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Joe and Sophie had come over to our place for dinner. As always, Nick had wanted to order food in, but I refused. Millionaire fiancé or not, I was still adamant that we weren’t going to waste money like that. I knew Nick loved that about me; my refusal to be frivolous. Instead I’d cooked them authentic pasta carbonara which always went down well. After dinner, we made our way into the living area of our New York apartment, it still feels surreal having more than one home but I guess that’s part and parcel of being Lucy- the future Mrs Nick Jonas. 




Sophie opened a bottle of wine for us whilst the boys stuck to the spirits and Nick brought out the cigars. 






‘So, when are you two going to actually get married?’ Asked Joe, during a lull in the conversation.




Nick and I looked at each other and smiled. We’d been engaged for over a year so far and still hadn’t even discussed setting the date. It wasn’t that we didn’t want to get married, it was just because of our busy schedules that we hadn’t really had the chance yet. Nick had been filming and producing, and I’d finally got my work visa through and was working with Nick’s Dad’s management company to get experience after my degree. 




‘Soon’ said Nick, squeezing my hand. I smiled at him. I loved him so much and since we officially got together we’ve only got closer. After his romantic proposal in London I’d quit my job and joined him on the road until his Dad gave me a job. It hadn’t all been plain sailing though, people had expectations of Nick Jonas’s fiancée, they didn’t expect normal old me at all but I was the one he’d chosen. Even when his model ex’s turned their noses up at me when we went to awards nights, he reassured me that I was the most beautiful woman in the world and he made me believe it.




‘I just can’t imagine how it will feel to officially be your wife’ I said, not being able to resist squeezing him tight.




‘You two are just so perfect together’ sighed Sophie. 




‘I’m just so excited for our first proper Christmas living together, it’s going to be so magical. I’ve got the perfect gift for Lucy and it’s driving her crazy’ laughed Nick.




‘I’m not good with surprises, you know that’ I replied. Nick smirked, she was going to love this one. 




Lucy excused herself to go to the bathroom and Sophie was immediately on Nick. 




‘So what’s the surprise?’ She whispered. Nick smirked and gestured that his mouth was zipped shut. 




‘Uh uh, spill’ said Joe.




‘Okay okay, we’re getting married. It’s all planned. Honestly when you asked just then I wanted to kill you’ Nick told them excitedly. 




‘Seriously? And she knows nothing?’ Asked Joe.




‘Nope’ said Nick emphasising the P. ‘That’s why I was so keen to get us all to have Christmas here this year. So far only Mom and Dad know. Dad’s going to do the ceremony and I’ve got permission to do it in Central Park’




‘She’s going to LOVE it!’ Squealed Sophie.




‘Love what?’ I asked coming back into the room. 




‘Your surprise’ replied Nick mischievously.




‘Whaaaat? Everyone knows except me?’ I demanded playfully, walking over to him with my hands on my hips in fake annoyance. 




‘Not quite everyone, Joe hasn’t told Willa yet’ Nick laughed. How could I be angry with that face? 




‘And besides, it’s the 20th of December today, not much longer to wait.




‘Urgh’ I sighed dramatically throwing myself on to the sofa. I knew how stubborn Nick was, and there was no way of getting it out of him. I guess I really was just going to have to wait. 




‘Believe me, it’ll be worth waiting for’ Nick reassured me. He knew me better than anyone and I believed him. This was going to be the best Christmas ever. 

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