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**Lucy POV**


I must have been exhausted because I slept like a log. It took a second before I registered- it was actually Christmas Eve! I turned over to wake Nick up to tell him but he wasn't there, and by the look of the bed covers, he hadn't been there all night. I thought back to what had happened at the ice rink, surely that wouldn't have made him stay away all night. Or was there something really wrong and he was trying to protect me? So many scenarios ran through my head, but they were interrupted when I realised there were voices coming from the living area of the apartment. I got out of bed and threw my robe on, maybe it was Nick, but when I reached the room my mouth fell open instead.


'Surprise!' They all shouted as I walked in. Okay, now I was confused. My grandfather was in the middle of all the females of my family, and Nick was missing. What was going on here?


'Surprise what? I don't get it?' I asked, confused.


'You're getting married today' squealed Alena jumping up and down, hand in hand with Valentina. I looked at them and then at all the smiling faces around her. 


'Okay, who wants to explain?' I asked.


'I'm guessing you didn't look at your phone. Nicks left you a video message, he said that you always looked at your phone the minute you woke up' Denise explained.


'Be right back' I said, running back to the bedroom to grab my phone. The one day I hadn't looked at it and I'd missed this. I unlocked it and pressed play. Immediately his face appeared on the screen. 


'Hello my darling Lucy. First of all good morning. As you can see I'm not next to you right now and that's because I'm at Joe's place getting ready, because remember I said I had the best surprise ever for you? Well today's the day Lucy. Not only is it Christmas Eve but if you'll agree to it, it's also our wedding day. I decided to surprise you because I want you to know how much I love you. Everything is taken care of, all you have to do is go out and see the family and get ready to become my wife. The ceremony is at 12pm, try not to be too late. I love you more than the sun, moon and stars and I hope you understand why I've been so busy this week. It's not because I don't want to spend time with you, it's because I want to spend the rest of my life with you' and the video cut off. Tears were rolling down my face. It was a wonderful surprise but I was in shock. I sat looking at my phone for a moment before my Grandad knocked on the door.


'May I come in?' He asked. I nodded and smiled through the tears. 


'Are you okay?' He asked, rubbing my arm tenderly. 


'I don't know, I mean we always talk about getting married but I'm worried. What if it doesn't work, look at mum and dad. They divorced and it ended horribly. I don't want that for us' 


'It's completely normal to be nervous darling. Grandma and I were both terrified on our wedding day. I remember my hands were shaking and sweating so much I almost dropped the ring as I put it on her finger, but I knew all along she was the one for me. 61 years we were married when she died Lucy and I wouldn't have changed one minute of it. She was my best friend as well as my wife and that's why it worked. Of course we argued. Who doesn't? but we never went to bed on one. We worked at our marriage, we compromised and found common ground. Love doesn't make everything easy but love is what keeps you together when everything else is pulling you apart. You and Nick remind me a lot of Grandma and I actually. When I watch you together and I see the way you look at each other, i know you're made for each other and that's why when he called and told me his plan and asked me to give you away I immediately said yes' he explained, as more tears fell from eyes.


'Do you think so?' I sniffed.


'I know so, but this is your call Lucy. If you're not ready then you don't have to do this. He loves you enough to understand and to wait until you are'


'No, I'm ready. I think I just needed to take it all in. I just wish Grandma was here, she’d give me a kick up the bum' I joked. 


'She'll be watching over you today, just like always' he said squeezing my hand and then he hugged me tightly, this time we both cried together. 


There was another knock at the door. This time it was Sophie and Dani, with what looked like everyone else behind them. 


'Sooooo......' Sophie enquired. 


'So let's go have ourselves a wedding' I said happily, wiping the tears from my eyes.


'Geez Lucy, you really made us sweat out there!' Laughed Dani.



**Nicks POV**


'She should be awake by now' I said, pacing the floor. The silence was deafening. Everyone was trying to distract me but I'd been awake since around 5 waiting to hear from her. As much as I was convinced she was going to love the idea, there was still that niggle in the back of my mind that she would say no. If she did it would be okay, but I really hoped she'd say yes. Joe's phone rang-


'It's Sophie' Joe said. I think he was as nervous as I was. 


'Put it on speaker' I shouted.


'Hello, we're all listening' he said.


'Well stop listening and get ready. There's a wedding today!' She squealed. 


I could hear the noise in the background and I could hear Lucy laughing. She was happy. That was the greatest relief ever. 


'Tell her not to be too late' I shouted. I was only half joking. Lucy was either really early or really late, she was yet to master the in between. Truth be told though, I’d wait there for her forever if I had to.


'Okay bossy! Now we're just about to show her the dress so I need to go' Sophie said


'Remember and film her reaction' I shouted before she hung up. 


The dress was what had been in the huge box the neighbour had dropped off. I was just glad I'd got there in time to intercept it before Lucy had peeked. The dress was the thing that I knew that she would love the most about today, well apart from me hopefully. It was her grandma's wedding dress from the late 1950's. Lucy had always said how much she loved it and used to dream of wearing it at her wedding when she was younger. Her grandma had even let her try it on a few times as she grew up and when I'd told her grandad about the wedding he'd suggested it and it was perfect- so very Lucy. In October she'd had a dress made for a gala dinner we'd attended and I'd asked the seamstress to keep her measurements so she could alter her grandma’s dress to fit her perfectly. It was a simple, white, traditional style 1950's full skirted, calf length dress, with long lace sleeves and a sweetheart neckline. I'd also added on a white fur shrug to keep her warm in the cold weather. She was going to look amazing. 


'Nick, snap out of it. We've got to get ready too you know' said my Dad, handing me a drink. 


'Heres a toast. To my son on his wedding day' he said loudly, and everyone drank to it, despite it only being 9am. In three hours I'd be married. She'd be my wife and we'd live our happily ever after. 



**Lucy's POV**


It was all starting to make sense why Nick had been so busy this week. In his typical style, he had thought of everything. Whereas I like to just wing it, he needs to control everything. I guess we're a good balance for each other in that respect. 


'So do I have a dress?' I asked. I wondered if he'd picked a huge Cinderella style and I really hoped he hadn't. I hoped he knew me better than that but what he had chosen blew me away. In his study, on a mannequin was my grandma's dress. The tears came back instantly. 


'She'd want you to wear it' my grandad said, once again in tears with me. 


'It's perfect, I can't believe he remembered' I said. I was so genuinely touched that Nick had listened to me and remembered what her dress meant to me.


'I did slightly remind him' my grandad laughed. 


'But first. Champagne breakfast and then hair and make up!' Announced my mum. 


I had a glass of champagne but I could barely eat. There came a knock at the door and I went to answer. 


'Oh my God!' I screamed. It was my best friend from London, Josh.


'As if I'd miss your wedding!' He said, grabbing me in for a huge hug. I almost missed the woman standing behind him. 


'And I'm Elle, your photographer. Mr Jonas asked me to come round and just take pictures of you getting ready' she explained. This was really getting real now. 


Shortly thereafter the hair and make up team from the spa day arrived to get us ready. They explained that they'd been at the spa day so as to do a make up trial for the wedding without me even realising. This had gone so much deeper than I'd realised, I couldn't help but feel guilty for all the nagging I'd done at Nick all week.

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