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Late summer was a busy time for us, I was putting the finishing touches on my album and July meant Madison and Destiny's birthdays. It was funny the girls have been literally a day apart Madison on the seventh and Destiny on the ninth, they were as close as sisters could be without being so. 

Nick and Kevin went all out and we threw a big party, and I even heard Nick humming "Set This Party Off" under his breath every once in a while. The party was loud and boisterous with children running around everywhere, adults looking slightly harassed, and the occasional interrupting "twang" of a guitar. Once everything had sort of settle down Kevin sat down in one of the chairs his guitar across his knees and began playing "Happy Birthday". 

The performance was punctuated by cheers and applause from the adults and squeals of excitement from the children especially Madison and Destiny. Then it was time for ice cream and cake and by the entire end of it Destiny, Kyle, and KJ had more cake and ice cream on their faces than on the plate. 

Danielle was in relatively good spirits the entire time and she wiped off Kyle and KJ's faces with a smile, laughing quietly as she attempted to wash the frosting out of their unruly curly hair. It was not a rare occurrence nowadays to see Kevin, Joe and Nick with a squirming toddler one arm and a guitar in the other, and Kevin hurried to put down his guitar as twins are hard to handle when you're eight months pregnant. 

"Come on KJ," Kevin soothed, "what's the matter?" 

"Cake!" KJ said firmly, pointing to the table where his high chair was vacated. 

"Not now buddy, you're making quite a mess and making things quite difficult for mommy." 

"Joe!" Kevin called over his shoulder, "A little help please!"

Joe bounded over from where he was playing with Madison while I was a few feet away watching the entire thing unfold. "Just help me clean them up!" 

"Sure, Kev, no problem." Joe replied with a grin. 

Five minutes later Kyle and KJ are stripped down to their training pants in the driveway and Joe is spraying them all over with the hose as they are squealing in delight.

I watched the scene with some amusement while trying not to laugh at my brother-in-law's solution to the messy toddlers. Meanwhile I was simultaneously thankful for Kevin and Danielle's privacy fence the world didn't need to see a bunch of toddlers in their panties.

"Uh, Joe, I don't think that's what Kevin had in mind." 

Then of course Joe pulls his shirt over his head and turns on the sprinkler and a few minutes laterhe has joined the fun, much to the amusement and joy of the kids. While Kevin, Danielle Nick and I are watching the entire scene in varying forms of the amusement and exasperation.

"Grow up!" I nearly shout laughing at Joe, "you're as bad as the kids are!" 

Joe only shrugs, grins that amazing smile of his that had "heartthrob" stamped all over it.



Almost a month later it is time again for the Teen Choice Awards. The Jonas Brothers had been nominated for Best Group and Nick has been nominated for Best Male Artist I have also been nominated for Best Female Artist and my song "Falling Through The Cracks" has been nominated for best summer song. 

Danielle had been having mild contractions for most of the day, but she brushed them off and said they were nothing to worry about him and the baby probably wasn't coming for at least another week. So we sat through the next two hours watching award after award. Every once in a while I would see Danielle wince and then her expression would clear and it was as if nothing had happened.  

Unfortunately, the Jonas Brothers did not win best group but Nick won for best male artist and I won for best summer song. The award came as a total surprise considering I didn't think my fan base was that big.  Our duties to the press were cut short when Danielle suddenly grab Kevin's arm, and something in her body posture told me she had another contraction, a big one. 

We barely made it to the limo, just as we were all sliding into our seats there was a splatter of liquid on the pavement. 

"Get us to the hospital," Kevin ordered, "NOW!" 

The driver, a man in his late 30s nodded brusquely. Meanwhile Kevin had his phone clamped to his ear, I assume calling the hospital. Almost immediately after he hung up he began dialing another number.

"Who else are you calling?" I asked as some part of my folded wheelchair bumped me in the shoulder.

"The cops." Kevin replied shortly. "I think were going to need an escort for this and not just for the obvious reasons."

The drive to the hospital with tense. Kevin and Danielle sat on one side of the limo and Nick and I sat on the other. Sitting next to Nick and I was Joe who was unusually quiet. It wasn't until the limo had turned a few more corners and the police escort was guiding asked safely through traffic he spoke.

"Afraid we made a bit of a rude exit there Kev," Joe said lightly, "think we left the paps sort of spinning their wheels." 

Kevin chuckled dryly. 

"Well it was either that or have the baby born right there." Nick said shrugging, his face unreadable. 

Danielle's contractions were getting stronger and she was all but leaning on Kevin for support. Meanwhile Kevin was furiously dialing their parents to let them know what had happened. 

"Okay." Was all he said before he hung up. "They're going to meet us there." He informed everyone, we all nodded simultaneously. 


For once I was glad we had the police escort, tonight we needed it. Even the fisheye windows I could hear sirens wailing and the honking of car horns. As Danielle's labor progressed Nick got more and more agitated and I was sure if we weren't confined to the limo he would've been out of there, even when Madison was born the entire scenario made him uncomfortable. 

We were ten minutes from the hospital when it happened. I heard Danielle gives a soft groan and knew something had shifted in her labor pattern. 

"Kevin..." Danielle whispered frantically, "the baby's coming!" 

"Yes sweetheart. "We're almost there." Kevin said softly. 

"No, Kevin! Now!" And she placed his hand where I knew the baby's head to be. The police sirens gave one more frantic wail which seemed to echo the moan emitting from Danielle's lips and I was relieved to see the sign that read "emergency" glaring like a beacon somewhere ahead. I felt the car turn and Danielle let out another moan as the vehicle shifted. 

“Well this is a state of emergency.”  I said laughing quietly. Next to me I hear Nick chuckle softly. 

As soon as the car had stopped Kevin dashed out of the limo and into the doors of the emergency room. He came out a few minutes later followed by two nurses and Dr. Silverstein (who thankfully had been on call) who was still pulling on his lab coat as he dashed out the door. 

The limo door open and letting in a cool night breeze. 

"How far along is she?" Dr. Silverstein asked. 

"Her water broke 20 minutes ago." I informed him. The nurses were already forming a shield around the open door one was pulling Danielle stockings down her legs and almost jumped back at what she saw. 

"Oh my gosh, honey, you didn't say anything about her crowning." One of the nurses was talking to Kevin, who only looked dazed and shellshocked.

"Danielle, this baby is going to come fast, hang on." Dr. Silverstein was all business but there was still a smile on his face. 

Danielle gave two more pushes and the baby was out, getting cleaned up by the nurses and being wrapped in a blanket one of them was holding. Afterwards Danielle could finally sit up and after being helped into a wheelchair by Kevin was wheeled into the emergency room. They were just going in when Mr. and Mrs. Jonas and Frankie pulled up in another car. 

"She had the baby in the back of the limo," Joe explained, "talk about a fast delivery." 

We must have looked a sight all dressed up in our nice clothes, the nurses were looking at us like we had just come from a different planet. Nick got me out of the car and into my wheelchair while Joefollowed behind, catching up with their parents and his youngest brother.

Ten minutes later, we were all up in in the postpartum unit. The nurse finally brought the baby in a smile on her face. She made it to hand the baby to Kevin who shook his head. 

"No, it's not mine it's my brother Nick's, actually. My wife was their surrogate."

"Congratulations." The nurse said smiling as she placed our newborn son in Nick's arms. 

"Well someone was certainly in a hurry," Nick said chuckling, "one of the few Jonases who isn't fashionably late." 

"Have you picked a name?" The nurse asked. 

"Jeremy." I said abruptly, "Jeremy Alexander Jonas." 

Nick nodded, "I like it." He looked down at his newborn son and smiled, a real smile, a smile that said he was truly happy. 


Destiny didn't see her brother until the following morning when Danielle was discharged, as they had kept her overnight for observation considering she had delivered in less than ideal circumstances. 

The moment was so perfect as everyone was exclaiming how beautiful little Jeremy was my eyes fell on my daughter as Nick placed her brother in her arms. As his arms wrapped around them both he leaned over and kissed her hair, the moment was perfect event if I had planned it right. With the morning light coming through the open window made them look like angels. I didn't think I had ever had seen anything so beautiful.

Chapter End Notes:

It's pretty much a wrap on this story. I got a little bit more to be posted next week then it's back to working on the Spaceman series which will be edited and posted between Tuesday and Thursday. I'm anxious to really get going on and I have a lot of ideas.

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