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"Well we talked and prayed about it and we want Dani to be a surrogate for you guys."

"A what?" Nick asked as if the thought had never crossed his mind.

"A surrogate." Kevin repeated. "You know, Dani would carry the baby since Justice can't."

A slightly alarmed expression crossed Nick's face, "you mean you would--" he trailed off and made a face.

Suddenly a look of understanding passed over Kevin's face and I saw him blush slightly, but it was Danielle who spoke up.

"No Nick, it would be YOUR biological child," she looked uncertainly at Kevin, "well a doctor can explain it better than I can."

"It's all your stuff dude." Kevin said with a wry smile that was quickly turning into a smirk and I watched in amusement as Nick's ears when a violent shade of pink.


A week later Kevin, Danielle, Nick and I were sitting in the waiting room of a LA fertility clinic, the room was covered in various stages of human reproduction as if to illustrate said points there were many women in the waiting room in various stages of pregnancy. The entire atmosphere despite the fact he had one child already seemed to make Nick decidedly uncomfortable.

"Mrs. Jonas." A nurse asked from the doorway, both Danielle and I looked up.

"Mrs. Justice Jonas." The nurse clarified.

Without saying much of anything the four of us trudged back to the examination rooms.

Twenty minutes later a jovial looking doctor with a head full of gray hair entered the room.

"Good morning! I'm Dr. Silverstein, Mr. and Mrs. Jonas, correct?"

"Which one?" Kevin asked with a chuckle.

The doctors gaze went from Kevin to Nick and back again.

"Brothers?" He asked, it was more statement than a question.

Kevin nodded.

"How may I help you?"

"My husband and I have had some problems conceiving," I began, "we already have one child, a little girl, but we can't seem to get pregnant this time around."

"We were wondering if my wife could act as a surrogate for my brother and his wife." Kevin added.

"Well, let's see what the problem is first." Dr. Silverstein replied, he turned to me I'll need blood work on both you and your husband."

I nodded. We signed the consent forms and waited another twenty minutes for another couple of nurses to come in and do blood work.Along with bloodwork they also took other samples from Nick to check for other problems. I don't like needles but I'm not scared of them, my entire policy with blood work is to just deal with it, it will be over in a few minutes. While I squirmed and shut my eyes Nick took the entire process in stride and I was reminded he was used to needles he pricked his fingers every day.

"Well you're a champ aren't you?" The nurse praised as she drew the needle out of Nick's forearm and put a Band-Aid over the small pinprick.

Nick shrugged looking slightly embarrassed. "Diabetic," he muttered, "I'm used to it."

"We'll have the results by next week and then Mr. Jonas," he turned to Kevin, "we can evaluate your wife is a possible surrogate."


A week later we were once again sitting in the office when Dr. Silverstein walked into the office with a file folder and sat down on a swiveling chair with a smile.

"Well, I have your results. Mr. Jonas," he addressed Nick, "it seems that we can find no possible problems from your side of things," he gave Nick a small smile, "your wife is also clear which tells me there is no possible explanation for infertility, but these things happen occasionally and well... your body doesn't work quite the way it's supposed to and when you need two pieces of the puzzle they both have to work." He gave us a reassuring smile. "So which brings us to next order of business and that's testing Danielle here." He smiled.

"I need your reproductive history and a few other things," Dr. Silverstein said, "just to gauge to see if he would be a good candidate."

"I'm 26 years old and I have three children," Danielle recited, "one a set of identical twin boys."

"And how did those pregnancies go?" Dr. Silverstein asked.

"Mostly normal," Danielle answered, "the twins came three weeks early, but that's about it."

Dr. Silverstein nodded as he finished writing his notes. "Right then, Danielle I'll need blood work on you just check for a few things, but if that's clear we can proceed to proceed with the insemination."


Danielle's blood work came back clear by all accounts she was a healthy 26-year-old woman, which was good news.

"Now that that is all taken care of, Nick, Justice I need something from you. Justice, I need you to take these pills for 30 days, they will increase your ovulation and give us a better selection when picking samples for insemination."

I went out of the office with a prescription for fertility drugs and knew I would be taking them for the next month and in the meantime Nick and I would go on with our lives just because it solved our problem doesn't mean our nighttime activities needed to come to a stop, but it was back to using condoms again.

Chapter End Notes:

Good news! I have a new story and series coming later this week, it will follow Nick in lockdown and quarantine as he writes new music. I was heavily inspired by Spaceman and what Nick said about writing the album. May possibly be an eleven part series.

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