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Lost and Found – Chapter 13

            Ashley and Alyson had been home for about ten days now.  Ashley, Alyson, Joe, Nick, and Frankie were all feeling much better.  That nasty flu bug had lingered around for about 72 hours.  Thankfully, no one else in the house got sick.  Paul and Denise thought that for sure, they would all get sick since it seemed to spread so quickly, but no one else showed any symptoms.

            The family was getting into more of a routine.  Actually today, Kevin and Danielle were leaving from Los Angeles and were heading back home, to New Jersey.  Joe was also heading back to his house, which was only a couple of miles down the road from the Jonas household.  He had to get back to his house and routine.

            Nick was also sadly leaving.  He was heading to New York for a play that he was going to be in on Broadway.  The play was called How to Succeed in Business.  Nick had actually landed the lead role.  He was super excited to go back to Broadway, but he knew that his family would miss him, especially Ashley.

            “Hey, what do you say, we go out for ice cream this morning, make it a sibling thing before we all leave,” Kevin said to Ashley, Alyson, and Frankie.  Kevin, Joe, and Nick had talked last night about how they would be able to include the girls and Frankie in something that they would all like to do, before everyone went their own way.

            “Ice cream,” Ashley said on her DynaVox.

            “Yea, ice cream Ash,” Joe said.

            “Before lunch, I am in,” Frankie said.

            “Ahhh,” Alyson screamed excitedly as she pointed at her brothers.

            “Okay, then let’s go get you two changed before we go,” Joe said, as he pushed Ashley to the elevator.

            “Come on Aly, let’s stand up,” Nick said as he helped her stand up and then took her hand, so she could walk upstairs to the girl’s bathroom.  Alyson freaked out over the elevator and never wanted to go in it, so they had to help her walk up the stairs.

            When they got upstairs, Alyson refused to go to into the bathroom to be changed.  “Come on Aly, we have to go potty, so we can get ice cream.”

            “Grrr,” Aly growled at her brother, as he tried to lead her into the bathroom.

            “Aly, you want ice cream, right?” Nick said to her, as she screamed.  “Well then we have to go potty.”

            “Grrr,” Aly said as she growled at Nick again.  For whatever reason, Alyson did not like going potty anymore.

            “Aly, we have to go potty before we leave, we either go potty, or we don’t get ice cream,” Nick said, as Aly once again growled at him.

            “Mom, can you please help here,” Nick said as Denise walked by them in the hallway with a load of the girl’s clean laundry.

            “Sure, let me put this down,” Denise said as she went into Alyson’s bedroom and set the laundry basket on her bed.  When Denise came back out, Aly was still growling at Nick.

            “Aly, which is enough growling, come on let’s go potty,” Denise said as she tried to get her to go into the bathroom.  Aly was not having it; she just kept her ground and continued growling.

            “Aly, you are in despite need of being changed, come on honey, let’s go potty,” Nick said as Aly continued growling at him.

            “Ahhh,” Aly screamed at Nick, as she grunted and started filling her diaper with poop.

            “Why do you always poop right before we change you Aly?” Nick asked.  At least once a day, if not more, before they change Aly, she poops.  Sometimes it is mere seconds before they take off the diaper that she starts pooping, other times it is as they are taking off the diaper.

            “Okay Aly, we now need to have you sit on the potty, especially if you are doing a poo-poo honey,” Denise said as she gently took her daughter’s hands and guided her into the bathroom. 

Alyson growled and grunted at the same time, as she filled her diaper with more poop.  Aly usually grunted when she was pooping or in the middle of pooping.  That was one way you knew she had pooped.

“Come on honey, we have to sit on the potty,” Denise said as she pulled down Aly’s pants.  Aly was already in desperate need of being changed, she was super wet, and now she had a poop filled diaper along with a ton of pee, so she needed to sit on the toilet, it would be way too hard to change her when she was laying down.

Denise tore off the diaper and got her to sit on the potty to hopefully finish off pooping and maybe go pee too.  “Nick, can you go grab me some clean pants, a pull-up and some wipes.  Also, why don’t you grab me one of Ashley’s absorbent pads.  We will try one of those on her to see if this holds more pee, she only got up about an hour ago, and the diaper was ready to overflow and then with the poop it did.

“Okay,” Nick said, as he went out into the hall closet where he ran into Joe, who was helping Kevin change Ashely.

Meanwhile in Ashley’s room Kevin and Joe were in the process of doing a second diaper change on Ashley.  Ashley had been wet when they were laying her down to change her.  They changed her and got her all cleaned up.  Just as Kevin was lifting her back into her wheelchair, Joe heard a loud fart come from Ashley.

“Ashley, why are you pooping now, why didn’t you poop earlier?” Kevin asked his little sister, who just looked up at him with a mischievous smile, as she continued pooping.

“Tell us when you are done honey,” Joe said, as Ashley blinked once.  “I am going to go get her supplies,” Joe said.

“Okay,” Kevin said, as Joe disappeared into the hallway, where he ran into Nick.

“Hi, Aly is pooping so it might be a while before we can leave,” Nick said.

“That’s okay, we are on our second diaper too, Ash was wet when we changed her.  We then put on a clean diaper and as we were getting ready to lift her into her chair, she pooped,” Joe said.

“Yep, same with Aly, we were getting ready to change her and then she pooped, so she is now sitting on the potty.  We are hoping that she finishes her pooping.  You know how Aly is, she gets shy and nervous and then she won’t actually finish pooping,” Nick said.

About fifteen minutes later, both girls were done pooping and were in clean diapers again.  The siblings headed out for a pre-lunch ice cream treat.  The brothers loaded up both girls in the van.  Frankie sat in the first-row bucket seat behind Ashley’s chair with Alyson in the other bucket seat.  Joe sat behind Frankie, while Nick drove, and Kevin sat in the passenger seat.  The six siblings made it to Cold Stone ten minutes later.

“Okay Ash, what do you want?” Kevin asked her as he got down on her level.

“Cake Batter and Sweet Cream,” Ashley said on her iPad.

“Mixed together honey,” Kevin asked her.

“Yea, with Oreos and Caramel and Fudge,” Ashley pushed on her iPad.

“Just a second, let me check to see if we bought your purer, or no,” Kevin said, as he went into Ashley’s backpack and looked for the portable purer that purees her food when she is out at restaurants.  Ashley wouldn’t be able to have Oreos or anything hard in her ice cream because she could choke on it.  She would be able to have Caramel and Fudge though.

“Do we, have it?” Ashley asked on her iPad.

“Yes, it looks like we have it with us, so you can have whatever you want,” Kevin said.

“I want Oreos in my ice cream,” Ashley said.

“Okay, do you want both chocolate and vanilla or just one,” Kevin asked.

“Both,” Ashley said.

 “I will have a like it with cake batter and sweet cream, along with both kinds of Oreos and Caramel and Fudge,” Kevin said.

“Is that it?” the person said who started making Ashley’s ice cream.

“No, I will have a Like it with Chocolate Devotion,” Kevin said.

“Is that it?” the person asked again.

“No, we are all here as a group,” Joe said.  “I will take a Dough for It in Like It.  Frankie, your next.”

“I will take a Like it with French Vanilla and Fudge,” Frankie said.

While everyone else was ordering, Nick was trying to get Aly to decide what she wanted.  She kept on pointing at the chocolate ice cream in the display case.  “Aly, do you want anything in it or just chocolate?” Nick asked his little sister, who just kept on pointing to the chocolate ice cream.  Nick even tried to guide her down to where the mix-ins were so she could look at them and she did not want to go down there.

“Come here Aly, Nick is going to get your ice cream, let’s go sit down,” Joe said as he tried to get Aly to walk over to a table.

“Ahhh,” Aly said as she pointed at the ice cream that she wanted again.

“I am getting it for you Aly, can you go with Joe, I will bring it over, I promise,” Nick said.  Kevin, Nick, and Frankie were going to help carry over all of the ice creams, while Joe took Ashley and Alyson over to a table.  Ashley was already sitting by a table waiting for her ice cream, but Aly was refusing to move.

“Yea, can I get like it size of chocolate first, so we can get her to sit down,” Joe said.  Aly was just not wanting to leave her ice cream.

“Yea here you are,” the person said as she handed Joe Aly’s dish of ice cream.  As soon as Joe had the ice cream in his hand, Aly went with him willingly.

“Aly, are you ready for your ice cream?” Joe said as he got Alyson sitting down.  Once she was sitting down, he grabbed two towels out of Ashley’s backpack.  He put on up around Ashley’s neck and put the other one around Alyson’s neck.

“Ahhh,” Aly said as she pointed at the ice cream.

“I know, are you ready for ice cream?” Joe said as he took a small bite on a spoon and fed it to her.

The sibling ice cream date was a success.  Ashely, Frankie, and Alyson all enjoyed their ice cream, along with the three older brothers.  It was now time to say goodbye to Kevin, Danielle, and Nick.  Since Joe lived in Los Angeles, he was going to stay overnight for one more night, just to hopefully the transition of them all leaving a little bit easier.

“Don’t leave,” Ashley pressed on her iPad before she pressed the speak button that would speak the sentence she wanted to say.

“Oh honey,” Kevin said, as he got down to her level.

“I want you to stay,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

“I know you want me to stay, but we have to go home, we can’t stay honey,” Kevin said, as Ashley sighed with tears streaming down her face.

“Why, please,” Ashley said with tears streaming down her face.

“Honey, we have to go home, but Nick’s play is coming up and then we will see each other a lot that week, okay,” Kevin said to Ashley who blinked once at him and sniffled.

“I know honey, we will see you soon, okay,” Kevin said, as Ashley blinked once.  “Remember, we are only a text away, and now with your cool fancy iPad, you can text us anytime you want, okay honey.”

“Yea, I will still miss you so much,” Ashley said on her iPad.

“Okay, we have to go now, but we will talk tomorrow, okay,” Kevin said, as Ashley sighed and blinked once.  There was no way she could get Kevin and Dani to stay any longer.

Ashley didn’t want any of her brothers to leave, she just wanted them to all stay here forever.  Next to say goodbye to her was the person she was dreading saying goodbye too, her twin brother Nick.  As soon as Nick walked over to say goodbye to his twin, Ashley started sobbing.  She had held it together pretty well when she was saying goodbye to Kevin, but now she was full on sobbing, saying goodbye to Nick.  She was going to miss him so much.  Who was she going to talk to and who was going to make her happy?  Yea they could still mind talk but it wasn’t the same as seeing him every day.

“Shhh, Ash, you know what?” Nick said as he waited for her to look up at him. 

“What,” Ashley said on her iPad.

“You will be coming out to New York in two weeks for the first show and we will do something, just the two of us then, okay?”  Nick said as he grabbed her iPad and typed when she was going to see Nick in the calendar and he set the alarm to go off four times, from three days on, that way she would be able to know when she was going to see him again.

“I don’t want you to go, stay,” Ashley mind talked with her brother.

“Oh honey, I know I would love to stay also, but I really can’t, I have to go out to New York to do work,” Nick said.

“But why, please stay here with me,” Ashley mind talked through her tears to her brother.

“I can’t, I am so sorry honey.  Remember when I told you that I used to be in plays when I was younger on Broadway,” Nick asked.

“Yea, and that is how you became Nick Jonas and not just Nick anymore,” Ashley mind talked with him again.

“Yea, your right,” Nick laughed, “so I have to go out and do another play, okay honey, plus you are going to be coming out to New York in a few short weeks and we will do something when you are there, just the two of us, I promise,” Nick repeated again.

“Okay,” Ashley sighed as she put on a little bit of a smile for her brother.

“You all good now,” Nick asked as his twin blinked once.

“We have to go, we will see you in two weeks Ash, I promise,” Nick said as Ashley sighed with tears still dripping down her face.

“Should we head to bed girls?” Joe asked.  It was their bedtime.   Kevin, Dani, and Nick had stayed the whole day with them through dinner and until pretty much bedtime.

“Probably, you start school tomorrow Aly and your back-to-school tomorrow Frankie,” Denise said.

“Yea,” Frankie sighed, as he turned and went upstairs.  Frankie wasn’t a big fan of school, so for him to have the week before Christmas off because he was sick, it was so nice.

“Poo-poo,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

“Come on let’s get you to the potty then honey,” Denise said.  Ashely could sometimes tell them when she had to poop, but not every time.

“Grrr,” Ashley grunted as she filled her diaper with poop.

“Ash,” Joe and Denise said at the same exact time.

“Come on let’s get you upstairs and changed into pajamas and ready for bed, we will also get you out of that stinky diaper, how does that sound Ash?” Denise said a couple minutes later.

“Yea poo-poos all done,” Ashley said on her iPad.

“Ahhh,” Alyson said as she pointed at her sister.

“Aly, is that Ashley?” Denise said as she got Alyson to stand up and hold on to Ashley’s wheelchair so they could head upstairs to get ready for bed.

“Pa,” Alyson said when they started walking towards the elevator that they had just built on to the house so the girls could get upstairs easily.

“Aly do you want to go with Pa, instead?” Denise asked.  Aly wasn’t a huge fan of the elevator.  The elevator made her nervous.  The stairs took her a long time and were hard for her to get up or down, but she preferred them instead.

“Come on Aly, we will take the stairs, Joe you want to help?” Paul asked his son.

“Sure,” Joe said.  Aly had recently let go of someone’s hand and had almost fallen, it was safer and easier to have two people, that way if she did start to fall backwards, she wouldn’t get hurt.

“Come on Ash, let’s go upstairs and get you changed,” Denise said, as she pushed the button to the elevator.  Thankfully, Ashley didn’t seem to be scared of the elevator, or they would have a really big issue on their hands.

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