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What just happened? Katherine was a little hazy on the details, but she was pretty sure Joe Jonas, business tycoon billionaire, just admitted to being attracted to her. She never really had an issue with how she looked, but Christ – this man could have any women in the world. He could have his way with the most gorgeous women on earth and he was looking at her?

She shook her head from the thought. She didn’t need to entertain any maddening scenarios in her head. He was her boss. It just… it couldn’t happen.

After cleaning up the rest of the kitchen, Katherine shut herself up in her massive bedroom in the east wing of the apartment, ignoring the tingling in her body at the thought of Joe – er, Mr. Jonas.

She quickly undressed, pulling off her outer coverings, only leaving on her pale pink panties before she slipped on the oversized t-shirt she wore to bed most nights. She pulled her hair up into a messy bun on the top of her head as she made her way to the private bathroom connected to her room. As she stood in front of the mirror brushing her teeth, her eyes washed up and down her frame. What was it he was attracted to? She was so unbelievably average, it was sickening. Her hair was too stringy. Her cheekbones were too prominent. Her eyes were a mash-up of all the colors, making them a dull shade of hazel. And the rest of her – well, it was safe to say she could lose a pound or two before she’d ever look good standing next to a man like Joe Jonas.

As she spit out the toothpaste and rinsed the brush, Katherine leaned her face toward the mirror, looking at herself close-up. Bleckk. She shook her head quickly, but stopped herself when she realized one of her tiny hoop earrings – earrings her grandmother gave to her before she died – was missing from her ear.

Oh, shit.

Her eyes immediately searched the countertops before she dropped to her knees on the floor searching for it. No, no, no. Her heart squeezed painfully in her chest at the thought of not being able to find it.

She ran to her room, retracing her steps in hopes it just fell out when she changed for bed. She picked up the clothes she was wearing not even ten minutes earlier and shook them out. It was nowhere. Without even thinking, she dashed out her bedroom door, heading to the kitchen where she and Joe shared dinner together not even an hour before. She flipped on the light and looked around on the immaculate countertops. Of course it wasn’t there. She just cleaned the shit out of this whole place. She dropped down on her knees to look on the floor, scouring under the baseboard. And as if some miracle was shone down upon her, she found it on the floor by the kitchen sink.

“Oh my god,” she sighed as she blew on the earring to dust it off and popped it back through the hole in her ear.

Close call. Katherine stood up, trying to regain her composure after her near heart attack.

“Miss Mason.”

She jumped nearly a foot as a screech escaped her lips. She turned to find Joe sitting at the dining room table, still dressed in his white dress shirt and black pants. He had a glass in his hand and a bottle of whiskey next to him on the table.

“M-Mr. Jonas,” Katherine stammered, holding her hand to her heart.

She watched as his eyes washed up and down her over-exposed body as his tongue darted out, wetting his lips. She looked down, immediately tugging at the bottom hem of the shirt that only now seemed much too inadequate to call pajamas.

“I-I thought you went to bed,” she said wide-eyed, her cheeks burning with blush.

“I needed a drink,” he said, moving his glass in his hands, causing the ice to clink against the side.

“Oh,” she said, dropping her gaze, feeling incredibly embarrassed to be in his presence while she was this indisposed.

“Is this what you wear to bed, Miss Mason?” He asked as his eyes, less than subtly, looked up and down her body again.

“On most nights,” she said quietly, feeling incredibly self-conscious as she stood under his watchful eye.

Hmm,” he grunted as he stood up from his seat, grabbing the bottle of whiskey in his free hand.

Her heart began to pound furiously in her chest as he moved toward her. Her body was stick-straight and her breathing stopped completely as he passed by her to make his way to the sink. Katherine slowly turned to watch as he gulped down what was left in his glass and deposited it into the sink before turning back to her. His eyes connected with hers immediately. He was so mind-blowingly attractive, it was overwhelming. She stood wide-eyed, gazing at him like she’d only just laid eyes on him for the first time.

“You were in a panic,” he pointed out, referring to her abrupt entrance into the kitchen.

“I-I lost my earring. Or I thought I did,” she told him, her cheeks still blushing.

“Glad to see you found it,” he commented, reaching out to gently touch her earlobe.

Her insides contracted from his touch and she felt the slow build of sexual heat deep within her. It would have been the perfect time for him to just take her right then and there. Her whole body was screaming for him from just that one touch.

“Yes,” she said, the word coming out more as a squeak rather than a reply.

There was a moment between them where their eyes connected, like there was a force holding them in an intense gaze, neither of them able to look away. Her entire body tingled from his presence. She was certain he could see what he was doing to her. And because of that, she slowly crossed one of her legs over the other one as she stood in front of him, to try to halt the sensations that were building inside of her. But his watchful eye on her caught her tactless move in an instant, causing her inappropriate thoughts about him to multiple.

“I can’t say your choice of bedroom attire was a bad choice,” he said with a delicious smirk, looking down at the hem as he stepped toward her.

Oh, god. What did he see? Was her ass hanging out as she searched for her earring? How incredibly embarrassing. Her cheeks flushed a brighter shade of crimson as she thought back on what a lunatic she must have looked like as she rushed into the kitchen to search for her missing heirloom.

“You have beautiful legs, Miss Mason,” he breathed, his voice lowering into a huskier form, sending a shot of pleasure through her insides. Her breathing hitched with his words, and he smirked because of it.

“Am I making you nervous, Miss Mason?” He asked as his face went back to the cool expression he usually led with, though his eyes were still intense. Was it that obvious?

“Y-yes,” she admitted.

“In a bad way?” He asked, quirking his eyebrow.

“No,” she said quietly, answering immediately.

“Good,” he replied.

Katherine wanted to whimper. She wanted to moan. She wanted to do something to show just how agonizingly turned-on she was by him just by this short exchange. But she couldn’t. She closed her eyes, trying to find her footing again. She couldn’t think properly when she was in his presence.

“Miss Mason…” She heard next to her ear. Her eyes flew open. He was standing so close, so incredibly close that they were nearly touching.

“I’m finding it hard to control my urges when you’re dressed like this,” he whispered in her ear, using her words from earlier. She could feel his breath on her ear and it destroyed her.

She was panting now and she was certain he knew what he was doing to her. When she felt his fingertips move slowly up her bare thigh, it startled her, but it didn’t stop her from letting out a whimper. She closed her eyes again, partly from embarrassment, but mainly because she was drowning in him – and she wanted to.

“Do you feel this, Miss Mason?” He breathed in her ear.

Mm-hmm,” she moaned, licking her lips as the desire built inside of her.

“Do you feel this… this energy between us?” He continued in his husky tone.

Mm,” she moaned, biting her bottom lip.

“Your little pink panties did me in,” he said as his fingers moved farther up her thigh to her hip, gripping onto the side of her underwear, tugging at it before snapping it gently against her skin. She let another whimper escape her mouth.

Oh, god! He did see them! Oh, Christ.

“You are so appealing, Miss Mason,” he told her as his other hand moved up to her hair before pulling out her ponytail, letting her hair fall lax against her shoulders.

It took her a moment to gather her thoughts. Everything seemed to be happening so fast, yet it seemed like they were moving in slow motion. Her brain was foggy, but she was certain she was quite thoroughly being seduced by this overwhelmingly captivating man.

As his hand dropped down to her left thigh, her breathing hitched once again. He had both of his hands on her, on her bare skin and she was reeling. She supposed he was proving his point to her – I am a man who gets what he wants – because Katherine had absolutely no self-control left in her. Even then, she couldn’t justify a reason to need to control herself with him. They were both consenting adults. Consequences be damned.

“I can be very persuasive, Miss Mason. But I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to do,” he breathed lowly, looking down into her eyes as his fingers burned into her skin in the most amazing way possible.

“Do you hear me, Katherine?” He asked in a more demanding tone, causing her to take a sharp breath.

“Y-yes,” she replied.

“Do you want to leave?” He asked. Her eyes bore helplessly into his. No, god. No.

Do you want to leave?” He asked sharply, yet more methodically. Katherine shook her head.

“Say it,” he told her sharply.

“No. I don’t… I don’t want to leave,” she stammered.

Mm,” he groaned, sounding pleased, although his facial features never showed it. Katherine watched as his tongue came out, wetting his lips as his fingers moved farther up her shirt so both of his hands were resting on her hips.

“Your skin is so soft,” he whispered as his thumbs moved in slow circles against her hip bones.

Oh, she wanted him to touch her everywhere. She wanted his hands to explore every inch of her skin. Christ. She wanted this man so badly.

“Oh, Miss Mason. The thought of having you does things to me,” he confessed, his lips pressed against her earlobe moments before she felt his lips move against her neck.

The thought of having her? Oh, god. No man had ever said something like that to her. It was the sexiest thing she ever heard.

Her skin tingled from his mouth on her and she tried hard to keep her focus as his lips slowly moved down her jaw line, scratching her softly with his facial stubble. But she was fighting a losing battle. She was putty in his hands. This man was so insanely attractive and the way he seemed to be losing himself in her was completely throwing her over the edge.

“Katherine,” he breathed against her lips. Her heart was in her throat. It was so intimate.

When his lips pressed against hers, it took her a moment to regain her equilibrium before her lips began moving fluidly against his, her hands and arms resting against his chest. His tongue prodded her lips open and took her mouth over, moving smoothly with hers. He was an excellent kisser and it made her wonder if he was as good a lover. Her brain spiraled. Of course he was. He had to be. Did she really need to question it?

She was vaguely aware that his hands started lifting her shirt farther and farther up her back. She wanted him to just rip it off of her. She wanted to be naked with him. She was having a tough time holding back her own urges with him.

Joe pulled away only when his fingers finished bringing her shirt up, pulling it over her head, and she let him. His vision washed over her skin moments before his fingers slid across her bare collarbones before dragging his palms smoothly down the front of her body – from her collarbones, down to her breasts, down to her stomach, like he was worshiping her.

“You are breathtaking,” he stated, still admiring her with quiet fascination.

When she couldn’t take it anymore – when she couldn’t take his eyes inspecting every inch of her, she leaned up and connected their lips again. His fingers dug into her hips pulling her to him, and she groaned against his mouth when his erection dug against her inner thigh. She had never been seduced like this before. She couldn’t even wrap her head around it. He was hypnotizing.

“I want nothing more than to spread you across the table and fuck you until you explode, Miss Mason,” Joe breathed against her lips.


Katherine’s eyes widened in shock from his blunt words as she pulled back to look at him. No one had ever talked to her that way before. He cocked his eyebrow as she felt his hands move down to the back of her thighs, pulling her up against him and she let him. She was lifted into his arms with ease as his mouth found hers again. Her fingers dug into his hair as she kissed him with everything she had, vaguely aware he was walking her into the dim dining room.

Joe set her down on top of the cool table top, pressing his body toward hers so she laid down completely before he left a few lasting kisses on her lips, pulling back to look down on her. His eyes were dark with lust and it sent desire through her body like shockwaves. Oh to be wanted by the likes of a man like Joe Jonas. Katherine was his one true desire in those fleeting moments and she wasn’t going to ask questions. Her self-worth had never been so high.

Joe pulled her legs up to his hips and pressed forward – his hardness pressing between her legs, only their clothing in the way of really feeling one another. Katherine let out a low moan as her eyes closed to help her focus on the sensations coursing through her body.

“Miss Mason, you are engulfing – so magnetic,” Joe groaned as his hands came up to knead her breasts softly, his fingertips tugging and rolling the sensitive flesh of her nipples.

She let out another low moan as pleasure wove thick throughout every inch of her body.

“I find myself vastly aroused by the prospect of making you come, Miss Mason. I could listen to you moan in pleasure all night long,” he said matter-of-factly.

Oh! This man!

Everything he said was such a shock to her system. No man had ever talked to her so candidly, so freely. His words were so lewd and naughty, yet they were so hot and filled every inch of her body with need for him.

Oh, please,” she begged, her voice barely audibly through a whimper.

“It would give me no greater pleasure than to feel you come all around me,” he groaned as his fingers stopped their teasing and his hands worked across her chest.

Katherine’s back arched her chest upward into his palms, wanting him to touch her and tease her like before. She felt like she might explode already.

Please,” she whimpered again.

His lips turned up into a calculating smile, and she knew her pleas were welcomed – that he very much enjoyed the fact that she was begging. When his hands moved down the valley of her stomach, away from where she wanted them, she let out another whimper, letting her body fall lax against the table once again. His blunt fingertips dug into the skin of her hips as he gripped the sides of her panties, pulling them down her legs agonizingly slow. It was in those moments that she figured out just how well-trained he was in the art of seduction. Her body writhed relentlessly for him as he made every inch of her tingle with anticipation. Oh, he was good – so damn good. She was sprawled out bare naked on his dining room table just for him, while he stood fully dressed hovering above her. This man was a master in his craft.

She sat up abruptly, gripping onto the front of his shirt. Her deepest desire in the moment was to get him naked. His eyes stayed glued to her, hooded and intrigued by her hasty actions. Her fingers began popping out one button after another on his white dress shirt, revealing beauty mark after beauty mark. She stopped momentarily in her quest to admire them, her fingertips sliding gingerly across his chest. Her plan was to kiss each and every beauty mark the second his shirt was discarded. Her eyes tentatively found his and watched as he stared back into hers with an impatience that only he could convey, and she knew she was taking too long for him. She bit back a smirk as she continued to rid him of his shirt.

As she sat on the table with her legs wrapped up against his hips, his fingers were dug into the meaty part of her body where her hips and ass and thighs all came together, his eyes staring down at her, watching her. She had never felt more wanted in all of her life. How did he do it? Maybe it was because he did truly want her – even if it was only for sex. It was sure to be the best sex she ever had. She was certain of it.

Katherine pulled out his shirt tails from his slacks before she finished the task of fully unbuttoning it. Her hands slipped into the sides of the shirt helping push it off his shoulders as he shrugged out of it, letting it fall to the floor. He was well sculpted – a body she was sure he took pride in keeping fit. As her fingers fumbled with the fastening of his slacks, he reached in his pocket and produced a simple shiny square package – a condom. Her eyes met his as her mouth dropped slightly open, her fingers stilling their mission. Was he the kind of man who was really that prepared? Or was he anticipating this all along? Did he have some sort of sixth sense that she’d give in so easily the next time she was in his presence? Or was it his I-get-what-I-want philosophy that gave him such confidence in her caving to his will?

The second his teeth gripped the foil and she heard the unmistakable rip of the condom packaging, all the questions were wiped from her mind.

“Feel free to continue, Miss Mason,” he said, smirking down at her.

“Oh,” she said, snapping out of her daze as her fingers fumbled once again at the zipper on his pants.

Before she could take another breath, his black slacks were pooling at his ankles. He kicked out of his shoes and pants as her fingertips grazed the elastic waistband of his black Calvin Klein’s. She wondered what kind of fantasy this was fulfilling for him – fucking his housekeeper? What was it? What pleasure did she hold for him? Surely she was just a conquest he found himself drawn to. It really was the only explanation. He must get his kicks from fucking the help. Surely his other housekeeper would have stuck around longer if he hadn’t grown bored with her.

Katherine shook her head. Her mind was running wild. She had no idea why his previous housekeeper chose to leave. Hell, she didn’t even know if she chose to leave. She had no clue what her back story was. She was just making up shit in her head.

“Have I lost your attention, Miss Mason? That is new for me,” she heard Joe’s husky voice and her eyes snapped up to his.

“Women don’t usually bore so quickly with me. Do I have to step up my seduction techniques?” He smirked wryly at her. He was being facetious and she kind of loved that about him.

“Consider me fully wooed, Mr. Jonas,” she said, gripping onto the sides of his boxer briefs as she finished her task of getting him naked.

“Good to know I haven’t lost my touch,” he said as all humor drained from his expression.

She watched mesmerized as he slid the condom down himself. Her heart beating faster and faster at the thought of really getting her hands on him and his hands on her. When he looked up, there was so much desire and lust swirling in his eyes, it nearly sedated her. He was so incredible. And she knew it might be a bad idea – fucking her boss and all – but her body and mind wouldn’t allow her to give a shit.

“Lie back,” he said in a gruff voice. Katherine wasn’t in the position of asking questions, so she did as he said.

Her back met with the cool surface once again as his fingertips dug into the flesh of her thighs, pulling her swiftly to the edge of the table so her bottom was nearly hanging off the side. As he kept a grip on her thigh with his left hand, the fingers of his other hand dipped slowly down her front before he buried his index and middle finger inside of her.

“So eager, Miss Mason,” Joe breathed, pleased with her. She let out a low moan in response as her eyes closed, enjoying the rippling sensation that his slowly moving fingers made within her.

“Brace yourself, Miss Mason,” he said in almost a complacent promise as he promptly pulled his fingers out of her.

Her eyes opened quickly as her fingertips gripped the edge of the table. She looked down just as he lined himself up. He took a sharp intake of breath and seconds later, he slammed inside, burying himself deep within her. Her head tipped back as a low cry escaped her lips. The sensations were overwhelming and she almost couldn’t breathe. Joe pulled back slowly and once again slammed hard into her, causing another cry to burst from her lips.

“Feel me,” he groaned as he began a methodical rhythm inside of her.

Oh, she felt him. And he was answering her initial question about him so thoroughly. Was he as good of a lover as he was a kisser? Yes. Yes. Yes!

Her body never felt so many pleasing sensations all at once. It was intoxicating. The way he was rocking his body against hers; the way his hands moved smoothly up and down her skin when they weren’t gripped tightly to her thighs; the way his ragged breaths were doing her in just as much as the act of sex itself. Dear God, he was so incredibly alluring.

And when her breaths became gasps and her body almost couldn’t take it anymore, she exploded all around him in an intense, earth-shattering orgasm that she was sure to experience after-shocks from if he kept on.

When her body settled and her mind came back down to earth, she opened her eyes to find him smirking smugly down at her, his rhythm never faltering. She couldn’t help but giggle and bite at her lip.

“Watching you come, Miss Mason—” He smiled, shaking his head. She blushed crimson at his blunt words as she bit down harder on her lip.

“—I’d like to see that more often,” he grunted as he began to push harder and faster, not giving her any amount of time to let his words settle within her before she was building back up.

“Oh. Ohh. Joe!” She cried out as she felt his fingertips dig harder into her flesh bringing a little pain with the pleasure.

She was blasting through her second orgasm when she was certain he found his own ending. His rhythm became sloppy before it stopped altogether, the palms of his hands finding the top of the table as he hunched forward suspended above her. Both their breathing was ragged and rapid and she fought to find an ounce of moisture inside her mouth.

She had never experienced such mind-blowing sex – sex that could easily have been ripped right out of one of those cheesy romance novels. It silently made her wonder where on earth he learned how to fuck like that. It was awe-inspiring.

With a low breathy grunt, Joe pulled out of her, causing her lower half to contract without him inside of her. As he retreated away from her, she almost felt desolate without him. And a part of her knew it was completely wrong to feel that way. Why did he make her feel like that? Why was she letting this man control her in such a way? She never felt so dependent in her life and she almost hated herself for it.

Katherine pulled herself up to sit on the table top as she watched Joe walk naked into the kitchen and discard the condom haphazardly into the trash can. When he turned back around and made his way back to her, his eyes looked up into hers, but he didn’t say anything. And she couldn’t read his mood. He didn’t look pleased, but he didn’t look upset either. He just looked indifferent. She figured when you get everything you’ve ever wanted, it starts to be less exciting. And that thought dismantled her.

As Joe reached down for his boxer briefs, Katherine quickly scooped up her pink panties and dashed toward the kitchen to grab her t-shirt, throwing it over her head.

“Katherine…” Joe said in almost a whisper.

“Good night, Mr. Jonas,” she squeaked as she nearly ran out of the room, her heart pounding furiously in her chest.

Was her life always going to be a string of one bad decision after another? After tonight, she was sure of it.





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