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“Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!” Katherine panicked as she looked at the black slacks in her hands, standing in the vast laundry room of the apartment.

The threading and weave of the very expensive slacks was torn and bunched and completely ruined. And only now, as she was staring at yet another laundry mishap, she was realizing that maybe she should have read the tags that said plain-as-fucking-day ‘DRY CLEAN ONLY’.

She was really in for it now. Strike two. Mr. Jonas was going to probably lose it. Would she get special treatment because she was fucking him – literally two, maybe three hours before? She somehow seriously doubted it. Mr. Jonas was not one to hold his temper. When he didn’t like something, he let it be known. If Katherine was doing something incorrectly, there was no holding his tongue. He was precise and articulate and he expected everyone around him to be that way too. And of course, her philosophy was that perfectionism just leads to an unhappy life. But then again, her philosophy wasn’t going to help her any right now. Her unfortunate error was going to get her reprimanded, or worse – fired.

After their little impromptu screw on his desk, Katherine did exactly what he wanted her to do. He sat in the chair, wearing only his trousers, watching as she wiped down the desktop – in which, of course, he insisted she stay naked. It was arousing to say the least – which completely caught her off guard. At first, she was entirely put off by it – not thinking he’d actually make her do it. But as she got into it and saw the lust swirling in his eyes as he watched her, she played along and honestly enjoyed it – maybe a little too much. If there weren’t other people floating around the house all day long – i.e. his security team – then she might seriously consider working naked for him more often, if he so desired. But alas, she was not going to give the whole house a peep show.

It wasn’t long after finishing up that Joe – er, Mr. Jonas needed to leave the house for a meeting. The only reason Katherine knew this was because she overheard him and his head security guard, Mr. Harris talking about it. So therefore, she was left with the rest of the cooking and cleaning and laundry. And Christ, was she going to be in trouble when he came home to find yet another expensive piece of his clothing completely ruined because of her neglect.

It wasn’t until after she finished dinner and had to find a way to keep it warm for him, that Mr. Jonas arrived home. He looked thoroughly beat as he sauntered in, Mr. Harris trailing behind him. Katherine watched from the kitchen as he loosened the tie around his neck and unbuttoned the top few buttons of the blue dress shirt he wore. Even through his exhaustion he was all sorts of sexy and she felt her body react to him immediately, having to bite her bottom lip and avert her eyes away from him to keep her composure from slipping.

“Good evening, Mr. Jonas. Dinner is waiting whenever you’re… ready,” Katherine said quickly, stammering only when his watchful eyes met hers.

“Good. I’ll eat now,” he said firmly as he moved toward the kitchen.

“S-sure,” she said, turning toward the oven that housed the meal she prepared.

Katherine moved around the kitchen swiftly, although she felt his gaze on her the whole time. It felt different this time because they weren’t stuck in an awkward limbo – except she would soon have to break the news of her unfortunate incident in the laundry room.

She set the plate of food in front of him and filled his glass of wine, giving him a small smile before she returned the rest of the food to the oven to keep it warm and re-corked the wine bottle before placing it in the wine chiller.

“Thank you, Miss Mason,” Mr. Jonas said promptly.

“You’re very welcome, sir,” she replied, giving him a nod, lingering only a bit longer than she usually would before making her way out of the kitchen to give him his privacy.

She didn’t expect him to ask her to have dinner with him again, but there was definitely a part of her that was a little disappointed when he didn’t. She did have to remind herself that just because they have fucked, it didn’t make her his girlfriend by any means. She was still just the help.

Later, when Katherine was putting away the rest of his clothing in his closet, she heard him come into the bedroom. She froze, looking down at the ruined slacks in the laundry basket.

“Miss Mason,” she heard him say as he stood in the doorway of the closet. He seemed slightly put-off that she was in his space and it only made her anxiety about telling him about the ruined slacks inflame inside of her.

“Mr. Jonas,” she breathed, feeling her cheeks burn as she stood there uncomfortably gripping the laundry basket in her arms.

He didn’t say anything else, his eyes just stared into hers and made her feel like he was already scolding her.

“Um, sir,” she said quietly, almost inaudibly.

“What is it, Miss Mason?” He asked with a hint of impatience in his tone.

“Sir, your slacks… that you wore… last night…” she stammered, barely able to even keep her eyes on his.

“Yes, my slacks,” he said with a nod, his jaw clenching, waiting for her to get the words out.

“I… I didn’t… I didn’t read that they were dry clean only,” she told him as she furrowed her eyebrows in a mixture of fear and concern.

Katherine watched Joe’s eyes immediately dart down to the laundry basket in her arms.

“I’m so sorry, sir,” she murmured as his eyes shot back up to hers, his look almost livid.

He stepped forward toward the laundry basket and it took all she had in her not to take a step back from him. She could see the anger on his face as he reached into the basket and pulled the slacks out.

“I-I didn’t mean—” She nearly whimpered, but cut herself off when his eyes snapped up to hers again in an icy stare.

He wasn’t saying anything and it just made everything worse. She heard him huff out a breath as he looked down at the destroyed garment, before throwing it back into the basket. Katherine was speechless, in fear that she might set him off further if she spoke. And they just stood like that for a few moments – Katherine, cowering in suspense and Joe, so fucking impassively angry at her.

“I feel the need to punish you right now,” he said finally, his voice coming out dark and husky.

“Punish me?” She choked out.

“Yes, Miss Mason. Have you ever been punished?” He snapped at her, his eyes all fire and brimstone.

“W-what do you mean?” She stammered.

Was he going to deduct her pay? Was he going to give her extra chores to do? What could he do that could really punish her besides firing her altogether?

His eyes burned into her and she could tell his mind was going a mile a minute – between his unrivalled anger over his ruined garment and the fact that he was thinking up ways to punish her, he was pretty much scaring the shit out of her.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered, bowing her head when he didn’t answer her.

“Come with me, Miss Mason,” he said sternly as he turned toward the door and left the closet altogether.

She didn’t know whether she should actually follow or just run. What was he about to do to her? When she finally emerged from the expansive closet after setting the laundry basket on the armoire, Joe was standing in front of his bed, staring at her, waiting for her.

“Come here, Miss Mason,” he said firmly and she knew not to argue. Her feet carried her quickly toward him, without hesitation.

“Good,” he said, eyeballing her up and down her body.

She stood in front of him, her hands at her sides, her feet nervously shifting. She felt more naked than she ever did with him – and that was saying something, since she actually had been nude with him twice now. This was a different kind of naked. This was a vulnerable naked – the worst kind. She had no idea what he was going to do. She had no idea what he was thinking. She couldn’t even guess, because she knew she’d be immediately wrong.

“Your clothes, Miss Mason, take them off,” he said firmly, still watching her like a hawk.

“I’m sorry?” She questioned, confusion spreading through her like a wildfire.

“Take. Off. Your. Clothes,” he said, enunciating each word so they emanated off of his tongue with animosity.

Was this some sort of revenge scenario where he’d get even with her by destroying her clothes? Somehow, she was certain it was not. She knew him well enough to know he didn’t play games. Not petty ones at least.

Katherine took a deep breath as her eyes fell away from his. He stood patiently waiting for her to finally obey him. She wasn’t sure if she should. He wanted to punish her after all. What kind of punishment required the loss of clothing for such a minor indiscretion? Surely this was entirely inappropriate in every sense of the word.

But she found her curiosity won out over her fear and she was slowly peeling away the fabric from her body until she was standing in front of him completely naked, her clothes lying in a heap next to her.

His eyes never left her. They scoured every inch of her, but never left her for a second. When his eyes came back up to look her in the eyes, her breathing hitched in her throat.

“Have you ever been spanked, Miss Mason?” He asked, his voice stern and serious.

Spanked? If she didn’t already know he was serious, she would have questioned it. Fucking spanked? She was trying hard not to question his sanity. She was a grown woman. She does not get spanked.

Well?” He urged, his hardened facial expression never easing up.

“No, sir. I have not,” she said through gritted teeth.

“You have ruined not just one expensive article of clothing, Miss Mason, but two now. I think a punishment is in order and I want nothing more than to spank you,” he said seriously. She took in a deep breath, furrowing her brow.

“Don’t you think the punishment should fit the crime?” She spat out, feeling almost degraded that this would be the way he chose to punish her. He was her boss – her employer after all.

“I don’t suppose you would enjoy working for weeks on end for free to repay the thousands of dollars in damage you have inflicted on my clothing, Miss Mason,” he hissed, narrowing his eyes slightly.

Katherine took another deep breath, thinking about how incredibly fucked-up this all was – and that she was actually thinking about taking the spankings as opposed to option B.

“Well?” Mr. Jonas pressed again.

Her eyes narrowed at him as she felt the humiliation already settling inside of her. The last thing she wanted to do was give him the satisfaction of winning, but fuck – as hard as it was to give into, her whole entire body was screaming for it, for him. This was wildly inappropriate, to which she could probably sue the well-tailored, expensive-as-fuck pants off of him for sexual harassment – him being her boss and all. But she knew she wouldn’t – she knew she wanted him too badly to ever go down that road.

Katherine bit her bottom lip, looking up at the ceiling for a moment before she stepped toward him, their eyes meeting. His facial expression never changed, but she noticed a change in his eyes – he was intrigued and almost delighted over her decision to take his punishment as he saw fit.

“Good girl,” he breathed, the tip of his tongue pressing against the bottoms of his upper front teeth.

“How many?” She asked with a slight growl, swallowing her pride.

“Ten. Five for each destroyed article,” he said evenly, having obviously come to this conclusion way before she even asked.

Katherine took a deep breath and let it out hard, not quite sure about what she just got herself into. His eyes narrowed slightly, speaking the inevitable question of ‘well?’ for his lips.

“Fine,” she snarled, finally letting herself give in to it completely.

Joe nodded once as he sat back against the mattress, tugging her arm so hard, it caused her to tumble face down across his lap. She let out a shriek as he did and kind of floundered around for a moment before he stilled her with his firm hands. It was absolutely humiliating.

“Don’t think of this as just a punishment, Miss Mason. Think of it as an awakening,” Mr. Jonas said as his hand softly skimmed over the supple flesh of her behind. She cringed slightly, thinking about how, in just moments, he would be spanking it.

She didn’t know how hard or soft he was going to hit her. She didn’t know how she was going to handle something of that nature. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew people did this all the time – and enjoyed it. It was a sexual act. She was aware of that. But she wasn’t sure if she was one of those kinds of people who enjoyed something like that. A masochist? A sadist? A sadomasochist? See – she didn’t even know which one it was. She was clueless about things like that, having only experienced her sex the conventional way.

An awakening? Maybe she needed to look at it like that.

“Are you ready, Miss Mason?” Mr. Jonas asked, his hand planted firmly across both of her ass cheeks.

“What if I don’t like it? What if I can’t handle it? Will you continue? Will you continue to hurt me?” She asked, lifting her upper body to look up at him.

“I haven’t sought out to hurt you, Miss Mason,” he said sternly, his eyes narrowing slightly.

“You said it yourself – this is a punishment,” she spat at him.

“One that will help you learn a lesson,” he added, nodding in agreement.

“Well?” She sneered at him, using his same pushy question against him.

“We can use safe words, Miss Mason,” he said evenly, adapting quickly to her inquisition.

“Safe words?” She choked out.

Suddenly, images of dominatrix’s dressed in head-to-toe shiny black leather with whips and ball-gags flashed through her mind. What kind of kinky shit was this man into? Then she remembered stumbling across his vast drawer of sexual instruments and she knew she got herself in deep with this one.

“Yes. Safe words. They ensure your safety as well as mine,” he explained.

“I know what safe words are,” she snapped lightly and watched as his eyebrow quirked slightly with intrigue.

“I-I’ve never used them,” she said quietly.

“Have you ever set them in motion during a sexual experience?” He questioned.

“No,” she told him honestly.

Hmm,” he hummed, licking his lips as he looked down at her.

Katherine wanted to roll her eyes at him and his infuriatingly sexy tongue and mouth, but she was certain, with the mood he was in, it would only cause him to tack on an extra spank or two.

“We can set them in motion now, if it would make you feel more comfortable,” he offered.

She took in a deep breath, and nodded her head, still not entirely sure about this whole spanking business.

“There are two that I’ve used in the past, Miss Mason,” he started.

Her insides clenched at the thought of him doing something like this with another woman. Jealousy raged up inside of her, even though she knew she was being absolutely ridiculous. HE WAS HER BOSS FOR CHRIST’S SAKE! But of course, that fact didn’t stop her from fucking him, now did it? Or getting naked in front of him to let him spank her…

Her life was one big clusterfuck. And she was constantly questioning each and every decision she made lately.

“Okay,” she said quietly, continuing on with this fucked-up quest he was on.

“If you begin to feel like you’re not going to be able to handle much more, Miss Mason, I want you to say ‘yellow’,” he explained.

“Like yield?” She asked him.

“Yes, like yield, Miss Mason,” he answered.

“Let me guess. The next is ‘red’?” She asked him. He ignored the snark in her voice, which she didn’t even have time to be grateful for because she was too busy feeling like a small child being punished by a sociopath.

“Yes, it is. And it is very important. ‘Yellow’ to slow, Miss Mason, and ‘red’ to stop completely,” he continued to explain, even though she was pretty certain she understood the elementary concept.

“Alright,” she agreed with a nod, letting her body relax against his lap once again.

“Are you ready, Miss Mason?” He asked as his hand slid smoothly across her backside.

“Green light, boss,” she said sarcastically, sticking to the theme of the safe words.

“Your smart mouth is going to land you into trouble, Miss Mason,” he snapped at her as his hand hovered over her behind.

Katherine bit her lip, stifling any sarcastic comebacks, not wanting any more spankings added to the punishment.

“I am going to spank you ten times, Miss Mason, and then I am going to fuck you,” he told her evenly.

Oh! Now that just sweetened the pot. Her body relaxed almost immediately thinking about the end result. And then it happened – thwack. Number one right across the left cheek. Katherine let out a loud cry, feeling every inch of stinging skin. Oh, dear lord!

“One, Miss Mason. Count it out,” he said. What? He wanted her to count them out loud?

“Miss Mason?” He pressed.

“O-one,” she stammered.

“Good,” he said, sounding pleased.

His hand slid tenderly across the burning flesh, before he pulled up and smacked right across the right cheek, and she cried out again.

“Two, Miss Mason. Count it out,” he said more firmly this time.

“T-two,” she stammered.

He continued on, smack for smack, alternating from the left to the right, making her count them out all the way to ten. By the tenth one, her voice was only coming out in a growl, but she made it through.

“Well done, Miss Mason,” Mr. Jonas said, pleased with her cooperation, helping her up off his lap.

“How do you feel?” He asked. Did he expect positive feedback?

“Violated,” she snapped at him, her eyes scorching into his.

Katherine watched as his expression fell into heightened concern. Now he was the one looking vulnerable and she was feeling oddly remorseful for making him feel bad.

“I-I… it wasn’t that bad,” she said, feeling a blush creep up her face.

“Not that bad?” He questioned, eyeing her again.

“N-no. And… and now you’re going to fuck me,” she pointed out, giving him a weak smile.

“I am,” he said, regaining his hardened composure once again.

Katherine watched as he stood up and gripped onto her hips, pulling her pelvis straight to his. His eyes seared into hers, and he once again regained the upper hand between them.

His palms slid down the back of her thighs moments before he lifted her up against his body, turning to toss her down on the bed. Katherine giggled as she bounced against the mattress, looking up at him just as a smirk formed on his face – finally. He didn’t let up, not for a second, the whole time.

“I like it better when you smile,” she told him, finding her filter from her thoughts to her mouth to be broken.

“I need a good reason to smile,” he retorted as his mouth dropped back to its straight line.

“If something is keeping you from smiling, then maybe it’s not worth keeping around,” she told him.

His eyes searched hers as he contemplated her words. And once he found them satisfactory, his lips turned up into another smile. It was contagious, causing another giggle to escape her lips.

“It seems as though you’re safe to keep around,” he quipped.

“I guess so,” she giggled, which in turn caused him to chuckle.

Making a man like him – a hard-pressed all-business man – smile, was just about the best thing ever.



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