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Lost and Found – Chapter 11

            Alyson was super sick and had been pretty much non-stop throwing up since the family got home a couple of hours ago.

“Can we go see how Aly is doing?” Ashley mind talked with her twin after lunch was done.

            “Sure, do you know where she is?” Nick mind talked back, as Ashley blinked twice.

            “I saw Mom and Dani bring her downstairs before lunch, but I don’t know where they went with her,” Ashley said.

            “Well, I bet she is in the living room then,” Nick said.  That was typically where his mom would put sick puking kids.  Nick had been sick on that couch multiple times.

            When they got into the living room, Aly had just woken up, she was looking around for someone, right before she puked all over herself, the couch, and the floor next to the couch.

            “Uh we need some help in here,” Nick said as he rushed to get a bucket under his little sister’s mouth.

            “Coming,” Paul said, he had heard Aly wake up and start to cough, so he was rushing into the living room at the same time that Nick and Ashley got into the living room.

            “Oh Aly, it’s okay,” Paul said as he came in and took over.

            “Sorry Nick, sorry Ashley, you guys can leave if you want.  I have her,” Paul said.

            “It’s okay, we have all puked before, do you need anything?” Nick asked his father.

            “Yea, can you go grab some towels and another bucket,” Paul said as Nick ran off and grabbed four huge beach towels and a clean bucket.

            “Thanks,” Paul said when Nick brought in the bucket and four huge beach towels.

            “You’re welcome, anything else?” Nick asked.

            “No, I think we are okay for now,” Paul said as he held Aly’s head, so it was pointed in the bucket as she continued vomiting.

            “I heard her start to get sick, as I was coming upstairs,” Denise said, as she came into the living room to find Paul helping Aly throw up into the bucket that he was holding.  Denise was downstairs doing laundry.  She was in the process of putting dirty puke covered towels in the washing machine when she heard Alyson start to puke.

            “Ma,” Aly said as she looked up and pointed at Denise, right before she started crying.

            “Hey Alyson, it’s okay, Ma’s right here,” Denise said, as she sat down by Aly and rubbed her back.

            “Well, we obviously didn’t cover the couch too well did we Aly,” Denise said as she rubbed her daughter’s back, as she started coughing again, right before puking all over Paul and the floor.

            “Oh honey, it’s okay,” Paul said as he tried to direct her head into the bucket.  Aly was not having that though, she kept on puking all over the floor.  Paul had moved out of the way and was now beside her, instead of right in front of her.

            “It’s okay Aly,” Denise said as she continued rubbing her daughters back.  Alyson was done throwing up a couple minutes later.

            “Come on honey, let’s go get cleaned up again,” Denise said as she and Paul both helped Aly stand up and walk towards the elevator, that they took upstairs.

            Meanwhile, Kevin, Joe, Dani, Nick, Ashley, and Frankie were all hanging out in the kitchen together.

            “Dani, can we make cookies?” Ashley asked on her iPad.  Dani had made some of her famous chocolate chip cookies for Ashley when she was at Willow Hearts, and well Ashley loved the cookies.

            “If we have all of the ingredients, we sure can,” Dani said, as she looked around the kitchen for all of the ingredients.  “It doesn’t look like we have chocolate chips, how about we make sugar cookies instead, does that work?”

            “Maybe we can give some to Aly and she will feel better,” the ten-year-old boy said.

            “Yea, maybe, but I don’t think Aly wants to eat right now, I bet her tummy isn’t feeling too well, but I bet she will have one when she is feeling better,” Joe said.

            “Yea, I guess so,” Frankie said, as he looked down.

            “Hey, she isn’t going to be sick forever, it is only for a couple of days,” Kevin said.

            “But she just got home, and she is my new sister, and I just wanted to hang out with her, and now I can’t,” Frankie said, as a tear dripped down his cheek.

            “Frankie, I bet she will be feeling better before you know it, okay,” Nick said, as he came over and gave his little brother a side hug.

            “Okay, I guess you are right,” Frankie sniffled, the ten-year-old boy now had tears dripping down his face.

            Denise came downstairs right then carrying another load of dirty towels.  “I swear all she does is puke, and she doesn’t even puke in the bucket half of the time, it is all over the place,” Denise said as she was passing through the kitchen.

            “Here Mom, I will help you with those,” Joe said as he followed his Mom into the laundry room to help do laundry and clean the puke filled laundry.

            “Here Mom, why don’t you go take care of Aly,” Joe said, as he took over doing the laundry.

            While the sugar cookies were in the oven cooking, Dani went into the living room to see if she could help Denise clean up from Alyson.

            “Hey, can I help with anything in here?” Dani asked, when she got into the living room.

            “Yea, if you want to start cleaning the wall that would be nice, I apparently tried to cover everything else, except for the carpet and the wall, I even covered the end of the couch, but forgot the wall,” Denise said.

            “Gosh, that is a far way for puke to go,” Dani said.

            “Yea, I never even thought that it would go that far,” Denise said, as she went about putting stain stuff on the carpet and then vacuuming it.

            “Where is she?” Dani asked.

            “Oh, Paul has her upstairs, he is giving her a shower.  This is what we used to do when the boys were sick, one of us would be on clean up child duty, while the other one would be on clean up mess duty.  We usually gave the kids the option of who they wanted to clean them up.  This time Aly chose Paul, which I was surprised about, the boys almost always picked me for cleaning them up,” Denise said sadly.

            “Well, I am sure Aly was just confused about who to pick, and she probably picked him, because she probably saw him first, I am sure she didn’t mean too,” Dani said, as she continued cleaning up the wall.

            “Yea, I am sure that she didn’t mean it, it’s just that I have had some of my most memorable moments with my children when they are sick, that was when they were the sweetest to me,” Denise said.

            “Well, I am sure that Aly will want you at times during this sickness, she probably won’t be better anytime soon,” Dani said.

            “Yea, the fact that she is still puking every couple of minutes, and that it went all over the living room and even hit the wall, probably means that she will probably be this sick for a couple more days at least.  I just hope that it doesn’t spread and that no one else gets this,” Denise said, as she continued cleaning the carpet.

            “I’m sure no one else will get it, with your cleaning abilities,” Dani joked.

            “Yea, I hope so too,” Denise said, “where is Ashley?”

            “She wanted to wait by the cookies in the kitchen, I swear she is like cookie monster, she loves cookies.”

            “Yes, she does,” Denise said.

            “Yea, when I brought those chocolate chip cookies into Willow Hearts, she ate almost the entire batch of them that I made,” Dani said.

            “Yea, I felt bad though, that night after everyone had left, she was complaining about her stomach hurting, but she didn’t throw up or anything,” Denise said.

            “Well, that is good,” Dani said.

            “Yea, I also think that the issue was that she was also getting her period, because it came that night,” Denise said as she continued cleaning up the reminder of Alyson’s puke.

            “Cookies done,” Dani and Denise heard come from the kitchen right before the timer went off to indicate the cookies were done.

            “Okay Ashley, we are coming,” Dani said as she and Denise came into the kitchen to find Ashley sitting by the oven waiting for the cookies to be done.  Ashley had been given the option of hanging out with her brothers somewhere, or to stay here and wait for the cookies.  Ashley obviously chose to wait here for the cookies to be done.

            “You are right Ash, the cookies are done,” Dani said as Denise took the breaks off of the push chair and pushed her out of the way, so Dani could open the door and get the sugar cookies out of the oven.

            “Cookie,” Ashley said on her iPad.

            “Yea, they have too cool first, but you can have the first one, okay honey,” Dani said, as Ashley rolled her eyes.  She was not a very patient person.

            “Don’t worry Ash, they will be ready soon,” Dani said.  Ashley just let out a big sigh.

            It was later on that night, after cleaning up poor Alyson at least thirty more times, she was finally in bed and asleep for the moment.  Both Paul and Denise were getting Ashley down for the night and into bed.  Ashley had pooped in her diaper downstairs a couple minutes ago and she was in major need of being cleaned up.  Paul kept a hold of Ashley’s hands, while Denise took down her pants, and then removed the diarrhea filled diaper.

            “Oh honey,” Denise said as she felt Ashley’s forehead.  “She is sick, this was exactly how Alyson started out too.”

            “What do you mean this was exactly how Alyson started out?  She threw up in the car.  The diarrhea started after, didn’t it?” Paul said confused.

            “No, at Willow Hearts, when I took her to the bathroom, she had diarrhea, which is the only reason I said that, and then about forty-five minutes or so later, she started throwing up,” Denise said.  “I am going to get Dani to put her hair up.  The last thing we need is her puking in her hair and us having to get her up for a whole shower tonight, plus I have a feeling that Aly is going to be puking all night too.”  Aly was puking about every five minutes right now.  It had slowed down some, but it still was quite often that she was puking.

            “She just fell asleep so hopefully she sleeps for a while,” Paul said as Denise finished getting Ashley cleaned up.

            “Yea let’s hope so,” Denise said.  “I am going to go get Dani, and I will be back.”

            “Dani,” Denise said as she knocked on Kevin and Dani’s bedroom door when she was walking downstairs to get more towels and another bucket.

            “Yea, what do you need?” Dani said through the door, she was just getting into her pajamas.

            “Can you put Ashley’s hair up when you get a chance?” Denise said through the door.

            “Yea, we will be right in,” Dani said as she finished putting on her pajamas.

            “Wait, did she say Ashley’s hair, or did she say Alyson’s hair?” Dani turned to her husband who was laying on the bed.

            “I don’t know what she said exactly,” Kevin said as he lounged on the bed.

            When Dani got to Alyson’s room, she found her sleeping and her hair was still in the bun on the top of her head, like she had done a couple of hours ago, after her shower.  She was confused, so she walked through the rooms into Ashley’s room to find Paul standing by Ashley’s bed.

            “Hi Dani,” Paul said as he waved.

            “Hey, Denise said something about getting Alyson’s hair up again, but she is sleeping, and her hair is still up,” Dani said.

            “Well, I don’t know what she was saying about Alyson, but I know that Ashley has caught the bug.  We just got her cleaned up from the runs, so if you could put her hair up that would be great,” Paul said.

            “Yes, of course I can,” Dani said as she stepped over to where Paul was standing, talking with Ashley.

            “Are you feeling okay Ash?” Paul said, as Dani was brushing Ashley’s hair to put it up in a bun.  Ashley was starting to go pale.  Ashley barely had time to blink twice, before starting to retch and then vomit all over herself and the bed.

            “Ashley,” Dani said as she stepped back as to not get any of the vomit on her.

            “Dani, can you stay here with her, while I go get a bucket,” Paul said.  Paul stepped into Alyson’s room to grab her bucket.  There was no way that Aly would use her bucket anyways, and it was the quickest bucket he could find. 

            “Sure,” Dani said as she rubbed Ashley’s back.  Poor Ashley was now starting to show signs of this bug that both Alyson and Frankie had caught.

            “Here Ash,” Paul said, as he brought the bucket into Ashley’s bedroom again and sat it next to the bed.

            “We should probably get her in the shower too,” Dani said, as she and Paul took the covers off of her bed very carefully as to not get any of the throw up on the floor or anywhere else.

            It was right then that Ashley started gagging again.  Paul grabbed the bucket that he had sitting on her bedside table and held it up to her mouth for her to vomit, a second time.

            “Oh Ash,” Paul said after she was done throwing up.  “Well, we now know that whatever Alyson has, it has passed to Ashley too.”

            “Well let’s hope that it doesn’t pass to anyone else then,” Paul said.

            “Let’s hope so too,” Dani agreed with her father-in-law.

            “Come on Ashley let’s get you in the shower before you start throwing up again or having more diarrhea,” Paul said, as he took off Ashley’s diaper, before scooping her up into his arms and lifting her into the shower chair, that Paul went and got when he retrieved the bucket from Alyson’s room. 

            “Ashley, what is the matter honey,” Paul said as he was trying to a screaming Ashley get her strapped into the shower chair.  Ashley typically didn’t scream, so it was a little concerning that she would start to scream.

            “Hey shhh,” Dani said, as she rubbed Ashley’s back.

            “Hey, I am back, sorry it took a while, Joe wanted to talk to me,” Denise said, out of breath from running around.

            “Well, she has started the puking phase; she has thrown up twice so far.  We were just about to take her into the shower,” Paul said.

            “Oh honey, I thought that she wouldn’t start throwing up until later on,” Denise said, as she looked at Ashley who was just sobbing.  “Paul, can you please change her sheets, while I go get her cleaned up,” Denise said, as Ashley started coughing, before throwing up all over herself, the carpet, and Denise.

            “It’s okay honey, let’s get you in the shower,” Denise said to Ashely who was just sobbing.

“You look like you need help, let me help,” Dani said.

“Thanks, can you stay with her, while I go change quickly,” Denise said to Dani, as she was already pushing Ashley to the bathroom.

            “Sure,” Dani said, as she followed Denise and a very sick Ashley into the bathroom.

“Oh honey, it’s okay,” Denise said, as soon as she got her to the bathroom.

            “I hear Aly getting sick too,” Dani said, as they were pushing Ashley into the bathroom.

            “Why don’t you go get her, we will get them cleaned up   together,” Denise said, as she got Ashley into the bathroom as she started having diarrhea again, this time all over the bathroom floor.

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