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Lost and Found – Chapter 12

Ashley and Alyson had gotten home from Willow Hearts just this morning.  Right before they left Willow Hearts, Aly started having diarrhea.  Then about twenty minutes later, once they were in the car and on the way home, Alyson started throwing up everywhere.  She basically threw up about every two to three minutes the entire way home.  Aly threw up pretty much every two to three minutes until about 8:30 that night or so.

            Around 8:45 that night, Ashley had pooped, so both Paul and Denise went upstairs with her, because she liked to touch things she wasn’t supposed too, so two people had to be there for every diaper change.  Anyways, when they took down the diaper, they realized that she had diarrhea and not just solid regular poop.  They knew that she had caught the bug, because this was the same exact way that Alyson’s had started about 8 hours earlier.

            “Mom, I don’t feel so good,” Frankie said as he wandered into the girl’s rooms, right before midnight.  Neither Paul or Denise had gotten much sleep, considering that they were both cleaning up either one of the girls or both.

            “Frankie does your stomach hurt?” Denise asked as she went over and felt the 10-year old’s forehead to check for a fever.

            “Yes,” Frankie complained as he grabbed onto his stomach.

            “You are running a fever, so let’s take your temperature, okay honey,” Denise said, as she reached over and grabbed the thermometer that they had been using on the girls.

            “Oh no,” Frankie moaned as he grabbed onto his stomach while getting up to run into the girl’s bathroom.  Denise was after him with a bucket and a washcloth.  Frankie barely made it to the toilet and pulled down his pants before he started having diarrhea.

            “Well Frankie is now sick too,” Denise said as she came out of the bathroom after making sure that he was okay and had a bucket within arm’s reach in case he was to be sick.

            “How do you know that?” Paul asked.  He had just gotten back from changing his shirt for the third time since 8:45 or so.  Between both girls puking and not being able to tell them when they were going to be sick, it was bound to happen.  Aly had puked all over him the first two times, and Ashley had puked this last time all over him.

            “He just came in here complaining about his stomach hurting and then ran to the bathroom, he hasn’t thrown up yet, but he’s not too far away, he already has a fever,” Denise said.  “The girls didn’t start a fever until after they had puked for the first time.”

            “Are you sure he didn’t,” Paul was saying.

            “Mommy, I don’t feel good,” Frankie yelled from the girl’s bathroom, before starting to throw up.

            “Coming honey,” Denise said as she went into the bathroom to find Frankie throwing up in the bucket that Denise had put by him in case he had to puke.

            “Oh Frankie,” Denise said as she rushed over to her son and rubbed his back, while he gagged and sputtered into the bucket.

            “Ugh, why do I have to be sick,” Frankie said after he was done throwing up for the moment.  His stomach still hurt, and he still felt nauseous, but he wasn’t puking at the moment.

            “Can I take this to clean out, are you done or not yet?” Denise said.

            “Yea, I am done,” Frankie said, as he wiped his mouth with this wrist.

            “I am going to go get more buckets for you and your sisters, but call if you need anything, okay,” Denise said as she left the bathroom.

            “Well, I guess I am now sick,” Frankie sighed once his mom left the bathroom.  Frankie had just pulled up his pants, flushed the toilet and was washing his hands, when he again felt his stomach start doing flips.  He raced to the toilet and barely got his head over the toilet before he started vomiting.

            Paul had heard his youngest start to throw up and raced into the bathroom to find his son, standing over the toilet puking.  “Oh Buddy,” Paul said as he rushed over to him and rubbed his back as he continued throwing up in the toilet.

            “It came on so fast Dad,” Frankie cried after he was done throwing up.  “My stomach woke me up and it was feeling a little off, so I came in here.  By the time I got in here, I really had to go to the bathroom.   Then I started puking.  I am so cold Daddy,” Frankie said as he shivered.

            “Come on let’s get you warmed up,” Paul said as he helped Frankie stand up and then led him out of the bathroom and into Ashley’s bedroom.

            “I am going to go check on Aly, you, okay?” Paul asked his son, who didn’t exactly look the best.

            “Yea, I am fine,” Frankie said, as he shivered.

            “Here use this if you need to be sick, okay,” Paul said as he grabbed an empty plastic garbage can and sat it beside him.

            “Thanks Dad,” Frankie said as he once again shivered.

            “I will be back,” Paul said as he heard coughing and gagging coming from Alyson’s room.
            “Aly, what’s going on?” Paul said as he went into her room to find her coughing, gagging, and vomiting all while crying.  The family had found out earlier this afternoon that Aly did not like throwing up at all, it scared her and would make her upset.

            “Shhh, baby, shhh,” Paul said as he reached for a bucket and tried to hold it under her mouth, while soothing her.  As Paul got the bucket under her mouth, Aly threw up again, but it went past the bucket.

            “It’s okay Aly, just get it all up,” Paul said as he tried to sooth her.  Poor Alyson had thrown up so much today.  She was so sick, she was puking, had a fever and diarrhea.

            “Okay honey, what do you say we go into Ashley’s room, how does that sound,” Paul said as he helped her stand up from the side of her bed and led her into her big sisters’ room, where he helped her sit down on a chair.

            “Frankie, can you watch her, while I go strip her bed for the millionth time today?” Paul asked, as Ashely started gagging.

            “Oh Ash,” Paul said as he got over to her, and grabbed a bucket to hold under her mouth.  Unlike Alyson, Ashley actually knew what to do with a bucket and threw up into it.

            “I’m back, oh my what happened in here,” Denise said as she went through Alyson’s room to get to Ashley’s room.

            “Yea, Aly threw up all over the place again, I was just going in there to strip the bed and then this one started puking,” Paul said as Ashley threw up again.

            “Oh honey,” Denise said, as she looked over at her husband helping Ashley who just continued throwing up.  It just kept on coming up.

            “Once she is done, I want to test her again just to see where she is at,” Denise said.

            “Okay,” Paul said, as he continued rubbing Ashley’s back as she continued to throw up.

            Soon enough Ashely was done throwing up.  “Honey, we have to test you, we want to make sure that your blood sugar isn’t too high or too low,” Denise said as she came over with her testing equipment.  This was the one and only thing that Ashley absolutely hated, she hated being poked and prodded.  Ashely squeezed her hands shut and moved them, so her mom wouldn’t be able to grab them to test her.

            “Honey, Mommy will be quick okay,” Paul said, he was still standing by her with a puke covered shirt on from Alyson.  Paul would go topless, but then he would probably have to jump in the shower every time one of the girls threw up on him, so this was easier.

            “Ahhh,” Ashely screamed at both of her parents with tears running down her fever flushed cheeks.

            “Ash, we have to do this, it will be quick, we promise,” Denise said, as she once again tried to grab a hold of Ashely’s hand.  This time she got her hand, quickly pricked it, and kneaded the blood out of her finger.

            “What is it?” Paul asked, he couldn’t see what her levels were at.  Denise was holding the meter, so he couldn’t see it.

            “She’s a little low, she’s not out of target yet, but she is lower than what her normal blood sugar is.  I am afraid if we try to give her something, it’s just going to come out again,” Denise said.

            “Yea, you are probably right,” Paul said.  “Is there anything we can give her right now?”

            “Uh, maybe we can try to give her a very small amount of ginger ale, which has sugar in it, but will also make her stomach feel better,” Denise said.

            “Okay, I will go and get a can, maybe we can try it with Aly and Frank too,” Paul said.

            “Yea, good idea,” Denise said as Paul left the room to go get a can of ginger ale for the three sick kids.

            “Mom,” Joe said as he came into the girl’s room about five minutes later.

            “Yes Joseph,” Denise said.

            “I just puked,” Joe said, as he shivered.

            “Okay, sit down, I am going to go get some air mattresses as soon as your Dad gets back, we can set up in here, I don’t want this spreading anymore then it has too,” Denise said.  “Frankie is also sick, he’s in the bathroom.”

            “Mommy,” Frankie called out from the bathroom.

            “Coming honey,” Denise said, as she hurried into the bathroom to find her 9-year-old son, puking in the garbage can by the toilet, while sitting on the toilet.

            “Oh Frankie,” Denise said, as she felt his forehead once he was done throwing up for the moment.

            “Mommy, my stomach hurts so much,” Frankie complained as he grabbed it and started having explosive diarrhea in the toilet.

            “Uh mom, I need some help out here,” Joe yelled. 

            “Frankie are you okay for now?” Denise asked the young boy as he nodded his head, as he continued having explosive diarrhea.

            “Mom, they are both puking,” Joe yelled, as he started getting nauseous and not feeling good again either.  Maybe it was seeing his sisters puke or maybe it was just time for him to puke again, or maybe it was some of both.  Joe quickly leaned over and grabbed a bucket that was sitting on the ground and got his head over its milliseconds before he started puking.

            “Oh gosh,” Denise said when she came out of the bathroom, to find Joe, Ashley, and Alyson all puking.  Ashley and Alyson were throwing up all over the place.  Ashely was vomiting all over her bed for about the tenth time tonight, and Alyson was puking all over the floor.  Paul had sat Alyson in a chair that was in Ashley’s room, so besides, her puke getting all over the floor, it was also getting all over the chair too.

            “Gosh, what’s happening in here,” Paul said as he came in the room a couple minutes later with a couple of cans of ginger ale along with a couple of glasses and about 12 straws.

            “Joe came in and said he had just puked, and then I was in the bathroom with Frankie, and then I came out here and all 3 of them were puking,” Denise said.

            “Well Nick is sick too, I walked past his room, and heard him puking, so I went in and helped him.  He didn’t want to come in here, so he is down in his room,” Paul said.

            “Well, that is crazy, I will go talk to him, can you keep an eye on them please,” Denise said as she left the room to go talk Nick into coming down to the sick room.

            “Nicholas,” Denise said as she walked into her son’s bedroom only to hear noises of retching coming from the bathroom, followed by the toilet being flushed. 

            “Ugh,” Nick groaned out as he slumped against the wall of the bathroom and closed his eyes for a brief second.

            “Nick why are you in here, Dad said that you didn’t want to come into the girl’s rooms,” Denise said as she got down on the floor by her flushed looking son.

            “I am sorry Mom, I didn’t want to have anyone worry about me, you guys have enough to worry about with Aly who can’t seem to puke in a bucket and Ashley who is sicker than me at the moment,” Nick said, as he put his head over the toilet again, right before starting to throw up again.

            “Oh Nicholas,” Denise said as she rubbed his back, while he vomited in the toilet.

            “Mom, you don’t need one more child to worry about, you already have Ash and Aly to worry about, that is why I didn’t come in,” Nick said after he had stopped throwing up and the nausea had subsided for the moment.

            “Nick, which is a crazy thought, please come into the girl’s room, plus Frankie and Joe are in there also sick,” Denise said.  “You are not the first one to get sick, besides the girls.”

            “Well Joe and Frankie, they are Mama Boys, and can’t handle puking without you,” Nick said, stubbornly.

            “Nicholas, your brothers and sisters are just as sick as you are, can you please come into the bedroom with them, just so your father and I can keep an eye on you,” Denise said.  She was exhausted, she had been up all night with puking kids.

            “Uh Mom,” Nick said, as he again went pale green.  Nick barely had time to get his head over the toilet, before throwing up.  As soon as he started puking, he started having diarrhea in his pants.

            “Oh Nick, it’s okay honey,” Denise said, as she soothed her son, while he puked and had the runs.  Denise rubbed Nick’s back, as her son continued puking.  It seemed like every time he would heave; he would have more diarrhea.

            “Mom, I am sorry,” Nick said after he was done throwing up.

            “It’s okay Nick, it has been happening to your sisters all night long, don’t worry about it, we will get it cleaned up,” Denise said.

            “Thanks, I am so tired, you think you have an extra bed over in the girl’s room,” Nick said.

            “Yea, I think we can figure something out, why don’t you get cleaned up.  I will go get you a garbage bag for your pajamas, and when you are ready, come on down to the girl’s room.  I will also grab you another bucket and bring it in here too, Denise said, as she turned around and went retrieve the items that she told her second youngest son that she would get.

            “Thanks Mom,” Nick said as he closed the bathroom door.

            While Denise was on her way back to the girl’s room after delivering the garbage bag, clean pajamas, and a bucket to Nick, she decided to peak in on the only healthy ones in the family, other than herself and her husband.  Both Kevin and his wife Dani, were sleeping soundly in bed.  She decided not to disturb them and pray that the four of them didn’t get sick.

            “The girls just fell asleep,” Paul said when his wife came back into the room.  Ashley was sound asleep in her bed and Alyson was sleeping on the chair sitting up.

            “Okay, good, how are Joe and Frankie doing?” Denise said, after looking around and not finding either of them in the room with them.

            “Frankie wasn’t doing good, so Joe offered to take him into the bathroom and that was like 5 minutes ago.  How is Nick?” Paul asked.

            “He isn’t doing too good, but he is going to come down here, he was getting cleaned up,” Denise said.  “I was going to get some air mattresses to set up in one of the girls’ rooms.”

            “I already did that, they are over in Aly’s room, I figured we could put the sleeping ones in that room and the sick ones in here, minus the girls.  That way we can be near them when they wake up, but the other ones can get some sleep,” Paul said.

            “Yea good idea, plus that way we are really close to them if they do need us,” Denise said.

            “Exactly what I was thinking,” Paul said as he sat down on a chair in Ashley’s room.

            “We should take shifts, you go to sleep for a while, and I will stay up with them, and then we can switch,” Denise said.

            “They are both sleeping, and Joe is helping Frankie, let’s both try to get some sleep, before they are up again,” Paul said.

            “Okay, Denise said as she sat down in a chair next to Paul and closed her eyes for a couple of minutes.

            Well, a couple of minutes turned into about three hours before they were woken up, by Ashley, who this time was just crying.

            “Honey, what’s wrong?” Denise said, as she got up and rushed over to Ashley’s side, but not before grabbing a bucket and a towel in case they were needed.  Ashley just continued crying, she didn’t feel good and just wanted to sleep, but her tummy was hurting her.

            “Oh honey, your tummy is upset again?” Denise said, as Ashley blinked once and then went pale green, before starting to gag.  Denise rushed to get the bucket up by her mouth.  Denise barely got the bucket up by her mouth, and she started puking.  Ashley coughed, gagged, and sputtered until her stomach was empty.

            It was then that Alyson woke up and started coughing.  “I got her,” Paul said, as he got up out of the chair that he was sitting in and made his way over to Alyson with a large beach towel.  This trick had sort-of worked earlier when she was getting sick, to use a large beach towel instead of a bucket.

            Denise and Paul could hear the other room start to stir.  They first heard one boy start to gag and cough, and before they knew it all three of the boys in Aly’s room were gagging and coughing.  “Go help them,” Denise said to Paul.  Aly had just finished puking into her towel.  She had actually done pretty well and had they had gotten most of the puke in the towel this time.

            “Are you okay with these two?” Paul asked.

            “Yes, I think Ashley is almost done, and Aly is done, so we should be fine for a couple of minutes.  As soon as she is done, I am going to go wake up Kev and Dani,” Denise said, as another huge mouthful came out of Ashley’s mouth.

            “Ma,” Alyson croaked out, as Denise was helping Ashley.

            “Yea Aly, what do you need?” Denise asked, as Alyson coughed a little bit, before starting to throw up again.

            “Alyson,” Denise said.  Denise didn’t have enough hands and she had sent her husband into the boy’s room to help them, since they were all puking at the moment.  Denise just let her throw up on the floor, since she didn’t have enough hands to help both her and Ashley.  This way Denise would only have one child to get cleaned up, instead of two.

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