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Mr. Jonas didn’t speak to Katherine outside of work-related conversation in over a week – nine tension-filled days she had to endure under his powerful stare, when she had absolutely no idea how to act around him. She didn’t know if he was angry or upset. He was not himself – even though she was sure she didn’t know enough about him to know what “himself” was really like. But what she did know was the mood he was in had something to do with her – possibly because she let him spank her after being physically abused by her father during her childhood. She didn’t even know anymore. Maybe he shouldn’t want to spank women, or have safe words and all that.

And yet, even with that thought in the back of her head, Katherine still went to bed for ten nights with the image of the heart breaking anguish on his face after he pressed her for information about her father. Joe’s sorrow for what he did to her was enough to bring tears to her eyes. But she knew she was being foolish. He was her boss and they already crossed so many lines with one another. She needed to just drop the idea of anything having to do with them out of her mind. Surely he did.

Katherine finished preparing his breakfast that Tuesday just as he walked into the kitchen, dressed in a well-tailored gray suit and blue tie for work.

“Miss Mason,” she heard him murmur, and she turned to face him, watching as his eyes washed up and down her body.

“You’re—dressed up,” he stammered as he took in the white collared button-up dress shirt, paired with a knee-length black pencil skirt, and shiny black stilettos.

“Yes. I am,” she said quietly, grabbing his plate from the counter and bringing it to him as he sat down in his usual spot at the center island.

Why are you dressed up?” He asked curiously, his eyebrow cocking slightly as she watched his eyes dip down to the heels on her feet once again.

“Uhm… my father—he has a court hearing this morning for… for his sentencing,” she told him reluctantly, watching as his jaw tensed at the mention of her father.

“I see,” he said, his voice nearly seething.

“I should be back by lunch, but… you have a meeting today, don’t you?” She asked him, recalling that she read it on the schedule she was expected to keep up with on a daily basis.

“Do you think it’s a good idea?” He questioned, holding his fork idly in his hand, having not even taken one bite of the breakfast she just prepared for him.

“Your food is going to get cold,” she said, purposely dodging his question as she nodded toward his plate.

“Do you think it’s a good idea, Miss Mason?” He asked more firmly.

“For you to let your breakfast get cold? No,” she said, really trying to avoid the topic of conversation altogether.

Katherine. Do not play games with me,” he growled, his eyes fiery, his voice seething.

“Mr. Jonas, I don’t believe this topic of conversation is appropriate for the workplace,” she told him, turning back toward the kitchen counter, moving swiftly to clean up the mess she made by preparing his breakfast.

“I don’t give a damn,” he snapped, his voice startled her as she realized he was suddenly standing next to her, looking at her with anger, concern, sorrow, guilt swirling in his eyes. She stared back at him, mouth agape, wondering what she could possibly say to sate him.

“I don’t like the idea of you going there,” he said, shaking his head as his eyes stared into hers. And she was slowly realizing he wasn’t much for filtering himself – whether it be intentional or accidental.

“He’s my father,” she protested, feeling quite odd to have to defend her decision in this kind of situation.

“He’s an abusive drunk,” Mr. Jonas pointed out unnecessarily – like she didn’t know this about her own father.

“He will be in police custody, Joe,” she said, tacking on his name with a little bit of attitude.

“He’s just spent the past ten days in jail. He could be going through withdrawals, Katherine. Do you know what that can do to a person?” Mr. Jonas said sternly, trying to make a point.

“I can handle my father, Joe. I’ve done it my entire life,” she pressed, getting slightly aggravated that he was stepping over the line this much, trying to meddle in her life.

He took a deep breath, shaking his head, but he stepped back, seemingly backing off. She felt relief flood through her as she nodded her head once and walked around him, moving out of the kitchen.

“Mr. Harris, change in plans. I won’t be attending my meeting this morning. Cancel it with the office and get back to me. And have the car pull around up front for myself and Miss Mason,” she heard Mr. Jonas speak into his phone, and it stopped her dead in her tracks.

“What are you doing?” Katherine asked him quickly as she turned back into the kitchen.

“I will be attending your father’s hearing with you,” he told her matter-of-factly, like she didn’t have a choice in the matter.

“The hell you will,” she spat, feeling the anger rising up inside of her. He looked taken aback by the tone of her voice, but she didn’t care.

“I am perfectly capable of going to my father’s hearing alone. I don’t need a bodyguard. I’m not fifteen-years-old anymore!” She yelled at him.

He stared back at her, not saying a word, not flinching, not reacting one bit as her bravado soon seeped out of her body.

“Are you done?” He asked after a moment, and her eyes narrowed.

No,” she spat, but had nothing left to say.

“A car is waiting for us,” he told her evenly.

“You are not—god damn it,” Katherine growled, feeling like they were going in circles.

“Grab what you need and we’ll go,” he told her, ignoring her anger.

“You are a stubborn man,” she grumbled under her breath, knowing very well it was her boss she was speaking to.

“I’ve been called worse,” he replied casually.

Katherine let out a huff, but conceded to his ego. She knew there was no way he was going to allow her to go alone at that point. It made her feel like a child, but on the other hand, she couldn’t get it out of her head that he cared enough to be worried or bothered by anything in her life.

Katherine couldn’t believe she was sitting next to Mr. Jonas in his chauffeured town car on the way to the courthouse for her father’s hearing. Her nerves were making her sick to her stomach as the two of them sat in complete and utter silence. The only time there was a breath spoken the entire ride was when Mr. Jonas took a phone call from Mr. Harris, the head of his security.

She hated that he knew so much about her – that he knew about her father and that she told him about what her father did to her in the past. She spent the better part of a decade trying to keep people out of that side of her life as much as possible, and so quickly Mr. Jonas managed to rip down the barrier she created, worming his way into the darkness of her life.

They sat in the back of the courtroom because she wasn’t ready to speak with her father. He saw her and sent her a smile, but she could not return it. She was more disappointed in him than she ever was with anyone in her entire life – even herself.

The only good thing he did was plead no contest to his charges. It wasn’t pleading guilty, but it wasn’t pleading not guilty either. No contest at least meant that he admitted to the truth of the charges, even though he was not admitting to his guilt.

As the judge spoke of the charges her father could possibly face, Katherine just felt numb. She knew he deserved everything he got for the mistakes he made, but she couldn’t help but be affected by it all. She grew up thinking everything her father did was a reflection on her, and it was hard to break from that way of thinking.

There was silence in the courtroom before the judge began sentencing her father, and her breath hung in her throat, feeling sick to her stomach. She felt Mr. Jonas reach out and place his hand on top of hers for a moment, giving it a light pat before he pulled it back. She looked up at him as tears welled in her eyes and he looked back at her with such a knowing look, she was moved by his momentary compassion.

“Because of your failure to learn your lesson, Mr. Mason – this being your third and most dangerous drunk driving offense, you will be sentenced to one year in a federal penitentiary. And must complete three years mandatory community service once released, and you are also ordered to attend an alcoholism program. Do you understand what I have said?” The judge read her father his penalty.

“Yes, sir,” her father said, bowing his head.

She couldn’t breathe. She was saddened that this was what her father’s life had come to, but she was entirely relieved to not have to worry about him and where his destructive behavior would take him.

When the judge hit his gavel on the sound block, adjourning court, Katherine jumped slightly in her seat. Her thoughts were a mess in her head as she watched her father get handcuffed and led out of the courtroom with one last mournful look in her direction.

“Miss Mason,” she heard Mr. Jonas say. She turned her head to look up into his eyes.

“Would you like to go now?” He asked quietly, and she realized that most of the courtroom was now empty.

“Yes,” she said as she stood up on her feet and Mr. Jonas did the same, stepping closely to her.

“Are you alright?” He breathed into her hair, near her ear, and it sent chills up her spine.

“I’m fine,” she said, looking up at him.

“Are you sure?” He pressed, looking into her eyes.

“He deserved what he got,” she told him evenly.

“But are you okay?” He asked again.

“He can’t hurt me or anyone else if he’s in prison,” she told him matter-of-factly. Mr. Jonas looked at her skeptically, probably because of the fact that she continued to dodge his question, but after a beat, he left it alone and nodded his head.

With one quick phone call to his driver, Mr. Jonas’ town car was pulling up out front of the courthouse to whisk them back to the penthouse.

“Would you like to have lunch, Miss Mason?” Mr. Jonas offered once they were in the car.

“With you?” She choked out, looking at him wide-eyed.

“Yes, with me,” he said, his eyes watching her evenly. It was like she couldn’t respond. She just stared back at him, mouth agape, looking like a complete idiot.

“I didn’t get a chance to eat my breakfast, and surely you need to eat at some point. Am I correct?” He asked her.

“Uh, yes. I guess so,” she said with a nod.

“Would you like to join me for lunch?” He asked again.

“S-sure,” she stammered.

“Sure?” He asked, eyeing her.

“Yes. Yes, I would like to join you for lunch. Thank you, Mr. Jonas,” she said formally.

“It’s my pleasure, Miss Mason,” he said before he let the driver know of their change in plans.

Mr. Jonas brought her to a small, yet very expensive French bistro called La Belle Vie – which he told her translated to “the beautiful life”.

As they sat down together at a small table made for two, he went on to tell her she should look at her father’s incarceration in a positive light – that it would help both her and her father, and may even strengthen their relationship once he reformed. He continued by telling her she should do everything in her power to make her life her own now that her father wouldn’t be around to weigh hers down anymore, and that she shouldn’t let anything or anyone hinder her from living the beautiful life she was meant to have. She was moved by his speech, so much that she couldn’t even respond. Every day this man surprised her by peeling back the thick layers he guarded himself with, showing her little bits of his character, of the true man he was.

“Thank you,” she finally told him, feeling her cheeks pinking as she looked down at the perfect place setting in front of her.

“You’re very welcome, Miss Mason,” he replied immediately, and she looked up to see him looking at her like a boss shouldn’t look at his employee, and it only made her face burn hotter.

“You look very beautiful today,” he told her, catching her off guard.

“What—what are you doing?” Katherine asked in a hushed tone, looking around the moderately filled restaurant to make sure nobody heard him.

“What?” He asked, oblivious to how inappropriately he was speaking to and looking at her.

“You’re my boss,” she reminded him, feeling like it should be him with the level head, not her.

“Yes,” he said, nodding his head once.

“Do you speak to all of your employees this way?” She asked him lowly.

“No,” he answered evenly.

“What about your previous housekeeper?” She asked boldly, feeling her stomach churn with the thought of him treating his last housekeeper the same way he treated her.

“My previous housekeeper was nowhere near as alluring as you are, Miss Mason,” he answered, keeping his unwavering gaze balanced on her.

Alluring? She wasn’t even going to touch that one.

“Why was she let go?” Katherine asked curiously, not knowing whether she was stepping over a line by asking.

“My previous housekeeper became pregnant and could no longer fulfill my needs as a live-in worker,” he told her, his voice so even and unaffected, it was almost like he had no emotions at all.

She became pregnant? As if it was something that were to just magically happen.

“You let her go for that? Isn’t that against the law?” Katherine blurted out, suddenly feeling all woman’s rights as she stared him down.

“She resigned, Miss Mason,” he informed her.

“Oh,” she breathed, looking down at her place setting once again.

Katherine’s mind began to spin as she thought about his previous housekeeper getting pregnant and how he seemed to have a mild meltdown in the car when she told him she saw her doctor for birth control. Was the baby his? Did he get his last housekeeper pregnant? The thought was sobering and she felt sick about it.

“What is it, Miss Mason?” He asked, watching her face contently.

“Hmm?” She hummed, looking back up at him.

“Your face dropped and the color drained from your cheeks,” he pointed out, making her realize just how much attention he was paying to her.

“I—uh, I don’t know,” she stammered, feeling foolish.

“I would like it if you told me,” he said, his voice even and remarkably soft. Katherine stared into his eyes for a few moments before she got the nerve to speak her mind.

“Was it yours?” She asked him quietly.

“Was what mine?” He asked, not following – which surprised her since he was so in tune with her facial changes, yet could not remember what they were just conversing about.

“Was the baby yours?” She asked, feeling her face heat up again and her stomach wanted to eject what little she ate during their lunch. She watched as his eyebrows furrowed slightly as he tried to push back the flare of anger in his eyes.

“No, Miss Mason. She did not get pregnant by me,” he said, his jaw tensed, and she knew she stepped over the line of acceptable conversation.

“Oh,” she said quietly, once again dropping her gaze away from him.

“If you must know, I have never slept with someone under my employment, until you,” he tacked on for good measure, causing her head to snap up to look up into his eyes.

“Why me?” She choked out, the question falling out of her mouth like word vomit.

“Why not you?” He asked, his eyes so intense that it made her cower under their stare.

She had never been so turned on in all of her life by one tiny little rebuttal. Perhaps it was more than that. Perhaps the way he was looking at her caused all the blood in her body to flow into her nether regions, tingling and toying with her. She never wanted someone so badly in her entire life.

“I’ve made you flustered,” he pointed out frankly.

“You’ve made me something,” she said under her breath as she crossed her legs under the table to stifle the flow of wanton need for him. She was absolutely out of her mind.

“Mr. Jonas – your check,” the waiter said, coming up beside the table, breaking Joe’s attention from her, and she finally felt like she could breathe.

“Thank you,” Mr. Jonas said, pulling out his black AmEx, handing it to the man before he turned his focus back on her once again as the waiter walked off to pay the bill.

“I would like to tell you that the sight of you today has made the thought of you pressed against the wall in front of me, wearing only those heels, a very pleasant daydream of mine,” Mr. Jonas breathed out lowly, his eyes seductively trained on her.

Holy fuck,” Katherine breathed, smacking her hand against her mouth because of her blurt-out just as the waiter came back with Mr. Jonas’ credit card.

“Thank you, sir. Have a very pleasant day – monsieur, mademoiselle,” the waiter said to them, parting with a pleasant smile.

“Miss Mason, shall we?” Mr. Jonas asked, standing up from his seat.

“We shall,” she said, biting back the embarrassed smile that plagued her face as he reached for her hand.

She couldn’t think of anything but him as she sat silently next to him in the town car on their way back to the penthouse. They were so close to one another but so far away. She could have reached out and touched him if she wanted to, but she knew she’d never be able to stop if she started – not after what he said to her at the restaurant.

The elevator ride was just as silent as they stood arm-to-arm inside the confining square box, watching as the numbers ticked away with each floor it crawled up.

Being the gentleman he was, Mr. Jonas let Katherine exit the elevator before him, but it only fueled the desire inside of her, hoping like hell he was watching her as she did. And once they were inside the apartment, she subtly turned her head and was pleased to see his gaze focused straight on her backside. She bit her lip and spun toward him, catching him off guard.

“Thank you for coming with me, and thank you for lunch,” she told him, her voice wavering slightly as he looked up into her eyes.

“Please, come with me,” he said, his voice huskier than usual as he gripped onto her wrist and tugged her along with him.

“Where are we going?” She asked breathlessly as her feet took many steps to compensate for his long strides.

Moments later he was pulling her into his office, slamming the door shut before pressing her back to it, his body against hers. All the air was expelled from her lungs at his boisterous move.

“I want to get you naked. I want your soft skin against my own. I want to fuck you in those sexy heels, Miss Mason,” Mr. Jonas breathed against her lips, his breath warm and inviting.

Jesus fucking Christ. How could she possibly say no to something like that?

A low whimper escaped her lips as she pressed them against his – her open invitation to him. His mouth moved hungrily over her own as his hands ravaged her upper body. She wanted to be naked with him. She wanted everything he just said. Oh, god. She needed it.

“You are an addiction,” he breathed against the skin of her jaw line as he kissed down it, his fingers swiftly popping out the buttons on her shirt in the process.

Oh, Jesus,” Katherine whimpered under her breath as her hormones went crazy from his touch and from his words, from his presence.

He tugged open the front of her shirt, exposing her white lace bra as his hands palmed at her breasts, his mouth working down the side of her neck. Her hands gripped his shoulders tightly, not knowing what else she should be doing with them. She was so inexperienced with the passionate-fuck-in-the-middle-of-the-day-against-a-wall sex. But it seemed like Joe was raring to take the lead on this one, just like every other time.

His fingers gathered up the material of her shirt and pulled it out of the skirt before sliding it off of her shoulders, tugging it down her arms until it was in a heap on the floor. His mouth never seemed to leave her skin as he continued on his quest to get her naked. And suddenly she was standing in front of him wearing only her panties and heels, wondering how in the hell he was still dressed.

Katherine slid her hands into his suit jacket, pulling it over his shoulders as his mouth finally broke away from her skin, his lust-filled eyes looking contently into hers.

“I want your soft skin against my own,” she repeated his words back to him and watched as his eyebrow cocked in appreciation.

He continued to watch her as she slid his tie out of its knot and dropped it onto the floor. She unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off, exposing his tanned hardened muscles. His eyes never left her as she unfastened his belt and slacks, letting them drop to his ankles. The only movement he made was to kick off his shoes and step out of his slacks. He was a sight standing in front of her wearing his black Calvin Klien boxer briefs and his designer black socks.

“Innocent meets evil,” he said lowly, stepping toward her, his arms boxing her against the door.

“You’re not evil,” she whispered, looking into his eyes. He just stared back into hers.

“And I’m not innocent,” she said a little braver, watching as his eyes flared with her words.

Jesus Christ, Katherine,” he groaned as his mouth fell to her bare shoulder, and his hand came up to cup her bare breast.

“Was this exactly what you had in mind?” She asked as he kissed up her neck.

“Not exactly,” he hummed against her skin.

“Show me,” she said, her voice came out breathless as she spoke the words, and a shameless groan fell from his lips.

His movements were quick. Suddenly he had both of their underwear tossed aside and he was lifting her up against the door, her legs instinctively wrapping around his waist as he pressed inside of her. Her mouth fell open letting out a satisfied moan as he completely filled her up.

This… is what… I had… in mind,” he said with every strong thrust, causing her to gasp each time.

Oh, god,” she groaned, dropping her face against his shoulder as she held him tightly.

His thrusts were unparalleled to anything she ever felt before, and she was consumed with unwavering pleasure racing through every part of her body as her back slid up and down the strong wooden door of his office.

She was certain her heels were digging into his ass, but she was also certain he was getting off on it. His fingers were dug into the flesh of her bottom as he pushed and pulled her along with him, and soon her grip on him was lessening as she relaxed against the door, letting the pleasure completely engulf her.

Come, Katherine,” he said, his voice husky and breathless as he watched her.

He must have been well-versed in reading the female orgasm because as he said the words, she could feel it building inside her.

“Oh. My. God, Joe. Mmm,” Katherine groaned as her climax ate her alive.

Joe thrust harder and faster, making her orgasm linger longer than usual as her breathing turned into loud gasps. And then she felt Joe’s body stiffen against hers, pinning her tighter against the door, his rhythm stopping completely, and she was sure he finished too. His chest heaved against her own, his breath whirring past her ear, and it all felt so intimate to her.

After a few moments of nothing but the beating of their hearts and their heavy breathing breaking the silence, Joe pulled back just enough to let her pull back her legs and slide her body down the wall. They stood naked in front of each other, and it was breathtaking to Katherine to have this man want her and fantasize over her. But she knew deep down that even though he wanted her that way, it didn’t mean her life was going to turn into some big Cinderella story. They could fuck as often as they wanted, but the reality still was that she was his maid – she was the woman who cleaned up his messes, even when she was the mess.

“Always a pleasure, Miss Mason,” he said finally, causing her to bite her lip to keep the pleased look off of her face. She was like Pavlov’s dogs when it came to that expression. He had her salivating for him again in an instant.




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