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**Lucy POV**


Last night was amazing. I have the best fiancé ever. It's no wonder that he was proud of my Christmas surprise; he flew my mum and grandad over to spend it with us. He knows how important they both are to me and mum would never have had the money to come herself. When they'd walked into the restaurant last night I didn't know who to hug first then or Nick for making it all possible. Nicks always so thoughtful and forever thinking of ways to spoil me. It had taken a while to get used to though. The first time he told me he had a surprise for me I was expecting a box of chocolates or some flowers, not my Nick though, it was a car of my own for when we were in LA. I suspect it was because he didn't want me damaging his, but nonetheless I loved it. 


When we'd got home last night, my Mum, grandad and Nicks parents in tow, we'd all enjoyed a couple of drinks together and then headed to bed. Nick seemed exhausted, he really was doing too much in the run up to Christmas and really needed to slow down before he burnt himself out. I eventually got him to go to bed with me, even though he should have gone hours before. 


We cuddled up in bed and I looked up at him lovingly. 


'So how was baby sitting earlier?' He asked.


'Honestly Willa is a dream, it did make me think of us in the future, I mean not for a long time but I really would love us to have a family together one day' 


'Me too, I think we'll make awesome parents, don't you?' he replied with a smile.


'I hope so. Imagine being able to go to school and be like oh yeah, my dads a rock star' I laughed. 


'And my moms the love of his life' Nick replied and then kissed me on the forehead tenderly.


'So what are we doing tomorrow then?' I asked hopefully. When he'd suggested Christmas together in New York I'd been so excited. I'd pictured all the romantic things we could be doing but this past week I'd barely seen Nick and I missed him.


'Well, unfortunately I've got some more work to do' he confessed. The look on his face telling me that he knew I wasn't going to be happy about it.


'Noooo, I was hoping we could do something together' I groaned. 'I really want to go ice skating' 


'I'll be home for dinner, I promise. We can ice skate another day' he replied squeezing me into his chest. How could I stay mad. Frustrated, yes, but not mad.


'I love you Nick Jonas but sometimes you're just too much of a workaholic! You need to slow down before you burn out' 


As if on cue he yawned widely, and I raised my eyebrows as he proved my point. 


'Oh and I almost forgot, that box the neighbours dropped off, what is it?' I asked, hoping to get him to trip up, but he didn't fall for it.


'You'll soon see' he said cuddling into me and falling asleep almost instantly 



**Nick POV**


When I woke up, Lucy was smiling at me, she'd been watching me sleep. 


'Creep' I said jokingly. 


'I just love how peaceful you look when you're asleep. Plus this is the longest I've seen you in one place in ages' she said. I could tell she was only half joking with that statement. 


'So what are you doing today?' I asked, knowing fine well what the plan was. 


'Well actually, your Mom has just told me booked a spa day for all us ladies today. The full works- hair, facial, nails, massages...the lot! I know I'm not exactly a pamper princess but I'm actually looking forward to it' she smiled.


The truth was, I'd organised it. This was the closest to a bachelorette party I could give her without her realising. I had it planned for her to be leaving soon do I could get on with my plans for the day, but she insisted on making me breakfast before she left. She kept telling me she was worried about my sugars because of how tired I was. Of course I couldn’t tell her it was because I was leading a double life as a secret wedding planner. I saw my Mom watch on as Lucy fussed over me, and I saw her smile. My Mom hadn’t always been sure of how fast things had moved with Lucy, in fact the first time the two had met it was somewhat frosty. Mom still sees me as her little boy and all of a sudden there I was with a girl that she’d never met telling her we were engaged. Lucy had won Mom round though, just like she did everyone. Dad even gave her a job, not because she was family but because she was genuinely good at the job. 


Five minutes after she left my brothers and Dad joined Lucy’s Grandad and I in the apartment. 


‘So what have we still got left to do?’ Asked Kevin. 


‘Well her dress arrived yesterday and it looks amazing. Her hair and make up is sorted. Umm....’ 


‘Shoes? Have you got her shoes?’ Asked Joe.


‘Photographer?’ Dad chimed in.


‘And what about food?’ Asked Frankie. 


I pulled out my MacBook and showed them the plans for the big day. I scrolled through the pages of notes I’d made and showed them some of the pictures but I wanted it to be as much of a surprise to them as her. 


‘So, Nick, I do have to ask. You could have just hired a wedding planner and gone all out. Why didn’t you?’ Asked Lucy’s grandad. I was slightly concerned, he knew her better than anyone, did he think I was making a mistake? 


‘Well, I thought about it. I even spoke to one but all her ideas were way over the top and so not Lucy. I want this to be about her and I, not some picture perfect but completely impersonal day’ I explained. I watched the smile come over his face.


‘It’s perfect. The plans, the meaning, everything. She’s going to love It’ he reassured me. 


‘Flowers’ shouted Joe, as if he had wedding Tourette’s. 


‘White snowdrops. Perfect for this time of year’ I replied. 


‘Anyway, on the list for today is us going to get some new suits and then we’re having drinks, my low key bachelor party’ I laughed. 


Joe raised an eyebrow at me. Bachelor parties were his forte, but we could revisit these parties after the wedding. 


We all stood up to leave when Frankie piped up. ‘What happens if she says no though?’


Everyone froze then looked at him, and then me. 


‘She won’t’ I said confidently. 


‘Okay’ shrugged Frankie but now he’d planted the seed I started to worry. What if she did say no. 



**Lucy POV**


I have just been pampered too to toe and it feels fantastic. I can definitely see why people do this now. Bottles of champagne suddenly appeared from somewhere and I was handed a glass. 


‘To love, health and happiness’ toasted Denise. 


I smiled. Honestly how could life get any better, except for seeing Nick at dinner tonight. Just as I allowed myself the chance to imagine an early night with Nick, Sophie piped up telling us that she had tickets for us all to go to a theatre show that night. 


‘All of us?’ I asked 


‘Well just us ladies, the men folk have something else planned’ she explained. I smiled and pretended to be happy but I was annoyed. He’d promised that we’d have dinner together and now I found out he’d had plans all along. 


The next thing we were all taken separately to have our hair and make up done for going out. This was yet another part of my new lifestyle that I wasn’t used to. Day to day I was a eyeliner and little else girl, but when we go out for special events, it’s always a fight with the make up artists to understand I don’t want to look like anyone else but me. The amount of foundation and smokey eyeshadow they try to pile on me is incredible, but this make up artist seemed to understand me. The look was light, natural and me. Perfect. The hair as well was just simple, tonged into loose curls with the sides pinned back. I really liked it. 


When I came out of the hair and make up room everyone made such a fuss about how I looked that I felt really good about myself. I just wished Nick could see me right now. I took a picture and sent him it. Knowing him, he’d be asleep in bed by the time I got back later. 


Me: Just thought I'd show you what you're going to be missing tonight.....


Nick: I'm sorry. Tomorrow night, I promise and I'll see you when we both get home tonight. I love you xxx





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