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After getting little to no sleep, due to lying awake for most of the night trying to decipher what the hell happened and what the hell it all meant, Katherine’s alarm went off entirely too early for her taste. But what could she do? She needed to be up and ready to make breakfast for the megalomaniac she now lived with and worked for. She needed to fulfill her job, even after what happened the night before. This fact didn’t stop her from lying in bed as long as she possibly could to avoid the morning. Visions of the previous night flashed through her mind and she almost couldn’t believe it actually happened – but, it did. It actually happened. She got fucked by her boss right on the kitchen table top. What in the actual fuck was she doing with her life?

Katherine winced as she pulled herself out of bed. She could feel every tender, overused muscle from her belly down to her thighs and everything in-between. Holy shit. If it hadn’t been the best sex of her life, she probably would be regretting it right about now.

She padded across her bedroom floor to the bathroom, turning on the shower to let the water heat up – although in a house like this, it was almost unnecessary. Mr. Jonas had the money to have things like instantaneous hot water and heated floors in his bathrooms – which there were, right below her feet. She never had to worry about stepping out of the shower onto polar ice caps ever again – well, as long as she was living there. There were also heat lamps in and out of the shower, a phone by the toilet, and the best shower pressure in the western hemisphere – it literally felt like she was being massaged as she stood underneath the dual-headed spout.

The shower felt good on her sore muscles. With every wince of pain, her mind cut straight to a memory of the night before and she couldn’t help but want to feel him again. She wanted so badly for him to make her feel wanted again – except she knew it wasn’t going to be that easy. He was her boss. He was her boss and last night should have never happened. And she wasn’t sure how the morning was going to go. Would he mention what they did? Would he ignore it? Would he grab her in his arms and fuck her senseless again because he too sat up all night thinking about it?

Not likely.

Katherine scoffed to herself as she got out of the shower, grabbing a towel from the shelf under one of the many heated lights. Mr. Jonas was probably doing just fine not thinking about her this morning. What was there to think about? She was just a girl who gave it up all too willingly.

As she stood in front of the mirror drying herself off, her eyes raked up and down her naked frame – stopping quickly on her hips. Her mouth dropped open as she stepped forward, getting a better look. There was distinct bruising in the form of fingertips dug into her flesh, from her hip bones all the way down to her mid-thigh, which also wrapped around to the back of her thighs.

Holy shit.

What did he do to her? Was he really that rough? She didn’t think so, but then again, she wasn’t thinking about what he was doing to her hips…

She shook it off as she hung the towel on the back of the door and walked into her bedroom to get dressed. She stood in her closet for longer than she cared for, trying to figure out what to wear. Usually she would have just mindlessly pulled out an outfit and dressed, not caring if she really actually looked good. But today, she wanted her outfit to look flattering – if only to make Joe think it wasn’t an entirely bad choice that they did what they did with each other.

She dressed in black dress pants and a blue form fitting v-neck t-shirt that would bring out the color in her eyes. She wore makeup and did her hair up in a high ponytail.

Her nerves were making her ill by the time she actually needed to go make Mr. Jonas’s breakfast. What would she say to him? What would he say to her? She was so nervous about their interactions that she kept playing over scenarios in her head as she moved fluidly around the kitchen making his usual breakfast – an egg white mushroom and Swiss cheese omelet with fresh fruit, wheat toast and peach jelly. He was a creature of habit.

Ahem,” she heard Mr. Jonas clear his throat and it startled her. She jumped as she turned quickly to see him.

“Oh, Mr. Jonas,” she gasped, holding her hand over her chest.

She watched as his eyes worked up and down her body, but he held no expression on his face. She could never tell what he was thinking. Ever.

“Good morning, Miss Mason,” he said sternly, not breaking even a hint of a smile.

“Good morning, sir,” she said sheepishly as she blushed and turned back toward the stove.

“I think I’ll take my breakfast at the center island counter today,” Joe said, pulling out one of the tall chairs.

“Of course, sir,” she said, turning to give him a polite smile before turning back to her task.

“It would seem that the kitchen table needs a good wipe down,” he said passively.

Katherine stopped breathing as she bit her lip and closed her eyes tightly. Oh, Jesus.

“Of course, sir,” she choked out before taking a deep silent breath, and slid the omelet onto a plate for him.

How embarrassing. Did he really even need to point it out? Of course she would clean it. It would be her number one priority after breakfast.

Katherine took a deep breath before she turned toward him, placing his plate in front of him. His eyes were on her immediately, causing the blush in her cheeks to grow hotter and hotter.

“Orange juice, Miss Mason,” he said, tapping the empty glass in front of him.

“Of course, sir,” she said, feeling flustered as she moved quickly toward the refrigerator, grabbing the pitcher out of it.

Joe’s eyes stayed on her as she moved back toward the counter where he sat. She could never tell what he was thinking… ever. He was a closed fucking book. Was he angry with her? Was she doing everything wrong? Did he have any respect left for her after last night? Because really, she didn’t know if she had any respect left for herself after last night…

“Full glass, sir?” She asked him, looking up into his eyes tentatively. God, he made her so nervous.

“Full,” he said, still staring at her, his eyes nearly piercing right through her.

“Anything else, sir?” She asked him and watched as his eyes cut to the dirty pan on the stove.

“Of course, sir. I will just… I’ll just clean up,” she stammered, making her way to the stove to begin the dishes.

She felt his eyes on her the whole time she moved around the kitchen, tidying up. Every time she got the nerve to actually look in his direction, she found he indeed had his eyes on her and it was unnerving.

Ahem,” she heard him clear his throat once again and she spun to face him, seeing he already vacated his spot at the center island counter and was standing right behind her carrying his dirty dishes.

“Oh!” She yelped, immediately grabbing them from his grasp.

“Please, let me,” she told him, feeling extremely flustered at the fact that he even bothered to clear his dishes.

“Thank you, Miss Mason,” he said as his mysterious dark eyes never left hers.

He was standing rather close to her and made it very difficult to breathe. She was choking in his presence. His look lingered longer than necessary before he cleared his throat and turned out of the kitchen.

“Oh my god,” she sighed as she moved toward the sink to finish off the dishes.

This morning was almost worse than she ever imagined it would be. She thought he would at least talk to her – at least make polite conversation. But, no. Not him. He wasn’t giving anything away. It only made her insecurities and neuroticism worse.

Katherine spent the morning cleaning – giving that goddamn kitchen table a good scrub down. She felt sick to her stomach as her mind played the night over in her head, torturing her with the memories. It was absolutely ridiculous. How could she have been so stupid? Why did she let that happen? Why would she have sex with her boss? Who does that? It was irresponsible. Completely and utterly stupid.

As she went into Mr. Jonas’s bedroom to clear his laundry, she found the pants he wore the previous night laying across the floor in his closet. She scoffed as she scooped them up, shoving her hands in the pockets to empty them. When her hand came out, it pulled out a wad of cash and an unused condom.

“Smug bastard,” she grumbled, feeling like a fool after letting him seduce her.

He was prepared with two condoms. What the hell was that? He couldn’t just walk around with a pocketful of condoms all day. That was just ridiculous. Nobody is that prepared. He knew she’d give in to all of his suggestive words. I’m not used to this, Miss Mason, being attracted to someone I employ. Katherine was sure a man like him had never been turned down in his whole life. I am a man who gets what he wants. She was such a fool.

She slammed her hand against the top of his chest of drawers in his closet, leaving the condom and cash there as she threw his clothes into the basket. She made her way toward the laundry room, noticing Mr. Jonas was in his office on the phone. He didn’t usually work from home, but there he was – today of all days. She shook her head and rolled her eyes as she began to throw his garments into the washer, not fully paying attention to what she was doing.

Ahem. Miss Mason, could you come in here?” She heard Mr. Jonas’s low voice as she was passing by his open office door.

Katherine froze in her tracks as her heart began to beat in her throat. She took a deep breath and let it out silently before she backtracked and appeared over the threshold of the door.

“Yes, Mr. Jonas?” She said politely, watching him watch her.

“Could you come in here?” He said, fully enunciating the words.

“Of course,” she said quietly as she stepped forward, coming to stand next to his desk.

His eyes watched her contently even as she stood there in front of him feeling like a fool. The longer she stood there, the more uncomfortable she felt. He wasn’t saying anything, he was just observing her, his eyes narrowing slightly.

“How do you feel?” He finally asked. Her eyebrows furrowed slightly, feeling a bit confused by his question.

Uhhm… fine…” She said quietly. Could he be any more vague? What the hell did it matter to him how she was feeling? Just because they shared one night together?

He cleared his throat and stood up, his eyes never leaving hers as he walked around the desk toward her. Her heartbeat accelerated as she held her breath altogether. What was going on? He was making her panic more and more the closer he got to her.

“Your laundry is in the wash and I’ve… I’ve cleaned the table, sir—” She said in a rush of words, slightly stumbling back away from him a bit. She cringed noticeably after bringing up the table like an idiot.

She watched as a smirk tugged up his lips, though his eyes stayed mysterious and intrusive.

“My desk may need a good wipe down in a bit,” he breathed lowly, causing every nerve in her body to heighten at what his words meant.

Her breathing hitched in her throat and she wasn’t sure if she wanted to rip her clothes right off of her body or slap him across the face for being so presumptuous to assume she would ever have sex with him again. But who was she kidding? She could literally feel her knees weakening for him at the prospect.

She watched as his tongue darted out, licking his lips. Her eyes dropped down to the freshly pressed white dress shirt that hung open a few buttons, revealing his tanned skin and beauty marks. For a split second she let the memory of last night flow through her brain.

“Y-you don’t usually work from home,” she blurted out, trying to keep her focus on the fact that he was slowly advancing toward her, inch-by-inch.

“I felt the need to today,” he spoke evenly.

“The need?” She questioned rhetorically.

“Yes, Miss Mason – the need,” he said in a huskier tone, his tongue wetting his lips once again, driving her absolutely insane in the best possible way.

“Oh,” she breathed, finding not much else to say.

“Miss Mason…” Joe purred, stepping even closer to her, causing her to back into his desk.

“Y-yes, sir?” She questioned as her hands fell backwards against it, trying to hold herself up.

“How are we doing on the intimidation factor?” He asked, quirking his eyebrow at her.

“Still intimidated,” she nearly whimpered as his god damn tongue jut out once again, licking his lips.

Katherine’s eyes immediately focused on his lips and watched as they turned up into a mischievous smirk. She looked back up into his eyes as he leaned forward, pressing his hands against the desk, imprisoning her between him and the large wooden piece of furniture.

“We’ll have to work on that,” he breathed against her lips.

Mm,” she whimpered, trying her hardest to keep her body upright.

Quicker than she could even comprehend, Joe gripped onto her hips and tossed her up onto the desk so she was sitting in front of him. His hands came up to grip her face, slamming his lips against hers. Her mouth greeted him willingly as her hands came up to hook around his wrists – although she wasn’t in the business of fighting him off. It was more of a means of control – if the need came about to prove she had any. Which in reality, with him, it wasn’t really her strong suit and she knew he knew it – he relished in it.

“I want to fuck you right on this desk and then watch you clean up the mess we’ve made,” Joe breathed against her mouth.

His words were so dirty, so profane, they made her breath catch in her throat. But they also made every particle, every molecule, every atom in her body want him in every way. How did he have such an effect on her?

His lips crashed into hers again as his hands fell down her chest, his palms sliding all the way down the front of her before his fingers began unfastening her pants. They were really doing this.

Suddenly, in a bout of fearlessness, Katherine’s fingers pulled out the tails of his shirt from his slacks and let her hands slide up inside, feeling the hard sinew muscles of his abdomen. Joe’s hands slid inside the waistband of her pants, curving around her hips before dipping down her backside as his mouth still moved fluidly against hers, their tongues melding perfectly together.

Why did this feel so right when she knew it was completely wrong?

Mm,” Joe moaned against her lips, snapping her out of her thoughts.

This man was slowly losing himself in her, and to Katherine, that was a fantastic achievement in her mediocre life – two days in a row. And she decided to go with it… again.

Starting at the bottom button, her fingers began slowly popping each one of them out, making her way up his shirt as she kissed him. His fingertips dug into the flesh of her ass before moving slowly up the back of her t-shirt.

“Oh, what you do to me…” Joe grumbled, slightly pulling away before quickly gripping onto the hem of Katherine’s shirt. In one fell swoop, he ripped it up and off of her body, casting it onto the floor without another thought.

Katherine could have used a little bit of elaboration on the whole ‘what you do to me’ business, but as soon as her shirt was discarded, Joe’s hungry lips were back on hers. Her fingers finished their task and Joe aptly allowed her to push the garment off of his shoulder, letting it cascade to the ground out of sight. His hands came back down, gripping her hips as he pulled her up off the desk and slid her down his body so she was touching the floor again. She felt every hard muscle of his body as she pressed against him and it warmed every single part of her.

His head dipped down, kissing across her clavicle and leaving kisses atop each one of her breasts before his hands shimmied her pants down, letting them pool at her feet. His fingertips moved smoothly up her back as his lips kissed down her body, causing her stomach muscles to tighten with the tickling of his mouth on it.

Katherine couldn’t help but feel like this was more about him worshipping her body than it was about sex or anything else he was doing. But then again, maybe it was just really elaborate foreplay. Little did he know that just the sound of his seductive voice was foreplay enough for her.

“Was that from… last night?” She heard him ask, his words coming out choked, causing her to look down at him quickly. He found the bruising on her hips.

Um… I think so. Maybe,” she stammered.

“Oh,” he said, sliding his fingertips smoothly across the blotches, sounding rather tormented over the fact that he marred her.

“It is never my intention to cause harm, Katherine,” he said, sounding breathy.

“No, no. It… it doesn’t hurt. It didn’t hurt. I’m okay,” she sputtered, feeling bad that she made him feel bad.

His troubled eyes looked up into hers and she couldn’t help but take in a sudden breath.

“The sex… the sex was fantastic, Joe. Just, fantastic sex…” She blurted out, trying to build him back up.

“I don’t condone inflicting wounds, Miss Mason,” he said sternly, and it made her slightly cower inside herself.

“It’s okay to let yourself slip every once in a while,” Katherine said, trying to break away some of the tension.

His eyes shot back up into hers and she was sure she crossed the line, that he was about to push her away and be done with her. But she saw it… she saw the wonderment in his eyes and she knew she still had him. Or he still had her. It seemed more fitting that way.

Joe’s fingers gripped onto the sides of her panties and slowly, at first, pulled them down over her hips before ripping them down her legs, urging her to step out of them. He lightly kissed his way back up her thigh, bypassing her womanhood altogether before standing up in front of her once again.

Katherine reached up, unclasping her bra, before letting it slip down her arms and fall to the floor. She watched as his eyes washed down her naked body and felt his hands come up to cup her breasts in them. Their eyes met again before he leaned in to meet their lips. As Katherine got caught up in him once again, she took the time to unbuckle his belt and undo his slacks and he let her.

“Katherine…” He breathed as his hands moved smoothly over what felt like every inch of her skin. Her wondering eyes looked up into his mysterious ones in a storm of brown and hazel.

“I can’t seem to stay away from you,” he confessed, letting his vulnerability reach every inch of his face – softening for just a split second before lapsing back to its hardened exterior once again.

“Then don’t,” she told him breathlessly, finding a little courage inside of her.

A sexual growl escaped his lips as he bombarded her, completely taking her over, pressing her naked back against his desk. She could feel his erection pressing against her and it took her breath away. She wanted this man. She wanted him to do exactly what he said he was going to do and fuck her right on his desk.

He was kissing her so hard, she thought her lips would bruise as he sucked the life out of her. When he let up, Katherine was panting hard as his mouth moved down her neck, then down her chest, before wrapping around her left nipple. She cried out when she felt him bite down on it, which caused him to look up at her with a mischievous little smile and all she could do was laugh.

“Do you like that – a little pain with the pleasure?” He asked, smirking wryly at her.

“Very much,” she told him without even having to think about it.

His smile only got wider as he stood up straight and walked around the desk, letting his hand slide up her body. She watched him upside down as she lay across the desktop waiting for him. He swiftly pulled open one of the desk drawers and dug inside before revealing a condom in his hand. He must have them stashed everywhere, and it immediately made Katherine wonder just how many other people he fucked across this desk. How many of them were on his payroll?

She watched – her perspective a little distorted by her upturned point of view – as he rid himself the rest of the way of his clothing before slipping on the contraceptive. When his eyes met with hers, they were filled with lust and it was all she needed to fully spark the desire within her. She was ready.

“You’re a fantastic adornment to my otherwise immaculate desk, Miss Mason,” Joe commented as he continued to smirk at her, walking back around the desk to stand between her legs. She could do nothing but giggle at his banter.

His fingertips slid smoothly down her thighs, gripping onto the backs of them as he slowly pulled them up against his hips.

“Fast, Miss Mason,” he stated, his eyes locked on hers. She nodded slowly.

“And hard,” he added, seconds before he slammed inside of her without warning. Katherine cried out as her head involuntarily fell backwards. A little pain with the pleasure…

His rhythm was choppy at first and she was sure it was meant to be that way. He was testing out the waters – trying to see what she could and couldn’t take from him. And she was almost certain he was pleasantly surprised when she took it all without protest. He slammed in and out of her as fast as his body would allow him, her moans ripping through the stillness of the room. His grunts bouncing off the walls as his fingertips dug into the flesh of her thighs. She was certain she would see more bruising by the morning, but she wasn’t going to speak those thoughts aloud, in fear that he would retreat once again.

When her body started to flounder for its release, Katherine gripped onto Joe’s wrists as he held tightly onto her thighs, trying to gain some sort of balance against him and it only helped push her over the edge.

“Oh god, Joe,” she cried out his name as her body shook for him, because of him.

And almost astonished that he had it in him, he began moving even faster inside of her, bringing himself to his own end, letting out a low groan as he came. His body collapsed forward atop her, the side of his face plastered against her chest.

“Always a pleasure, Miss Mason,” he said in a breathy voice, and she couldn’t help the smile that formed on her lips.


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