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Lost and Found – Chapter 14

            The next day was a Monday, which meant back to school, after winter break and being sick, for Frankie.  Alyson was also starting school up this morning.  “Good morning honey,” Denise said as she went into Alyson’s room and woke her up.

            “Ma,” Alyson said when she saw her Mom standing by her bed, getting ready to pull down her pants so she could remove her diaper, before helping her stand up and get in her shower chair.

            “Hi Aly,” Denise said as she pulled down her pants and removed her wet diaper.

            “Ma,” Alyson said as she grunted a little bit before starting to poop all over her bed.

            “Alyson Faith,” Denise said as she rushed to get a clean diaper under her and get it taped up.  This would happen pretty much every day, at least once, if not more.  Aly was a very good pooper, she pooped at least twice a day if not more.

            Soon enough, Aly was done pooping, so Denise removed the clean poopy diaper, got her cleaned up a little bit, helped her sit up on the side of the bed.  She then helped her walk over to the shower chair.  Denise helped Aly sit down on the shower chair.  She then pushed it into the bathroom, where she finished getting her undressed and helped her brush her teeth, before pushing her into the shower to get cleaned up.

            “Aly, you get to start school today,” Denise said while she was shampooing her hair.

            “Ma,” Aly said happily while Denise was getting her all cleaned up.  Once she was cleaned up, Denise brought her out of the shower and dried her off.  She then took her back to her room, where she helped her stand up and walk over to her bed, where she was going to lay her down to get her in new clothes.

            Denise decided that morning, that she would try to lay down Aly to get her changed into her clothes.  This would hopefully take away the refusal to get dressed, because she had to stand or sit or do something that she didn’t want to do.

            Meanwhile, Paul was waking up Ashley and getting her ready too.  Since right now they only had one shower chair, the girls had to take turns using it.  Each girl had her own back and seat cushion though, but they only had purchased one shower chair to start with.  Although, they were going to have to purchase another shower chair, just so they could each have a shower chair for the girls at the same time.

            “Good morning Ashley,” Paul said as he came into Ashley’s room and opened the blinds.  Ashley blinked once at him and smiled.  She was so happy.  Ashely usually did not like waking up for anything.  However, this morning, for whatever reason, she was up and ready to go.

            After Denise was done with the shower chair for Aly, Paul grabbed it and set Ashley in it, so he could give Ashley a shower.  Once Ashley’s shower was done, he took her back to bed and laid her down on towels.  As soon as he got her laying down, Ashley started peeing all over the towels.

            Once she was done peeing, Paul got her dressed quickly and he then put her in her chair, so they could go down and eat breakfast, before starting their day.  “What do you want for breakfast honey,” Paul asked his daughter when they were in the elevator on the way downstairs.

            “Yogurt,” Ashley said using her iPad.

            “Of course, you love yogurt Ash,” Paul said when they were going out of the elevator.

            “I love yogurt,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “I know you do honey,” Paul said as he pushed her into the kitchen, where he parked her by the table.  He went to the fridge and got out a yogurt for Ashley.

            “Honey, do you want vanilla, peach, or strawberry?” Paul asked his daughter.

            “Peach,” Ashley responded back on her iPad.

            “Okay,” Paul said as he grabbed a peach yogurt out of the fridge, grabbed a spoon and opened it, before walking over to where Ashley was sitting.

            Denise came into the kitchen, holding Alyson’s hand.  She sat her down at the table and went to get her a yogurt, which she would feed her.  Both girls loved yogurt, in the past week and a half or so, both girls had gone through about 40 yogurts or more.  If they could eat them for every meal, they would.  Neither of the girls were huge fans of purred food.  So, when they refused to eat their purred food, yogurt was a great back up, plus it gave them protein.

            “Frankie we are leaving in 10 minutes,” Denise yelled up the stairs.

            “Coming mom,” Frankie said as he ran down the stairs.

            “What do you want for breakfast?” Denise asked, when he came sliding into the kitchen.

            “Toast please,” Frankie said, as he sat down at the table.

            “So, Paul, did Ash poop last night?” Denise asked her husband, as she put a piece of bread in the toaster for Frankie.

            “No, but she peed when I was dressing her, all over the towels,” Paul said.

            “Way to go Ashley,” Frankie said, as he stood up and got out the peanut butter for his mom.  Ashley just smiled over at him.

            “Come on time to load up,” Paul said after Frankie was done eating his toast.

            The family made it to the high school where Alyson would be attending about a half an hour later.  “Hi, I am here with Alyson Jonas,” Denise said as she stood with Aly at the check in desk at the front of the school.

            “Ma,” Aly said as she pointed at the doors.

            “Yea honey, we are going to go through those doors in just a minute, we have to wait for someone to come get you and then you can go,” Denise said.  Denise had left Paul and Ashley in the car since this was only supposed to be a quick drop off.  Paul and Denise had gone into the school with Aly last week, towards the end of Winter Break, just so she could meet all of her teachers and that way they would know how to take care of her also.

            “Hi Aly, do you remember me, I am Ms. Davis?” the teacher as, as Aly pointed at her and smiled.  Aly was always happy to go with whoever, so there was no hard goodbye for Aly, she was gone in a split second or so.

            Once Denise got out to the van again, they were on their way to drop of their next child, Frankie at the elementary school just around the corner.  Once he was dropped off and set.  Frankie was reluctant to go back to school.  He had been dreading it all winter break.  “Mom, do I have to go,” Frankie complained.

            “Yes, you do have to go to school,” Denise said.

            “I know, but I don’t like school, it’s boring,” Frankie complained.

            “I know honey, but everyone has to go to school and get an education,” Denise said.

            “I just really hate it though, can’t I just not go,” Frankie said.

            “No honey, you have to go to school, it’s good for you to learn,” Denise said.

            “Ugh, fine,” Frankie said as he left the car.

            “Well, he was in a chipper mood this morning,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            It was now time for their next errand, this time for Ashley.  What Ashley didn’t know was that they were going to go look at adult day programs for Ashley to go to during the day, just so both Paul and Denise could have a break.  It was hard enough having one child that needed 24/7 care and then try to add in a second child.

            “Ashley, we are going to go look for a place for you to go during the day,” Denise said as Ashley looked at Denise with a confused look on her face.

            “Honey, we are going to go see if we can find a place that has fun things to do during the day, like how Aly goes to school, but since you are too old to go to school, we are going to find you a place like that for you to go,” Paul said, as he turned around in his seat to look at Ashley.

            “Why?” Ashely said on her iPad.

            “Mommy and Daddy think that this will be good for you,” Denise said.

            “I don’t want to go,” Ashley typed on her iPad.

            “How about this honey, how about we try this until we go see Nick in New York, and if you still don’t like it then we will talk about taking you out,” Denise said.  Ashely just looked down and blinked once, agreeing to do this for these short couple of weeks.

            “Ash, we are going to look at two different places today, before we take you somewhere and it will be up to all of us to decide which one you like.  We aren’t going to put you in a place that you don’t feel comfortable in, okay,” Paul said.

            “Okay,” Ashley pressed on her iPad as she let out a big sigh.

            It didn’t take long for Paul, Denise, and Ashley to get to the first adult day care place.  This one would be ideal for location because it was really close to both Alyson and Frankie’s schools.  The other one was a little bit farther, but not too far down the road from the schools.

            “We are here,” Denise said as they pulled into the parking lot.

            “I don’t want to go,” Ashley pressed on her iPad again.  Ashley did not want to go anywhere.  She was happy staying at home with her parents.

            “How about we make a deal Ash,” Paul said as he drove to the first location down the road from Frankie’s school.  “How about we try to go here for 2 days a week until we go see Nick, and then if you still don’t like it, we will talk more about it then.  Does that work?” Paul said.

            “How many times?” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “That would be four times and if you still don’t like it then we will talk about other options, okay,” Denise said, as she looked back at her.

            “I guess that works,” Ashley pressed on her iPad as she sighed.

            “We are at the first place,” Paul said as they turned into the driveway.

            “Do I start today?” Ashley pressed on her iPad, as she looked up at her parents with tears in her eyes.

            “Oh honey, we won’t start you today, we are going to go look at a couple of places today, and you will probably start next week sometime.  Is that okay?” Paul said.

            “Yea,” Ashley sighed, as she pressed yea on her iPad.

            This first place was called Adult Day Care Center.  It was an adult day care for all ages.   The outside looked nice, but when they walked in it didn’t look to welcoming and friendly.  When they went on the tour of the place with the director, they found that everyone was in their own little room with no interaction between people at all.  It was also very loud because people were unhappy to be in rooms alone.  It also really smelled.

            “I didn’t like that one,” Ashley said on her iPad when they were heading back to the car.

            “Yea, neither did we honey, you won’t be going to that one, we promise,” Paul said, as he gave her a kiss on the top of her head.

            The next one they went to was just a couple more miles down the road from the Adult Day Care Center.  This one didn’t exactly have a much better name.  The place was called The Health Center instead of Adult Day Care Center.  “We are here Ash,” Denise said, as Paul drove into the daycare center.

            “Half,” Ashley’s iPad started talking.  Ashley was pressing ‘half days’ on the iPad, but it stopped working in the middle of the sentence.  When this happened, Ashely got very upset and pushed her iPad off of her tray.

            “Ashley what was that you just pushed off of your tray?” Paul said as he looked back in the rearview mirror that they had purchased so they could see both girls in the backseat.

            “Was that your iPad honey?” Denise asked, as she looked back to see that Ashley’s iPad was not on her tray anymore. 

Ashely blinked once and looked down.  She was still not too happy with this situation of a day care place for her.

            “You can’t do that honey,” Paul said, as he found a parking spot at Aspen Hearts.  “You know better than that, one of these days your iPad is going to break and then you won’t have one anymore.”

            Ashely then did something that she had not done before, she started screaming and kicking.  She figured that might be the only way to get her parents to listen to her.  Ashely really did not want to go to an adult day care, she would rather stay home with her Mom and Dad during the days.

            “Ashley honey, shhh,” Denise said as she came to her daughters’ side.  They had never seen Ashley like this before, it was totally new.

            Ashely finally broke down sobbing.  She did not like acting this way, she was just trying to get her parents attention with saying that she did not want to go to a daycare center.

            “Honey, it’s okay,” Denise said as she wiped the tears from Ashley’s eyes.  “Shhh, we only have one more to look at today, and if you still don’t like it, we can talk about more options.  Okay.  Plus, I think you are going to like this one, it is connected to Willow Hearts.”

            Ashely perked up and looked at her mom with a small smile.  “That got you perked up right away,” Paul said.

            “Willow Hearts,” Ashely exclaimed on her iPad.  She loved the place where she lived for a couple of months.  She had only been home for 3 weeks and she was already missing it.

            “This is an extension of Willow Hearts, it’s not actually Willow Hearts honey, but it’s for people who need a spot to go in the day, like you,” Denise said.

            “I don’t want to go,” Ashley said on her iPad.  She was not too happy about going to a new place.

            “I know you don’t want to go honey, but remember our deal,” Paul said, as Ashely blinked once.

            “Do you think that you can try it, it’s just until we go see Nick.  When we come back from seeing Nick, we will reconsider, we promise,” Paul said.

            “Okay,” Ashley pressed on her iPad as she sighed.  “Poo-poos now.”

            “Okay come on we will get you to the bathroom honey, just give us a second,” Denise said as Ashley blinked once and held in her poo-poos.  Ashely was determined to make it to the potty to do her poo-poos in today.  She did not like laying down at all to be changed and for poo-poos it always took longer.

            “Come on honey, we will get you to the potty in just a second, okay.  Do you think you can wait?” Paul asked as he pushed her out of the van.  Ashely blinked three times to indicate maybe, I don’t know.  She really had to poop, so she wasn’t sure if she was going to be able to make it or not.

            “Okay, Ash, we will get you there,” Denise said, as they pushed her into the center.  Paul and Denise found the large accessible family bathroom right away.  Paul pushed her into the bathroom, while Denise turned on the lights.

            “You still have to go poopoo honey?” Paul asked his daughter, who surprisingly hadn’t started grunting yet, like she did every other time that she asked to go poop.  Ashley blinked once really fast, to indicate yes, I really have to poopoo.  Denise was undoing her footplates, removed her tray, and took off all of her belts that she had on her, while Paul got out wipes and a chuck from her backpack.

            “Come on honey, let’s get you on the potty,” Denise said as she helped her stand up and then walked her over to the toilet, where Paul pulled down her pants and took off the diaper.  The diaper had a little bit of poop in it, but not too much and was soaking wet.

            “Okay honey, you can poopoo now,” Paul said as Ashely grunted as a big plop landed in the potty.  She continued grunting until she was done.  Ashely then started peeing on the potty too.

            “Good job honey, are you done yet?” Denise asked, she was holding her up.  They didn’t have a commode to set her in, so both Paul and Denise were holding her up.  Ashley blinked once to indicate yes.

            “Okay honey let’s stand you up, Den do you want me to do this, and you wipe and put on the new diaper,” Paul asked his wife.

            “Sure,” Denise said as Paul and her switched spots in the bathroom, so Denise was in the back and Paul was in the front.  Denise was so much better at putting on the girl’s diapers when they were standing then he was.  Half of the time whenever he put on Alyson’s diaper it would start leaking and hers was a pull up, so not that hard, but whenever Denise would put it on, it wouldn’t start leaking.

            “You ready Ash,” Paul asked as Ashley blinked once.  Paul stood her up as Denise grabbed some wipes and wiped down her daughter.  Ashely had pooped a lot, which was good, since she hadn’t pooped since last night.  Ashley was normally an overnight pooper, which would almost always mean that Paul and Denise would wake up to a surprise in Ashley’s diaper.  Where Aly was a random time pooper, she would poop whenever and wherever she felt like it, sometimes on the floor during a change, sometimes in the shower, sometimes in her pull up, sometimes on the potty, it really depended on when it would come.

            “At least you let us know when you are poopooing, unlike your sister who poopoos whenever she feels like it right,” Denise said as she was wiping down her daughter’s bottom with wet wipes.

            “Yea yesterday in the shower, she started poopooing,” Paul said as Ashley started laughing.

            “Oh, you find that funny Ash,” Denise said as she put on the diaper and then pulled up her pants.  Paul then walked with Ashley over to her wheelchair, where he sat her in it and got her strapped in while Denise cleaned up the little mess they made and flushed the toilet.

            “Are you feeling better now honey,” Paul said as he gave her a kiss on her forehead when she was all put back together.

            “Thanks, I really had to poopoo, glad it went in potty and not in diaper again,” Ashely said from her iPad.

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