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Lost and Found – Chapter 16

            The plane ride was uneventful.  Ashley and Frankie did watch a movie together, but that was pretty much the plane ride.  Ashley also took a nap, which was good, considering she was up until 4:00am last night throwing herself a party about seeing Nick today.  Joe was getting into New York tomorrow, he had some business that he had to finish up before he left for New York for a couple of weeks, so he was flying out tomorrow.

            “Nick,” Ashley mind talked with him as soon as they got to his apartment.  She had been counting down the days since he left.  She missed him so much, it was unbelievable.

            “Hey Ash,” Nick said after Ashley had calmed down, she was so excited to see her twin.

            “I missed you, Mom and Dad are making me go to a daycare.  They make me eat this gross disgusting mush for lunch, it isn’t good at all, apparently it is supposed to have extra fiber or something in it so I can poop,” Ashley mind talked with her brother, as she rolled her eyes.  “I think everyone gets some fiber or something at lunch, because everyone seems to poop during the rest hour.

            “Well, how is it except for the gross lunch,” Nick mind talked back to her.

            “Good, we went to the Los Angeles Zoo last week, which was fun, and we listen to music and have a morning time.  We also have rest hour, where we all lay down and can stretch out, and apparently poop too,” Ashley mind talked with her brother and she smiled up at him.

            “Well, I am glad that you like it honey,” Nick said, as he kissed the top of her head.

            “Nick, what are we doing tonight?” Frankie asked a couple of minutes later.

            “How about we take Ashley and Alyson to Johns for pizza and garlic knots,” Nick said.

            “Pizza,” Ashley pressed on her iPad, as she smiled up at her brothers.

            “Yea, Ash, but there are also garlic knots too, those are the best thing in the world,” Frankie said.

            “Okay, I guess so,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Pizza sounds good to me, before we go, should we get you both changed, you are probably both soaked right now,” Paul said, as Ashley blinked once to indicate yes.

            “Come on, I will do you Ash, you and Mom can do Aly,” Nick said, as he took off her breaks and pushed her down the hallway and into a bedroom.

            “Is this my room,” Ashley asked, as she looked around in complete awe.

            “Yes, this is our room, we will be sharing while you are here, is that okay with you?” Nick asked as Ashley gave him the biggest smile and blinked once. 

Nick had volunteered to keep Ashley and Alyson at his apartment while they were visiting.  That way his parents could have some rest and a break from always having to take care of the girls.  Frankie had the choice of staying at the hotel with his parents or staying at Nick’s apartment with the girls.  He had chosen to stay at Nick’s apartment.  He had already told Nick that he wanted to sleep on the couch.

            “Good, now come on let’s get you tray off of you so we can get you changed so we can go to dinner,” Nick said, as he took Ashley’s iPad and sat it on the nightstand that he had set up for her.

            Once both girls were changed and ready to go, the family left Nick’s apartment to walk to John’s for dinner.  They were going to be meeting Kevin and Danielle at dinner also.

            “Okay Ash, what do you want for dinner?” Nick asked on the way to restaurant.

            “Pizza,” Ashley responded on her iPad this time instead of talking with him through their minds.

            “Well, I think we all figured that Ash, what do you want on your pizza?” Nick asked, he was sitting next to her.

            “Cheese,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Is that all you want honey?” Nick asked.  They had never really had pizza with the girls before, so they didn’t really know what they wanted on it.  Ashley blinked once at him.

            “How about this, I am going to get cheese pizza too, so how about you, Aly and I share a pizza, does that sound good Ash?” Dani asked as Ashley blinked once again to indicate yes.

            “Dani help,” Ashley pressed on her iPad, as she went into her people file and then clicked on Dani’s name.  She then taped on the word help.

            “You want me to help you eat honey?” Dani asked, as Ashley blinked once.

            “Okay, then I think we need to trade places Dani,” Nick said as him and Dani traded places, so that way Dani could help Ashley.  Kevin had offered to help Alyson eat, so he was sitting next to her already.

            “Dani, help, wet,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Do you need to be changed honey?” Dani asked, as she looked at Ashley.

            “Yes, poopoo too,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Okay honey let’s get you to the bathroom then,” Dani said, as she stood up and pushed her towards the accessible bathroom.

            “Poopoo now,” Ashley pressed on her iPad as she grunted and filled her diaper.

            “Ash, I wish you would wait for the potty for these things,” Dani said.

            “Sorry, more in potty, wait now,” Ashley pressed on her iPad, as she squeezed her butt cheeks together to try to hold the rest of her poop in.

            “Okay, I think I might need someone to help me,” Dani said once they got into the bathroom.

            “Okay, hurry poopoos coming,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Who do you want to help us honey?” Dani asked, as Ashley started staring straight ahead and did not respond to her.  Dani texted Nick and asked him to come in.  Nick would be the only one to get her out of this funk that she was in.

            “Hey Dan, what can I help you with?” Nick asked as he came into the family bathroom.

            “She said that she had to use the bathroom, and now she has just been staring ahead and not responding to anything I say to her,” Dani said as she panicked.

            “Ash honey,” Nick said out loud, as he went over to her and touched her.

            “Hurry Nick, poopoos coming fast,” Ashley mind talked with him, as she looked at him for a brief second all while trying to hold her butt together, so no more poops would escape.

            “Okay, come on honey, let’s get you on the potty then,” Nick said out loud and looked at Dani.  Both Nick and Dani both worked on getting Ashley onto the toilet.  Nick undid her footplates, while Dani worked on getting her unstrapped from her wheelchair.  As soon as she was unstrapped, Nick helped Ashley stand up.  Dani immediately pulled down Ashley’s pants for her, while Nick walked her over to the toilet.  Once they were at the toilet, Dani tore off the very full diaper and put it on the floor, then both Nick and Dani helped Ashley sit on the toilet.  As they were sitting her on the toilet, a piece of poop had fallen off of Ashley’s bottom and landed on the floor.

            “It’s okay honey,” Dani said, as Ashley started freaking out over the piece of poop that was on the floor.  Here, I will clean it up.

            “Thanks Nick,” Ashley mind talked with him a short while later, while she was still pooping.

            “Yea Ashley told me that her daycare apparently gives everyone something in their lunch to make them poop, because after lunch they all get out of their chairs and stretch out and then they all poop apparently,” Nick said.

            “Don’t tell Mom,” Ashley mind talked with Nick.  “Also, if you are bad and screaming or not cooperating, I learned this the hard way on the first day, they push something up your butt and then you have an explosive poop.”  Nick repeated what she was saying to Dani.

            “Oh my gosh that is awful honey,” Dani said, she felt bad for her sister-in-law.  No one should have to have to eat something that makes them poop and then if you are being bad to use a suppository to calm the person down, this is something that should not be happening.

            “Okay, we need to tell Mom about this,” Nick said.

            “No, I am not supposed to tell Mom and Dad, I could get in big trouble, the next step is an enema, I really don’t want one of those things,” Ashley mind talked as she cried.

            “I know honey, shhh, that is why we need to tell Mom, if you want, I can do all of the talking and tell her,” Nick said out loud to Ashley as she sniffled and gave him permission by blinking once.

            “Okay sweetie, are you done yet?” Dani asked, as she wiped away tears.  Ashley blinked once and then farted and let out some liquid diarrhea.

            “Sweetie, when did you last go to your daycare?” Nick mind talked with her.

            “Yesterday,” Ashley mind talked back with him, as she continued having diarrhea.  Once she was done with that she peed in the toilet.

            “Did they do the same thing to you yesterday honey?” Nick asked out loud as Ashley blinked once and then motioned for the iPad with her hand.  She wanted to say more about this, and she wanted Dani to hear what she had to say.

            “Here Ash,” Dani said as she held her iPad while Nick held Ashley on the toilet, to make sure that she didn’t fall off.

            “I don’t know, I like it okay other then they seem to be obsessed with my pooping and peeing schedule.  Also, if you are just wet, they also rub your tummy and then they stick something up your butt to make you poop too.  All they want is just poop in the diaper, so I try not to tell them when I am wet,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.  At times, Ashely’s brain worked just like normal, but then other times she was able to communicate like a normal person.  It was very odd.  Nick even had times where she would only say a couple of words to him that didn’t really make sense and he had to put it together.  Her brain went in different waves.  It was strange, that’s for sure.

            “Are you done now honey?” Nick asked out loud, as he moved into a different position to be able to hold her up, so Dani could wipe her and then put on a new clean diaper.  Ashley blinked once.

            “Gosh Ash, you really had to go, didn’t you,” Nick said as he looked over his twins’ shoulder while holding her up to see a toilet full of every kind of poop you could imagine, from complete liquid diarrhea to hard rock-solid bowel and everything in between.

            “Okay honey, let’s get you in a clean diaper, do we want to lay her down or how do we want to do this?” Dani asked, she had gotten her petty much cleaned up.

            “I think laying down would probably be easier, here let’s put her in her chair, her chair reclines back, so she can be in a flat position.

            Dani put the diaper down on the seat as she reclined her wheelchair, so it was completely flat.  Nick then picked her up and carried her to her wheelchair, where he laid her right on top of her clean diaper.  He then taped it up.  Dani then sat the wheelchair back up right, so Nick could come and lift her up into a standing position again, so they could pull up her pants.

            “You feel good Ash?” Nick asked as Ashley blinked once at him.

            “Hey guys,” they heard a knock on the door followed by Kevin’s voice.  “Can we come in.  We have a pooper out here too.”

            “Sure,” Dani said as she opened the bathroom door so they could come into the bathroom.

            “Alyson you too,” Nick said as he helped Kevin walk the teenager over to the toilet, where he quickly took down her pants and removed the full diaper.  He then helped her sit on the potty, while Kevin grabbed the wipes on the counter still from Ashley.

            “You can tell him Nick,” Ashley mind talked.  “I just don’t want Mom or Dad to know yet.”

            “So, Kev, Ash told me when she got to my apartment that Mom and Dad are making her go to a daycare,” Nick said.

            “What is so bad about that Ash, I think it is good that you are getting out of the house,” Kevin said, as Ashley blinked twice at Kevin and then looked at Nick, as if to say, “no, there is more.”

            “Well, the daycare isn’t exactly good, let’s say.  According to Ashley, they feed her gross mushy food, and after lunch they do a rest hour, where everyone gets to lay down and stretch,” Nick said.

            “Yea, which is what Mom liked about the place, she liked that they had a rest hour and that Ash got to get out of her chair to lay down and stretch.  We talked about that a couple of weeks ago,” Kevin said.

            “Kev, wait,” Dani said, as she was trying to get Alyson cleaned up from her explosive poop that was everywhere.

            “Anyways, at lunch they put something into everyone’s food to make them poop during rest hour, and if you didn’t poop during rest hour, they stick a suppository up your butt after rest hour,” Nick said.

            “Yea, and then if you complain about anything, they do that too, and if you don’t stop, they will use an enema,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Oh my gosh, have you ever gotten the enema or suppository?” Kevin asked, almost afraid to hear the answer, as Ashley blinked once to indicate yes.

            “Which one honey, the suppository or the enema?” Nick asked as he used a low-tech method of asking Ashley.  He put both of his hands out and she directed her head towards his left hand, meaning she has had the suppository, but not the enema.

            “Oh sweetie, we need to tell Mom and Dad about this,” Kevin said.

            “No, we can’t, I will get into big trouble, which is what they told me on the first day that if I told my parents I could get into big trouble and have an enema for an entire day,” Ashley pressed on her iPad as tears streamed down her face.  She was so scared about this, she did not like going to the daycare on bit.  “How can I tell Mom and Dad that I don’t like it when I promised them that I would try a daycare for three months before backing out.”

            “Oh Ash,” Nick said, as he came over and hugged her.  “It is going to be okay.  If you want, we can all tell them together or we can just tell them what you told us.  We need to tell them one way or another at some point.”

            “Can we tell Joe tomorrow and then tell them at some point after that,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “I think that is a good plan honey, if you want Joe to know before we tell Mom and Dad that is one hundred percent okay,” Kevin said.

            “Kev, can you help me stand her up,” Dani said.  “I think I got her as clean as I can get her for now.”

            “Don’t worry Dan, I can throw her in the shower when we get back to my apartment tonight before bed,” Nick said.

            “Yea, which might be what you have to do, I think I got most of it cleaned up, but there might still be some.  It was everywhere, we are just lucky that the diaper didn’t actually explode.  It just exploded all over her butt,” Dani said as she continued wiping her bottom.

            “Okay, we will get her cleaned up in the shower tonight when we get back to the apartment,” Nick said.

            “I think I got most of it, but it might be helpful just to put her in the shower and scrub her down and then do a rinse,” Dani said.

            “Okay, we will do that,” Nick said.

            “Can we not tell Mom and Dad yet, I want to tell Joe first,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Yes, we won’t tell Mom and Dad until you give us the okay honey, but we do need to tell them at some point okay,” Kevin said, as Ashley sighed and blinked once.

            “Okay, let’s go get some pizza,” Nick said once Alyson’s diaper was on and her pants were up again.

            The pizza and garlic knots were super good, and it helped keep Ashley’s mind off of what she had to tell her parents at some point during the little vacation.  Ashley wanted more garlic knots.  She knew she had to ask using her DynaVox and her words, but she didn’t want too, and plus her iPad was dead.  So, she just screamed instead of mind asking Nick for more.  He was too busy talking with Frankie anyways.

            “Ahhh,” Ashley said as she kept on getting frustrated because no one was paying attention to her.

            “Ash, what do you want?” Dani asked, as Ashley looked at her dead iPad.

            “Yea, which is your iPad, you can reach it,” Dani said, not realizing it was dead.

            “Ahhh,” Ashley said, as she pushed her iPad off of her tray.

            “Ash,” Dani said, as a waitress came through with a tray of food and almost slipped on Ashley’s iPad.

            “Ashley, you can’t just push your iPad off your tray like that, now what do you want, use your iPad,” Dani said as she tried to turn on Ashley’s iPad finally realizing it was dead.  “Oh, it’s dead.”  Ashley gave Dani a duh look.

            “Ahhh,” Ashley repeated again, hoping to get her point across without asking Nick for help.

            “What do you want?  Do you want more food?  Are you still hungry?” Dani said.  Ashley was just looking at the table.  Ashley smiled when Dani finally realized what she wanted and blinked once to indicate yes.

            “Okay honey, what do you want?  More Pizza or more garlic knots?” Dani asked, as she looked in the basket with the garlic knots in them.  Dani put out two hands, they were now down to doing choices with low technology since her iPad was now dead.

            “Ahhh,” Ashley said as she moved her head towards Dani’s left hand that was for garlic knots.  Then to make herself even more clear, she touched Dani’s hand with her own hand.

            “Okay honey, I am getting you them, just a second, I have to puree it for you,” Dani said as she grabbed a garlic knot and a small amount of milk and then put them both into the manual food purer. 

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