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In the meantime, Nick, Kevin, Danielle and I waited for the embryos to be transferred, without process would take a few weeks before they were ready. An embryo could be grown in a lab in a matter of days so the upcoming appointment was planned down to the week.

The morning of the insemination finally came, it was early about nine the clock Nick had postponed a meeting and a recording session (something about new single he was writing) just say could be at the doctor's office. We had left our children under the watchful eye of Joe, who I had suggested take them to the playground at least to burn off some energy, to which he readily agreed.

We all talked in the hallway as Danielle is getting changed and go back in the room five minutes later. She is awake with only some local anesthetic to make things more comfortable, we talk quietly as the procedure gets underway.

The embryos are transferred in a small catheter, there are four of them (so it is a possibility all of them could take and she could be pregnant with quadruplets; not that I want that many kids at once). Dr. Silverstein transfers two embryos at a time and by the time he is done manipulating everything the entire procedure takes no time at all.

"Now it's a waiting game," Dr. Silverstein says with a smile, "give it a couple of weeks. we'll see if they'll take, well, at least one."

Danielle nods, smiling.

Everyone surrounding Danielle is smiling, Kevin is looking down at Danielle love overflowing in his expression, something words could never say. Nick and Kevin exchanged a look. A look I imagine they exchanged before they perform, a smile, a nod, a pat on the back; only a look siblings would know. It still surprises me how affectionate they are, with the fans and with each other, most guys don't even tell each other they love each other, but it's there in their banter on stage in the way they put a hand on each others shoulders when they're singing, that is the look I saw in their expression now and it warmed my heart.

Kevin reaches down to help Danielle up off the examination table, when she is standing on her feet again he still hasn't let go of her hand, a smile plays on his lips, his still hasn't lost that look of wonder he has on his face whenever he looks at her because she is forever and always the center of his universe.


A few days later there was a knock on my door, little did I know (quite unlike Demi's visit a few weeks ago) when I opened that door my life could be changed forever.

I opened the door to find Danielle standing there a wide smile stretched across her beautiful tanned face.

"I have news," she announced, "this is going to make your day." She looked around, "is Nick home?"

I shook my head, "He said he wouldn't be home until at least four." I replied.

Danielle looked at her watch, "yeah, Kevin should be home by then, I have the kids with a sitter at the moment so I have time."

"How are they doing?" I asked.

"Good. Madison is coming along with her piano lessons and she is begging Kevin to teach her guitar, but he thinks she's too young right now, the boys didn't even start playing guitar until they were well into their teens."

"You know they have guitars for kids," I commented, "Kevin doesn't have to sacrifice one of his precious babies so his daughter can learn how to play guitar." I chuckled quietly.

Danielle chuckled too, "Yes I know how Kevin is about his guitars." She shook her head smiling.

"How are KJ and Kyle?" I asked.

"Like two miniature tornadoes." Danielle replied smiling, "you know how toddlers are, or in the case of this family we have to watch our instruments, yesterday they were using the drum set as a trampoline."

"Nick wouldn't like that." I replied smirking slightly, "I swear he'd go into cardiac arrest before anybody would end up touching his stuff."

Danielle nodded grinning. "How's Destiny?"

"Fine." I replied, "sometimes she reminds me so much Nick it's scary, I swear she is his personal shadow, she follows him everywhere. She's just as fascinated by music as Madison is only she hasn't reached the destructive phase yet," I laughed quietly. "She bangs on the drums and she plays piano with Nick, and sometimes she sits on his lap when his playing guitar; she loves that I think if it were left up to him he would have her playing by the time she is three."

"That sounds like Nick alright." Danielle said smiling softly at the mention of her brother-in-law.

"Destiny is so much like Nick," I repeated, "she is quiet and prefers to amuse herself rather than go play with others I also think that has a lot to do with the fact that she is an only child at the moment, but she does enjoy Madison's company I think she's the closest thing Destiny will ever have to his sister...unless Nick and I have a another girl."

Danielle nodded and we continued our conversation about our children and our husband's daily activities.


It was sometime after five when I heard the door slam. Destiny was up from her nap and ran to the door at the sound of her father's voice.

I also heard another pair of footsteps and another voice I recognized.

"Nick, where do you think Dani is she wasn't at the house... I gave the sitter another 20 bucks to watch the kids for another 10 minutes..."

Danielle smirked and I could tell she was trying not to laugh she put a finger to her lips and whispered, "Watch this."

And I watch as Danielle creeps through the kitchen through the far side door so she is just behind where Kevin and Nick are. There is a pause and then a startled yelp comes from the direction of the foyer and I am reminded of his character in JONAS in some weird way how Kevin can manipulate his voice to sound at least two octaves higher.

Another squeal comes from the foyer which I know to be Destiny as Nick picks her up.

"Daddy make pretty music today?" She asks and I can just see her now, head cocked like an inquisitive little bird as she looked earnestly into Nick's face.

"Yes sweetheart." Nick says softly.

I smother a laugh and head in the direction of where I can hear voices. Destiny pulls at the lapels of Nick's jacket, and I know he had a meeting today, "Daddy sing!" She instructs.

"Not now sweetheart." Nick murmurs.

Destiny tugs insistently on Nick's jacket, "Sing!" She says firmly.

Nick and Kevin exchanged a look, I look I know they have exchanged many times on stage a raising of eyebrows a completely silent conversation that can convey information in thirty seconds flat. Kevin begins a gentle rhythm with his hands and Nick begins singing the chorus of "Love bug" Kevin harmonizing every once in while. As their few melodic notes quiet the toddler in Nick's arms Kevin reaches out for Danielle who is still standing next to him looking down at her with a small smile.

"Dani what are you doing here?" Kevin asked, "Marcie said you had gone out."

"Why do you think I'm here Kevin? I'm here to tell Justice and Nick our good news."

"You mean their good news." Kevin says with a grin.

"What?" Nick asked, looking from his brother to his sister-in-law in turn.

"I'll be right back." Danielle announces dancing in the direction of the living room. She returns a few minutes later carrying her purse, out of her purse she pulls a small plastic bag and out of the bag she pulls a small plastic stick, beaming  she hands it to me.

In my hands I hold a pregnancy test--a positive pregnancy test.

"You serious?" I ask looking up at her and she nods and grins. Nick lets out a whoop and I am out of my chair so fast I can barely breathe and he is spinning me around laughing-just laughing until the room is a blur of color.

When he has stopped spinning me around I pause for a moment or two trying to clear my head.

"While the world is spinning..." I mutter dryly, without missing Nick's amused smirk. I looked up at Kevin and Danielle beaming.

"Thank you, thank you so much!"

Danielle smiles, "no problem Justice."

While this entire sequence has transpired Destiny only looks confused.

"Destiny, you're going to be a big sister."

"Sister?" She asks, still looking confused.

"Aunt Dani is going to give mommy and daddy a baby." I explain, but how else are you supposed to explain to an almost 2 year old why her aunt was pregnant and her mother wasn't.

Another round of hugs goes around and Destiny is sandwiched between Nick and Kevin as they hug one last time.

"We better go," Kevin says looking at his watch, "or Marcie is going to think we abandoned our children."

Nick chuckles quietly.


Chapter End Notes:

Sorry this is a day later than normal but today was going to be pretty busy I have my new wheelchair being delivered and I have to shoot my vlog for my YouTube channel, that's going to take me most of the afternoon.

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