But then again, I’d never made it past the bedroom with Wayne so I probably still had a lot to learn.

She and Brody had met one Friday night at a bar. Carrie had a night off and she wanted to go out for a drink but she insisted we didn’t go to where she worked, so we went to a bar a couple blocks down from there. The both of them hit it off instantly after Brody spilled some of his beer on her. What started as a one-night stand turned into… more one-night stands and soon enough they were official.

The prospect of that happening with the handsome stranger from last night made my heart flutter slightly. I would definitely not be opposed to another round of hot sex with him.

“Do you really think that he could–”

“Babe, you never know. I mean, Brody and I met at a local bar, so I knew he lived nearby. Your guy might be a little tougher considering Trixx attracts people from all over the freaking country. But who knows, you might run into him while going grocery shopping.”

I chewed down on my bottom lip as I really thought about ever seeing him again. A part of me hoped we could see each other again, but another part me of me hoped we wouldn’t. I didn’t want it to be awkward. I didn’t wanna see him again and know that he actually didn’t wanna run into me. Because most of the time, guys fuck you and then they never wanna see you again. Simple as that. 

And I was sure a guy like him was exactly like that. 




I’d spent Sunday planning my outfit for my first day. I kept giving myself pep talks to try and settle my nerves, but when I stepped out of the shower on Monday morning and put on the black and red color-block dress, I was a nervous wreck. My heart was beating out of my chest while I tried to pin my hair up with shaking hands. 

Once I succeeded, I made sure the dress was on right. I adjusted the drape neckline and fastened the belt around my waist. Carrie had picked this one out for me. The pencil skirt reached to my knees, which was the perfect length for an office job – so much for not knowing anything about office wear, huh Carrie. The dress was tight in all the right places, the draped neckline and cap sleeves giving it a young and fun twist. 

And it didn’t look half bad on me, really.

After applying a minimum of makeup and taking another deep breath, I stepped out of the bathroom.

Carrie and Brody had decided to stay over at his place last night, so I had to deal all by myself. I could’ve really used my best friend right now to tell me I looked hot and that I would be fine on my first day. With or without her though, I had to make it through my first day no matter how nervous I was.

I slipped my bare feet into a pair of basic black pumps and grabbed the briefcase my friends had bought for me. “Well, I’m all set,” I said. “You gonna be okay, Miss Kitten?” I looked at the little kitten lying on my bed. Carrie had promised she’d get here as soon as they were up to look after her, but I hated leaving her by herself. 

She meowed a response and laid her head back down. “Alright,” I laughed. “Well, I’m off to work!” You’re talking to a cat, Belle. “Right,” I sighed to myself. I quickly headed out of my room, grabbed my keys and sunglasses and left the apartment.

Our apartment was only a couple blocks away from the office, so I decided to go on foot and stopped by Starbucks for a little pick-me-up. Holding both my coffee and my briefcase in one hand, I pushed open the door and stepped inside the lobby. Even though I’d already been here on Friday, I was still in awe by how big this place was. The Jonas Palmer Chicago headquarters were just as impressive as the company’s reputation.

“Hi, uh, Belle Ryan,” I said to the receptionist, “I’m here to see Stephanie Lewis. It’s uh, it’s my first day,” I continued excitedly.

“I’ll let Mrs. Lewis know you’re here,” she responded with a polite smile. “Please, have a seat.”

I nodded my head and walked over to the expensive-looking leather couches. While I sat there waiting for Mrs. Lewis to arrive, I stared at everyone coming into the building. Everyone was dressed so sleek. Half of the people were busy talking on their cellphones or to their colleagues and juggling multiple cups of coffee and treats. You’re gonna be one of them, I thought to myself. 

“Miss Ryan,” Mrs. Lewis said as she made her way over to me, “it’s great to see you again.”

“Likewise,” I replied as I shook her hand. “It’s uh, it’s amazing that you’ve given me this opportunity. I’m really thankful.”

“Well, Miss Ryan, you were one of the rare profiles that seemed to fit this company,” she explained as she guided me to the elevators. “You have a very impressive resumé and although you lacked in the experience department compared to some other candidates we’ve seen, you have other qualities that I’m sure will make you excel. And that internship abroad was very interesting. Mr. Jonas travels to France a lot himself, so you have that in common.”


“Now,” we stepped out of the elevator and she guided me through a few hallways until she pushed through a glass door. We walked into the office that had floor-to-ceiling windows left and right. A desk stood right in the middle of the room, in front of another closed door. “Welcome to your office,” she said with a smile.

My jaw dropped. “This, this is my office?” I asked as I stared around. We were about fifteen floors up and I had an amazing view of the city on both sides. The office was poorly decorated, but who needed decorations when they were practically working in the sky? A couple plants were spread across the space, but other than everything was kept light and simple. 

“Yes, Miss Ryan,” Mrs. Lewis chuckled. “This is your office. Mr. Jonas office is right through that door. No one gets to him without going through you. No calls are transferred directly to him. The only direct calls he gets are on his cell phone. There’s not much more about how working with Mr. Jonas will go, so I’ll let him give you all the other details. And I suppose someone with your degree knows what an executive assistant’s job looks like.”

“Oh yes, yes I do. I uh, but, wasn’t the vanacy for uh, personal assistant?”

“You will have to handle some tasks that won’t have anything to do with your job here, yes. Mr. Jonas is a very busy man and doesn’t have a lot of time for daily businesses. So you will be in charge of dry cleaning as well as handling some of his finances, but he will be able to tell you more about that.” She smiled.

“Okay. Is uh, is he in?”

“One thing at a time, Miss Ryan,” she laughed. “You’re expected at the office at eight. Lunch break is at twelve thirty. You have an hour. You’ll work eight hours a day, officially. Hours spent working outside of the office will be compensated, but Mr. Jonas will need to sign for those. This badge,” she pulled a badge out of the folder she was holding and handed it to me, “will give you access to the building and elevators. You’re not requested to sign in and out of work, seeing how Mr. Jonas will be able to keep a close eye on the hours you work.”

“Got it.” 

“Do you know how to work this type of phone?”

I stared down at the phone on the desk. It was exactly the same one I’d handled in France. They were super easy to use, unlike some of the telephones we’d used in school. “Yes, I do.”

“Good. If you still have any problems, don’t hesitate to contact me.” She placed the folder she was holding on the desk. “This folder contains some basic information about the company as well as a short manual to the phone and copying machines. I would show you more if I could, but here at Jonas Palmer we work on tight schedules. Even the human resources department is swamped.”

“I totally understand that, Mrs. Lewis.” Smiling, I took a sip of my coffee and stared around the office again. 

“Ah yes, this remote right here,” she started, picking up a small black remote, “controls the blinds.” She pressed the button and the blinds on the window to my right rolled down slowly. Awesome. “Mr. Jonas should be arriving any second now.” She pressed another button to make the blinds go up again and then set the remote back down on the desk. “Will you be okay for now?”

“Yes. I’ll look through the documents,” I said, nodding towards the folder.

“Good luck, Miss Ryan. We have faith in you.”

“Thank you.” Smiling, I shook her head again. 

She disappeared through the glass doors and I was alone in the most awesome office of all time. I knew I told her I’d look through the documents, but the view was too tempting. I grabbed my coffee and moved to the window to stare out of it. How did I ever get so lucky as to work in a place like this? Seriously, this was epic. Good thing I wasn’t scared of heights though.

“Ah, you must be Miss Ryan,” I heard a voice speak. 

“Yes sir, I uh, Belle–” I turned around and froze on the spot. The cup of coffee I held in my hand slipped out and crashed down to the floor, the sticky hot liquid spilling all over the floor, my legs and my shoes. “Ryan.” I swallowed hard, staring at the man in front of me.

Standing in front of me dressed in a perfectly tailored black and white suit with red silk tie, hair slicked back neatly, was no one other than the hot stranger from Friday night. 

“Oh my God,” I whispered.


Chapter End Notes:

I pretty much already spoiled the cliffhanger at the end in the summary but heeeeey guess who her boss is?????? hahahahahahahhahaha

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