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Katherine’s week started off with a cryptic message from Mr. Harris, stating that Mr. Jonas would be out of the house indefinitely and she was to continue on with the household cleaning, but that the cooking would not be necessary while Mr. Jonas was away.

Indefinitely. What the hell did that even mean?

After the first and second day without any further messages or contact regarding Mr. Jonas, Katherine began to realize she wouldn’t be getting clarification on what ‘indefinitely’ meant to them. There was no tentative time or date that Mr. Jonas would be back. He was just gone.

The days passed by rather slowly, not having much to do, and not having anything to look forward to with Mr. Jonas and his wild sex drive out of the house. It was lonely being there all by herself. A few people from the security team would come and go daily, but other than that she was alone.

It went on for seven days like that. Katherine didn’t receive any phone calls besides the initial one from Mr. Harris. She had no idea why Mr. Jonas so suddenly needed to leave his home. Was he even still in the state? In the country? There was no information in the electronic calendar she had access to. She was completely in the dark.

Until that seventh day.

Katherine woke up in the middle of the night, feeling her mattress dip from behind her. She quickly turned toward the intruder feeling startled, and saw Mr. Jonas slowly advancing toward her.

“Joe,” she breathed, settling slightly, even though her heartbeat was wild in her chest.

Katherine,” he sighed as his lips came down to meet hers.

She was confused. It was so unlike him – so intimate. And it wasn’t until she could taste the whiskey on his tongue that she realized the change in him. He was drunk.

“What are you doing in here?” She asked, pulling back slightly to try to read his expression through the dimness of the room.

Thinking hard about it, she was certain he’d never been in her bedroom. Not even once in all the months she worked for him.

Shhh,” he hushed her, planting his lips back on hers as his hands slid up to her breasts, gripping them lightly in his palms.

She knew exactly what he was looking for, and she wasn’t sure if she should go along with it because of his impaired state. But she quickly realized that Mr. Jonas never did anything he didn’t want to.

Joe’s kisses were long and passionate, and his hands were greedy as they scoured over her body, touching every inch of exposed flesh that he could. His hips were cradled between her opened legs and she could feel just how turned on he was, and it only helped get her there.

Jesus Christ, Katherine. The things you do to me…” He breathed lowly, his chest heaving from the extensive kissing they did.

“Joe—” She whispered, trying to give him a chance to slow down.

“I don’t want to talk,” he said before his lips stifled her words once again. And she didn’t try to say anything else. She knew it would get her nowhere.

He sat up, only to remove the sweater he was wearing, tossing it somewhere across the room before he pulled off his t-shirt, exposing his beautifully toned chest and abdomen. Katherine’s fingers stretched out on their own accord and slid down his well-toned abdomen before he was on top of her again, pressing his lips back on hers. They never kissed as much during any other time they were fucking as they were in that moment, and it almost made her question whether he even came in to do anything but kiss her. But when she felt his hand snake down between them and dip into the front of her panties, she knew better.

His fingers were talented, sliding slickly down her cleft before coming back up, expertly finding her sensitive bundle of nerves, working his fingertips in quick circles around it. Her breathing became ragged against his lips as the pleasure built up inside of her. Joe’s stubble-filled mouth moved down her jawline before kissing down the erogenous zone on her neck, sending an array of goose bumps all across her skin. Her whole body was responding to his touches, and she could feel the heat building deep within her.

Katherine’s back arched slightly off the bed as the pleasure increased from his quiet ministration. She wanted to cry out, but she held it in, only moaning when the pleasure intensified. She was certain she was just one girl in a long list of girls who’d been with Joe Jonas. But she’d never been with a man who knew a woman’s body so well. It was hard to focus on anything besides his talented fingers. Her mind was only pulled away when she felt a tiny bite on the inner side of her left breast, realizing he was marking her. He was adding a little pain with the pleasure – something he learned she liked. And it only helped get her there faster.

Her orgasm built intensely inside of her, causing her body to writhe below him as he quietly sucked on the flesh of her breast he previously marked with his teeth.

“Oh, Jesus,” she moaned, her body floundering below his heavy weight.

She let out a cry as her climax engulfed her, unable to hold back. Her whole body was a sensitive mess after his service, and when he continued moving his fingers over her in slower, deeper circles, she nearly lost it again. She had to grip onto his wrist and still him before she went completely mad.

Joe’s mouth finally came up from her breast, kissing her lips once again before he pulled himself up, undoing his jeans. She watched him through the dimness, with heavy eyelids, feeling completely sated by him. Though she knew he didn’t come in there just to finger-fuck her to oblivion, and she was fully on board with whatever he wanted, or needed.

Katherine watched contently as he completely rid himself of clothing before sliding off her panties and tossing them aside. He didn’t bother with her tank top, nor did he bother to put on a condom. He just slid up her frame before kissing her for what felt like the hundredth time that night, and plunged deeply inside of her without warning.

She let out a hollowed gasp as her body welcomed him. He began a slow rhythm atop her, rolling his hips against hers in long, deep strokes, his breathing shuttering slightly as he did. She’d only slept with him a handful of times, but it felt different this time around. It felt more intimate, more affectionate – like he needed it to feel something. To her, it felt more like making love than fucking. She enjoyed his quiet grunts in her ear, and wondered if she’d think of him as her lover after a night like this?

Her body was responding well to his, causing her breathing to come out in gasps with every deep thrust. She was sure to pass out from hyperventilation if he kept up. And just when she thought she couldn’t take anymore, Joe gripped onto her leg, pulling it further up against his side, thrusting slower and deeper into her, assuring her untimely death. She was panting and gasping, and her moans were unbridled. And when his mouth came down on the nipple of her left breast, it was the beginning of the end for her. He sucked and teased it until it puckered up, then he lightly bit down on it, sending her completely over the edge. She came again fiercely, letting out a strangled groan as her fingers clawed at the sheets.

It wasn’t long after when Joe’s breathing became more labored, his grunts growing louder, his thrusts getting sloppier. She knew he was coming to his end. As his grip on her tightened, he finished with one last thrust and a grunt in her ear, which sounded more like a growl than anything. It was probably one of the sexiest things she ever heard in all of her life.

Katherine was pretty sure she fell asleep with him in her arms, completely content, completely sated. But by the time morning came, bringing the sunlight streaming through the curtains, she was alone. It took her a little while to even comprehend whether it really happened or if it was just an elaborate dream. But when she spotted the grey sweater Joe flung across her chair, she knew her memories were real.

Katherine pulled herself out of bed, noticing she was only wearing her tank top from the night before. She slipped on a pair of panties before stepping into a pair of loose fitting pajama pants and she made her way out of her room, eager to run into Mr. Jonas. But the house was quiet. Was he still sleeping? Did he leave again? As she made her way down the long hallway toward his office, she heard his muffled voice, and it caused her stomach to tighten and stir with excitement.

Joe’s voice was all business as he spoke into his Bluetooth ear-piece, sitting behind the large mahogany desk he once fucked her on. Katherine stood next to the door he once fucked her against, and she smiled thinking about how his office held a special place inside of her.

He was wearing a crisp white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and the top few buttons undone. His dark hair was a wild mess atop his head, and the stubble on his face was so long it almost could be classified as a beard at that point. He seemed so undone, so unlike himself. What happened to him while he was away?

When he spotted her standing in his doorway, his stern eyes washed over her. His demeanor didn’t change in the slightest. He just looked her up and down as he listened to the person on the other end of the phone call. When he began to speak, it was only to respond to that person, not to regard her presence. His eyes looked away from her moments later, disregarding her completely like she wasn’t even there, like she wasn’t worthy of his time.

Katherine swallowed hard as she backed out of the doorway, making her way back down the hallway toward the kitchen. She took a deep breath and tried to expel the feelings of rejection that were working their way into her heart and mind. She tried not to think of him, or of the previous night they spent together. He came to her. He came to her bedroom, waking her from her sleep, completely seducing her. What was she supposed to think about that? There were so many scenarios in her head, but she was certain they were all wrong.

He was her boss. She tried to make it a point to remember that. But it was difficult.

As she stood in the kitchen, she quickly readied the coffee pot with the first brew of the morning, knowing it was her job and that her boss would probably at some point require some.

“Breakfast is to be ready at eight am, is it not, Miss Mason?” She heard from behind her. She jumped slightly as she turned toward him, completely startled by his presence.

“Y-yes,” she stammered, holding her hand over her wildly beating heart. She watched as he looked down at the expensive Rolex on his wrist, and then back up at her.

“It is past ten,” he snipped, looking at her like she was a complete idiot.

The annoyance she felt since she stood outside his office door began to bubble inside of her. It was a perfect example of a time when she just felt the need to tell her boss to fuck off.

“Forgive me, sir. I’ve been alone in this house for a week now. I had no indication of where you were or when you’d be home. I’ve been completely in the dark. So forgive me for not having your goddamn breakfast ready at eight am,” she snapped, unable to hold back her frustration.

Mr. Jonas watched her, his eyes cool and narrowed directly on her. She was certain he didn’t allow anyone to speak to him that way. And she was quickly regretting every single passive aggressive word that came out of her mouth.

“I’m sorry,” she breathed after a beat, watching as his icy expression never let up. Fear engulfed her as her eyes quickly darted away from his, wishing she could take it all back.

“Miss Mason…” Mr. Jonas said lowly.

“I will begin your breakfast right away, sir,” she said quickly as she dashed toward the fridge to gather up the ingredients for his omelet.

Miss Mason,” he said more firmly, causing her to stop in her tracks to look back up at him.

“Sir?” She questioned, her voice squeaking with the word.

Katherine watched as his tongue darted out, sliding smoothly across the bottom of his upper teeth before he took a breath and let it out.

“Under the circumstances, I will forgive not having my breakfast ready. But it is difficult for me to refrain from punishing you for your outburst,” he told her, his tone razor sharp, and it made her stomach drop. Her mouth went dry immediately thinking about what the word ‘punishment’ meant to him.

“If I was still in the business of spanking you, you would most definitely have earned it, Miss Mason,” he continued to speak, and the fire in his words sparked something deep within her. Although she was not fond of the actual spanking itself, she did enjoy his dominance. And she thoroughly enjoyed the intimate setting with him that it entailed.

When both of them failed to speak, her mind cut to memories of the night before – how he came to her, how he acted as though he waited for it all week, how he seemed lost without it, without her.

“You… you came to my bed last night,” she breathed, changing the subject on him.

His eyes stared her down, and she was certain she just did another no-no by disregarding his previous statements.

“Was I the first thing you did when you got home?” She asked him, genuinely curious. But he didn’t answer.

“Why—why did you come to my bed?” She continued, hoping for some semblance of an answer, but it never came.

Katherine watched as he looked away from her, showing a glimmer of vulnerability as he did.

“You were drinking? What was the matter? You seemed so… so lost,” she pointed out.

He wasn’t looking at her, but he wasn’t running off either, which seemed like a good sign to her.

“Where were you? Where did you go?” She inquired about the week he was gone, hoping he felt inclined to answer at least one of her many questions.

She watched as his jaw clenched tightly. He still wasn’t running away so she pressed on.

“What happened, Joe?” She breathed.

And maybe it was because she called him by his name, maybe it was something else, but she finally got his attention. His eyes focused back on hers, looking as though he really wanted to open up.

Please,” Katherine whispered after a few weighted moments.

But then he retreated completely, shaking his head before he stepped back and stalked off toward his office. She let out a huge sigh, shuddering off the trouble she knew she was still in, and stalked down the hallway after him. How much more trouble could she possibly get in?

“You came to me for a reason last night. A real reason. I may not have been the first thing you did when you got back, but you made it a point to crawl into my bed last night. And it was different. Things were different between us. You can shrug it off, I don’t care. But what is so hard about opening up – letting someone in? I told you things about my life that I don’t share with anyone. You made me tell you. Don’t I get the same courtesy from you?” She asked, feeling worked up and agitated.

Of course Joe stayed silent. She supposed it was better than him blowing up in her face.

Apparently not. You can live up here inside this closed off bubble you call a home, but don’t expect anyone to fall at your feet, especially not me. Don’t expect me to give in to your advances anymore,” she ranted, feeling the anger and annoyance hit her hard.

“Employee—” She said, pointing to herself.

“—Employer,” she said as she pointed to him, letting him know where they stood with each from that point on.

She didn’t even care that his eyes were penetrating her with a sharp stare. She didn’t even care that she may have just signed her own discharge papers with her little speech. She only cared about the emotion that was flowing through her in that moment. When he still didn’t respond, she sent him one more narrowed glare before she spun on her heels and headed for the door.

“I was in Dallas,” she heard his low voice and it caused her to freeze in her tracks.

“Texas?” She asked, turning her head to look back at him. Her response was more rhetorical than anything. What other Dallas would he be talking about?

“My father… he had a heart attack,” he confessed, and Katherine slowly turned back and registered the anguish on his face.

“Joe—I’m sorry,” she breathed, feeling terrible for the way she berated him. But she was also grateful he was actually speaking and explaining his side.

“He was still in the hospital when I left to come back, but he was doing better,” he explained, dropping his gaze to the floor.

“Good,” she breathed, relieved to hear his father didn’t pass due to the heart attack.

“He is the strongest person I’ve ever known,” he said, looking up toward the window, his fingertips splayed out on his desk as he stood hovering above it.

Katherine didn’t want to speak in case he wanted to say more, but he didn’t. He just stood there, silent and pensive as she struggled for the words to tell him she was there for him – whatever he needed. But it was all cut short when his phone began ringing, and the reality of the day, of his life, pulled them back in.

“Jonas,” he said sternly, taking the call, immediately disregarding every single breakthrough they just made.

Katherine sighed as she quietly turned once again and made her way out of his office, her heart a little heavier than before.


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