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Lost and Found – Chapter 10

            Ashley and Alyson just got home from Willow Hearts, the Rehab Center, that the Jonas family had picked out for Ashley.  The family decided to adopt Aly, one of their longtime residents.  Ashley was at Willow Hears for about a month before the Jonas’ realized that Aly had no family left.  Both of her parents, her only family, had died in a car crash.  Aly was in the car crash with her parents, but left the car crash with severe brain damage, which left her non-verbal, and dependent on someone all the time.

            Aly happened to get super sick on the car ride home.  She had basically non-stop threw up the entire way home in car.  She was so sick.  This morning when Denise took Aly to the bathroom to change her diaper, she had diarrhea.

            “Oh, come on Aly, let’s go get cleaned up,” Kevin said when they got upstairs and were walking down the hall towards the bathroom that the girls were going to share.

            They were just about to go around the corner to the bathroom, when Aly let out a little cough, before throwing up all over the carpet.

            “Oh honey,” Dani said as she rubbed the teenagers back as she gagged and sputtered.

            “I’m coming Aly, Ma’s coming,” Denise said, as she rushed up the stairs and into the hallway that Kevin and Dani were standing in with Aly who was puking all over the hallway.

            “Oh Aly,” Kevin said as he rubbed his sisters back, as she continued to throw up all over the carpet.

            “Come on honey, let’s get you in the shower,” Denise said when Aly was done throwing up and was just standing their sobbing.

            While Denise, Kevin and Dani got Aly in the shower and all cleaned up, Nick was helping his Dad get Ashley out of the car and into the house.  They were both struggling with the tie-downs that were used to tie down Ashley’s wheelchair, so it didn’t move around in the car.  Denise had been the expert on the tie-downs, but Paul and Nick couldn’t figure out how to get them undone.

            “I got one, I don’t know how I did it, but I got one,” Nick said as he tried to figure out how he got the front tie down off.  He had just pulled on the tie-down, and it had come.  He tried the back tie-down and it didn’t want to work either.

            “Dad, are you having any success?” Nick asked.

            “No unfortunately not,” Paul said.  Paul got most of the vomit cleaned up from the floor, so they wouldn’t have to push Ashley through the vomit.

            “Okay, well let’s keep on trying then,” Nick said as he continued to attempt to get his twin out of the car.

            “See room,” Ashley pushed on her iPad while her twin and father were trying to get her undone from the car.

            “Yea Ash, we will go see your room as soon as we can get you out of the car, we promise,” Nick said.  Nick knew that Ashley wanted to see her room.  She had been talking with him about it for the past week.

            “Okay, I think I figured out how to get her out, let’s see if this one works,” Paul said, as he got the second tie down undone from her chair.

            “How did you get it to work?” Nick asked confused.  He couldn’t figure out how they worked.

            “There is a red button on the tie down, you press and hold that while you undo the tie down from her chair,” Paul said.

            “Oh, I see it, I got it,” Nick said, as he got the tiedown untied.

            “Okay, Ash, let’s get you out of the car, how does that sound,” Paul said as Ashley blinked once and smiled up at her father.

            “Ashley let’s get you out of the car, and then we will go see your room,” Nick said as he pushed her down the ramp and into the house, and over to the elevator.

            Once Nick and Ashley were upstairs, Nick showed her, her room.  Ashley was so excited to see her room.  Ashley was in awe of her room.  It was the biggest bedroom she had ever seen.  “This is a big room.  This room is much bigger than my old room at old house with the scary man.  My old room was a very tiny closet,” Ashley mind talked with her twin.  The room that she had before she came to live with the Jonas family was basically a walk-in closet.

            Nick was surprised that his twin actually remembered something about her old life, this was the first time that she had said anything to him about her old life.  “Honey, how much do you remember about your old life,” Nick mind talked with her again.

            “I remember it all, that man that I lived with was really mean and didn’t seem to care about me at all, he would,” Ashley mind talked with Nick, until she could no longer go on and burst out sobbing.

            “Oh honey,” Nick said out loud he came over and hugged his twin sister.  Poor Ashley was scared and still didn’t get why this mean man would take her and then be so mean.

            “It was so scary,” Ashley mind talked while sobbing into his chest.

            “Shhh, it’s okay Ash,” Nick said as he tried to sooth her.

            Joe was walking right past Ashley’s new bedroom when he heard crying.  Joe stopped and looked in Ashley’s room to find Ashley sobbing into Nick. 

            “What’s going on in here, is everything okay?” Joe asked, as he walked into Ashley’s bedroom.

            “Hey,” Nick said as he looked up at Joe.

            “Tell Joe,” Ashley mind talked with her brother.

            “You sure Ash?” Nick asked out loud as she sniffled and blinked once to indicate yes.

            “Ash just told me that she remembers everything that happened to her in her old life,” Nick said.

            “When I saw my room, it just brought up all of these memories,” Ashley typed into her iPad.  “I lived in a very tiny closet, so seeing my new big, huge room, just brought up memories.”

            “Oh Ash, I am so sorry that you lived in a very tiny closet, and that he was so mean and that your old life was so rotten,” Nick said out loud to her.

            “It’s okay,” Ashley pressed on her iPad, as she sniffled, she still had tears running down her face.

            “Hey, it’s okay to still be scared Ashley,” Joe said as he got down on his knees by her chair.

            “It was so scary and awful, I don’t want him to come finds me, that is what I am most scared about,” Ashley pressed on her iPad, as she continued sobbing.

            “Honey, it is going to be okay, we will be sure that he doesn’t come find you,” Nick said as he wiped away his sister’s tears with the back of his thumbs.

            “Thanks guys, I think I want to tell everyone about everything soon.  For now, can we not tell anyone though,” Ashley said.

            “What aren’t you going to tell anyone Ash,” Kevin said, he wanted to be sure that his little sister wasn’t doing anything wrong.  Before she got her iPad for the first time, the family had installed some parental controls on her iPad.  The family still wasn’t sure what her cognitive abilities were, so they just wanted to be safe and not let her see or do anything that was inappropriate or could get her in trouble.

            “First of all, where did you come from?” Ashley said on her iPad quite surprised to see her older brother now in the room with her, Joe, and Nick.

            “I came from the bathroom, Aly kicked me out,” Kevin said as Joe, Nick, and Ashley all started cracking up.

            “Why did she kick you out?” Joe asked, still laughing.

            “I think she wanted some privacy, she did puke again, and she now has diarrhea,” Kevin said.

            “Oh, poor thing,” Joe said.

            “So, Ash, what don’t you want anyone to know?” Kevin said, still concerned that his little sister was doing something inappropriate or worse illegal and would go to jail.

            “You can tell him Nick,” Ashley mind talked.

            “Ashley told me that she remembers everything from her old life, and that the room brought back memories, because she lived in a very tiny closet and now, she has a huge room and everything, but she doesn’t want anyone to know right now, she said that eventually she wanted to tell everyone, but she’s not sure when, right Ash,” Nick said out loud as Ashley blinked once.

            “You did much better this time, bravo,” Ashley said on her iPad as an applauding noise came out of her iPad.

            “You’re so funny Ash,” Joe said as he came up and tickled her side a little bit.  Ashley started laughing, it was much better than a couple of minutes ago, when she was sobbing into Nick.

            “Wait, where is the bathroom?  Now that I have seen my room, can I please see the rest of the house?” Ashley said on her iPad.

            While the brothers were taking Ashley on a tour of the house, Denise and Danielle were giving Alyson a shower and getting her cleaned up and into pajamas, so she could be warm and comfy for the rest of the day.

            “Aly, are you done yet?” Dani asked.  Aly was sitting on the toilet sobbing; she just didn’t feel good at all.

            “Oh honey, come on let’s get you in the shower and once we are done, we will get you in comfy clothes, how does that sound?” Denise said, as she helped Aly stand up and walk over to the shower chair that her and her sister would share for showers.  They had ordered two cushions and back rests though.  Just so they could switch them out for each girl.  Alyson’s seat cushion and back rest was red, where Ashley’s seat cushion and back rest were blue.

            While Denise and Dani were helping Alyson walk over to the shower chair, she started peeing.  “Oh honey, it’s okay,” Dani said as Aly started crying.  She just didn’t feel good.  Poor Alyson had cried the entire way home in the car, after she had started throwing up.

            “Let’s get you all cleaned up,” Denise said as she started getting her wet with the already warm water from the shower.  She first got her hair wet, to wash her hair.  A couple minutes later, Aly was turning pale green again.

            “Aly,” Dani said, as she reached out of the shower and grabbed a bucket that Denise had brought up with her.  Dani attempted to get it under the teenager’s mouth for her to puke this time.  Some of the vomit went in the bucket, but most of it ended up on the walls of the shower and in her hair once again.

            After Aly was done throwing up, she started sobbing right away.  She didn’t get why, she was so sick, and what was wrong with her.  All Aly knew was that she didn’t feel good, but she didn’t understand why she was so sick.

            “It’s okay Aly,” Dani said as she rubbed the teenagers back.

            “Ma,” Aly said through her sobs.

            “Oh Aly, it’s okay, let’s just finish your shower and then you can watch TV, how does that sound?” Denise said, as Aly just cried.

            Denise and Dani both helped Aly get downstairs after she was dressed in pajamas.  Dani had put Aly’s hair up in a bun on the top of head, just so they didn’t have to be washing her hair after every time she puked.  Right when they were about to get in the elevator to head downstairs, Aly started coughing and gagging again.

            “Here Aly,” Dani said as she held up a bucket that she was carrying with her just in case Aly got sick.  Of course, though Aly didn’t realize that the bucket was there and just puked all over the carpet again.

“I swear she is just like a toddler, unable to let you know when she is going to puke, and then when we do see it coming on, she never wants to use a bucket,” Denise said, as they turned back around and headed back to Aly’s bedroom to get her changed again.  This time on the way back to the bedroom, Aly started having diarrhea.

            “It’s okay Aly,” Dani said as she led her into her bedroom.

            “I think she is ready for a nap, and I think we can just do it on the bed, and she might actually fall asleep.  Can you please go grab me an under pad, wipes, and a pull up,” Denise said, as she led her to the bed, she first pulled down her pants, just so no puke would get on the bed.  When Denise pulled down Aly’s pants, she could see that her pull-up was still filling up with diarrhea.

            “This isn’t going to work honey, let’s go try the potty,” Denise said as she led Aly back into the bathroom, where she pulled down the diarrhea filled pull-up and helped her sit on the toilet.

            “Ah,” Aly said as she pointed at the wall, before turning pale green once again.

            “Alyson, here,” Denise said as she grabbed an empty bucket that was sitting on the counter and got it under her mouth, just in time for her to puke.  This time Aly did better at getting the vomit in the bucket, but she still didn’t do perfect.  This time she pointed her head towards the bucket for about the first two coughs or so, and then the rest was all over the floor again.

            “Oh Aly,” Dani said as she came into the bathroom with a new pull up and pants, since the pants that Aly had on were now covered in both diarrhea and vomit.

            “Shhh,” Denise said as she rubbed her daughters back, as she continued gagging, coughing, and puking.  Poor Aly was now just vomiting liquid.  There was nothing more left in her stomach, considering she had been basically puking non-stop for now over two hours.

            “Ma,” Alyson cried, as tears dripped down her face.

            “It’s okay honey, we can get you cleaned up, it’s okay Aly,” Denise said.

            “Ma,” Alyson repeated again as she pointed at the wall once again.  For whatever reason Aly had some fascination with walls.  No one could figure it out, but she was always pointing at a wall.  Even when she was this sick, she was still pointing at the walls.

            “Dani, can you go get us a washcloth, please,” Denise asked her daughter-in-law.

            “Sure, do you want it warm?” Dani asked, as Denise was already turning on the water to get it warmed up.

            “Yea,” Denise said, as Dani came back in with a washcloth and put it in the warm water.

Once Denise and Dani had Aly all cleaned up, they both helped Aly stand up from the toilet.  Both Denise and Dani wiped off her bottom with some wipes before pulling up the pull-up and her pants.

            “Come on Aly, let’s head downstairs now,” Denise said.  It was better to get her downstairs in between vomiting episodes, just so they wouldn’t have to go get her cleaned up again and start all over.

            Once Denise and Dani got Aly downstairs, they helped her lay down on the couch.  Dani had put a sheet, towels, and a blanket on the couch, for Aly to lay on, just so that way if she did get sick, it wouldn’t get all over the couch.  Denise then covered her up with a blanket and then towels on top of the blanket, for less clean up obviously.

            “I think she is about to fall asleep,” Dani said, as she looked down at Aly, whose eyes were almost closed.

            “Yea, well she needs sleep, which is for sure,” Denise said, as she felt the teenager’s forehead.

            “If you are okay, I am going to go see what Kevin is up too,” Dani said.

            “Yes, I am okay, thank you so much for helping with her,” Denise said as she looked down at Alyson, who was now sleeping.

            “You’re welcome,” Dani said as she left the room in search of her husband.

            Denise decided that she was going to go clean up the girl’s bathroom.  They didn’t need this nasty bug spreading, that was for sure.  She made sure that Aly was still sleeping, before heading back upstairs to clean up.

            Meanwhile, Nick had just finished giving Ashley the grand tour of the house, when they bumped into Denise who was carrying a load of puke covered towels downstairs.

            “Hi Mommy,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Hi honey,” Denise said.  “What have you guys been up too?”

            “We just went on a house tour,” Nick said.

            “What did you think of the house Ash?” Denise asked.

            “Nice, bigger than the old house I used to live in with the mean old man,” Ashley typed out on her iPad.

            “You remember your old life,” Denise asked, surprised, as Ashley blinked once to indicate yes.

            “Hey, after I get these in the wash, I was going to make lunch, are you guys hungry?” Denise asked to which Ashley blinked once.

            “Yea, I could go for a sandwich,” Nick said.

            “Honey, do you want a sandwich,” Denise asked, as Ashley blinked twice, to indicate no.

            “Okay, you tell me what you want when I get out of here then honey,” Denise said as she disappeared into the laundry room.

            “Cranberries, yogurt, applesauce, cottage cheese,” Ashley pressed on her iPad when Denise reappeared a couple minutes later.  Those were her four favorite foods; they were foods that she was able to eat without being pureed.  Ashley found the texture of some foods a little strange, but she was okay with most foods.

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