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It was about an hour after we put Destiny to bed down the hall and Nick and I were now in bed alone. I had been taking the fertility drugs or about two weeks and now it's waiting game two more weeks before we could go back and another week or so before embryos could be implanted.

Nick rolled over in bed. I was lying on my stomach looking at him out of the corner of my eye.

"Are you going to surprise me?" I asked softly.

It was a nightly routine of ours, and then make being control he could do whatever he wanted, touch me, kiss me anyway he wanted.

"Close your eyes." He whispered.

I felt the bed shift, felt his body leaning over me. He began to massage me his soft gentle hands kneading my skin. They were a strange combination, Nick's hands, they were amazingly soft but at the same time they were slightly rough from the calluses on his fingertips, both from playing guitar and pricking his fingers.

His hands began and my shoulders and slid all the way down rubbing as he went. We got to my waist he gently began to pull away the sheet exposing the rest of my body, which was nearly naked at the moment. I was a modest person by nature so usually wore clothes to bed in this case though I was only wearing underwear,  so I didn't feel completely exposed.

Nick's hands ran over my bottom and squeezed lightly, as I let out a soft moan. His fingers ran up again dipping his fingers into the waistband gently pulling the material away.

"So beautiful." He murmured, as he studied me prone nude figure. He studied mean like he was studying a work of art like he wanted to know everything; he knew everything but still had more to discover. His hand began at my ankle and worked its way up, sliding, stroking, caressing. Finally he reached my thighs again, his fingers slid in between my legs stroking the soft inner skin, I moaned already feeling arousal building within my body. Suddenly his lips replaced his hands and I felt his lips, moist and soft exploring, exploration I knew could lead to other things.

We made love after that, slow and gentle it hadn't been like that for weeks something we did just to enjoy each other's bodies and reconnect to each other, it was Nick and Justice time like it'd been on my first headlining tour when Nick had banishing everyone from our floor of our hotel and told them he was not to be disturbed for at least an hour and we would just lying on my bed and make out, at the time going just far enough to drive Nick crazy.

Afterwards Nick was propped up on his elbows looking down at me still trying to catch his breath. His body hummed inside me, like the resonating fading chord of a guitar string. For a while we just laid there staring at each other simply in awe. Nick pulled out slowly, sliding out of bed to dispose of the condom and clean himself up. He slid out of bed like some apparition from a fantasy novel almost ghostly pale in the dim light and I had this sudden image of Edward Cullen from the Twilight Saga on his honeymoon with Bella, naked, slender, pale and breathtakingly beautiful.

"I see you walk across the room and nothing but the moonlight... I like to see you in the dark, see you in the dark." I murmured.

Nick smirked as he climbed back into bed.


A few weeks later we went back to Dr. Silverstein.Today we were harvesting the eggs which would help make the embryos to be implanted later.

"The procedure will take about twenty minutes, we will sedate you, you won't feel a thing."

Nick helps me change out of my clothes and into a gown and after that I am wheeled into a sterile room, put on an IV and given some form of sedation. I remember them probing around with the ultrasound (vaguely) and then I don't remember much after that.

I wake up what seems to be two seconds later to see Nick's smiling brown eyes. "Hey sweetheart." He whispers.

"All finished." Dr. Silverstein announced, "now I'll give you some time to get dressed and meet you back here in ten minutes." He leaves the room leaving Nick to help me finish getting dressed.

Dr. Silverstein returns a few minutes later carrying a clipboard and a small plastic cup.

"Now that we have taking care of your part," he nods at me, "here's where Nick comes in," he pushes the plastic cup into Nick's hands, "I need a semen sample from you."

"What--what! Nick splutters his eyes widening his face going slightly pink.

"You heard me." The doctor smiled softly, "you can do it at home so you're more comfortable, I'm sure your wife will help you," he looks over at me and I catch the barest hint of a smirk cross his features.

Nick sinks into a chair looking slightly stunned. "Relax, it'll help trust me, go home take a bath light some candles..." he smiles again. The color seems to rise in Nick's cheeks and he is fidgeting in his chair like he wants to bolt out of the room it never ceased to amaze me how easily Nick got embarrassed, particularly if the subject was on something rather personal. The doctor looked at Nick with a sympathetic smile.

"Think of your wife it will all be worth it in the end I promise. Oh, by the way I need that sample no later than 7 AM on Monday it needs to be in the lab when we do the fertilization that day, sperm doesn't last long outside the body." He rattled off this information like he was reading it from a textbook, although I could see this didn't make my husband feel any better.

Nick nodded mutely.


"Where is Joe when you need him," I quipped as we exited the office, "this is the part where he would say ’AWKWARD!’

Nick nodded fervently, a small smile appearing on his face for the first time since the doctor had informed him of his little "task" for the weekend.



Chapter End Notes:

"See U in the Dark"-Honor Society

I actually have a friend who was a surrogate a couple of years ago. She delivered twins.

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