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Story Notes:

Repost of this story!  It was all messed up and so I tried to fix it by just deleting one chapter and it deleted the whole story.  :-(



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Lost and Found - Chapter 1

I am Ashley.  I was stolen when I was born.  I live in a house with a man that is really creepy, and he beats me until my back is red and scabby looking.  My birthday is September 16th.  One I look nothing like him.  I look exactly like the Jonas family.  Second, my birthday is the same day as, Nick Jonas.  I am sneaking out to go to a Jonas Brothers Concert tomorrow.  I have been entering radio contests, and everything I can to see if I can get a meet and greet pass.  I won one through Team Jonas.  I have also spent more of my money to get a sound check pass also.  So, we will see if this will work or not.  I hope it works, I hope they look at me, and are like confused. 

He just called me out and I just got kicked in the stomach repeatedly, this always happens whenever he wants me to get him something like a pen that is like three feet away from him.

I am also basically his maid, cook, and his housekeeper.  He does nothing at all.  I can’t wait until tomorrow.  It is going to be so much fun.  I sure hope they realize that I am their sister/daughter.  Even if they don’t, meeting someone who looks like me or is in my family will be nice.  Oh gosh, when he goes to bed tonight which should be right after dinner since it is a good dinner, and after good dinners he goes to bed right away.  I have to plan what I am going to say to them to prove it to them that I am their sister.  I just hope they believe me.  I am cleaning the lobster tails right now for his dinner.  I all of a sudden don’t feel good and it feels like I am about to puke.

Nick has an incredible amount of pain in my stomach right now.  I don’t know why, and I have an incredible amount of pain in my bottom.  This pain has been going on for years though and it always happens around the same time every day.  Anyways, I am on tour with my brothers right now. 

“Nick, bro you look like you have been hit in the gut, are you okay,” Joe said concerned.

“Yea, just the same pain in my bottom again and now it is in my stomach,” Nick said quietly.  My brothers know about this pain in my bottom, but my parents don’t.  I don’t want to tell them, because it will worry, get them stressed out and they will probably take me to see a psychologist.  I have never had any pain in my stomach; it feels like I am going to puke.  It is so painful and uncomfortable.  I think it might be time to tell my parents about this pain that has been going on in my bottom for years, and now the pain in my stomach.  Joe demanded on getting Mom and Dad as I started turning paler and paler by the second.  He said it was for the best, right before I puked all over the place.  Kevin luckily came to the rescue and got a waste basket for me.

Joe is really worried about Nick.  I know the reason he hasn’t told them about his pain in his bottom.  It is because he doesn’t want Mom and Dad to worry about Nick.  I run into Mom and Dad in the hallway.  “Mom, Dad, Nick is sick, come quick,” Joe yelled as soon as he saw them.  We walk back into the room as Nick was getting rid of his lunch.  As soon as Denise saw Nick getting rid of his lunch she went up and felt his forehead.  “Nick have you been testing lately?”

“I’m fine.”  Nick started talking really fast, “I wanted to tell you guys that I have had pain in my bottom for years now.  It feels like someone is hitting me, but really hard on my entire backside, from my neck to my knees.  Today, I got an awful pain in my stomach, it felt as if someone was cutting it in half, and I felt like I was going to puke and then I puked twice.  I have never felt this before; I just want to know what is going on.”  Both Denise and Paul were shocked to hear what came out of their son’s mouth.

It is the concert day.  Ashley is so excited.  I am now on my way to the concert.  I snuck out and everything went as planned.  Now all I have to do is plan what I am going to say and how I am going to do everything.  So far, I have that I will tell the meet and greet people that I need to be last to meet them.  Their parents need to be there also, so that way they know who I am and can see me.  I also have to tell them that I have to meet them alone, with only Big Rob there.  That way I can get the most amount of time to explain who I am.  Okay now I have to plan how I am going to tell them.  I think I am going to have to just tell them that I think I am their sister.  I really hope that it works.  I also have to prove to them that I am their sister.  How am I going to prove to them that I am their sister though?  I guess just tell them I have Nick’s exact birthday and that I look exactly like Nick and their well my Mom.  I printed out a picture of well my mom and a picture of me, last night before I went to bed.  I look exactly like Mom and Nick.  I hope that does the trick.  Oh, look at this, we are already here.  I guess planning takes longer than I thought.  I just figured something out; the buses come around the back.  So, plan one, wait for the buses.  Plan two, go to the sound check and see if I can ask a question, and see if they will let me talk to them in private somewhere.  Plan three, go to the meet and greet and see if I can meet them at the end.  Plan four; wait for them at the end of the concert.

I am at the sound check right now and waiting for it to start.  I am so nervous, what if I forget what I am going to say or explain to them.  They are taking questions and Joe just picked on me.  I just grabbed the microphone, “Can I speak to you guys in private please.”

This is so weird, that girl that Joe just called on looks exactly like Mom and Nick.  It is so weird, and she just asked to talk to us in private.  “Yes, you can talk to us in private, but may I ask what your name is,” Kevin asked curious.

“Umm, I can’t tell you that right now.  When we talk later, I’ll tell you,” Ashley responded.

Nick can sense something weird.  He feels like he can read her thoughts and is going to try to mind talk with her.  After Ashley asked if she could speak to our parents, I did some tricky mind talking, “yea we will go get them after sound check okay.”  We were both surprised that we could understand each other through this mode of talking, when she said, “this is weird.”  I of course agreed with her, because it was truly weird to have someone else’s voice in your head.

            “Would you mind telling me your name though,” I asked through our heads.  I really had no clue who this girl was and why I could talk to her through our minds.  It didn’t only surprise me but it sort-of really creped me out too.  She started yelling at me, that I couldn’t tell anyone at all.

 “Whoa, you didn’t have to scream that,” Nick mind talked.  “So, who exactly are you?”

“You really have no idea do you,” Ashley said, she was now starting to think that this was a very bad idea, and she was getting uncomfortable.  “I am Ashley, I think I am your twin, but I wasn’t sure, but now I am sure of it.”  Of course, Nick went wacko and started yelling at me telling me that I wasn’t his twin and that he didn’t have a twin and so-forth.  I calmed him down and asked him to bring his parents out when the sound check was done.

Do I really have a twin this is weird, right?  I must be her twin though.  I don’t know, but I had an incredible pain in my stomach yesterday though.  Nick has to ask if she got the same thing, and the whole thing about my backside hurting every day.  I’ll have to ask her about that too.  We said our goodbyes and told everyone that we would see them at the concert tonight.

A little while later, Ashley was starting to feel off and she knew she needed something with sugar in it soon.  I decided to mind talk with Nick, “Nick, can you please bring me something sugary.”

“Oh god, you are diabetic too,” was the response I got.

“I feel like I am going to faint out here, can you just bring me something before your parents come with you.  Tell your brothers that you forgot something on stage and grab something and bring it out please.” 

“I’ll be right there.  Check your sugar.”

“What do you mean, by check your sugar?”

“I’ll be right out with my meter and supplies, okay?”

Nick came right away.  There he is.  He is on stage, looking like a caring brother.  He is running down to me.  “Here Ashley,” Nick said giving me a meter.

“Uh, Nick I don’t know how to do this?”

“What do you mean,” Nick asked confused.

“The man I was living with took my meter away and threw it away right after I got diagnosed,” Ashley started crying “he doesn’t care about me and wants me to die.”  Nick just sighed and proceeded to test my blood sugar.

            “54,” was all Nick said.

“Is that low?” Ashley said.

“Yea that is low.  Here eat this,” Nick said as he handed me a bag of chocolate.

“Nick you can go now, I am fine.”

“No, I am not leaving until your levels are perfect,” he argued. 

I must have looked at him confused because he said, “you have to test after you eat something to make sure your blood sugar is good.”  It was silent for a couple of minutes.  I could tell that Nick was thinking through something.

“So, yesterday, I got an incredible pain in my stomach it felt as if someone was cutting it in half and then I puked twice.  Do you know where that came from or did you get it too.”

“I know where that came from,” Ashley said and started tearing up.  “The man I live with, kicked me in the stomach yesterday multiple times, and I also puked twice.”

Nick who looked totally surprised said, “Oh gosh, you are really my twin.”

Joe came running on stage looking for Nick.  “Oh, there you are Nick, we” Joe trailed off when he saw Ashley.  “Uh hi, who are you?”

            Ashley who was still teary eyed from telling Nick about what the man she lived with did to her, sniffled, “I am Ashley, and I think I am your sister and Nick’s twin.” 

Joe, who looked, totally surprised and shocked, said “how the heck did this happen?”

“I don’t know.  I still feel like I am going to faint and now puke.”

“Joe, go run and grab a waste basket,” Nick said just as Ashley leaned forward and vomited.  By the time Joe found a waste basket and got back, Ashley had vomited again.  “Joe goes get Mom and Dad; I don’t know what to do.”

While Joe was running off the stage, Kevin was running on the stage by the other side entrance looking for Joe and Nick.  “What happened and she is the girl that was at the sound check, isn’t she?” Kevin asked confused “except she wasn’t covered in vomit.”

“Yes, she is,” Nick said, “she is my twin sister,” Nick responded as Ashley puked yet again.

Ashley is sick.  Joe is going to find his parents because Ashley is throwing up and Joe is really freaking out and doesn’t know what to do.  He spotted his parents down the hallway, and yelled “Mom Dad, follow me, hurry.”  He could tell that his parents were confused but followed him anyways.  We get out to the stage, and we see Kevin rubbing Ashley’s back, Ashley being sick and Nick testing Ashley’s blood sugar.

Joe just came and got Paul and Denise.  We followed him out onto the stage where we saw a girl about Nick’s age hunched over a garbage can vomiting while Nick was testing her blood sugar and Kevin was rubbing her back.  Denise knew who it was right away and started crying, “It’s her.”

“Oh god, it is her,” Paul said as he started tearing up.

Joe was looking at them confused while thinking what the heck is going on.  “Do you know her,” Joe asked with caution. 

“I just can’t believe she is here,” Denise was still in shock.  She really couldn’t believe that she was there.  They thought that she didn’t make it in the hospital fire the day that Ashley Marie and Nicholas Jerry were born. 

“So how do you know her,” Joe asked very carefully.  He didn’t want to upset his Dad, but he looked as stunned as he had looked when Nick told him that she was his twin.

“There was a fire in the hospital that Ashley and Nick were born at about two hours after they were born.  Two nurses came in and took Ashley and Nick when the fire started, so I could help your mom get out safely,” Paul said.  “Well, they brought back Nick, but little Ashley didn’t make it back to us,” Paul was starting to tear up now thinking about that day again.  “We never told you or Kevin because we didn’t want you to freak out on us.”

“I sort-of remember Mom coming home sad but also happy, but I didn’t think too much about it.  I was just happy to be a big brother.”

Denise didn’t hear the rest of their conversation because she ran over to a very pale looking Ashley leaving a very stunned Paul and Joe behind.  “Ashley?” Denise said as she ran over to her.  She was just so shocked to actually see Ashley.

“Huh,” Ashley said sickly.  She didn’t care about anything right now.  All she could think about right now was her stomach and her headache and that she was just so cold.  She was shivering and felt like puking for the third time in the past twenty minutes.

I could just tell that she had a fever just by looking at her.  I’m turning into a worried mother, and I haven’t even known her for her whole life.  Denise yelled things she needed for her boys to go get, “Kevin, grab a thermometer.  Joe, grab a cold washcloth.  Nick, grab a bucket.”  Everyone left as Ashley soiled the trash can again.

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