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Story Notes:

So here is the last of the saga stories. Don't know what's going up after this as I have for other stories I'm working on right now. I also don't know how much editing this particular story needs, so there may be a lot of changes.


I glared reproachfully at the negative sign on the drugstore pregnancy test. Nothing.

Nick poked his head around the bathroom door, "Anything?"

"I don't get it, we weren't even trying last time and presto we're pregnant, but this time..."

Nick put a hand on my shoulder, "Don't worry Justice it will happen when it's supposed to happen."

"Says the man who's been wringing me like a towel for the past three weeks." I mutter.

"Hey," Nick said consolingly, "I'm frustrated too, believe me it's sort of stops being fun."

My mind wandered back to when we first started trying for a second child, it had been a few months ago when our daughter Destiny was a little over a year old. It had been a round of endless nights, every night the exact same thing. As soon as Destiny fell asleep we got into bed. At first we had been optimistic and we had tried for almost a month. After a while it was like "here we go again" and so on and so on.

Kevin and Mr. and Mrs. Jonas had been as supportive as they possibly could and suggested everything from spa treatments to a private vacation, although the closest we could get was a trip to New York for Joe's new movie. Kevin and Joe tended to speak about us with smirks and smiles on their faces, they knew what we were trying to do and knew full well why we randomly disappeared at intervals for no particular reason at all.

The most interesting foray had been in the bathroom of a theater where the boys had had a gig. It was like a scene straight out of a movie, a series of sloppy kisses and clothes shoved aside. It had been fast, hard, and desperate one last ditch effort on Nick's part to give me something I really wanted. The entire incident had had Joe in stitches for weeks, but despite  the red face I shrugged it off and chalked it up to Nick's after-show adrenaline.

Most of the family was quiet about our "problem" although Mrs. Jonas did bring it up occasionally, but it was mostly "it will happen when it's supposed to" and we left it at that. Joe seemed to find it funny not the problem itself but how hard Nick and I were trying and weird places when we were on the road we tended to try. Kevin and Danielle were supportive, but I occasionally caught them giving each other a look I know said they felt sorry for us but they were better off not saying anything. Easy for them to say, they hadn't had any problem getting pregnant Danielle had gotten pregnant on their first try sometime after the world tour in 2010 and Madison had been born the following summer.

The difference in opinions was sometimes a sore spot I respected Mr. and Mrs. Jonas's opinion because they were older and knew more, I respected Kevin and Danielle's opinion simply for the fact they were married and had three children by now. Well, Joe I tended to leave out of it, he was the only single brother now.

"Where did you do it today?" He would tease with a grin and I would punch him in the shoulder and go on with my business, although sometimes Demi would take care of that for me.

The other thing that it happened in the past year had been the birth of our daughter Destiny, she was almost 2 years old now and was the apple of Nick's eye. Destiny and Kevin's daughter Madison were unusually close they both shared a love of music and would sit on the piano bench next to Kevin or Nick belting out either the theme song from Barney or "The Itsy-Bitsy Spider".

Joe and Kevin had nearly died laughing one afternoon when the Nick had been playing some of the old Jonas Brothers music and Destiny and Madison were sitting next to him on the couch and he had started playing a few bars of "Poison Ivy" and immediately Destiny and Madison chime in:

"Everyone's allergic to poison ivy, everyone's allergic to poison I-I-vy."

"Mom! You should've got it on video!" Kevin managed to get out between laughs it was so cute!"

"The fans will like that one," I chuckled afterwards, "definitely YouTube material!"

Of course getting them to do it again was a different story, but we had finally captured it a few weeks later when we had all come over for a family dinner and the boys had pulled out their guitars again.

This time it was "Black Keys" Madison knew most of the Jonas Brothers music foreward and backwards by now and she was only four.

"And black keys never looked beautiful," Destiny chimed in.

Destiny echoed nearly every word Madison said, until Madison whined at Kevin.

"Daddy! Destiny is messing me up!"

"She can sing too sweetheart." Kevin reminded his daughter, which only made her pout until Nick gave her something else to do.

Kevin of course had a phone rolling the entire time.

"This is so going up on YouTube!" Joe enthused, as his bespectacled eye peered through the camera lens. "I can't wait till I have my own kids!"

"You'll make everybody jealous you'll be the best dad in the world!" I commented from where I was sitting on the couch.

Destiny, who was now sitting on the piano bench next to Nick reached out a small chubby hand to touch the black and white keys.

"Black keys beautiful." She pronounced, her fingers hitting random keys "pretty, pretty, pretty!"

Nick smiled softly, "That's right sweetheart."


I smiled at the moment Nick and his daughter sitting on the piano bench together, where Nick's hands still resting on the keys. Destiny looks like a miniature female version of Nick, she had perfect porcelain skin, ruby red lips, big brown eyes and dark hair that fell in ringlets down her back. Her hair was almost the exact same color as Demi's, which was still dyed a dramatic black. Although you could see a rainbow of color when the light hit her hair ranging from light brown to caramel, matching her father's curls perfectly.


Needless to say the video of my daughter and niece got many hits, so many they had decided it wouldn't hurt to put up a video once in a while. Kevin had even done a video of Kyle and KJ playing the bongos, which was very reminiscent of a three-year-old Nick doing the same. The fans were fascinated by our children, who were proving to be as talented as their parents.


Raising a child when both you and your husband had full-time jobs was a challenge. Destiny was everywhere! Sometimes she was babysat by Mrs. Jonas or by her aunt Dani so she could play with her cousins. Although there are some days where Nick and I were both up a tree (so to speak) and could not get into work without one of us taking her along. Nick and I tried to lock in whatever time in the studio we could, but that was few and far between. Nick was the one with the 9-to-5 job, then you would come home and watch Destiny while I was in the studio from nine a clock to 10:30 PM. I was currently recording my third album and could use all the time I needed.

This worked most of the time but on the rare occurrence Nick needed to drop everything and go into work he took Destiny with him, particularly if I happened to be out. So sometimes he would be bringing a play bag and diaper bag  into a meeting or setting up a play station in the corner of a recording studio. Destiny loved going to the recording studio, the equipment seemed to fascinate her and sometimes the technicians would amuse her by letting her play around with some of the old tracks and mix them anyway she wanted.

She giggled when she had increased the tempo of one of Nick's songs so much it was the equivalent of a dance beat and it sounded quite ridiculous. Nick had kept the cut just for the heck of it and had brought it home to show me. Maybe my daughter had a future as a soundboard technician.

So this was what my life was like when Nick and I were trying to conceive our second child. Our time alone in the evening was the only time we had (when we had it) hence the reason for our weird rendezvous between gigs.

"Maybe we need help." Nick said one evening when we were lying in bed, "with you know..." he blushed in the dark.

So that began the discussions, and this involved the entire family to a degree. We discussed everything from in vitro fertilization to adoption, but finally it was Kevin and Danielle who provided the ultimate solution.

"Nick, Justice, Dani and I have a proposition for you." Kevin said one afternoon after church when the family was at the Jonas house for Sunday brunch.

Chapter End Notes:

Only minor edits on this chapter so far. I'll try to update on Tuesdays as usual. Trying to sandwich edits between my longer projects and video editing.

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