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Lost and Found – Chapter 17

“Come on Alyson we are going to put you to bed as soon as we get upstairs,” Denise said when they arrived back to her son’s apartment.  Denise had never seen Alyson be this tried or cranky before, she was barely able to stand up let alone walk, she was so incredibly tired.  Considering it was extremely late here on the East Coast, and they had taken an exceptionally long plane ride today, plus it was already over a half an hour past Aly’s normal bedtime at home, so she was very tired.

“Denise, she needs to get cleaned up, we had a messy blow out of a poop at the restaurant.  I tried to get her cleaned up as best as I could, but she could probably use a quick scrub and rinse off in the shower,” Dani said.

“Okay, we will do that, come on sweetie, let’s go potty, and then bed,” Denise said, as she got her in the apartment and headed towards the bathroom that her and Ashley were going to be using when they were here.

“Ash, what do you say we get you in bed now,” Nick said, knowing he was going to have a crazy hectic morning.  Nick’s parents were not staying at his apartment with him.  This was going to be his first night with the girls alone.  Frankie was also going to be staying here, but he couldn’t really help with personal care, since he was so young.  He could help with keeping them distracted though if needed.

Ashley blinked once and looked at her iPad that was sitting on her tray, still dead and not working.  It made her very frustrated, and she made sure to let everyone know tonight how frustrated she was about her iPad.

“Yea, we will get that charging Ash, come on let’s get you in bed, you are probably soaked and in need of a change,” Nick said, as Ashley smiled up at her twin.  He could tell that her diaper was wet because it was so big and had expanded.  Plus, after she poops, she usually has a very wet diaper shortly after that.  Also, since they couldn’t really do a good diaper change at the restaurant, he assumed that her diaper was soaked and had probably overflowed some.

“Sorry, I was so grumpy tonight,” Ashley mind talked with Nick, once they were in the bedroom that she was going to sharing with her twin for tonight.

“It’s okay honey, come on let’s get you in bed,” Nick said as he took off her tray and plugged her iPad into the wall charger that was already set up on her bedside table.  As Nick picked up Ashley and lifted her onto the bed, Nick saw that her diaper had majorly overflowed, and urine was all over her seat cushion.

“Sleepy,” Ashley mind talked with her twin.

“You can go to sleep honey.  I will get you all changed into pajamas and cleaned up.  Before you go to sleep, where are your pajamas?” Nick asked Ashley.

“Big pocket in the zipper of the suitcase,” Ashley said, as Nick went over to her suitcase and unzipped it.  He found the zipper that she was talking about and grabbed out a pair of blue snowflake pajamas.

“Are these, okay?” Nick asked his twin and Ashley blinked once to indicate yes.

“Come on let’s get you undressed and into pajamas,” Nick said as he pulled down her pants to find an even wetter diaper then he had imagined.

“What are we going to do tomorrow?” Ashley mind talked with her twin.

“I think Mom and Dad are going to take Frankie and Alyson to Kevin and Dani’s house in New Jersey, while me and you hang out together, is that okay with you?” Nick mind talked back.

“Yes,” Ashley mind talked and blinked at the same time.

“Also, Joe is coming at some point tomorrow, I don’t remember when his flight gets in, but he will be here too, does that sound like a good plan,” Nick asked Ashley as he helped her roll to her side, so he could wipe her down.

“Yea,” Ashley said as she smiled.

“This is the reason you are so wet, you poopooed again,” Nick said as he took a swipe and wiped her bottom with it.  As he was wiping it, he realized that she was pooping at this moment.

“Kevin, I need your help in here,” Nick yelled out of his bedroom door.

“Yea, what do you need?” Kevin asked as he came down the hallway.

“She is pooping again.  Can you please help me get her on her commode chair?  I think there is a bucket next to her commode chair in the bathroom that we can use to put under it, she isn’t going to be able to make it to the toilet,” Nick said as Kevin ran and got the commode chair and bucket to put under the chair.

“Okay, come on Ash,” Kevin said as he picked her up off of the bed and set her in the commode chair, while Nick held the chair.  As soon as Kevin got her sitting in the commode chair, Ashley’s poop landed in the bucket.

“Good thing we put the bucket there, now does it look like it is aimed up under there or no?” Nick said.  He was still in the back and couldn’t really see the front.

“I think it looks good, the first poop landed in the bucket, I don’t know about anymore though,” Kevin said as another poop started coming out of Ashley’s butt and plopped down on the carpet.

“Well, that one didn’t work Ash, we need to get you a bigger bucket or get it somehow attached to the chair,” Nick said, he could tell that that poop hadn’t landed in the bucket, it landed right behind the bucket on the carpet.

Ashley was soon enough done.  Kevin picked her up and laid her down on the bed once again, while Nick moved the commode and cleaned up the carpet a little bit.  He would vacuum in the morning, but he at least got the big parts up and it cleaned up.

“Come on Ash, let’s put on a clean diaper and then you can go to sleep,” Kevin said as Ashley was trying so hard to flip over on her stomach, her favorite sleeping position.  “Just a minute, two minutes, we have to get you cleaned up and then we will put a diaper on you, and you can get as comfy as you want.”

When Nick went into get Alyson up the next morning, he saw that her chin was bleeding.  “Aly, what happened?” Nick asked her as he came over to her with a warm washcloth and tried to put it on her face.  She wouldn’t let him put it on there and kept on batting his hand away and turning her head whenever Nick tried to get the washcloth on her mouth.

“Ahh,” Alyson screamed at her brother as he came towards her with the washcloth again.

“I know sweetie, I know, let’s take a picture so we can send it to Ma,” Nick said as he took out his phone and took a picture and sent it to his mom.

Meanwhile in the hotel, Paul and Denise were just getting ready to head down to breakfast before heading over to Nick’s place, where they would pick up Alyson and Frankie and take them to New Jersey to see Kevin and Dani’s new house, while Ashley stayed with Nick in New York and had some twin bonding time, as she had called it.  Denise’s phone went off just as they were leaving the room that morning.  She looked at it and saw a text from Nick.  She quickly opened the text to find a picture of Alyson with a bloody chin.

“I have to call Nick, I will be there in just a minute,” Denise said to her husband.

“What about?” Paul asked concerned.

“Aly’s chin is bleeding again, and she doesn’t want anyone to touch it,” Denise said as she held her cell phone up to her ear.

“Poor thing,” Paul said.  For the past couple of weeks, Alyson had been waking up with a bloody chin, and they weren’t sure why or how it kept on happening.

Denise: Hi Nick

Nick: Hi Mom, what do I do, she won’t let me touch it or get anywhere close to it, she just keeps on screaming at me, whenever I get close to it.

Denise: I know honey, you just have to take her head in your hands and gently wipe it off, she won’t like it and she will scream at you, but it’s the only way to get it clean and to stop bleeding.

Nick: Okay Mom, I will try that and call you back if it doesn’t work.

Denise: Okay, bye honey, we are just heading down for breakfast and will be there right after that.

Nick: Bye, see you then.

            After Nick hung up the phone, he gently pressed on Alyson’s face and she let him, surprisingly.  “Now that your chin is all cleaned up, should we go change you and get you into clothes,” Nick said to his sister.

            “Ya,” Alyson said as she stayed laying down in bed.

            “I know sweetie, but we have to get up to get changed,” Nick said, as Aly finally allowed Nick to pull her up and to the side of the bed.  Here he helped his little sister stand up and then he walked with her towards the bathroom.

            Once Alyson was all changed and cleaned up, he went and woke up Ashley.  “Ashley,” Nick said as he gently shook her awake.  She was laying on her stomach.  Ashley would sleep all day if you let her, she was exactly like Joe in that way, she would sleep forever.

            Ashley woke up and looked up at Nick and blinked twice as if to say, ‘no, I am tired, let me sleep.’

            “Ash, come on Mom and Dad are going to be here soon and then we are going to hang out today, just me and you,” Nick said, as he rolled her over and removed her diaper, before setting her in the shower chair that he had just gotten done showering Alyson in.

            Once Ashley was dressed and ready, Nick went to wake up Frankie.  When he went into the living room, he found him up and dressed already.  He was folding up his blanket that he had used last night to cover him up.

            “Wow, Frank, I didn’t think you would be this neat,” Nick said as he looked around his living room.  Frankie had all of his clothes in his suitcase that was zipped up and he had folded up his blanket and was putting his pillow on top of it at the end of the couch.

            “Yea, well recently I like my room to be clean and organized,” Frankie said.  “Plus, Mom told me that I had to be neat here, so.”

            “Well, that is very nice of her to say, but you don’t have to be neat here Frank, you should know that by now,” Nick said.

            “Yea, I know,” Frankie said as he sat down on the couch.

            “Well, aren’t you fancy,” Nick said.

            “Nick, poopoo now,” Ashley pushed into her iPad.

            “Come on let’s get you to the potty then Ash,” Nick said, as Ashely blinked at him once and tried to hold her poop in her body and not have any escape into the diaper that she was wearing.

            “Hurry,” Ashley mind talked with Nick once they got into the bathroom and had shut the door.

            “I know, I am hurrying as fast as I can, I can tell you really have to go,” Nick said, as he unstrapped the straps by her feet, before swinging the knee braces out of the way and then the footplates.  Nick then worked on getting all of the straps that was holding her into her chair undone.  He first did her seatbelt, then he slipped off the hooks that go over her shoulders to hold her up.  Last he took off the straps that hold her upright in her wheelchair.  Nick then picked her up and sat her on the toilet.  “Don’t go yet honey,” Nick said, as he quickly stood her up and pulled down her pants and tore off the diaper that already had poop in it.  Nick then sat her on the toilet, just in time for a big poop to leave her body and plop into the toilet.

            “Go now,” Ashley mind talked with Nick.

            “Yea you can go now, thank you for waiting sweetie,” Nick said, as Ashely continued pooping.

            Once she was done, Nick got her off of the toilet and laid her down on the floor, before wiping her bottom and putting a clean diaper back on her.

            It was then that doorbell phone went off indicating that someone was here, it was probably his parents.  “Frankie, it’s Mom and Dad, can you tell Theo to let them in, please,” Nick yelled out to his brother.

            “Yea,” Frankie said as he answered the phone that was attached to the wall by the front door.

“Hello,” Frankie said, as he petted Elvis’ head.  Elvis had slept with him last night on the couch.

“Hi, this is Theodore, whom am I speaking with?” Theodore, the doorman asked.

“You are speaking with Frankie, I am Nick’s brother,” Frankie said.

“Well, you have some guests Mr. Jonas.  A Mr. Paul Jonas and a Mrs. Denise Jonas, are here to see Nick, can I send them up?” Theodore said.

“Mm, do I want to see my parents today or not?” Frankie joked.  “I guess, you can send them up.”

“Okay, I will send them up then,” Theodore said as they said their goodbyes and hung up.

            “Nick, Mom and Dad are here, do you need any help in there with Ash?” Frankie asked.

            “No, we are all done, we just have to do a blood sugar check and then we are set,” Nick said, as he took out Ashley’s blood sugar kit.  Nick unzipped it and tested her sugar for her.

            “What is it?” Ashley asked Nick through their minds.

            “It is a little high, so I am going to have to give you a shot, where do you want it honey?” Nick asked his sister.

            “My arm,” Ashley sighed, she was used to this by now.

            “Okay, let me get it all set and then I will do it sweetie,” Nick said as he fiddled with the shot to get it on the right setting.  “You ready,” Nick said after he had sanitized her arm with an alcohol wipe.  Ashley just blinked once as Nick give her the correction shot.

            “Now we wait like we always do,” Ashley said using her iPad.

            “Yep, we have to wait just a couple of minutes,” Nick said.

            “Okay,” Ashley said on her iPad.

“Let’s go see if Mom and Dad are up here yet Ash,” Nick said as he took the breaks off of her wheelchair and pushed her out of the bedroom and into the living room.

“Ash, are you sure you want to stay here with Nick?  And Nick is it okay if she stays here with you?” Denise asked.

“Joe makes grilled cheese please,” Ashley said.

“I guess we will have to go to the store to get the ingredients for grilled cheeses this morning, I don’t have any bread or cheese,” Nick said, as Ashley laughed.

“Like grilled cheese,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

“I know you want grilled cheese and I know you like it sweetie,” Denise said.

“Blood sugar low,” Ashley then pressed on her iPad.  She then pressed, “Blood sugar high.”

“Are you feeling off honey is that what you are trying to say?” Paul asked, as Ashley blinked once.

“Okay, come on let’s test you,” Paul said.

“I just finished testing her, and she was low, so she could still be low, I don’t know,” Nick said.

“Come on we will get her all fixed up for you,” Paul said as he pushed her out of the room and into the kitchen.

“Nick are you sure you are okay keeping her today, I don’t want to put a burden on you, she can be a handful at times,” Denise said, knowing what it was like to be around Ashley all day long.

“Yes, I am sure, it is 100% okay, I can even take Alyson too if you want me too,” Nick said.  He was trying to make it easier on his mom, and for her not to have the stress of having to keep an eye on Alyson.  Even though Alyson couldn’t walk without help, he knew how hard it was to keep an eye on her.  She constantly had to be watched in case she did try to stand up, and she also had a seizure disorder too.  Ashely also had to be constantly watched for a seizure disorder or if she started choking.  You were not able to leave them alone in a room, because if Ashley started choking, she could die and if Alyson tried to get up and walk, she could get hurt.  Also, if either one of them started having a seizure, you had to time them and know what you were doing to be able to help them.  Thankfully, the entire family had gotten trained on both girls for seizures, before they had left the rehab center.

“Yea, if you wouldn’t mind, but let’s ask her, if she wants to go to Kevin and Dani’s then we will take her if not then she can stay here with you,” Denise said.

“Okay, sounds like a great plan, why don’t you go ask her, I am going to go see what else I need for groceries,” Nick said.

“Aly, honey, can Ma ask you a question?” Denise asked the teenager who was sitting on the couch.

“Ya,” Alyson said, that was one of her only words that she could say.

“Okay, do you want to come with Ma, Pa, and Frankie and go see Kevin and Dani, or do you want to stay here with Nick and Ashley?” Denise asked as she put two hands out so she could decide.

“Ahhh,” Alyson screamed at her mom.

“Aly, what is going on?” Denise said as Alyson kept on screaming at her.

“Grrr,” Alyson said, as she continued to scream at Denise.          

“Aly, do you have to go poopoo?” Denise asked, as she lifted up Aly’s shirt and rubbed her tummy for her.  That sometimes helped her tummy feel better and it almost always helped her poop whenever someone did it.  It was then that Denise heard a quiet soft sound in Aly’s diaper followed by a poopy smell.  Denise continued rubbing her tummy for her to make sure that all of the poop was out of her.

“Ma,” Aly said as she looked at her Mom.

“Are you done honey, are you ready to go get changed Alyson?” Denise asked.

“Ya,” Alyson said.

“Okay, come on let’s stand up, so we can go get changed,” Denise said as she got Alyson standing up and then helped her walk to the bathroom.  Once in the bathroom, she pulled down Alyson’s pants.  She then tore off the pull up that she had on.  Denise then grabbed some wipes and got the big chunks of poop off of her bottom before she helped Alyson sit on the potty.

“Ma,” Aly said as she pointed at the wall and started peeing in the toilet.

“Good job Aly,” Denise said as she took off Alyson’s pants and then put a clean pull up on her legs and then put the pants back on her.  Denise then helped her stand up, and kept her standing up, while she wiped her bottom off some more before pulling up the clean pull up and then the pants.

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