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Story Notes:

First part of a series outlining the four main themes of Spaceman.

I decided to write a series instead of just one story with multiple chapters and write it in chronological order and not just in track order. I thought this idea would pace better as an entire series and stories then just one short story.

It began in July, the numbers were getting better but California was still in the middle of a pandemic as was the rest of the world. Nick had managed the lockdown the best he could at least it had been manageable with Priyanka there, that was, until she left.

Of all things she had to go to Europe to film a movie. The reasonable part of Nick's mind said "okay, fine. Just be careful." The other part of him wanted to raise objections and complain like a spoiled toddler. Of all the times to be away from his wife now didn't seem like a good time.

"I'm leaving next week, hopefully I'll be back in a few months if the filming goes as planned."Priyanka told him the weekend before she was to leave.

"Covid test?" Nick asked, raising his eyebrows.

"Negative." Priyanka answered promptly. "I'll probably be tested again once I get there, and the day after that, and the day after that…" She chuckled. Nick smirked.

"Just hurry back to me." Nick murmured under his breath so only she could hear.

"Always." Priyanka murmured. Walking around the other side of the table to kiss his temple.

Priyanka left on schedule which left their spacious LA home eerily quiet and empty. It reminded Nick of the days he had been single minus a significant other and coming home to an equally empty house with too many reminders of the person in question.

Initially, he didn't know what to do with himself, he couldn't really go anywhere or he would've gone out to a bar-that was out of the question. After several days of wandering around the house with only empty corners and continuously bad news on the flat screen in the main room words began bouncing around and arranging themselves in his mind which translated themselves into images which translated into more words.

Spaceman kept popping into his mind, so much so that he actually wrote the word down. Then he began working lyrics around the word translating all his thoughts and feelings into a song, that weird disconnected feeling that had been haunting him for weeks and the way he constantly wanted to reach for his favorite liquor every time he turned on the news.

That in itself, while he enjoyed the alcohol, given the circumstances that just made him depressed. The continuous bad news was like an odd form of overdose, which made him vague, jittery and foggy.

He did have contact with Priyanka as she either called or video chatted at least once a day. But the distance between them even though he could see her face and hear her voice only made him feel more alone knowing she was not physically there. Even the screens which many had become used to created their own distance.

Eventually he ran the ideas by some writers and producers he had on speed dial which translated into a series of meetings and recording sessions over Zoom. Again, not his favorite way to connect but the only way he could. He poured everything into that song the fear, anxiety, and disconnected feelings, each made worse by the fact Priyanka was absent. He was grateful for the writers that made his ideas stronger or clarified a rambling thought. At the moment his thoughts were so errant it was like they needed to be lassoed and pinned down.

"What do you want to do with this Nick?" One of the writers who was also producing the track asked.

Nick shrugged.

"Something, eventually. I just need to get all the stuff out of my head."

He never sat down to write an entire album, at least not intentionally, but the words and apparent ideas amid the life in which he found himself currently kept coming. So, while the space threatened to swallow him, in the empty house he kept writing.

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