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Three Months Later

The next few months passed quickly, Nick and I had settled into a routine as a family of four and were still shuffling children back and forth like playing cards around our busy schedules and it was one of those rare days where everyone could just spend the day together, no one had to be in studio and Demi wasn't filming a movie or TV show; it was just a normal Saturday afternoon. 

What better way to spend the afternoon then on Malibu beach, where four children had been put into bathing suits and were running around in and out of the surf. I was keeping a watchful eye on Destiny (as much as I could) as I continued to rock Jeremy back and forth in the sling I was carrying him in. 

"Nicholas! Keep an eye on your daughter please!" I watched with a smirk as Nick ran after Destiny who had wandered a little too far into the lapping waves. He scooped her up in his arms and she giggled, her laughter ringing across the beach as he began to tickle her. 

Kevin was playing with the twins in the water as they laughing and splashing, his head of dark curly hair just visible. Madison, at the moment was by her mother on the beach getting her sunscreen reapplied. 

"Don't go too far," Danielle called after her, "and Kevin, I keep an eye on her please." Repeating the same words I had yelled to Nick moments before. 

Under the shade of an oversized umbrella, which had been provided at Nick's insistence and seconded by my personal assistant I cradled my youngest who was slung over my torso.

Jeremy cooed contentedly from his sling, though I knew he would be tired or hungry in a few hours. In my free hand I was talking to Demi via FaceTime. It's not that she didn't want to join the family instead she had more going on at the moment, or so she said. She respected Joe, Nick and Kevin in a professional sense and accepted where they were personally but that's as far as it went.

"Yes Jeremy, you're a cutie." Demi cooed. Then our conversation turned to back to how things were going with a new baby in the house. By now, I had related to Demi what had happened the night Jeremy had been born.

"Well, shit." Demi replied with a laugh when I told her. "That's one way to make a headline."

I laughed in agreement.

"I don't think that's what we were going for, at least not intentionally. Everyone was too busy panicking that the baby would be born right there at the awards. Maybe we were trying to avoid what had happened with the twins."

Just then, Nick came back Destiny.

"I think someone needs more sunscreen and her hat." He told me while he tried to calm destiny's wet hair out of her face with his fingers. Meanwhile, she was trying to pull him towards her cousins who were attempting to build a sand castle with Kevin nearby.

"It's in my bag." I told Nick, as I shifted carefully so as not to jostle Jeremy too much.

Eventually everything wound down. Demi insisted she had to go and said something about going on a hike with her roommate Natalie. Children got tired and the sandcastle was forgotten, even Kevin and Nick were concerned about getting sunburned.

Jeremy was just waking from his nap and beginning to fuss and I knew it was time for his afternoon feed.

I also had just enough time to see Joe's latest Instagram post, he was currently hiking with friends which was the only reason he had declined our outing.

"Looks like he was biking too." I told Nick as we began packing up and he and Kevin began wrestling the large umbrella into submission.

"How's Demi?" Nick asked.

"Good." I replied mildly, "she said she was going hiking too."

"Good to hear she's getting back to things, heard scuttlebutt from around the studio she was working on an album too." Nick murmured.

"Seems she's been up to a few things according to her Instagram feed." I murmured. I didn't elaborate. As a fan and as a friend to me it didn't matter if Demi was no longer close friends with the Jonas family, as long as she was happy and she was living the life she wanted. What would happen when our paths crossed in person again I didn't know, we were both knocking around the idea of doing a collaboration together in the studio, but things had to line up.

I was reminded once again of my present situation as Jeremy began to wail; definitely hungry.

Shelving my runaway thoughts I headed for the car, as far as what happened in the future only time would tell.

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